Behold, I Who Am reveal all things

In the Transfigured Earth, to separate from this Earth at the moment of the Imminent Rapture, I will assign all My raptured elect, both those living and those asleep, to their eternal rewards and eternal assignments, over which they will reign forever and ever in transfigured eternal glory. Amen.

Who is Eric, you ask? Now I shall inform thee. Eric is My eternal servant, through whom all that I will by him shall be accomplished. I hereby gave Eric this choice: He may receive what he has been promised, or he may elect to walk the higher path to heaven, where one may have no sex. And Eric has opted to walk that higher path. Hence, let it be known and declared by all: The Emerald King is celibate and virgin forever! And Eric is hereby declared to be this great Emerald King.

Now, Lord Larimar, speak. What saith thou? Do you wish to gain knowledge of your future? Do you wish to know where you shall be sent? And do you wish to know how you will be most effectively put to service in My Kingdom? Yes, O’ Lord, I wish to know all of these things that you say. Good, Lord Larimar, for in this post, I shall give to you full revelations as to your entire fate on earth and into heaven.

Now I shall speak. Larimar, where is the Emerald Kingdom located, do you say? I believe it is located somewhere in California where the big trees grow, such as the giant sequoias and the coast redwoods. And I believe that it is of the size and dimensions as would be the usual range of a wolf pack. And in that Kingdom, Eric is to be friends with grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions, elk, moose, and buffalo. And Eric is to be a herder of trees. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord and Almighty One? It is, Lord Larimar. You have spoken with honesty and sincerity. Now We shall speak further on your Emerald Kingdom.

Since you shall have no wife, and since you have now graduated to the point that you need no romantic ties to any human beings, We, the elect in heaven, have opted for you to have as your inheritance the vastness of a whole island among the Channel Islands of California. And that island that We will to give you is the island upon which is located the Catholic Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, which is located in Avalon of Santa Catalina Island. Then, O’ Lord, I am put in charge of the port city of Avalon? That is correct, Lord Larimar.

Lord, I have analyzed the total range of acreage upon which grow all the groves of giant sequoias. And there are not very many. In fact, their total acreage is 35620 acres, which is approximately 56 square miles. Furthermore, I have analyzed the average range of wolf packs in northern California, and they range from 20 to 215 square miles. Hence, the Emerald Kingdom could be given the entire set of lands upon which are found all the groves of giant sequoias and still be within the average range of a northern Californian wolf pack. Is this the case, O’ Lord and Mighty One? Indeed, Lord Larimar, We the elect not only give you all the lands of those groves, but also all the land in-between, so that no part of your forest Kingdom is noncontiguous. And now you know where your Emerald Kingdom is located.

But Lord, you also give me an island some hundreds of miles away containing the port city of Avalon? That is correct, Lord Larimar. And furthermore, We the elect give you coastal lands in northern California among where some of the coast redwoods grow. There, in the foggier groves, where are located some of the tallest and oldest of trees, do I grant you to have another series of acres of forest lands. And what size of acreage do you grant me there, O’ Lord and Master? First, Lord Larimar, tell me of the acreage of Santa Catalina Island, which is now in your eternal possession? It is 76 square miles, about 49 thousand acres. Hence, your possessions of both the groves of Giant Sequoias and the island of Santa Catalina Island are roughly equal in area of lands. In a similar award I give unto thee an equal number of acres among the foggy forests of the coast redwoods of northern California. There, in an area of contiguous forest lands do I give you the third part of your Emerald Kingdom. And it will be in size and acreage similar to your other two possessions. Amen.

Lord, how can I know that these lands are given unto me? How can I be sure that I am to receive them in the hereafter? This is how you shall know, O’ Larimar King. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. And I would also wish to know about my fate in this world? For how is my life to be sustained here with a permanent end to the sacraments in the Catholic Church? Since I never am to marry, I guess there is no point to bringing me to another land to raise a son? But what is my fate here? Am I to remain here through the entire reign of Antichrist? Or does the rapture happen, and the two earths split? And all the raptured host leave this earth and are assigned to their eternal Kingdoms in the raptured earth? And all those left behind remain in the left behind earth where everything else left behind is diseased, corrupt, or rotten? This was the revelation two posts ago. Do You, O’ Lord, say that is how it shall be? And therefore, I cannot receive any sign of My coming inheritance, but must just believe that what is promised to me shall be fulfilled?

