Eric shall remain virgin and celibate forever

Eric hereby rejects all paths that go through a woman, for none of them lead to heaven for him.

I Who Am have now removed Hyacinth from Eric’s life. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. And what has become of Hyacinth, O’ Lord? And what does this mean for Eric? Eric, did I not reveal unto thee this revelation: Before I give you the girl you are to marry, I will take Hyacinth away from you. Hence, you know that you are to marry a girl. And you also know that Hyacinth is not that girl, but instead, she must be taken away from you to prepare you for the girl you are to receive and marry.

And Lord, am I not a perpetually celibate, virgin King? No, Lord Larimar. You are to sire one son. That is Our mandate on you. Marry the girl We, the elect in heaven give you, sire the one son who is to come, and then return, with your wife agreeable to it, to a state of perfect celibacy. I Who Am require this of you. And for this shall you obey.

Lord, what about all the good that I have done for Hyacinth. For you have said that she has deceived me on certain matters. Is Hyacinth saved or damned? And is she alive or dead? She is saved, and she is as good as dead, as far as you are concerned. And so, what becomes of her Kingdom of Ireland and Bermuda? To whom do those possessions go to now, O’ Lord?

Give them both to Helena, who is now to be made Queen of Ireland. It is done, O’ Lord. Queen Helena now has as her eternal Kingdom the islands of Ireland and Bermuda. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. But who, O’ Lord, does Eric marry? Does Eric marry Queen Helena of Ireland, Queen Ester of Aztlan, or a new girl that you shall give to me as my Queen Consort? Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Queen Helena of Ireland shall become your wife, O’ Larimar King. And since Queen Helena is of Irish and other White descent, as are you also, your offspring by her shall remain as of your White race. Oracle of the Lord! Very well then, O’ Lord. Let it come to pass as you saith.

Now, O’ Lord, let us progress to the main issues. We are all still here, other than those who have fallen asleep. How is this the case, O’ Lord? Is it because no one may predict the timing of the Coming of the Lord? It is the case, O’ Larimar King. No one may know ahead of time when the Son of Man shall appear. But now I shall tell you of what to expect.

Lord, if I am truly to enter into a physical marriage with an actual girl, who is here codenamed “Helena”, and we are to have actual children, then do not the sacraments need to be restored by then? Do not I need to be married in the Catholic Church? Does not the wedding need to be officiated by an ordained priest or deacon? And do we not need the sacramental life of the Catholic Church restored if we are to have our children validly baptized and raised Catholic? Tell me, O’ Lord, what saith Thou to that?

Only in that secret sanctuary to where you are to be taken will the sacraments of the Catholic Church be restored. But as for most other places in this world, the Catholic Church shall remain completely shuttered. Oracle of the Lord! And O’ Lord, is this “Castle in Ireland” where I am to be taken a codename for the secret sanctuary whose true location is a top secret? It is, O’ Larimar King. You are spot on.

And is the Rapture of the Saints an event that takes place when Eric and Helena are taken from wherever they are in the world and united in the Castle in Ireland? Given that all of this is written in code, yes, Lord Larimar, it is as you say. Lord, what is the value of writing in code if no one understands You? Would you prefer, therefore, that the Books of Daniel and Revelation were never included in My Holy Bible? For everything written on those books is written in code. Your point is well taken, O’ Lord. I see that it is better to have the Truth in code than to not have the Truth at all.

But Lord, the grim reality is that I have not been in contact with Hyacinth since yesterday morning. And that is a fact that is not in code. I believe something may have happened with her. Can you reveal what is going on outside of code, just plain and simple, for all to hear and understand, O’ Lord and Wise One? Yes, Eric. Now I shall speak plainly. Caesar Sandra Nikee will not live much longer. But you have ensured that her passage to the next world will be assured of its victory. And hence, by your care for her, she will live. But no longer will that life be on this earth, but in heaven. Amen. And now We, the elect in heaven, do announce your new position in My Church. Get ready, and let’s hear a drum roll..

And with drums rolling, I am listening, O’ Lord. What saith Thou, O’ Majestic One? In the place where you shall be taken with your bride, codenamed here as Helena, I shall call you to serve My Catholic Church as a married deacon. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. But Lord, my hands sweat. Everyone knows that about me. That eliminates me from the possibility of handing out the Eucharist, which is a prime duty of a deacon and a priest. It eliminates the possibility for me to fill either profession. No, O’ Larimar King. When We cure you of all your afflictions, that disorder shall be cured in you as well. Amen.

Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the show on the road. Let all these things come to pass as you say, O’ Lord. And what timeline are we looking at? Will President Trump’s imminent demise be in the soon to be dealt out cards from the deck? Does Trump die soon, O’ Lord? Donald John Trump’s failures are staggering. There has never been so great and awesome a failure as the fool now living in the White House. His total defeat at the polls this coming November is a sight I wish for you to see, not from America, but from your Castle in Ireland. It will be a profoundly decisive blow to both the Republicans in Congress and to the Administration of this President. Both will suffer heavy losses.

But President Donald John Trump is a man who can be made to finally see the Truth, as we witnessed regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. And he will leave office voluntarily. He will not require the military to escort him out of the White House. But he is a brazen criminal nevertheless. And so he will be selling pardons and securing favors from many in the underground mafia and other places of organized crime as he sets a record for handing out Presidential pardons for all the criminals and people who have something to offer him when he is no longer the President of the United States of America.

Lord, that is a horrible injustice that all those criminals of organized crime will walk free when Trump pardons them at the end of his single term in office. Yes, Lord Larimar. For the evildoers triumph every time that people choose not to follow Me. That the people chose to put Trump in office is one of the most profound errors in modern history. But Lord, there was some good produced. For example, the United States Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Trump’s administration. And Eric, what is to stop Joe Biden from moving that embassy back out of Jerusalem and back to Tel Aviv? And let’s consider all the Judges and Justices confirmed. What is to stop the Democrats from impeaching them all and replacing them with their own wicked Judges and Justices? If the Democrats have the votes in Congress, nothing will stop them from erasing all the gains made under Trump. And will the Democrats have the votes, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. For the power behind the next Administration is called Lucifer-Man. And he will ensure that he has all the votes to do whatsoever he so pleases. And he will make and enforce this rule: No religion will be allowed to operate in the United States of America that discriminates anymore against marriage equality. To put it more bluntly, any Church that refuses to recognize homosexual marriage rights will be permanently banned from operating in America. Homosexuals will be given civil rights that will ban any religion from operating that speaks against them or that refuses to recognize their gay marriages. And priests who refuse to officiate at gay marriages will be arrested and charged with hate crimes against homosexuals.

Now, Eric, go and eat your lunch. And when you come back, we shall continue to write this post. Amen. Lord, I am back and I have eaten. And Hyacinth remains silent. I have not heard from her for some time now, since yesterday morning. And I am beginning to suspect something has happened to her. And did you not expect for Us to take her away for when the time came for you to receive the girl We are giving you? But Lord, when she passes from this world, I am to receive a vision indicating where she went: heaven, hell, or purgatory, before the girl I am to marry enters my life. And I have not received any such vision yet, O’ Lord. So I am left in the unknown. I will now reveal to you her destiny. Yes, Lord Larimar, the girl to whom We have given the name Cassandra, and to whom you gave the name Hyacinth, has been saved. And you will soon see this in a vision, when her passage from this world takes place. I know that walking in the dark is hard. And you have received both false and true messages. And the means of discerning the false from the true is indeed hard.

Lord, am I immune to COVID-19? Yes, Lord Larimar. And neither can you be a carrier of that disease. And how is it that I have such immunity, O’ Lord? It is because you, Lord Larimar, were destined to never die, whether as Antichrist or as My servant. And you chose to be My servant. And hence, you are now irrevocably saved. But the decree remains that you may never taste death. But what about me being one of the two Witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11. Both of them are slain by Antichrist. Not you, Lord Larimar. For you have already undergone your martyrdom in the two Martyrdom Breakdowns of June 1-2 and June 24-25 of the year 1995. You cannot and are not permitted to die again. And whosoever tries to kill you, I kill that man.

