Larimar and Hyacinth will soon be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Larimar and Hyacinth will be taken to heaven as virgins in the very soon Rapture of the Saints. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now command Eric to speak unto My people, the people of America, and the whole world. Behold, I have watched you and I Am ready to put you all to the test. This Coronavirus I sent to you I sent to test you. Now, you shall endure the real ordeal. Whereas before you were content to sit at home and contemplate your life mistakes, now you shall be put to flight. Look to the skies, and you shall see that doom of men that none shall forget. For behold, a rain of fire shall descend upon all of America. And it will wipe out a third of the human race. Amen.

But Lord, if I am still here in America, will not that make You choose not to unleash Your Almighty wrath upon all the people? For I am still here. I have not been removed from this place. Will not my presence here, O’ Lord, keep You from striking this land with Your Almighty wrath? You will be spared, O’ Larimar King, but not the land or its people. For I will arrange for not a hair on your head to be touched. But as for the people of this land, horrible sores will develop on their flesh, and the pains of a scorpion bite will torment them and will last for five months straight. Then, after that evil has passed, if the people repent and turn away from their sins, for that nation, country, land, or city that repents, I will repent of My threat to destroy their city or lands, or to wipe out their people.

Lord, is this promise made to all the people of the world? Yes, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall prophesy of you, O’ Eric who once called yourself, “Emerald”. It is true that you were once the Antichrist par Excellence, O’ Eric. And you would have been struck down and destroyed at the end of your 42 month Reign had you not converted to My religion at the end of 41 months. Because you repented and turned to follow Me, I allowed you to live undisturbed all these years in quiet development within My Catholic Church. I did not strike you dead. But I drew you along, to see if you would keep My commandments and decrees. I decided to see how far you would follow Me. And so, I prolonged the End Times. And I allowed other Players to rise up in Your place. But, O’ Emerald King, you never died. I never took your life away from you. For you followed Me into My Catholic Church. Your passed through My tests of Martyrdom. And you chose Me over all women.

Therefore, hear Me and hear Me well! To Eric the Emerald King, I hereby restore in full his Emerald Reign. He gave up all his vast Antichrist powers to follow Me. Hence, now I give him the powers of a miracle worker and of a prophet. He gave up an empire consisting of four Emerald Pawns in power. Now, he will choose leaders and depose whosoever displeases him. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken.

Lord, I decree for Trump to be recognized as unfit for the office of the Presidency, and to be forcibly removed from that office by the military, and then for the Republican Convention to declare Mitt Romney as the candidate, and to put him on the Republican ticket for President. For Mitt Romney has proven his worth to me. For he alone stood up to Trump, as I ordered the Senate Republicans to do. Do not think, O’ Republican faithful, that it was Trump, or the Player behind him, Firefly, who got those two Supreme Court Justices passed and confirmed in the Senate. Eric, the Emerald King, was actively praying to Mary for them to pass. And Mary petitioned Eric’s requests to Jesus, Who refuses her nothing. Realize that Truth, and jump ship from Trump. Let him sink. For he is a nothing. Without my help, his successes would have been far fewer.

I was originally going to select John McCain for the Presidency, for he, too, was a man worthy of the Presidency. He, too, like Mitt Romney, took his stand against lawlessness and against the one who obeys no laws. For we are a nation of law and order. Everyone must obey the law. And if the law is not obeyed, chaos ensues, and nothing gets done. And the example of obedience to the law is to be set by the chief law enforcer, the President of the United States. The President is not just a law enforcer. He is also a law obeyer. And if he cannot obey the law, he is illegally there and must be removed.

