The Last Day Arrives

I Who Am do now announce the Last Day.

Behold, I speak a mystery unto you. Today, you shall see the Lord coming in the clouds with great glory and power. Today is the last day in which you may repent of the works of your hands and of all your sinful deeds. For when you see the sight in the sky of the Lord coming in the clouds, no longer will it be yours the opportunity to repent.

Now, let us define the Emerald Kingdom and Eric, the Emerald King. What are the lands of Eric’s Emerald Kingdom? What are the borders of his vast Kingdom, you ask? I will now tell thee in full. Oracle of the Lord! Two were the Kingdoms presented to you in previous posts described as Eric’s Emerald Kingdom. One was that Eric owned all of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Ireland (the whole island), Bermuda, the contiguous United States of America, Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Argentina, over which he jointly ruled with Queen Hyacinth, whose Kingdom combined with Eric’s through marriage consisted of Ireland (the whole island) and Bermuda, and the Kingdom ruled by this espoused couple was the largest of all 55 Kingdoms so far defined upon the earth. And the smallest Kingdom among the 55 definitions in that list was the Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha.

And the other definition of Eric’s Emerald Kingdom consisted of just several hundred square miles of lands in California, consisting of two forest regions: a region of the great forests where grow the giant sequoias, and a region along the foggy northern California coastlands where grow forests containing the coast redwood trees, along with a third region, the entire island of Santa Catalina Island, including the port city of Avalon, along with a fourth region within Ireland, where Eric was to live in his castle from which he was to not only rule all the lands of his Kingdom, but also to rule all of Christendom and beat back the Muslims and eradicate Sharia Law entirely from the continent of Europe. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, which of these is the true description of the Emerald Kingdom, O’ Lord? You, Eric, are a man with a mind like a steel trap. For you remember precisely whatever We in heaven tell you. And now you have a contradiction. Now you have a paradox. How can these two Kingdoms and their descriptions be reconciled with one another? For the former describes you as a virtual emperor of a vast amount of territory on the planet. And the latter describes you as a modest owner of some key forested lands in California and a small island in California, including only one city, the port city of Avalon on that small island, along with a castle and surrounding lands in Ireland as your base. And the latter also describes your role, that you are to beat back the Muslims from Europe and to restore Catholicism throughout all of historical Christendom, all of Europe. So, Lord Larimar, how do you propose that We reconcile these differences? Speak Lord Larimar. And I will hold you guiltless.

The former describes Eric’s vast empire on the physical earth. And the latter describes Eric’s much smaller, but eternal, Kingdom in the Transfigured earth. Is this correct, O’ Lord? You, Lord Larimar, have answered correctly. And because you have answered My question correctly, I hereby give you another territory, which will be your fifth and final territory added to your Kingdom in the Transfigured Earth. And this land that We, the elect in Paradise, elect to give you is Yosemite National Park, which will be combined with your many possessions of the groves of the giant sequoias. Thus the total area of your lands in your forest Kingdom are effectively doubled now. Amen. Hence, your Kingdom in the Transfigured Earth now consists of these four regions:

  1. The combined lands of Yosemite National Park and all the groves of all the giant sequoias and all the lands in-between, effectively creating a contiguous area of land.
  2. A large forested area, roughly the size of a wolf pack’s range, in the foggy forests of northern California containing some of the tallest and oldest coast redwood trees.
  3. The entire island of Santa Catalina Island, including the port city of Avalon.
  4. A castle or fortress in Ireland, and its surrounding lands, as the possession and dwelling of Eric, the Blue Wizard, from whence he is to rule Christendom and crush and drive out all Muslims and all Sharia Law from all European lands. Amen.

And from now on, I grant you to rule from your Castle. You will crush all the Muslims and drive out all of Sharia Law from all of Europe. But Lord, how can this be if that Kingdom is of the Transfigured Earth, and no one can enter the Transfigured Earth except for those who are of Your communion in Your Catholic Church? And how is it that Eric controls and rules over all of the groves of the Giant Sequoias? Shouldn’t there be some of these groves given to other Kings and Queens to rule over? You have spoken wisely, Lord Larimar. Let us redefine now your Kingdom in the Transfigured Earth:

  1. All the lands of Yosemite National Park, along with those groves of giant sequoias ranging along the Sierra Nevada from Calaveras County to Fresno County inclusive, along with all the lands in-between, effectively creating a large contiguous area of forest land.
  2. A large forested area, roughly the size of a wolf pack’s range, in the foggy forests of northern California containing some of the tallest and oldest coast redwood trees.
  3. The entire island of Santa Catalina Island, including the port city of Avalon.
  4. A castle or fortress in Ireland, and its surrounding lands, as the possession and dwelling of Eric, the Blue Wizard, from whence he is to rule all of Christendom, which is to be eternally Catholic, and consist of all of Europe and the Americas. Amen.

