The Reign of Antichrist is Imminent. Eric to be raptured.

You, Eric, are to be a tree herder of Big Trees, such as Coast Redwoods and Giant Sequoias, in your eternal Kingdom in the transfigured earth that separates from this earth at the moment of the Rapture. Amen.

Behold, I am Eric, servant and prophet to the Lord. I will not take an apprentice in this world. Instead, I am to be raptured up to heaven very soon. And with My departure from this world, Antichrist shall immediately come. And then, after the reign of Antichrist has come to its end, the Lord shall return in all His terrifying glory to judge the living and the dead. Amen.

Lord, I do believe that United States President Donald John Trump is well qualified for the role of Antichrist. And I believe that when I am taken away, Trump’s spirit will completely die and he will transform into the one who professes that he is God and higher ranking than Jesus. In fact, Trump will say that there is no one more godly and like God than himself, nor has there ever been, throughout the entire history of the universe. And Donald John Trump will utter the eternally fatal infamous words: “Before Jesus was, I Am!” And all the White evangelicals who are ardent supporters of Trump will give him their thunderous applause. And they will cast away their crosses and don their MAGA hats. which stands for: “Make America Great Again.” But Trump means only himself and those who worship him, among the people of America who are to be made great again. And the crowds will go wild, for they will have their god, one mightier in their eyes than the God of Israel or of Christianity. Now I shall speak.

Lord, is this prediction regarding Trump prophetically true, O’ Lord? It is, My servant Eric. And now I Am giving My Words here one last time here on After I, the Lord, have spoken here, I Am taking Eric away to his eternal reward. He will not remain in this world. For he is to go up in the Rapture. For Eric is now My eternal, celibate virgin. He has passed My tests of him. And he will never enter into any romance with any girl. Amen.

Who is stupider than a Black supporter of Obama? A White supporter of Trump is in fact stupider, but both are headed for hell. Eric, you wish to know your place and rank in My Kingdom? Now I shall tell you it plainly, now that it can no longer change. For your merits are almost complete. And you no longer seriously demerit. So, hence, listen to Me as I detail your rank and place in My Kingdom.

The Celestial Nobility of which you once imagined in My Kingdom does not exist there. I do not grant any titles or honorary badges in My Kingdom. Rather, I will grant you these three crowns which you will wear forever in glory. First, you will wear the crown of virginity, since you have maintained your virginity, and have never transgressed with a girl in the flesh. Though you were very impure in your life, this you have overcome completely. But as for sex, you never had sex with any other being. Hence, you have received that crown and it will distinguish you among all My elect. For highly honored are all virgins in My Kingdom. They can pass through doors that others who have had sex are barred from entering through. And you will have a place in the Queen’s Gardens, where you will play with Saint Bernadette, whom you righteously declared as your eternal superior, under oath to God. It was by that oath that your Antichrist pride never consumed you. And that you were once an Antichrist is of significance in My Kingdom. Hence you are ranked as equal to the other one, the Apostle Paul, who was once called Saul, another Antichrist who successfully converted to My religion and kept his virginity intact.

The second crown that you shall wear eternally is the crown of deathless martyrdom. I make the distinction here between actual martyrdom and deathless martyrdom, for the act of actually giving up one’s life for Me ranks higher and is more noteworthy than the act of giving up one’s life for Me that does not lead to an actual death. All My Apostles, with the exception of John, have received the crowns of martyrdom. But My Apostle John, like you, never died in his martyrdoms, and hence, you shall receive, as has John received, the crown of deathless martyrdom to wear for all eternity. Eric’s martyrdom took place during the two Martyrdom Breakdowns of June 1-2, 1995 and June 24-25, 1995, both in the month of June of the year 1995. And the second breakdown is recorded in Eric’s police record as an arrest, and this item is the only item on his police record. In fact, I, the Lord, willed for this to be so recorded on Eric’s permanent record so that there would be actual documentation for scholars to look up and verify Eric’s story.

