Eric’s Marital Destiny Revealed.

Eric reviews the women of every race, but trusts in God to choose a bride for him.

I am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I am here as God has ordered me to speak. Behold, O’ Lord and Majestic One, I Am here writing. What do you will me to write about? I Who Am Am bringing about change to the whole universe. Most blessed will they say of those women whose breasts have never sucked and of those men whose phalluses have never fucked. For holy is the Way of the celibate and virgin states. And whosoever chooses to walk that path, rather than to marry, is to receive a great reward, should they enter into heaven.

Behold, Eric walks that path, O’ Lord. What reward do You have in store for him, O’ Lord? Eric shall be My prophet forever. And he shall never leave the House of the Lord. Forever shall Eric remain with Me and I will always supply him with prophecy to give unto My people, Israel.

So, Lord, there is now a prophet in America. And that prophet is the one you have called, starting with the previous post, the Emerald King. What do you mean, O’ Lord, when you say Eric prophesies to Israel? Do you mean to the Jews? No, Lord Larimar. Instead, I mean that Israel that followed Me, rather than Israel that rejected Me. And that Israel that followed Me became the first Christians. And to their number were added the Gentiles who believed and followed Me, until the point came where Christianity diverged from Judaism and became a distinct religion. And when that event happened, those who remained Jews rejecting Jesus became My lost sheep. And those who were Mine were called Catholic whom I made into My One Flock. One flock do I have, and one communion is found in My Catholic Church. And whosoever rejects the statement, “There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church,” cannot be saved.

Eric, you are not bound to any girl anymore. Should you wish to continue to help Sandra, you may. But I do not bind you to any form of romance with her. Neither are you bound to receive any girl as your soulmate. Nor do I command you to take an apprentice. Now, listen to Me as I prophesy through you, O’ Larimar King.

In the world in which you currently live, you do not belong. Rather, your place is in My eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Nor are you to suppose that you belong to any girl who is yet to appear in your life. You do not so belong. Now, as for Hyacinth, what is my relationship with her, O’ Lord? You are her neighbor. And your actions with her are consistent with My commandment: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. And you received back from her the benefits of her prayers. Therefore, continue doing your good works for your neighbor, for the reward for you shall be great. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. I have My rewards for you that you will receive for your good works for My Kingdom. Lord, what of the prophecy written in the previous post that said I was to receive a Kingdom upon the earth, whose dimensions were the approximate size of land necessary to feed a wolf pack? And that this land was to be located somewhere in California where the big trees grow, such as the coast redwoods and the giant sequoias. And that I was to be a herder of trees. Do you continue to say such is the case, O’ Lord? Eric, you have now progressed to the point where you need no more deceptions to be made to remain in My camp. Hence, now I shall tell you the Truth.

Behold, I Am making everything new. (Revelation 21:5). Eternal life is not about physical possessions, but of spiritual treasures, which come from helping your neighbor. That you help your neighbor is one of your redeeming features by which you receive an endless supply of grace. And I Am pleased with the help you supply your neighbor with. It is true that no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Now, go and do that good deed you have promised your neighbor. Then, when you come back, I will detail to you your reward. Amen. And if anyone asks where you are going, tell them you are going to get some needed things. Amen.

Lord, I have done as you have commanded me. And I have helped my neighbor. Now, speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. Your mother, Romey, is a nuisance. What shall you do with her, O’ Lord? You know, O’ Larimar King, that your mother is unique to your family in that she has blasphemed the Holy Spirit. While all the other members of your family are in various states of being lost from My Catholic Church, your mother is positively damned. While one may have a shadow of hope for a slim possibility of salvation for your two brothers and your father to be saved, for your mother hope is at absolute zero. Hence, whatever I do with your mother, it is never to save her, for she cannot be saved. Nor is there any point to show anything to her, nor to teach her anything. She can neither learn something new nor retain what she now knows. Memories are disappearing from her mind like water through a sieve.

Then, O’ Lord, I take it that you will leave her as she is until her time comes, and then she will die and go to hell. What a worthless life and a pathetic story. Why do you think that we will leave her as she is. Do you not know that there is no rest for the wicked? She will neither obtain rest here nor in the hereafter. Just as she is to be tortured and tormented forever in hell, so also shall she be tortured and tormented in this life as well all the way to the day she dies. Her place is hard core hell, Eric. Her place is to be neighbors with Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper.