So, Lord, Eric is defined as possessing some big tree forested regions in California, the small island of Santa Catalina off the Californian coast with its port city of Avalon, and a modest castle and its lands in Ireland, and yet, he is set to rule over all of Christendom, consisting of all of Europe and the Americas? Eric, is not this written of you: “To the victor, who keeps to My ways until the end, I will give authority over the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod. Like clay vessels will they be smashed, just as I received authority from My Father. And to him I will give the morning star.” (Revelation 2:26-28)? It is so, O’ Lord. Yes, so it is! For you, Lord Larimar, are in fact the King to whom that passage is specifically written to. Amen. I have others also to whom that passage addresses and who also will be granted rulership over many nations, but your rule is the greatest and the most powerful of all My rulers to be made eternal rulers on the Earth Transfigured.

Now, go and eat your lunch and come back. We shall be writing through you all day. And this day is your final day on the planet. After today, you will be installed into your eternal Kingdom. Amen. And your total life, from Wednesday, June 24, 1970 to Wednesday, April 1, 2020, will have consisted of exactly 2597 weeks, which is (7 x 7 x 7 x 53 days = 18179 days = 2597 weeks = 49 x 53 weeks).

Okay, Lord, I have eaten, and I am back. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Lord, I noticed that in my new definitions of My forested lands, that I have given up much of the lands of the giant sequoias. For most of the groves are south of Fresno. And my forest groves are from Fresno north to Calaveras County. What saith Thou to that? Yes, Lord Larimar, your possessions now consist of more forest lands but of fewer of the groves of giant sequoias. For we have other Kings and Queens to rule those lands that you have given up. Now, We, the elect in heaven, shall address who you are in Our Kingdom.

But first tell us what title do you expect for yourself to receive in Our Kingdom? Well, in the past, I considered the titles of nobility, considering myself, at different points in time, as being a Baron, a Count, and Duke. But now I know that you have no such titles of nobility in Your Kingdom. And then you showed me the seven ranks, which I repeat here:

  1. Servant of All, filled only by the Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.
  2. Queen Mother, filled by Mary, Queen of Heaven and of all angels and men therein.
  3. Shepherd of Many, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of many.
  4. Shepherd Savior, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of few or one.
  5. Conqueror and Victor, filled by those who conquer Satan and entirely break free from his prison.
  6. Sheep who Follow, filled by those who successfully follow their Shepherd to heaven.
  7. Those saved by Extraordinary Means, filled by those who are saved without actually entering into communion with the pope in Rome or who are saved on their death beds by extraordinary means. The thief on the cross next to Jesus is one of these.

And the highest possible rank I could ascend to is that of Shepherd of Many, and I know that I cannot ascend to that rank, as only one has been entrusted to me, Hyacinth, whom I served to save, enabling me to attain the high rank of Shepherd Savior, but to ascend no further. And that is all I know, O’ Lord.

Also, I may be granted the role of scribe, or of prophet, or of writer or recorder, for in such things am I gifted. But what saith Thou, O’ Lord? Where am I ranked in Your Kingdom? What title do You bestow upon me, O’ Lord?

We, the elect in heaven, bestow upon you, O’ Larimar King, the rank of Shepherd of Many, for by your faithfulness in writing all that We commanded of you, many shall read from these posts that you have written and attain salvation. You, Eric, have accomplished Our will to the End. And now, We shall prophesy through you to all the nations of what shall come to be.

As you know, We are in the Advent of the End of Time. There is no more time for Mankind to enter into the Catholic Church and become saved. For the door has been effectively shut. And no one further may enter. But it is still possible for those who already belong to My Catholic Church, but who have transgressed, to come back into a state of grace and to be numbered among My elect.