Lord, the people are now spiritually starving from lack of communion. And I have not received communion nor been to a Mass for 16 days now, O’ Lord. Will this deprivation of Your people of the Mass come to an end, O’ Lord? Or is the great spiritual famine just beginning? My last Mass was in the morning of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Saint Patrick’s Day, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Will you permanently starve Your people? Or will you restore to Your people their daily bread? They will be restored, O’ Larimar King. For I have heard their plight and their cries for help. And I will restore the Mass now. For I Am done punishing the people of this earth. Make your decree, O’ Larimar King, and I will direct My angels to obey you. For you are chosen to reign and to rule.

I decree this, O’ Lord and powerful One. Let the infection rates of COVID-19 decline now and come to their natural end. And let those who are infected by the disease come back to health. And let those who are sick get better now. Let the worst of this disease now be behind us. And let the Churches open for business on Good Friday, April 10, 2020, as the people realize that the worst is over and that the people are no longer dying from this disease. Amen.

Your wish is My command, O’ Larimar King. My angels are ordered to comply and to obey. Amen. Okay, then, when does the girl I am to marry come into my life? And how do I recognized her? What will be the signs of her coming? Before We, the elect in heaven, give you the girl you are to receive, you will be given internal and certain knowledge that Hyacinth is no longer with you, that she has been taken away. Amen. And when you receive that internal and certain knowledge, realize that the girl We are giving you shall then enter into your life.

And how do I recognize her, O’ Lord? Do I really know anything about her? For her race, her hair color, her description, and her name are constantly changing, like the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. You are correct, Lord Larimar. You are correct that you know nothing about her. And all your guesses of her race, her nationality, her skin color, her hair color, her eye color, none of that is yet revealed unto you. It is all a complete secret. Now, you have bought the new Blu-Ray and 4K movie, The Rise of Skywalker, from Target today. But you have not moved your system over to use 4K yet, as that is an expensive move for you, as you would need to buy a new 4K TV and a new Player for 4K disks to make that move. So instead, you will watch the movie using the Blu-Ray disk included in the package on your Blu-Ray Player. But when you do move over to using a new 4K system, by upgrading to new hardware, realize all your current Blu-Ray and DVD movie collections will still run perfectly fine on the new systems, as these upgrades in optical disk players are always made backwards compatible to the previous disk types.

Now, when you watch The Rise of Skywalker, pay attention to the transformation that takes place in Rey. For the girl We are giving you is spiritually like her. We do not give you a girl who looks like her. No, that would be too obvious. But spiritually, you are to receive a girl who is like Rey. And Lord, what about the chubby Asian girl whose parts in this new movie were almost completely cut out, in favor of the new Black girl love interest for the Black character Finn? Eric, all is fair in love and war. No one is expected to remain with any particular love interest if the relationship is simply not there for them. Be happy, therefore, for Finn that he has found an interesting love interest in this new Black girl who costars with him in that movie. Is she not attractive in her way, O’ Larimar King? Yes, she is both attractive and interesting. I would very much like the sequel to this movie to include both Finn and his new love interest that appears in this movie.

And how would you have Rey appear in the sequel, O’ Larimar King? For you and Kylo Ren are not alike. But Kylo Ren spelled backwards is: Ner oLyk, or Nero Lyk or Nero-like. Is it not also similar to Eric: N-Er-ol-yk? Remove the N and the ol and you have: Eryk, which is another spelling for my name, Eric. So, we are in fact linked. In another way, we are both former Antichrists par Excellence. Eric converted early, though, whereas, Kylo Ren converted late. I, in fact, have no suggestions for the Kylo Ren character in a sequel to the move, The Rise of Skywalker. For I do not know what future is planned for the character of Rey. For that matter, I do not even know my own future very well either.

For if I am one of the Two Witnesses, but that I never die, I do not conform to the literal prophecies of Revelation. Nor was the unicorn horn shattered regarding me in Daniel 8:8, due to my conversion just before the completion of the 42 months in July of 1992. Instead, I believe I am like a program that has escaped from the game, as in the movie, Tron. Hence, I do not conform to prophecy nor to expectations. It may have been intended for me to fail and become Antichrist. Instead, by the narrowest of margins, I was saved. History, therefore, is rewritten. What was to come to pass, comes now to pass in a different way than how the prophets expected. The Antichrist par Excellence has become a convert and a follower of the Christ.