In that actual martyrdom at the police station, a policeman ordered Eric to kneel, and Eric said in a loud voice, “I bow to no one but God!” And the policeman said, “I am God!”And to this Eric said, “No.” And immediately the policemen tackled Eric down and Eric began calling out over and over again, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” The policemen ultimately chose to lock Eric up to a chair sealed away in a dark room for the remainder of the day until midnight. And then he was released. No lawsuits nor complaints were ever filed in this case, for God was in control, for it is not in God’s Way to sue or file complaints. For God is in charge of everything, and everything that happens to one comes from God. Such was and is the thinking of Eric. Instead, Eric trusted all things to God and let God handle all things that were to be changed.

And the third crown is the crown of victory. And this is the crown by which Eric conquered Satan. Very few souls receive this crown, but only certain saints who ultimately conquer Satan in their life. And this conquest is about breaking out of all the prisons of Satan and beating back all temptations to sin and completely coming into obedience to Me such that the need for confession becomes rare.

Let it now be made known. That time of which I said, “Woe unto pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days,” has now arrived and is now here. (Matthew 24:19 & Luke 21:23). For the terrible calamity and wrathful judgement that was to come upon the people of the earth has now begun. Amen.

And the doors of the Catholic Church are now shut and will never reopen. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. But Lord, what becomes of those people who were preparing to enter the Catholic Church and who so desired entry? The times of the sacraments have now ended, Lord Larimar. The Book of Life is now sealed. I will permit no further entrances into My Church. Instead, I will allow Antichrist to hunt down and kill all Roman Catholic priests throughout all the land.

But Lord, that sounds like something we could expect from a Joe Biden leader, but not from Donald Trump. Eric, remember the verse you have memorized:

Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden;
Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden.

They are all joined as one in being enemies to My people. Lord, like Nancy Polosi, Joe Biden is Roman Catholic in religion, but, like her, he stands with the devil on issues such as abortion and gay marriage. He, therefore, is the perfect candidate to replace President Trump. And he would lead America into the Great Inferno. Hence, I expect for Joe Biden to defeat Trump in the coming elections this November and then lead America as the False Catholic Hypocrite par Excellence as the final United States President. Will, therefore, Joe Biden become the next United States President, O’ Lord? Or will Trump remain in the Oval Office?

Eric, Trump is a short lived firefly. Just like the Player who set him to power is called Firefly, Trump is to be short lived. Before the election, Firefly shall meet her waterloo and Trump will lose his Mojo and become defeated by Joe Biden this November. Yes, Joe Biden will be the next United States President. Amen. And the Blacks will rejoice, but receive nothing, for they vote in a block and are taken for granted. For all the Blacks obediently vote according to as the leader of their herd tells them to. And therefore, only that Black herd leader needs to be paid off. But the Black people themselves can go to hell, for all the Democratic leaders care about them. For the Democratic leaders can count on the Black vote all the time. But what about Hillary Clinton, you ask? It is as the Black men say, “Bros before hoes, and brothers before others.”

So, Lord, even with the end of the coronavirus, there shall be no reopening of the Catholic Churches? Correct, Lord Larimar. For deadly shall be the Antichrist who is to rise up. He shall be a new Player. And he is the power behind Joe Biden. Then, O’ Lord, Larimar is not the next Player to rule over the land, but rather, this sixth Player who is to come is to follow Firefly? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. And I will now give you the name you are to call the next Player who is now rising, who is the power behind Joe Biden. He will be called, Lucifer-man. For he will be as an incarnate of Lucifer himself as a man in this world. Hence, in the United States of America, these are the Six Players who were to rule and to reign:

  1. Emerald (who was the power behind Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush)
  2. Vesper (who was the power behind William Jefferson Clinton and his wife, Hillary)
  3. Twilight (who was the power behind George W. Bush)
  4. Pyrite (who was the power behind Barack Hussein Obama)
  5. Firefly (who was the power behind Sarah Palin and Donald John Trump)
  6. Lucifer-man (who is the power behind Joe Biden, to win the elections in 2020)

Now you have a complete list of all the American Players. And what about Larimar, O’ Lord? Larimar shall not be a Player in this world, but rather, a ruler outside of it. For Larimar has broken out of the game and is the first of the Players to escape the game called Earth. Larimar is the Player Emerald after his conversion to Catholicism.