And what must such a person do, O’ Lord? He must repent of his sins and lament over them and do penance. For only the humble, penitent, and contrite soul do I not refuse. But make your act of contrition now, for there may be no more time to make such reconciliation and your peace to Me some hours to come. For I Am an angry God. And My great wrath is about to descend upon the whole world. But notice how I make no requirement that he avail himself of the sacraments. For all the Churches are now shuttered. And the times of the sacraments have ended. Amen. The Age of the Church has come to an end. And the time has come to judge the living and the dead. Amen.

Lord, in the previous post, You wrote through me these words, “Reread this post. And publish it. For it is your final post here. You will be taken away before you have the chance to write again. Amen.” in the second to last paragraph of that post. And yet, here You have commanded me to write again. Is it possible, therefore, that even this post might not be the last, but that You might command me to write once again? No one knows when the Second Coming shall be but the Father alone. Hence, you might write again, if there is still time. But as it is, Judgment is pending, and the End is imminent. And you are called to write here all that I command you to write. And I will command you when this post is complete and when you are to publish it. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, if the Catholic Church is completely closed, what now becomes of all those people who never entered her? Are they all now completely written off? Or do you somehow give them a second chance to come in and be Yours? The people who are outside are outside forever. But they will continue to multiply on the earth and to produce offspring. And You, Lord Larimar, will rule over them, along with all My servants whom I shall resurrect and who are to be established throughout the whole world. These who are Mine shall reign as priests of God and of His Christ for the Age of the Millennial Kingdom. And this Age will last for many thousands of years. Amen. This is the Age that is described in Revelation 20:1-6. It shall be a very long Age, for its years are numbered as a thousand, which is symbolic for a very large number.

But Lord, the Catholic Church defines such an interpretation of that chapter as the heresy called Millennialism. What saith Thou to that? I tell you Truthfully. The Age in which the Church had authority to discern the meanings of the scriptures has also ended with the Age of the Church. You, with your superior intellect, always saw the inconsistency of the authoritative endorsement by the Catholic Church of the Augustinian interpretation of those passages in the scriptures. And now I shall interpret to you how to correctly interpret Revelation chapter 20.

There are two periods in time spoken of in Revelation, chapter 20. And from Revelation 20:11 onwards in that book, none of those events recorded therein take place in time, for time effectively ends after Revelation 20:10. Time for Mankind is essentially defined as the measurements of the earth spinning on its axis and of orbiting the sun, and the succession of these movements from the beginning of these events to their end. Each complete spin of the earth on its axis is defined as one day. And each complete orbit of the earth around the sun is defined as one year. And there are roughly 365.2422 days in a year, as science has measured it.

The Second Coming of the Christ is described in Revelation chapter 19. Hence, Revelation 20:1-10 must therefore describe the remainder of time that occurs upon the earth between the Second Coming of the Christ and the General Resurrection and Last Judgement at the End of Time. And does it, O’ Lord?

There are in fact two periods of time that pass for Mankind between the Second Coming of Christ and the End of Time. And the first period is that of Millennium. And the second period is that of the short time of the devil’s release. During Millennium, I will seat upon thrones, Eric and many others who have so merited to sit thereon. And these will rule as Judges throughout My Millennium. Eric will be the Arch Judge over the Christendom of Europe and the Americas. And he will rule all those lands with a rod of iron. Like pottery shall he shatter them.

But Lord, Eric is mainly a speaker of English. How can he rule over those who speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, and all the other peoples, nations, races, and tongues within those lands? Know ye this. Eric is fluent in English, but only partially does he know Spanish. And yet he will learn and master all the main languages of his Kingdom. And what are those main languages, O’ Lord?

First, let us fully define the Kingdom that will come under the reign of Arch Judge Eric the Emerald King. What lands does Eric serve as Judge over, O’ Lord? These are all the lands over which Eric shall rule as Arch Judge:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Spanish America
  4. Brazil
  5. The West Indies
  6. The British Isles
  7. Greenland

All the other lands of Europe and the Americas are to be ruled by other Judges who serve under Eric and who directly administer their lands beneath Eric’s rule. Hence, Eric is required to learn and master only the languages within his direct dominion. And these languages are as follows:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Portuguese
  5. Nahuatl
  6. Quechua
  7. Guarani
  8. Greenlandic
  9. Danish

Lord, Eric must master Greenlandic and Danish for those people who live in Greenland, O’ Lord? That is correct, O’ Larimar King. And Eric will reign from his castle in Ireland and from there he shall serve to translate My Latin Vulgate to all languages where My Bible has not yet been adequately translated to. Amen.