I do notice that My Emerald Kingdom is significantly reduced in size compared to the imaginary Larimar Kingdom I once fancied myself to receive. Good, Lord Larimar. You have matured in your understanding of My rewards and gifts. I do not give too much of a reward in lands for any of My servants to handle and to run in the coming eternal phase. But to the one who produced two gold coins from the one gold coin I gave him, to him I grant two cities. And to the one who produced five gold coins from the one gold coin I gave him, to him I grant five cities. Hence, to each subject who produces, I grant eternal rewards and great responsibilities in accordance to their faithfulness and trustworthiness in producing eternal treasures from they were given.

Because you saved the soul of the one ewe lamb whom I entrusted unto you, I give you that one port city of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island for you to rule over. All the rest of your lands are parks, forests, and nature preserves. Amen. For I have found you worthy of stewardship over such natural wonders and beautiful treasures of the natural world. But you are correct. The sign by which I will show to you that what is said here is true shall in fact be that soon to take place rapture of the saints, which will include you, that is about to take place very soon.

Hence, there is no need for you to flee, nor for you to get your passports in order. No papers do you need to file. No things to you need to deal with. As for your taxes, you have completed them and they are ready to file. But I will allow you to wait a while longer before you file them, for there is no rush this year to file your taxes. And the refunds from your income taxes, should they be deposited on time, would not be deposited prior to your departure from this world. Hence, there is no rush. Let those who come after you complete your taxes on TurboTax and submit them. And let them deal with any issues that may arise regarding your income taxes. As for you, O’ Larimar King, you need not deal with any such issues any further. Just let it be known that Eric is owed money, and that he does not owe money, in the income taxes that are ready to be filed this year. Amen.

For the Rapture of the saints is imminent. And I have My rewards ready to grant to all My raptured elect. Lord, could you please answer me this question? In the raptured earth, to where all those who fulfill your requirements are raptured to from this earth, and are brought to the transfigured earth that separates from this earth at the moment of the rapture, will this raptured host consist of only those elect who live on the earth, those who have not fallen asleep? Or will you also include those who sleep in the dust? All who are alive to Me and who fulfill My requirements will be raptured. And that includes both the living saints and the saints that have passed away. For the transfigured bodies of My elect do not include the physical flesh of those who live. All that physical flesh is left behind. Everyone in the transfigured earth is composed of transfigured flesh. Hence, in that transfigured earth, there shall be included both those who fell asleep and those who never slept. And everyone among them will be assigned to their eternal Kingdom, according to their eternal rewards, and put in their eternal assigned places on that eternal transfigured earth.

Lord, Los Angeles County is one of the largest, most sprawled out cities on the planet. Do you place a most worthy saint to rule that entire county? Indeed, Lord Larimar, I have a saint who shall rule that city and county. And he has passed away. But he will be brought back to life to live there forever and ever. Amen. And he must have been faithfully entrusted with the souls of many, O’ Lord, for him to be granted so large a city? He is of the rank of Shepherd to Many, which is one rank above you, O’ Larimar King, you who are ranked as Shepherd Savior. For remember and recall the seven ranks of My Kingdom:

  1. Servant of All, filled only by the Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.
  2. Queen Mother, filled by Mary, Queen of Heaven and of all angels and men therein.
  3. Shepherd of Many, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of many.
  4. Shepherd Savior, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of few or one.
  5. Conqueror and Victor, filled by those who conquer Satan and entirely break free from his prison.
  6. Sheep who Follow, filled by those who successfully follow their Shepherd to heaven.
  7. Those saved by Extraordinary Means, filled by those who are saved without actually entering into communion with the pope in Rome or who are saved on their death beds by extraordinary means. The thief on the cross next to Jesus is one of these.