Now. the President was impeached, but the Republican Senators refused to do their duty. Hence, we will not remove him in a way that requires the Republican Senators to get their act together. Instead, he must be removed by a power of decree. I hereby decree this. Let Trump’s condition decline such that it becomes obvious and no longer a matter of debate, that Trump is clearly seen as unfit to continue to serve as Commander in Chief of this nation, even in the eyes of his Vice President and Cabinet. And let it then become the decision of the Vice President and his cabinet to make their decision. Let their decision be of the same logic as that of a young boy whose beloved dog, whom he raised as a pup, and who he grew up with, and who defended him from rabid wild animals, has, after a lengthy time in quarantine, turned out to have contracted the incurable disease of rabies from that very act of defending him, and the boy recognizes that he must now rise to the occasion and become man enough to take up the shotgun himself and put his beloved pet down. Let that be how Mike Pence and the President’s cabinet come to that conclusion and exercise section 4 of the 25th Amendment, giving the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet the power to effectively relieve and remove a sitting President of his powers and duties. Mike Pence will then effectively run the government, briefly as the 46th President, restoring to the American people their faith in the Republican Party just in time for the elections in this coming November so that Mitt Romney, who will be on that ticket, will get elected as the 47th President of the United States of America, and the Republicans will retain control of the government. Amen.

Such are my decrees, O’ Lord. Let them be carried out as I have decreed them. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Well done, My servant Eric. Mike Pence will in fact read your writings, and after laughing to himself, he will suddenly say, “That Eric has a valid point!” And he will look at his President, his friend, and realize that that man is as rabid as a mad dog. The man is mad and he, Mike Pence, is now the only man in the nation with the power and authority to do what is right and, together with a majority of the principle officers of his cabinet, remove the sitting President from power. And he will realize and summon inside himself his inner hero. And he will take the first step. And then the second. And he will find himself running, free of the madman in the White House forever! And he will get together with his legal team, independent from Trump, and plan the operation, acquire the majority of the principle officers to his side in secret, and then deliver to the leaders of both Houses of Congress the written declaration saying the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

And do not worry about the legal means for the President to regain control of his position through a vote in Congress. For I, the Emerald King, will effectively defeat that motion. For I am in power now. I am back. I last reigned here during the Presidency of George H. W. Bush, who launched Operation Desert Storm, as I ordered him to. That Persian Gulf War was the most successful of all the large scale wars ever waged by the United States. And why was it so successful, you ask? It was because Eric obeyed his Lord in it. And Eric did not go beyond the limits set by God. That Saddam could not be taken out was one of those limits. To disobey God on this would have resulted in the loss of grace and utter condemnation. And no nation has success in war if it is condemned by God.

Mike Pence, here is my ultimatum. Trump is going to be removed one way or another. You can choose to make this easy and be on the winning team. Or you can choose to be thrown out with Trump and receive no pity. Friends do not abandon friends. Whosoever stands with Eric will not be abandoned. And realize why Chief Justice Kavanaugh was approved. I approved him. When I saw Trump nominate him, I agreed with the choice, for that was a man who was in full favor of giving parents the right to have their share of the tax payer money go to the private schools of their choice. He was in full favor of school vouchers. For I am a strong believer in the value of private schools. The public schools are rotten to the core. The girls cannot undress in their shower rooms because perverse gender confused boys are allowed to be there and watch them undress. Why should parents’ tax payer money be funding that shit against their wishes? I say, let the parents control where their tax payer funds go to. Let the parents have the power to send to the private schools of their choice their share of tax payer funds and raise their sons and daughters in good schools, schools that do not allow perverted boys to watch girls undress in the shower rooms, as all the public schools now mandate. Chief Justice Kavanaugh stands for school vouchers to give parents that power over their share of the taxes. When I saw that, I put my entire weight behind in support of him. And I prayed both rosaries and divine mercy chaplets to get him to pass and be confirmed onto the Supreme Court. And all that mud slapped on him, none of it would stand in a court of law, for there was absolutely no evidence to corroborate it. Such was an example of liars attempting to create Truth, by just saying lies over and over again. Unless there is real evidence against a candidate for the Supreme Court, I will always reject and throw out the charges made against them by solitary witnesses. And those who put that mud on Chief Justice Kavanaugh, knowing there was no evidence behind it, will be destroyed, for they sinned against an innocent man.