Now, I shall speak. David and Mark, your two brothers, I still have the possibility open for either of them to come back to Me and to be saved. I still have that possibility open to them. If they wish it, I will allow them entry and to receive My Eucharist and be saved. But as for your father, he left Me, knowing Me. And therefore, there is no excuse for your father. Your father is a nice man, in your sight, but he has turned away from Me, knowing My Church and its sacraments in full. Therefore, there is no path back to Me for your father to take to find Me.

Hence, the coronavirus that is claiming many lives will also claim the life of your father. And what of my mother, O’ Lord? Your mother is garbage that I will not touch. I will let her live for some years longer. And then, in her abject misery, she will choose assisted suicide and medically kill herself by legal means. That is how she is to go. For it is not possible for a terrible offender of My Church to die by any other way than by taking their own life. Amen.

As for your two brothers, let them go their ways. If they will not listen to Me and to My servants, the saints and authorities in the Catholic Church, then neither will they listen to you. So let them go their way. Do not pray for them, for they are both in deadly sin. Will either ever come back to Me? If either of them do, you would not recognize them, for as long as you have known them, they have never followed Me. Now, your brother Mark follows a Protestant Church. And the sad fact is that that church cannot save him. And he has rejected what you have told him about Catholicism. Hence, his blood is on his head. As for David, your older brother, he considers all of this as some sort of joke. And he mocks Me and My religion. Now he mocks Me, but at the end of his life, as he is dying, he will find that the one who was laughing at his jokes will at that point be laughing at him. So, when the tables are turned and he is the one dying, he won’t be laughing, but those who laughed with him will then be laughing at him. Amen.

Lord, will the Catholic Churches open up again so that people like my brothers, should they convert, can enter the Catholic Church and become saved? No, Lord Larimar. I have permanently shuttered My Catholic Church across the globe. Nowhere, with the exception of a few places, are the Churches still providing masses to the public. Your girlfriend Hyacinth is still going to the Catholic Church, but nowhere else is this the case. And why do We, the elect in heaven, call Hyacinth Eric’s girlfriend, you ask? It is because they will never marry, but Eric has elected to remain with her forever, serving her needs. Hence, they are a platonic couple. They will not join in holy matrimony. They will both remain virgins. But they are a romantic couple nevertheless. Amen. And there is no other girl that I will send to Eric to enter into his life. For Eric is now sworn to celibacy. He will remain celibate and virgin forever. Amen. But he will not abandon his friend.

For Eric stands by this principle: Friends do not abandon friends. It is the presence of this friendship in Eric’s life that determines his fate. With no friends, Eric is like a pit bull. But with just this one friendship, Eric is like a Saint Bernard. Just this one true friendship that brings out the best in him, determined Eric to be as a Saint Bernard rather than as a pit bull. Hence, this friendship shall not be taken away, except to give you a new friendship with someone else.

Lord, tell me about this new friendship of which you speak. Is it to be with a girl yet to come, for in a previous part of this post, you say that you will send no other girl to enter my life. Eric, as Sandra lives, I will send you no other girl to enter your life. But when We, the elect in heaven, choose to take Sandra to the next world, We shall show you that this has happened, and then the girl We intend to replace her with shall enter your life. And so, you will then have a girlfriend, which will be a fulfillment of the girlfriend prophecy. For you have passed the test. Not much more needs to be passed for you to be made worthy and ready to receive her.

Lord, I accept my fate in accordance to your prophecies. But tell me what and how things shall take place. This much shall you be told. We will take Hyacinth away from you very soon. She still lives, but We have a date in which she must come to Us. And since you have taken care of her very well and seen to her needs, she will come into the Kingdom with flying colors. For she has been saved and she has kept her virginity, against all odds. Now, tell us this much. For We wish to know. What races of girls do you find most attractive? Whites and Hispanics, O’ Lord. Good, O’ Larimar King. Would you marry an Asian girl if that was whom We gave to you? Lord, I have not really associated much with Asian girls. But I am sure there is likely an Asian girl who would be found compatible with me. Correct, Lord Larimar. There is. And would this girl be Korean, northern Chinese, or Japanese, O’ Lord? For such Asians have light skin that would match mine. She is northern Chinese. And she is of a family of geniuses. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, intend your son by this girl to be an intellectual giant.

So, do you accept your fate, O’ Larimar King? Do you accept a marriage to a Chinese woman and to have one son by her? Lord, there is nothing that I find objectionable to such an arrangement. Yes, I accept. But Lord, what is the timing of these events? I will bring it about soon. The exact days and hours I cannot reveal to you, but only the general time. It will take place when you least suspect.