Whosoever brings another soul with them into My Kingdom does not fail to be ranked at least at the rank of Shepherd Savior, as you are so ranked, O’ Lord Larimar. And by bringing another soul into My Kingdom, I do not mean merely by giving your neighbor a helping hand occasionally, or by doing a one time act of ministering to his needs. Rather, the act of bringing someone into My Kingdom involves a deep commitment by one person to another, a commitment that lasts for a lifetime, and that never ends, and that results in salvation of both the giver and the receiver. That you have done this, O’ Larimar King, with Hyacinth, means that you are of this eternal rank of Shepherd Savior. And Hyacinth shall be forever known as the Blue Enchantress, Consort to the Blue Wizard. Amen. For Larimar is the Blue Wizard, and Hyacinth is the Blue Enchantress.

And what is Hyacinth’s rank, O’ Lord and Savior? She, too, was entrusted to take care of souls, and in her case these were the young ladies in her Catholic Church, where she teaches the Biblical Book of Tobit to. Hence, she, too, is of the rank of Shepherd Savior, like you. For it is written in the records of wisdom: Those who help another do not fully realize that the help they give to that other not only helps the other, but also helps those that are helped by the other. Hence, you will share in the reward given to Hyacinth for her deeds that were made possible because you helped her in her times of need and in her passage into My Kingdom.

And Lord, where is Hyacinth to be stationed in the raptured earth? Since her salvation took place in Africa, it is in Africa where she shall be eternally stationed. And she, like, you, shall be granted to rule certain lands and cities in accordance to the measure by which she merited and the treasures she produced from what she was given. Her reward, like your reward, shall be great and rich.

Now, Lord, I understand that these are the full list of all my eternal lands, all contained within California, and comprising of just these three regions. Am I correct?

  1. The lands and groves of the Giant Sequoias
  2. Certain lands of some of the Coast Redwoods of northern California
  3. Santa Catalina Island and its port city Avalon

That is correct, O’ Larimar King. Much smaller and humbler are the lands of your eternal Emerald Kingdom than what you once imagined your Kingdom would be when it was called the Larimar Kingdom.

Now, Eric, We, the elect in heaven, shall speak again. It is written that you never married and that you never had sex for your entire life. Do you wish for this to be the record for your eternal status in Our eternal Kingdom? Or do you wish to have had a wife and a son? I have no desire to marry nor to have any son, O’ Living Lord. Rather, I will to remain celibate and virgin for life. For I know it is the higher Way to heaven. Perfect, O’ Larimar King. And because you have decided to have this as your eternal record, We, the elect in heaven, have decided to grant you your fourth region of lands. I accept O’ Lord. Where is this fourth region of land located, O’ Lord? This fourth region of land is where you shall have your castle and fortress located. It is where you shall dwell and rule from your Ivory Tower. When the Rapture occurs and you are brought to your eternal lands, you shall also be brought to your eternal palace, already built, the castle on your fourth domain. And there you shall dwell and rule from as the Blue Wizard forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, this is all very great, but the only thing I am seeing right now is the closure of all the Catholic Churches throughout the whole world. So, I believe you, but I also know that many times I have been deceived. That the Churches are closed permanently is what you have decreed. Let us wait and see, O’ Lord. And you say that the Rapture is very soon? How soon, O’ Lord? Do you say it will happen in days, weeks, months, or years, O’ Lord? Or can you specify that? Perhaps We cannot know.

Here is the sign by which you will know that My rapture of the saints is imminent. When you see the Abomination that causes desolation standing where he does not belong, lift you heads to the heavens and realize that your time of departure is at hand. And those who are ready will be taken up. But those who is not of My communion in My Catholic Church will not be taken. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now We shall say one last thing unto you, O’ Larimar King. And it is this:

Do not tarry. Do not delay in doing the works We give you to do. For the time is indeed short. And what are the works that you so give me, O’ Lord? The writing of these Chronicles are the final works that are given to thee. And when We announce their end, you shall know that you shall soon be taken. Amen. Now, go, O’ Larimar King. Pray the rosary, read your Holy Bible, and then We shall show you the movie that We will have you watch on Television tonight. Now go, Lord Larimar, for the time is short. Amen.

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