Lord, how long do you grant me to reign as Emerald King, now that you have restored me to power? You will reign for 46 years. And then I will take your throne and give it to your son. But Lord, how can I have a son, for it is written: Whosoever tells me that I am to marry and have sex, that one is not from the Lord. The prophecy that says that you shall see your son predates all other prophecies given to you by God since you became a Christian, O’ Larimar King. And it is written in the Emerald Trove this Word of the Lord: When you stop masturbating, you will receive a girlfriend. You are required to comply with your predetermined fate, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, if I concede to this mandate and agree to marry and have a son, will I stop at one son? Or will I have other children? One son is of the promise. All other children are extras that are non-consequential. I mandate one son. Have the son I mandate. If you wish then to return to your celibate state, do so. Your wife will do the same. Okay, Lord, I agree. I will marry the girl you give me, have the one son, and then return to my celibate state, which is the higher Way to heaven, and that leads to a Kingdom.

It is agreed! The Emerald Kingdom is now ruled by an Emerald Dynasty. Eric is the first Emerald King. And his son shall be the second Emerald King. Very well, O’ Lord. Now, tell me who shall I marry? And what shall be the name of our son? And where shall we raise this son? For he must be baptized and raised Catholic. And how is this to happen with all the Churches shut down? And now COVID-19 has reached Greenland. It is now everywhere.

It has come to our attention that you, O’ Larimar King, are open to marriage to the Blue Enchantress, whom you call Hyacinth, and whom we call Cassandra, and who in this world is called, Caesar Sandra Nikee. Is this the case, O’ Larimar King? With my limited knowledge, I am open to it, O’ Lord and God. But much more knowledge must I acquire of her in order to validly contract marriage to her, O’ Lord. And that knowledge will affect my decision as to whether to go forward with such a marriage.

Good, Lord Larimar. We shall provide you with all that knowledge shortly. In the meantime, pray your rosaries and read your Holy Bible. You are progressing nicely. You are in the middle of the third book of Kings, having read Job, the Song of Songs, and the first two of four books of Kings. (Note in modern Bibles, the four books of Kings are presented as two books of Samuel and two books of Kings.) And it is my will that you eventually read every book in the Catholic Holy Bible, reading one or two chapters each day, proceeding through the Bible in the order that We dictate to you. Amen. And Lord, what about the past assignment where I was to translate the Latin Vulgate to Nahuatl? Does this assignment still exist?

Rather, O’ Larimar King, I have another role for you. You will prophesy in My name whatever I command you to say. Lord, if I reign for 46 years, that will be to the year 2066. I will be of the old age of 96 then, or 95 before June 24th, my birthday. You will be 95 years old when you hand the throne over to your son. And Lord, all of this ignores the Second Coming of Christ. What happened to His return? For he was to return within the generation that witnesses the fig tree come back to life. Is he not to do so, O’ Lord? And all this ignores Your prophecies that said that the Church was permanently gone from this world. What saith Thou to that?

In Poland, My bishops initially sought to increase the Masses, rather than to shut down My Churches. I will reward Poland for initially seeking to do this deed. As for the rest of Europe, I say, let them be washed away in the Islamic tidal wave and come under the dominion of Sharia Law. Amen. For, with the exception of Poland and a few other European nations, Europe has abandoned Me.

But Lord, I understand the reasoning behind shutting down Churches and keeping the priests from mingling with the people, including such things as doing private masses in people’s homes. For what are the most valuable assets in the Catholic Church? The most valuable assets are the ordained priests. Everything and everyone else is expendable. But if you don’t have a Catholic priest to serve the Church, you have nothing. Without the priests to transform bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus, the Church becomes nothing more than a museum exhibit. And thus, the priests must be protected. And if the doctors in charge of the treatment of COVID-19 infections are themselves coming down with this disease and dying from it, then so also would the priests if they continued to mingle with the people.