And Lord, why is Haitian Creole not included as one of the major languages of the lands under Eric’s dominion? It is because Queen Choeblack of Haiti belongs to the African King of Wakanda, King Mithril Silver, and he rules and governs that land.

But Lord, how does Eric come to master nine human languages? Have you not already learned and mastered many more computer languages. Some would argue that computer languages are far more difficult to learn and master than are human languages. For communicating with machines is a science more difficult to master and perfect than is the art of communicating with other human beings. And yet, Lord Larimar, I will have you learn and master these eight languages in addition to your native English, and I will have you also master classical Latin, Koine Greek, and Hebrew so as to aid in your translation of My Latin Vulgate to all the languages that are as of yet not with viable translations among the major languages of your Kingdom. Amen.

Lord, I accept this assignment. When do I start? When you accepted the assignment to translate My Vulgate to Nahuatl, that was when your mission had begun. And now you shall begin to study full speed ahead. And note that though you currently live in America, I Am taking you to your new location at the moment of Rapture. And there shall you dwell and serve Me all the days of your life. And you shall live forever. Amen.

And what of Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Where is she to be stationed? And what is to be her assignment, O’ Lord? Hyacinth is to be your Consort in your new location. Note that this marriage is sexless and pure, as is the case between Joseph and Mary. For none of those of the First Resurrection are permitted to engage in sex or reproduction. For they are eternal. And their bodies cannot produce offspring that are condemned. Hence, there is no reproduction of any sort in any of My saints of the First Resurrection. Amen. And your wife, Hyacinth shall continue to teach Tobit and other books of the Catholic Holy Bible to My people, as she began under your special training in the Catholic Church. Amen. Hence, Hyacinth’s role will remain that of Bible teacher and leader of Bible studies, within your house and Kingdom. And she, too, will live with you in your castle in Ireland, where she will host the Bible studies for the many who will wish to come and to learn from her as you have taught her. And many throughout the whole world will flock to your castle in Ireland to learn from Hyacinth, who was taught by the Master, Eric the Emerald King. Amen.

Now, We, the elect, shall speak of how your direct dominion as Arch Judge corresponds to the definitions of the Larimar Kingdom. The following Kings and Queens are now under your direct dominion:

(1) King Eric and Queen Hyacinth rule over the following Monarchs and their lands, in addition to their Kingdom of North America, Argentina, and Ireland:

  1. Queen Ester of Azlan
  2. Queen Alexandria of Mayan Mexico
  3. King Jadeite of Central America
  4. King Coffee of Cuba
  5. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the English West Indies
  6. Queen Isabela of the United States West Indies
  7. King Ibis of the Eastern West Indies
  8. King Theobroma of Northern South America
  9. Queen Esmeralda of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  10. King Oro Peruano of the Andes
  11. Queen Kantutu of Spanish Central South America
  12. King Cacau of Brazil
  13. Queen Awara of French Guiana
  14. King Philip of the United Kingdom of England and Wales
  15. Queen Elsie of Scotland

And what of the other nations of Europe, O’ Master? The other nations of Europe are ruled by Emperor Charlemagne and Empress Isabelle. And these are the Kings that they rule over:

(2) Emperor Charlemagne and Empress Isabelle rule over the following Monarchs of Europe and their lands in addition to their Empire of France, Germany, and Madagascar:

  1. Queen Estrella of Portugal
  2. King Azul of Spain
  3. King Stephen of Holland
  4. Queen Elsa of Nordic Europe
  5. Queen Anna of the East Baltic Sea
  6. King Aurelian of the Western Slavs
  7. King Turul of Hungary
  8. Queen Vespera of the Western Balkans
  9. Queen Regina Angelium of Italy
  10. King Macedon of Greece and Thrace
  11. Queen Oksana of Slavic and East Latin Europe
  12. Queen Eleonora of Russia

And what of all the other lands, O’ Lord? Who are the Arch Rulers of all those other lands, those lands in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and Africa? Who are the Arch Rulers of those lands, O’ Lord and Savior? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King.