But Lord, with all the Churches shut down and all the sacraments suspended, how does this marriage take place? And how shall our future son become baptized and raised Catholic? I, the Lord God, have My own plans and My own means of working these things through. You will be taken from here to a new place where the Mass will not be shuttered. This is that place of which I eluded to in Revelation, chapter 12, where I took the woman to to be taken care of for the duration of the reign of Antichrist. You will be taken there with the Chinese woman who is to be your wife and who is to bear you the one son you are to have.

Lord, I remember that before I became a Catholic, I believed that women had the right to abort their baby if it was the product of rape or was going to come out deformed. But when I became Catholic, I came to the realization, through obedience to the pope and the requirements of the Catholic Church, that abortions are always wrong, without exceptions. But given My previous way of thinking, I can understand somewhat the reasoning behind the pro abortion people who want to have the right to choose to kill their unborn babies. And the reasoning only works by dehumanizing the unborn babies. Only by making out the unborn babies as not fully human, or that their deaths do not matter, can anyone come to the conclusion that it is okay to kill them. Or another way of rationalizing it away is to say that no souls are really lost because either the notion is true that there is reincarnation or that all babies that die go to heaven. But both of these notions are false. The unborn baby, O’ Lord, that dies, where does it go? To the lake of fire, Lord Larimar. For it died under the condemnation of Adam’s Original Sin. Only by being baptized Catholic, with the firm assurance that the baby will be raised Catholic, is Adam’s Original Sin washed away and a state of grace is imbued into the baby. Anything short of that, and the sacrament of baptism, though valid, fails to save the soul until later in life when the baby grows up and receives the sacraments of the Eucharist in a state of grace. Hence, don’t go around baptizing babies willy nilly thinking that you are saving souls. For that is doing more harm than good. And no soul can be saved by doing it that way. And whoever disobeys Me on this matter will die. Only the parents or guardians have the right to have their baby baptized, for only they can make the necessary assurance that the baby will be raised Catholic, without which no salvation takes place in the sacrament.

Now, We, the elect in heaven, shall specify the girl We shall give unto you, O’ Larimar King. Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. And also tell us why President Trump is totally against Chinese people? Trump needs a scapegoat to take away his sins, since he has no way of confessing wrongdoing or taking any responsibility for a poorly made decision or for making an error or a mistake. For admitting an imperfection is not what false gods do. And Trump is the false god par excellence. Since the earth was formed out of gases and molten rock, no one has walked the earth as so great and supreme as Trump has in his own mind. Even God as He walked the Garden of Eden was never as so great and noble as Trump is in his own mind as he tours his private golf courses and gives the glory to himself that this land he owns and is his property. But alas for Trump. When God snips that spiritual umbilical cord between Trump’s soul and his body, and Trump dies, all his gold, his golf courses, his casinos, his hotels, and his riches are to go to his neighbors. And then Trump will descend like a rock in quicksand, and never be seen on the surface of the earth ever again. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Ok, O’ Lord, tell us about the girl. Does she speak Mandarin Chinese? Does she speak English? And how good is her English? Is she an American by birth, by naturalization, or is she still a citizen of either China or Taiwan? Or is she an immigrant from another country, somewhere that her ancestors moved to? And is she an attractive Chinese girl or a plain and drab looking Chinese girl, O’ Lord? I ask this, O’ Lord, because I do not want to marry someone who would tempt me to commit sin. Nor would I want to marry a girl who was a temptress to other men.

Good, Lord Larimar. We understand. And all that research you have now done has satisfied your curiosity? Well, this is who you shall receive. Her mind will be more beautiful than her looks. We, the elect in heaven, are giving you a girl whose beauty within is greater than her beauty seen by men. And We are not giving you a girl that you need to convert to your religion, as was the case with Hyacinth. Instead, she is already a Catholic. Now, where she is from, from what actual nation she comes from, this you will learn in time. Just note that she is a Catholic whose ancestors are from northern East Asia. And she has ethnic northern Chinese ancestry. And her family is noted for intellectual achievement.