And so, O’ Lord, You speak as though this COVID-19 will pass, followed by a restoration of life in the Catholic Church. And if that is the case, then we don’t want to risk the lives of our priests through risky behavior. For remember how the COVID-19 disease mainly targets the elderly. And most of the Catholic priests today are, in fact, elderly. And what profit is served by letting many of the elderly die, if it takes away the bulk of the priesthood? And we have a distinct shortage of priests already. So I fully understand why the priests cannot be allowed say private masses or mingle with the people until this whole Coronavirus blows over. And when will that be, O’ Lord? For I had decreed it to be dispelled by Friday, April 3, 2020. Will it be dispelled by then, O’ Lord? Or does it continue? Will 100,000 to 200,000 people in the United States die from this virus, O’ Lord?

It will be dispelled as you have commanded it, Eric. And then, Church life will be restored. And the Churches will be open again by Good Friday, one week after the Coronavirus is dispelled. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. So, Lord, do you let things return to normal then? No, Lord Larimar. This is the warning before the major devastation. If the people will not heed this warning and if they do not repent their sins and transgressions, if they make no end to their abortions, their sexual immoralities, and the horrible institution of gay marriage, I will visit upon this nation an even worse chastisement. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, where shall you put me to be protected from the wickedness of this world? Would you agree to live in Ireland for the remainder of your life, O’ Larimar King? Ireland is a member of the European Union, and I am a citizen of it via my mother having been born there. Precisely, Lord Larimar. And We, the elect in heaven, have elected to place you there. Do you agree to this, O’ Larimar King? I agree, O’ Lord. Then We have a deal. Stay in Ireland when We take you there. Do not seek to live in any other land. And I will enable you to bring about a restoration of Europe, starting with Ireland. And you will restore My ancient Kingdom of Christendom back to its original glory throughout all of Europe. And you shall beat back the Muslims and drive out Sharia Law from all the lands of Europe. Amen.

Lord, if I am to be removed from America and planted in Europe, in Ireland, what then becomes of the United States of America with my having been taken away from there, O’ Lord? My people, wherever they live, will either repent and reform their ways, or remain in and increase in their evils and wickedness. Those who repent will only be chastised lightly. But those who increase in their evils and wickedness, Woe unto them! For they will have seen My works and yet they failed to believe and to repent. Therefore, I will wipe them out with fire and a bitter hail of burning embers and ash. For they listened neither to you nor to Me.

So, My Lord, how and when do I go to Ireland? With the snap of My fingers, you shall find yourself instantly there. And with another snap, I will permanently assign you to that place where you will stay in Ireland and go to Church each day until I come again. Hence, you shall not arrive here by airplane. I Am taking you out of your place in America in the twinkling of an eye and placing you in the midst of Ireland, where you shall be studied by many scientists and doctors, and many will seek wisdom, knowledge. and advice from you. Now we shall write the final paragraph of this post.

Europe now needs a hero. You are to be that hero for them. And you will be invincible. No power on earth will stop you. And not even a hair on your head will be touched. I will command My angels, and they will watch over you. And should any human soul approach you with malintent, my Holy Spirit will speak through you and slay that man with the spoken Word of God. Now, I permit you to ask one question, Lord Larimar. And then We will conclude this post. Amen. Which Kingdom is valid: My Emerald Kingdom of the three regions of California, plus the fourth region containing my castle, or My Larimar Kingdom, consisting of many lands of North America, with the addition of Argentina in South America were I to be taken to live in Nuuk, Greenland, for the duration of the reign of Antichrist? Or are neither of these two Kingdoms valid, O’ Lord? And if neither Kingdom if valid, what is the Truth?

You are Emerald, Lord Larimar, and your Emerald Reign is now reestablished for you. Hence, what was spoken to you of your Emerald Kingdom is true, from a certain perspective. And the Castle where you are to be stationed in your fourth dominion of your Emerald Kingdom is located in Ireland, on a plot of land there that I intend to give unto thee, and from there you shall rule over your three granted territories within the state of California remotely, for you are the Blue Wizard, and your powers are vast and great. And the combined total lands of your possessions in California will roughly be equal the size of a large wolf pack’s range, consisting of several hundred square miles in total area. Also, realize that your fate is in the transfigured earth from the moment of the Rapture. You will not remain here in this physical earth to suffer in this world the wrath of God when the Rapture splits the two earths apart, and the transfigured earth separates from the accursed earth. For I Am taking you away to My Kingdom when I rapture up all My elect, and you will be stationed in your eternal place in that Transfigured earth, assigned to your eternal position to reign there forever and ever. And there you will stay and reign in paradise as I pound this earth in quest for its remaining gold. And now I shall speak.

