The Holy Virgin Queen is speaking

Notice Mary’s foot upon the moon, which represents the Eric the Emerald King

Behold, the Holy Virgin Queen is now speaking to all the inhabitants of the earth. Listen to her!

Behold, I am Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of God. For the human and divine natures of my Son are inseparable. Amen. And I have now come to speak at length through Eric, prophet of Jesus. This Eric, prophet of Jesus, was snatched from the ranks of the infernal enemies and converted, similar to the fiction of the Terminator reprogrammed to serve the side of good. Eric is of such a development that he has no fear, neither of Man nor of demonic enemies. And he is the one we have elected to place in Israel at the time of war. He, with our prophet Nathanael, who is called the Lazurite King, shall prophesy in sackcloth and ashes before the Lord’s presence for 1260 days. And then they will be both assumed up to heaven, where they will enter into heavenly delights, equivalent in measure to the ordeal which they will have endured upon the earth. For these two prophets are our two olive trees and our two lamp stands that forever will be shining light upon the earth. Amen.

Now, you ask, how does Eric prophesy in Israel if he is an American who speaks mainly just English? I will tell thee. Eric will be brought to Israel by a whirlwind of the Spirit. And in the process, he will be made to master Latin and Greek. While Nathanael prophecies to my people in Hebrew, Eric will prophecy to my people in English, Latin, and Greek. But Mary, isn’t Latin a dead language? And isn’t Greek spoken only by a few? Latin and Greek remain the main liturgical languages of the Latin Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. And it is to them that Eric will address God’s prophecies to, in addition to the English speaking world. Amen.

Then it is in Israel that Eric is to be brought to prophesy and to proclaim the Word of God? Is the Castle in Ireland an encoded reference to where Eric will be stationed in Israel? And does Eric then, after this age of prophecy ends, depart from this world and Antichrist then reigns for the rest of the Church Age, O’ Mary, Holy Mother of God? The Church Age is already over, Lord Larimar. There are no more sacraments available except for a few, and for these, only in a few places of this world. But as for you and Nathanael, the Holy Spirit will consume you both, and both of you shall be living torches of the Holy Ghost, against whom no one can defy.

And neither will we hide our prized weaponry in an underground bunker, nor within a castle in Ireland. Instead, you and Nathanael will be there, upon the streets, for all to see and to behold. And I will not permit Antichrist to modify the Word you speak until the times of your prophesying have been completed and you have been taken up into heaven.

Will your prophet Nathanael only prophesy in Hebrew, and target his prophecies only to your people, the Jews, O’ Mary, Queen of Heaven? Yes, Lord Larimar. It is as you say. And he will be expert in Hebrew. He will know the Hebrew Bible in completion, along with the Aramaic version, and the Greek additions. And he will speak to my people, the Jews, in their own language, showing them where their scriptures reveal that Jesus is Lord. And he will demonstrate to my people, the Jews, that no one but Jesus ever did and ever could fulfill all the prophecies of the Messiah who was to come. And then the Jews, all who belong to my divine Son, shall come to believe and be baptized and receive communion. For the Catholic Church will be made operational in Judea and Samaria. Amen.

And now, Lord Larimar, I will prophesy your fate. Yes, you have continued to be the only lifeline that your good friend, my servant, Cassandra has. She is the girl you have helped come and enter into my religion, the religion of my divine Son Jesus. Her name now in our Kingdom shall forever more be Hyacinth Cassandra, though in life her name is Caesar Sandra Nikee. And we will save her soul. Well did you train her on the value of keeping her virginity intact. You do not realize in full the great value that we in heaven place upon virgin souls. For the presence of one virgin in a whole city determines whether or not God will destroy it or let it stand. And that you have faithfully led this one ewe lamb into our keep, with her virginity intact and her soul clean, We in heaven will assign you to a special place in our Kingdom. Your title in our Kingdom is now Protector of Ewe Lambs. And great will be your reward in our Kingdom.