Lord, I notice how you do not give me a Black African girl. Are Black African girls of lesser intelligence? African Black women tend to have greater intellectual prowess than their men. Hence an African Black girl would not be suitable for conceiving and giving birth to the intellectual giant that your one son is meant to be. The evolutionary strategy for African men is to develop their physique and seduction skills, at the expense of mental development and abstract thinking skills, so that they can more easily mate early and sow their seed as far and wide as possible, for they tend to die young and never marry. Lord, I can hear a Black man cry out, “Racist!” Exactly, Lord Larimar. And note how the Black Man has very high standards as to what White people are allowed to say and do, but no standards at all as to what their own Black people are allowed to say and do. The Black man can utter every vile and obscene word there is and not get punished. But should the White man dare to speak one word against a Black man, that Black man will find fault in it and cry out, “Racism!” The very act of a White man insulting a Black man conjures up in the Black psyche the worst images they have of Black slaves being strung up on trees and White overseers whipping the shit out of them. The Black man just cannot let go of his past passage through slavery.

Yes, the African Black man must cling to his past legacy of slavery. For he has no other excuse to blame for his poor performance in modern civilization. For without blaming it on slavery, the Black man would be forced to deal with his inherit racial inferiority to other races and peoples in the world. Some Blacks think these things go in cycles. They think that Whites themselves were once a backward people. And now they are on the top of the food chain. Maybe a hundred or so years into the future, another race will have ascended to that peak. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? I tell you truthfully. The African Black man is experiencing the first stages that creatures go through that are headed for extinction. One clear sign that a creature is headed for extinction is that they tend to mate outside of their own kind, which is an evolutionary gamble that the offspring just might get the winning genes by which they can stabilize in a niche and survive. And you see this happening with so many Black men who marry are choosing wives that are outside their race. It is survival strategy that species resort to when under pressure and facing extinction.

So, Lord, if this is the case, why is Eric marrying outside his race? For Eric is White. But the girl you say you are giving him is Chinese? Precisely, Lord Larimar. Spiritually speaking, you are a sole survivor of your clan. Every other soul in your family is damned or lost in one way or another. None of them but you are in a state of grace. Hence, you cannot marry one of your own, for they are entirely lost. Your people are a destroyed and rejected people. I hereby grant you to have a son, but he must have as his mother a woman from a race I have elected to be the maternal ancestors of your one son to be.

So, Lord, the White race is rejected? Many of the saints of the past were White. But modern Whites have gone astray. Only a few continue to do My will, if you can find them. Just look at your Church, if you can remember it. How many Whites did you know that practiced the full set of rules prescribed by the Catholic Church to merely be in a state of grace? How many used artificial birth control? How many were sympathetic to gay marriage or of allowing sodomizing men to have the legal status of being called domestic partners? How many White people embraced the homosexuals and told them that homosexuality was Okay? How many Whites willingly drank that Kool-Aid and received that mark of 666 on their forehead?

The Whites have in fact spiritually died, Lord Larimar. That is why the churches in Europe were emptied way before this COVID-19 virus came about. That is why Islam has been rapidly invading and taking over Europe, setting up zones of Sharia Law, and gradually turning Europe into an Islamic Caliphate. The Whites of Europe are a failed race, Lord Larimar. No longer do they practice Christianity correctly. Even the bishops of Germany, before the COVID-19 virus broke out, were defiant against any rule from God or the Church telling them that certain acts were mortally sinful or that those in mortal sin may not be permitted to receive communion. Instead, they were sugar high sacrilege junkies. They got a spiritual kick out of every sacrilege that they committed in both receiving unworthily and in giving sacrilegious communion to those who were in public perpetual mortal sin.

But Lord, the Chinese people are not particularly known for their Christianity? Nor are they particularly known for their Catholicism. Why, then, have you chosen the Chinese to be the people of the maternal ancestors of the son of Eric? It is true that the Chinese are not known for being Christian, but realize that they are a very suppressed people. They have not been given the freedoms that are found in western countries. But Lord, look at Taiwan. There the Chinese people live in freedom. Only about 4% of the population of Taiwan is Christian, with about a third of those Christians being Catholic. Looking at Taiwan, one would say that the Chinese people, given their freedom, do not really choose Christianity.