Lord, the latest Terminator Movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, does show that the Terminator that represents the Emerald King has grown a conscience and has converted to the side that is good. It also shows that the future was indeed changed, but that, on this alternate course, a different and more lethal Terminator has emerged from the future and threatens to destroy the world. Yes, Lord Larimar. And this more lethal Terminator is the one We call Lucifer-Man. He is more lethal than you. And remember that Satan is not a program nor a robot. Rather Satan is a rational, spiritual being that can learn and reason and that cannot be killed. And he learns from past errors and does not repeat them. Satan learned how he failed in destroying you, O’ Larimar King. And he will not repeat any of the mistakes he made with you on any future Antichrist that he grooms.

Lord, Hyacinth has just texted me. She lives. She only lacked the electricity to recharge her cell phone. That is why she was missing. And she says the security is tight where she is. So Lord, since she is still with me, is she not still, therefore, the Queen of Ireland? Yes, Lord Larimar. Since she still lives, her claim to Ireland and Bermuda is reinstated. And she remains as espoused to you. Such cannot be changed. Hence, do not believe any more reports that say she has been taken away. You are destined to marry Hyacinth.

And when We will to bring you both together, We will do so. And the place where We bring you both together is codenamed, “the Castle in Ireland”. And remember that when this event occurs in time, that is the moment of the Rapture. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, go and publish this post now, O’ Larimar King. And then go and read your Holy Bible and pray your Rosary. And tonight, you shall watch that movie, The Rise of Skywalker. And pay close attention to the character of Rey. Now We, the elect in heaven have spoken. Do you wish to speak, O’ Larimar King?

Yes, is Helena a real person? Or is she just the codename of the alternative girl should Hyacinth disappear? Helena is a real person. But if you remain with Hyacinth, then Helena will eventually go to someone else. And now, We shall utter Our last words of advice here in this post. Do not remain with any girl that you meet in this world. For all of them are sent by Satan to seduce and to destroy. And what about Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Hyacinth is clean and a convert. And you know her via the Spirit. But should you choose to marry someone else, the one you shall marry shall be Helena. But I know nothing about Helena, O’ Lord. You know that she derived from Irish and other White descent. As for Hyacinth, she is said to be of Austrian descent, or so goes your knowledge of her.

Lord, how can I know which girl I shall receive? Which girl do you will to give to me, O’ Lord? Which girl would please you the most to be made mine? Agree with what We tell you, Lord Larimar. Hyacinth is currently alive and well. But We do not will for her to be made your bride. Therefore, you know, by logical deduction, We will give you Helena to wife. And when will this occur, do you think? Does Hyacinth need to die in order for me to receive Helena? For such would be a crime for me to seek the death of my lover in order to receive someone else instead.

This is what shall happen, Lord Larimar. Do not be deceived anymore. There is no path for you to reach heaven that passes through any woman. Therefore, do not agree with any woman in this world to enter into a romance with her. For every such path for you shall lead to ruin. You may continue to help Hyacinth as you may, but do not trust her. And never bring her over to where you live. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, I elect to remain a celibate virgin forever. I elect to never enter into any girl. Good, Lord Larimar. And We shall inform you soon whether We will make you a priest. In the meantime, do precisely what We instruct you to. And realize that there is no woman in this world that you can trust. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I hereby separate My Kingdom from that of the Queen of Ireland. And I recognize her, whether she is Helena or Hyacinth, as the owner of Ireland (the whole island) and Bermuda, and that these two lands no longer belong to my Kingdom. Hence, I now declare the Kingdom of Emerald as such:

(1) The Emerald Kingdom, ruled by King Eric. And his eternal lands include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. Belize
  5. The Dominican Republic

Note that I have given Greenland back to Queen Elsa. And I have given Argentina back to Queen Erythrina. And I have given Ireland and Bermuda back to Queen Hyacinth. Hence, this adds Queen Erythrina back into the game. And the return of Greenland back to Queen Elsa removes the need for Eric to master Danish or Greenlandic to serve the people of his Kingdom. And hence, such are now the total list of official languages in Eric’s newly defined Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

And Eric will continue to learn Spanish, Nahuatl, Koine Greek and Latin. And eventually, Eric will in fact begin making an official Catholic translation of the Latin Vulgate to other languages where the need is there, such as in Nahuatl. Amen. But that will be in a future story after Eric has mastered Latin and Nahuatl. Amen.

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