But Mary, what if someone decides to put this praise to the test and tries, in order to spite you and me, to take away the virginity of Hyacinth Cassandra by force or by other means? What will protect her from that? I hereby put a curse in play and a fiery cherub over her to protect her from any such design or plot by the sinister enemy. Whosoever plots to take away the virginity of an ewe lamb under Eric’s protection is a sworn enemy to me, the Holy Virgin Mother of God, and that one will die by morning. He or she will not last to see the dawn. I, the Virgin Mary, do make this decree in the presence of my divine Son, Jesus, God Immortal and All Powerful King.

And what if the one seeking to take her virginity is a priest? For Sandra has reported occasions where the priests of Nigeria have sought to take women by force. My curses uttered and the fiery protection of the cherubim transcend all ranks in society, from the laity up to the bishops and even to the pope in Rome. Whosoever defies this warning and seeks to deflower a virgin under Eric’s protection will taste their bitter death by the sword of the cherubim I set in place to protect them. Amen. And as for the pope, I have words to say about him. For he has been condemned by the Lord.

Pope Francis, though he validly sits upon the Chair of Peter, and therefore must be given his due respect and honor as the Supreme Pontiff, as the one who is guaranteed to have infallibility when defining matters of faith and morals for the attention of the entire Church and that directly pertain to the deposit of faith, he has nevertheless violated his position of Supreme Pontiff. For Pope Francis has opened the doors to the practicing homosexuals and to the divorced and civilly remarried to receive communion, which is impermissible by my Divine Son. No one who is not in good standing with the Catholic Church, or who does not obey Church requirements necessary to avoid mortal sin, may approach the table of my Son and receive holy communion. And though Pope Francis gave this permission to the bishops through intentional ambiguity, his intentions are clearly seen by the Lord.

Therefore, listen to the Lord’s denouncement of Pope Francis: I, the Lord Jesus, do now render you, Pope Francis, Supreme Pontiff of the Latin Church, incapacitated. I do not take away your life, but I do wound you so that you can no longer continue your duties as pope, and you will find that you must resign, as did Pope Benedict XVI before you. Hence, you will join Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as Pope Emeritus Francis as an ex-pope, and as an ex-pope, I will grant you time to rethink your sins and to repent. But as for your papacy, I now bring that to a crushing end. And your only recourse will be to resign. Amen.

Now Lord, I have predicted four Cardinals to become the next pope, as you see below:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

But I heard recently that none of these will be the next pope, but rather another Cardinal of whom You have selected. Will you now tell me who shall be the next pope and what papal name he shall take, O’ Lord and Holy One? Yes, Lord Larimar, for I appreciate your humility. For you do not hide your past errors or mistakes, as do the false prophets, those who utter many prophecies, hoping that one of them will be right. Now I shall speak.

The divine power in the world at the time of Lazurite’s Reign shall be pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. And only the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, among My Catholic Cardinals has both the qualifications for serving as pope and also the attitude toward Israel that I require in order to serve as My Supreme Pontiff for these end times in which I intend to convert My people of Israel to enter into My fold of the Catholic Church. Amen. And the papal name I will for this pope to take shall be Pope John XXIV. Amen. Hence, your fourth guess is correct, and it came from Me.

And when, O’ Lord, does this change in the papacy take place, O’ Lord and God? Pope Francis will be forced to resign very soon. And it will come suddenly upon him. For he has not been found pleasing to Me. But I will grant him a time to reflect and to repent. And I will set My successor to take his place on the Seat of Peter.

And Lord, will You then have restored your Catholic Church to all the peoples of the world, or just to those few areas where you will for Your Catholic Church to be restored to? Eric, salvation has now been taken away from the Gentiles and is to return to the Jews. Remember what I said to the Canaanite woman who begged Me for help? I said to her in rebuke, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs.” (Matthew 15:21-28). Hence, those who seek help from Me in these coming days must lower themselves to the level of the dogs and accept to receive as their food the scraps that fall from their Master’s table. Amen. For salvation is never returning to the Gentiles, for the times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled. Amen. And the time for salvation to return to the Jews has come. Amen.