Eric, you have to understand spiritual inertia. A people of a certain religion tend to stay in that certain religion. Conversions are always on the fringe of a people, with the exception of when one people conquers another and imposes their religion on the conquered people. So are you saying that the Mexican people converted in masse only because they were conquered by Cortez and the Spanish Catholic invaders? Cortez himself was unholy, but with him came the Catholic Church. And it is the Catholic Church, via the Spanish conquest of the Mexican people, that they converted Mexico to Catholicism. But what about the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe? Isn’t that the reason behind the conversion of Mexico? Eric, if all it took were such signs and wonders to convert a people to My religion, than the whole world should have converted by My rising from the dead. But here is the reality. At the time of the conquest of Mexico, the people of Mexico were profoundly let down by their own gods and their own religion. They were a patch of good soil willing and receptive to the seed of My Catholic Church. That is the reason, and the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe was merely the spark that set off the mass conversion. But it was not the only cause. Nor could such a sign, repeated in a place where the people are not currently receptive to conversion, have the same profound results as were seen in Mexico.

Lord, why do you choose a Chinese woman for me rather than a Mexican woman? Aren’t the Mexican people a much more Catholic people? And do not the Mexicans also have very high skills in mathematics? After all, look at the advanced technologies of their ancient civilizations. There are feats of knowledge and skill among the artifacts of Mexico that defy anthropological explanation. Well then, O’ Eric. We, the elect in heaven give you this choice.

There are two doors before you. One goes to sowing your seed into the Mestiza race. Your seed in that race will be very Catholic. And your descendants by your one son to be born to you shall forever more be of a brown complexion and of a brown people.

The other door is to sow your seed into the Chinese race. Your seed in the Chinese race will advance into the high disciplines of math, science, and computer technologies. You yourself are a genius software programmer, knowing many computer languages. Your son would inherit your skills and the skills of the Chinese family that you marry into. And your descendants will forevermore be of a north Asian pale type of color.

You can choose either door. But you cannot choose both. Now select which door you shall enter in through. And remember that your son shall be noted for his great intelligence in the path that he is to pursue in his life.

Lord, I have researched at length both paths. And though the northern Chinese are closer in skin color to my own, I have found that the Chinese way is more sexually sinful than is that of the Mexican way. So, while I may have more intelligent children by choosing a Chinese bride, I believe that my children would also tend to be more sexually perverse. For I have evidence and I believe that the Chinese culture and the sexuality of that race in China is more perverse than the sexuality found in Mexico. Hence, I choose to walk through the Mexican door, rather than to walk through the Chinese door. What saith Thou to that?

The Emerald King has chosen. Long live the Emerald King. Eric, your analysis is intuitively accurate. You see spiritual realities beyond the vision of most people. Yes, Chinese people tend to greater sexual perversion than what is found in Mexico and among Mexicans. Now, I shall give you another choice. Choose wisely.

There are two choices you have. You may choose a path of poverty and of rich Catholicism, in which you will marry into a large Catholic family with deep devotion to the Virgin Mary. And this Catholic family is poor but holy. And they are of modest education of modest financial means, but they get by with what they are given.

Or you may choose the path of an ambitious and industrious Mexican family. In this family, there is less devotion put into Mary and Catholicism, and more attention put into getting ahead and in making a difference in this world. And this family is well educated, and they are rapidly rising in society. And they push their kids to perform well. In their families, the children are highly disciplined to do their homework and to get good grades in school. Amen.

Lord, you know which path I will choose. My own family was like the ambitious, industrious family, and my own parents pushed us children to get ahead and to get good grades. But only one of us came back to the Catholic Church. With all that ambition, Catholicism was left behind by my family. Gradually Christ was taken out of Christmas in my family. No, Lord, I do not choose the family that is like my own.

Instead, I choose to marry into the large and poor, but holy Catholic family. I well prefer Mary and to hear the devotions to her over the playing of Rock or Rap music in the background. I want to marry into a family that does right and chooses God and makes the correct choices that result in saved souls. Hence, I choose the Catholic Mexican family that is poor but holy to marry into, O’ Lord. For I do not want to repeat the mistakes of my parents, who pushed for achievements, but who, in the process, totally abandoned and rejected the Lord their God. I have made My choice, O’ Lord and Savior. But in the end, I submit to your will. So, Lord, who is to be my bride? And from whence does she come?

Lord Larimar, you have touched on a central issue regarding East Asians. And that is their sexual perversions. Yes, you saw that contest done in Asia where girls masturbated boys to see who would come to ejaculate the first. Asians thought up that contest. You have never seen that contest done in any other land. Furthermore, I will reveal a secret about Eric. When Eric was in his Devastation Breakdown of the spring of 1989, where he missed his last semester of high school, but made up for it in the summer that followed, it was in a hospital where Eric was staying and where he was not yet diagnosed of his bi-polar disorder. And there he saw beautiful girls, but he did not step one step in their direction. And then he saw an Asian guy put his hands on the girl’s breasts and ask Eric if that was what he wanted. But Eric looked away and saw his parents come in to fetch him. And he elected not to look back at any of that filth the Asian guy was offering him.