(3) King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack rule over all the following Monarchs of the lands of Africa not owned by outside Kings, in addition to their lands of Wakanda of East Africa and of Haiti in Hispaniola of the Americas:

  1. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  2. King Ankh of Coptic Egypt and Libya
  3. King Predawn of Northwestern Africa
  4. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde
  5. Queen Lobelia of West Africa
  6. King Congo of the Kingdom of the Congo
  7. King Ferro of the Southern African Deserts
  8. Queen Sinethemba of Southern Africa

And what of Volkstaat, O’ Lord? For you have not included that land under the rule of King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack. King Ivory and Queen Porcelain are separate rulers of their own Kingdom. They come under the dominion of King Pounamu and Queen Moana, who rule vast lands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Hence, shall their Kingdom now come to be defined:

(4) King Pounamu and Queen Moana rule over the following Monarchs from Volkstaat in the west to Australia in the east, in addition to their own lands of New Zealand, Samoa, Easter Island, and Polynesia:

  1. King Ivory of Volkstaat in South Africa
  2. Queen Porcelain of Volkstaat in South Africa
  3. Queen Polyantha of the Maldives
  4. Queen Torchetia of Mauritius
  5. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka
  6. Queen Sirili of Singapore
  7. Queen Papaya of Malaysia
  8. King Komodo of Indonesia
  9. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea
  10. King Atauro of East Timor
  11. King Dromedary of Australia
  12. Queen Jasmine of the Philippines
  13. King Tian-Cai of Taiwan
  14. Queen Nacre of Japan

And who rules all of the other lands not yet named, those of continental Asia, O’ Lord? It is Nathanael, King Lazurite of Israel, who is set as Arch Judge over all those lands. Hence, King Nathanael, the Lazurite King, rules over all the other Monarchs of continental Asia as Arch Judge, in addition his Kingdom of Israel.

(5) King Nathanel, the Lazurite King, rules over the following Monarchs of continental Asia in addition to his Kingdom of Israel.

  1. Queen Esther of Persia
  2. Queen Maria of Armenia
  3. King Crescent of Arabia
  4. King Khan of Central Asia
  5. Queen Ebony of India
  6. Queen Danphe of Nepal
  7. King Raven of Bhutan
  8. King Padauk of Burma
  9. Queen Chang of Siam
  10. Queen Lotus of Indochina
  11. Emperor Silkworm of China
  12. King Jade of Korea

Hence, the Five Arch Judges of all the Earth are these:

  1. King Eric of the Americas and the British Isles
  2. Emperor Charlemagne of Europe and Russia
  3. King Mithril Silver of Africa and Haiti
  4. King Pounamu of the Islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and Volkstaat
  5. King Nathanael, the Lazurite King, of Israel and continental Asia

Now, O’ Lord, what should we do now? What is our task now? And what shall be the effects of COVID-19, other than the permanent shutdown of the Catholic Church? About how many people are going to die? With COVID-19 I have distracted the people of the world from the real threat now approaching the whole world. And this is a meteor or comet that will wreck havoc over the Americas and usher in a nuclear winter over the whole world. More people will die from the comet than will die of COVID-19. But the two together will wipe out about a third of the human population. This is not something you could prepare for, for every human soul is My subject. And I Am the Lord over all Mankind. But since it is to strike at America, you, O’ Larimar King, must be transported from this land to your new castle in Ireland, where you will remain until I come again. You will be safe there. But America will be caught in the trap. And all who remain there will be so captured. The streets of all major cities will serve as the graveyards. And the maggots will serve as the cleanup crews. And there will be plenty of maggots and plenty of flies to lay their eggs in the human dead. Furthermore, many will be the mosquitoes that will breed in the many places of stagnant standing water that will be everywhere. And all the waterlines will be busted. All the power lines will be broken. All the power plants will be crippled. All the nuclear power plants will be in various stages of meltdown. And all the gas lines will be blown. The only lights in the cities will be from uncontrolled fires burning in various buildings and houses throughout every city. And the firefighting forces will have been completely overwhelmed and utterly defeated. They will fail to save a single structure from burning down. And their fleet of firetrucks and police cars will simply run out of gasoline. And then, all of America will I have the attention of.