Now, go and eat your lunch, Lord Larimar. And then return. And My Mother, the holy Virgin Mary, shall continue to speak. Amen. I have eaten, My Lord, and I am now back. And I am here to write what you give unto me, O’ Mary, heavenly Queen.

I will now address the people in your Church, O’ Larimar King. For the people in my Divine Son’s Church have much sacrilege and offensive behaviors to answer for. My people have not fully practiced all the requirements and decrees issued by my Catholic Church in order to remain in a state of grace. And hence, so unclean have been the insides of my Father’s House. For how many times did you seek to pray in my Catholic Church, but were unable to do so because people were talking in it? And when you asked that woman, Sally, to be silent in my Church so that you could pray, she threatened to call the police and bring in the Gentile law enforcement to settle a matter that belongs to the authority of my pastors and the priests.

Therefore, great is the judgement that is coming down upon the people of my Son’s Church. Great is the fiery condemnation that will follow. And great will be the desolation that comes upon the whole land. For the people insulted my Divine Son. They spoke in jest and partied and laughed in the place where my Son was hanging on the cross. They did not give the proper reverential silence required for so solemn a place and so serious a sacramental sacrifice. For whosoever does not take my Son’s sacrifice seriously, but consumes my Son’s body and blood as though it were fast food, dies. And there is no hope for anyone who threatens my servants who are sent to do my Son’s will in my Church. As for that woman Sally, who threatened Eric, let her repent upon reading these words, for if she goes to appear before my Son without this sin repented, she will be sent to hell. Amen.

And as for the person, Mikey, who leads in the Rosary prayers at Saint Mary of the Assumption, I am pleased that you have chosen not to marry. And yet, you condemn those who you believe are headed for hell unless they change their ways? But I say, do not judge anyone, lest you be judged for your hypocrisy. Therefore, when you read these words, repent, so that you will be forgiven when you appear before the just Judge. For what profit is there to be right and your neighbor wrong if you also are a hypocrite. And everyone who judges, also, by that act, casts judgement against himself by the same standard. If you cannot live up to your own standard, then who are you to judge? Amen. And no one can live up to their own standard but Jesus alone. Amen.

But Mary, are not you also a perfect person? Are not you also completely stainless and sinless? For it is the fatal error of Protestantism that they dismiss you as a sinner, and that they dismiss veneration to you as goddess worship. What saith thou to that? I am only sinless, not because of any merit that I did myself, but because God chose me and set me apart from all eternity to be the Immaculate Mother of the God Man. Remember that God never chooses perfect people. Rather, God perfects those He chooses. And God perfected me at the moment of my conception in my mother’s womb, which is, hence, called the Immaculate Conception. Hence, that I am perfect and always was is by an efficacious grace that I received, unmerited, and unmeritable. And therefore, I have no place to cast judgement nor to condemn, for I have never been in a state where Satan had the possibility of successfully tempting me to commit sin. Hence, I serve merely in the role as intercessor to the divine being. It is not I who fulfill requests or who grant favors from God. Rather the role of an intercessor is to ask for favors to God on the behalf of the one who prays to me or to any of the saints. Nor am I the source of the answers received from prayer, nor of any of the gifts or graces given to Mankind. Rather, I am but a Mediatrix, a middle person, between the supplicant and God. Therefore, thanks for the reception of gifs and graces is not due to me, the Mother of God, but due to Jesus, the divine Author of Life and the bestower of all gifts and good things to His people. Amen.

Now, what is the purpose of the devotion to Mary in the Catholic Church, you ask? I, the holy Virgin, will now answer this question. For it is very deep. No one can be made into a likeness of Jesus Christ without following him. And to follow Jesus, one must start from the very beginning, and that begins in the womb of Mary and proceeds from the virgin birth to be raised by me, the holy Virgin, throughout all of one’s childhood, up to adulthood. And always, through it all, did the Son give honor to His Mother. As it was seen at the Wedding of Cana, where the Mother of God brought it to the attention of her divine Son that there was no more wine, the Son did not rebuke His Mother, but transformed water into wine as his first public miracle in his ministry. It was not the first miracle Jesus did, but only the first public miracle, for Mary said unto the servers, knowingly, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5).