Later, many years later, it was seen that the tempter who came to tempt Eric with carnal sex, as Jesus was tempted in the desert, was of the Asian race. Asia, therefore, and not Africa, is the place of the greatest perversions. And they are filled with the most perverse religions known to Man. Therefore, O’ Lord, it is not wise for me to sow my seed into Asian flesh. But I will submit to Your ruling. Tell me, O’ Lord, who do You choose to be my wife?

Eric, We, the elect in heaven, have chosen for your wife to be selected from My Mestiza peoples of Latin America. From what nation or land, We will keep as a secret until Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you call Hyacinth, and whom We call Cassandra, is taken away. Then We, the elect in heaven, shall bring you to your bride. And you shall have three daughters and two sons by the Catholic Mestiza girl We shall give to you in marriage. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, in the process of discernment, my eyes were briefly exposed to nudity in google images. Do not worry about that, Lord Larimar. For what does not kill you makes you stronger. That you looked away and closed your browser whenever you came across such images is sufficient to keep you in a state of grace. Now, you ask, will the Catholic Churches be reopened? Or will the COVID-19 shutdown continue until the Catholic Churches completely die off from lack of funds? There will be no return to normalcy in America. The Churches are permanently shut down. There will be no reopening of any of the Catholic Churches anywhere that Antichrist has pitched his tent. Only where I Am taking you to, Lord Larimar, shall the Catholic Churches continue to operate unchanged.

Lord, I know that there are no COVID-19 Cases at all yet found in Greenland. And that is the place where you originally said I would be taken to. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? And there is a Catholic Church in the port city of Nuuk. Will I be taken there, O’ Lord and Faithful One? If I take you there, do you promise to remain there until I come, O’ Lord Larimar. Yes, Lord, I do make that promise. Then we have a deal. And We will seal this deal by you choosing the land that you wish to add to your Larimar Kingdom of North America. It can be any territory in the Americas not yet a part of the Larimar Kingdom. Now choose, O’ Larimar King.

But of course, O’ Lord, I cannot choose a territory that is the primary territory of another King or Queen, right, My Lord? Choose whatever territory you so desire, O’ Larimar King. I elect to conquer and annex Argentina, O’ Lord and Savior. Well done, Lord Larimar. Hence, your Kingdom of the Americas is now defined as thus:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And King Eric’s Kingdom consists of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Greenland
  5. Belize
  6. The Dominican Republic
  7. Argentina

And the official languages of the Larimar Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

And now the Kingdom of Southern Spanish South America, ruled by King Oro Peruano and Queen Kantutu, has one less territory to it. They have lost Argentina from their vast South American holdings. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, we shall tell you of the nation from which you shall receive your bride. Speak, O’ Lord, if Thou wish for me to know. Otherwise, how can I know unless I guess? But Lord, I am also willing to have no girl and to remain virgin and celibate for life. But since it is your will for me to marry, I shall marry the girl you give me. Perhaps you wish to keep the nationality a secret. I understand why this secret cannot be revealed at this time.

From Ireland shall the girl I shall give you be derived. Lord, wouldn’t that make her White and not Mestiza, as you said ealier? She will be an eighth fraction part of Amerindian blood. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And that Amerindian blood is of Latin American origins. And you shall meet her soon. But first We, the elect in heaven, shall remove you from your location in this world. And We shall miraculously bring you to your assigned place in Nuuk, Greenland, where you will remain until I Come again. Amen.

Now you know your assigned place. And you know who shall be your bride. What question do you have to ask us, O’ Lord Larimar? Am I to be taken away in a matter of days, weeks, months, or years, O’ Lord and Savior? Or can I know about the general timeline of my departure from here? For I have already missed a Sunday Mass, since there are no more Masses here. Wait for five more days. And then look to the heavens, for the time of your being taken away will come. Amen. But do not look back at any of these things you will be leaving behind. Do not try to bring anything with you. But let yourself be taken away and freely go as you are directed. Do not look back. And do not think of the things you are leaving behind. Your passports will be useless where you are going, so don’t worry about not having them with you. Amen. Now, reread this entire post, O’ Larimar King. And then publish it. Amen.

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