Eric, I Who Am now announce your eternal fate. It is with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven. You remain here only as long as you are decreed to remain here, where you are to have and see your prophesied son, and raise him to manhood, and pass onto him your throne where you rule the affairs of this world. And when your days here are completed, you shall then be taken away to your Kingdom. By the Rapture of the saints are you to be taken in your old age. And the girl you are to marry here, and who is to bear you your one son, shall be made known to you soon after We in heaven take Hyacinth away from this life to bring her to heaven where she is to receive her eternal reward, and where her good works will follow her, and where she shall be glorified in Paradise forever and ever. As for you, O’ Larimar King, Now this post is concluded. And realize that you are granted a Kingdom in the transfigured earth that will never be taken away from you. And this Kingdom is called the Emerald Kingdom. You shall eternally possess the lands assigned to you there. And your son shall be given his own lands in the transfigured earth when he proves himself worthy. And the glory in that earth is far greater and vastly more glorious than can be found in any Kingdom here in this world. Amen. And so, my Lord, my remaining stay here in this world, is it to be a full 46 years after all? Or is it vastly shorter or longer in duration? Eric, the exact duration of how long you shall remain living here cannot be fully revealed to you while you live in this world, for the timing of the Rapture cannot be known until it comes. Therefore, accept your ignorance, and accept that you will soon come to be with Us in heaven for all eternity. Amen. Now, reread this post. And when you have read it in full, ask for clarification any thing that is unanswered, and you shall be answered on that point. Amen.

Lord, when I am taken to the transfigured earth at the moment of the rapture, what becomes of my wife and my son? Do they remain here in this world, to suffer want and to be undergo great hardship and ordeal? Yes, Lord Larimar, as regards your son. For just as it was in the case of Enoch and Elijah, when I elect to rapture a soul away, I elect to rapture only a small number away, or just one away, as a rule. You will be raptured away. And so also shall your wife be raptured away. But you son must remain here to suffer, for only by suffering can treasure in heaven be produced and eternal merit be gained. But that your wife must go with you is by an eternal decree that said that the Wizard King and his wife may never be parted.

And Lord, is there but one Rapture or a series of Raptures to play out upon this earth? The Rapture of the Saints is a one time occurrence. And when it happens, it will never be repeated, for the two earths will then be separated completely. Amen. Therefore, remain in Jesus always, so that you are always ready to be raptured up.

And Lord, one last question. Is it possible for the Rapture of the Saints to occur now, before I can have a son, thereby ensuring that I am brought to heaven still a virgin? Yes, Lord Larimar. And now We, the elect in heaven, give you this choice: You may depart from this world with Hyacinth, who will then be regarded as the one who was your wife here. And then you will have never had a wife by an actual marriage, nor known a woman in the flesh, but will enter, like Hyacinth, into heaven as a virgin. Or, you can know a woman and sire a son, and then leave here some 46 years from now, the exact duration of time being unknown, after handing your throne, ruling over this world, to your son. Choose now. I choose to go to heaven with Hyacinth as still a virgin, O’ Lord and Savior. What saith Thou to that?

Therefore, then, you will be taken to heaven with Hyacinth. It is now decided. Your stay here in this world is now ended. And your glorious Kingdom awaits you. Leave everything and remain vigil with Hyacinth until Friday morning of this week. And you shall be taken before the early light of dawn on that day. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Emerald King. Amen. Now publish this post, O’ Larimar King. And let Me make this final point known. The Rapture will take place when We take these two virgins to heaven, the Blue Wizard and the Blue Enchantress, or otherwise known as, King Larimar and Queen Hyacinth. Amen.

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