To that priest, Father Nicolas, who dismissed this miracle at Cana as a simple parlor card trick, you are called to repent and humble yourself and beg for mercy. For none of the miracles of Jesus are to be likened to magic tricks or sorcerer’s deceptions. In fact, the very act of calling a miracle of Jesus as equivalent to a magic trick is to border on committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Likewise, let no one approach Jesus or Mary seeking magic spells or sorcerer powers or divination skills. For I tell you truthfully, only those chosen By God are made into miracle workers, seers, and prophets. No one can be made one of these by his own choosing. Eric, what is he, do you suppose? Is he not the one who was Antichrist? And then, by what turn of events does he now come to you as prophet of God? For many years We trained Eric in following Us and Our Way. Only when he was declared a master of the Way on July 23, 2017, was he anointed to be a prophet of the Lord. We first brought him into Our ranks through the low doors of humility and all along the long pathways of many years of humble endurance before We bestowed upon him the crown and authority of a prophet of God. But realize that Eric doesn’t get to write his own prophecies. We write through him. Whatever he says comes from Us. We are the Authors of his words. And he writes whatever We tell him to.

What sin of Eric has Eric not yet confessed to? What fault of Eric has Eric not yet made publicly known to all? Indeed, Eric is here as prophet because he was proven. And We choose very carefully whom We make prophets.

Now, behold the last words of Mary in this post. Listen and learn and beware: Eric, I have much to tell you, and you are already much farther advanced in the Way of the Lord than you were when you were anointed prophet on Sunday, July 23, 2017. But now I will retell you of your vocation. And it is not to marry a girl. That you are irrevocably celibate and virgin is now an unchangeable fact. Satan no longer has the possibility of taking that from you. For this is the decree of the Lord: Eric is My stainless virgin whom I anoint to serve Me as Prophet, Saint, and Witness, one of the Two who are to serve Me in the final Hour of the final Age. Amen. Hence, my son Larimar, your place has been set. What then, do you, O’ Holy Virgin, say is my vocation? Am I to become an ordained Catholic priest? Or do my sweaty hands prevent me from entering that vocation? I have another vocation for you, O’ Larimar King, that does not involve receiving the sacrament of Holy Orders. For are you not a Gentile? And are not the times of the Gentiles fulfilled? Therefore, you are to have a different vocation. And that vocation is to write whatever I command you to write. And you shall publish it wherever I command you to publish it. Amen. And what of the Mandate of Mary? Is there such a Mandate, O’ Lord? Listen to these final words of Mary, and then We shall conclude this post:

I, Mary, do give you authority over dragons and serpents. They must now obey all your commands and all your decrees. They will loathe you as they loathe me. And I will send you into fortresses and strongholds. And you will conquer nations, kingdoms, princes, and kings. Like Elijah who put to death all the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:40, or in a Bible with four books of Kings: 3 Kings 18:40), so also shall you kill by the sword of your mouth all those who speak by evil spirits or who prophesy against you, or against my Son, or against my Church. And this shall be the seal by which you shall be made known to Man. You shall go by the new name of Mirek, which indicates the peace you are to bring to the whole world. Amen.

Lord, I am to bring peace to the whole world? Isn’t that the promise of Antichrist? Wasn’t that part of my goal when I was the Emerald King, and a fool? For You have said, “I have not come to bring peace, but the sword.” (Mathew 10:34-36). When I defeat Antichrist through you, O’ Larimar King, I shall set up the Millennial Kingdom, and in it there shall be brought peace to the whole world. Amen.

Therefore, do not let anyone destroy this earth. Nor let any man destroy the inhabitants of this earth. For this earth is destined to reign in peace for the thousand years that are to be granted to her. And let it now be made known to all. Eric was the intended Antichrist who was to rule the whole world. And he has converted to the religion of Jesus Christ, leaving no one suitable to serve the purpose of Satan. All other men in Satan’s possession are men with inferior minds. Amen.