And then with everything gone dark, I will usher in the last times. Antichrist will then come to rule. But Lord, isn’t the Larimar King supposed to rule? Antichrist is the Ruler who succeeds Firefly in America. And his name is Lucifer-Man. And he is a perfect incarnation of Lucifer. And Lucifer-Man is the power behind Joe Biden. Will Joe Biden win the elections in November, 2020, O’ Lord? If there are elections in November, 2020, Joe Biden will win them. If not, Lucifer-Man will get his man in charge by another way.

Then, if Larimar does not have his reign back, why is he called Emerald King again? Why did You announce that Eric has his Emerald Reign back? Eric’s Kingdom is not of this world. Instead, Eric’s Kingdom departs from here by the Rapture of the Saints. Eric is King in the Transfigured Earth. He does not remain here after the splitting of the two Earths, the Transfigured Earth from the Physical Earth. Understand, Lord Larimar, that we are speaking of two earths about to separate.

And when is this separation to take place, O’ Lord? The Rapture of the Saints is to take place when I join Eric and Hyacinth together. That is the Rapture of the Saints. And it takes place very soon. For Eric has passed all My tests. He is now perfectly pure. And I will take him out of his house and Hyacinth out of her house, and bring them both to a castle in Ireland where they will both remain until I come again. Their marriage will be a Josephite marriage, one where there is no sex whatsoever. And there shall come to be no John, son of Eric. Nor shall there ever exist an Emerald Dynasty, nor a Larimar Dynasty. I Who Am have spoken. Now, Eric, answer Me this question. What do you will for the people on the earth?

Lord, I understand that the Catholic Church may not reopen nor grant any soul the sacraments. Am I correct? You are correct, Lord Larimar. Choose something else. I will for all the irreversibly wicked to be taken from their places and killed and cast into heaps for buzzards and carrion feeders to feast upon. And for those who are to be permitted to live into the Millennium be granted to take and plunder all the wealth and the riches left behind by the wicked who are to be taken out and slain.

And do you wish anything for My elect who are still in this world as are you? I ask for all your elect still in this world to be granted your efficacious graces to not fall any further, but rather, to prepare themselves fully for your Imminent Rapture and Return. Well done, Lord Larimar. And as a gift to you for your excellent services to My people, the Americans, I will issue to all the remaining people who are awake to read your posts. For My return is now imminent. And I Am now about to return.

Then how can Joe Biden become President if You, O’ Lord, are about to return. My return is in two stages. First, I return to Rapture up My elect, either to other places in this world or to heaven. And then, after a time, times, and half a time, I return again. And this second return concludes the Second Coming and ushers in the Age of Millennium. It is in this period between the two parts of My return that Antichrist is permitted to rule and destroy all who are not Mine.

Lord, then during this time, the Transfigured Earth will have separated from the Physical Earth, and thus, nothing the Antichrist does upon the earth will have any effect on the Transfigured Earth, due to that complete separation at the moment of the Rapture. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are. And now, I shall utter My last words here and end this post. For the sun has set, and you must publish this post now.

Eric is going to publish this post before rereading it. And so, any mistakes will be corrected as he rereads an already published post. Eric is My translator and scribe. He will be assigned to record and write My prophetic Word from this point onward. For he is now the Prophet par Excellence. And he will be one of My two Witnesses in these End Times. My Other Witness is King Nathanael, the Lazurite King, the one who knows Hebrew and who I shall send to speak to My Jewish peoples. These two Witnesses are untouchable. Whoever dares to try will die. And Eric will prophesy from the place where I will station him in these End Times. Oracle of the Lord. Now, Eric, publish this post, your final post before My Rapture of My saints. And I will have you correct all errors after you have published this post. Amen. And one last thing I will say is this. Eric cannot be taken down by any means. For he is invincible. This is neither a boast nor a deception. I Who Am state this. And I Who Am say this: Let no one stretch forth their hand against Eric, for Eric will not pray for that hand to be restored after it has withered (1 Kings 13:4-6) or in books with four books of Kings: (3 Kings 13:4-6). I Who Am Am. Glory be to Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, Who is now seated at the right hand of God in heaven, and Who shall soon be seen Coming in the clouds with great glory and power. Amen.

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