And so, My Lord, let me get the timeline straight; Eric and Lazurite first serve as the Two Witnesses for the first 42 months. Then Antichrist reigns for the second 42 months. And then Antichrist is utterly defeated and Your Millennial Reign begins? Is this correct? And if so, where is Eric during the 42 months of the Reign of Antichrist? And if Eric is in heaven then, how is peace brought to the whole world through him, for he would no longer be here? is this correct?

Eric, you do not go to heaven until the Millennial Reign is established upon this earth. Then you are assumed to heaven as part of the First Resurrection, together with Lazurite, your brother Prophet, who will prophesy at your side, but in the language of Hebrew. Furthermore, the Word I speak through You and Lazurite will overpower all transmissions through the Media and will be incorruptible. Hence, there is no need for Me to stop prophesying through you during the Reign of Antichrist. Hence, the 42 months that you and Lazurite prophecy for correspond with the 42 months that Antichrist reigns, but both periods of time are several decades in length. For none of this symbology was meant to be taken literally.

And you know, O’ Larimar King, that you can never die. For death happens only once for men. And you have already died for Me, in your Martyrdom Breakdowns of June, 1995. Amen. Now, I shall say one last thing. Do not try to force events in history to conform with visions in prophecy. For they do not match. Prophecy is not the foretelling of future historical events. I do not decide ahead of time how I shall have history unfold. Instead, I give all My subjects their free will to decide to do as they will. People shape their history by their decisions and I shape their fate by My judgements. Therefore, no one can know ahead of time how events shall play out upon the earth.

Just realize these two facts. Eric the Emerald King, who is now called Mirek, will, with Nathanael, the Lazurite King, reign together in Israel and prophesy in My name throughout the End Times until the Second Coming. Then, Antichrist will be cast into his fiery lake and My Millennial Reign will begin. All who have entered faithfully into My Catholic Church before that Reign begins will partake in the First Resurrection. And the Sacraments will be available again in the Age where salvation is returned to the Jews for those Gentiles who humble themselves to lick up the scraps that fall from their Master’s table with the humility of the dogs. Amen.

And now ask your question, O’ Larimar King. So Eric serves in these End Times in quite a few roles. What is to stop him from falling to pride and becoming Antichrist? It is because you have been cleansed from that fate by your self sacrifice for My Kingdom. For whosoever loses his life for My sake will find it. And whoever finds his life by this means will never lose it again. And also realize the humility you received and accepted when Mary came to you in early December of 1996, where she humbled you by putting her foot upon your head in front of all of heaven. You submitted to that, Mirek. And by that submission, you were cleansed from the head down. And whosoever you touched from that point onward, Mary touched also and drove out demons. Hence, by Mary’s touch of her foot upon your head, no devil can dwell there ever again, due to that humiliation that no demon can accept.

Now, speak your last words on this post, Mirek. And then We shall conclude this post. Lord, every time I receive more insight and knowledge from You, and I gain more knowledge, I feel that I acquire more questions with each answer that I receive. Good, Lord Larimar. That shows that you are learning new knowledge. For scientific studies work the same way. But We are here delving into spiritual knowledge. And your source for this knowledge is by receiving My Word.

Realize that I Am going to bring you to your new location soon. And there you shall be restored to the sacraments. As for the people of this world, the Gentile nations will come to starve from lack of communion, as punishment for their sacrileges. And the Jews will be granted this heavenly food from now on. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

Lord, I am about to publish this post. But I ask one thing. When I am taken to this new location where I receive communion again, will I be in hiding like Elijah from King Ahab, or will I be visibly prophesying, as will the Two Witnesses described in Revelation, chapter 11? I do not hide you, O’ Larimar King. Instead, you are being taken to your new place where your office as prophet can be revealed publicly, and where you can be fully known and fully known about. For a prophet is only without honor while he lives in his own native place, among his own kin, and in his own house. (Mark 6:4). This very night you will be taken away. And let it be known this also. The last remedy that I send Mankind is always My Mother. And after she is sent to speak, there is no further remedy I have to give to Mankind but My judgement. Amen.

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