And how long shall Lucifer-man’s reign be upon the earth, O’ Lord? He shall reign for a time, times, and half a time. And then he shall be defeated without a hand being raised. And then I will come. Amen. But Lucifer-man’s reign shall officially begin the moment We, the elect, remove Eric from this earth in this imminent Rapture. Amen.

Lord, what are the qualifications needed to be included in this coming rapture of Your saints? These are the three necessary qualifications to be raptured up:

  1. You must be in My Catholic Communion, that is, you need to have received communion in the Catholic Church in a state of grace and to be compliant to all the requirements of the Catholic Church necessary to be in a state of grace.
  2. You need to have sexual purity. Without sexual purity, you cannot be raptured up. For is is written: Only the pure of heart will see God.
  3. You need to have no stain of mortal sin on you. This can be remedied by the sacrament of confession, which is the only sacrament I leave as possible to My Catholic people at this time.

Those who have these three requirements will be raptured up. And those who do not or cannot meet these three requirements will be left behind. Hence, only Catholics may be raptured up. And only to Catholics is the door still open to, before the Rapture takes place, for them to come back into compliance and qualify for this imminent exodus from the earth before it occurs. I do not have the door open to those who have never received Me or who have received Me unworthily. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are examples of Catholics who have received Me unworthily and thus, cannot qualify to be taken up.

Now, We, the elect in heaven, shall specify Eric’s rank and position in his eternity to come. Since Eric has served to save another soul, namely the girl, Caesar Sandra Nikee, to whom Eric has given the name Hyacinth to, and to whom We, the elect in heaven, have given the name Cassandra to, Eric is given the high rank of Shepherd Savior. And whosoever has shepherded a lamb of God into My sheepfold, and also become saved themselves, is ranked as Shepherd Savior. Now, these are the seven ranks of heaven:

  1. Servant of All, filled only by the Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.
  2. Queen Mother, filled by Mary, Queen of Heaven and of all angels and men therein.
  3. Shepherd of Many, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of many.
  4. Shepherd Savior, filled by those to whom were entrusted the souls of few or one.
  5. Conqueror and Victor, filled by those who conquer Satan and entirely break free from his prison.
  6. Sheep who Follow, filled by those who successfully follow their Shepherd to heaven.
  7. Those saved by Extraordinary Means, filled by those who are saved without actually entering into communion with the pope in Rome or who are saved on their death beds by extraordinary means. The thief on the cross next to Jesus is one of these.

Hence, Eric is ranked within the middle level of the ranks of heaven, but this rank is considered high, as few there are who attain it. For it is written: Those who are faithful in little things are trustworthy also in great things and will be granted great responsibilities. I have been pleased with Eric, My servant. And now I shall allow him to speak and say his final will and testament. Speak, now, O’ Lord Larimar and say what thou willest to say.

The journey to this point has gone through many worlds of thought. Whole paradigms of systems were thought up, only to be discarded later as false. That I was King of the Larimar Kingdom has been shown to have been all entirely within my imagination. And that I was to be exalted so high has been shown to have been utter vainglory. In the end, it is the salvation that I brought to my friend, Hyacinth, that saved my soul. And hence, now all things have come to their conclusion. I put to practice the teachings of mercy and almsgiving as found in the Biblical Book of Tobit. And I taught Tobit to Hyacinth. And she in turn taught Tobit to the young ladies of her Catholic Church. And thus, a chain reaction of good have I achieved. Amen.

Well said, Lord Larimar. And now I shall answer your question on your Larimar Kingdom. Do you own any such lands on the earth, either in this world or in the next, do you think? Tell me, O’ Lord, for You alone know, my Master. There is a North American continent in the age to come in the eternity of the final age. And in this North American continent have I planted your garden where I have established you as King. You will rule your garden forever. And it will be great and vast. And it will stretch across wide expanses of forests and fields. And all the animals that dwell in it you shall call your friends. This Kingdom shall be called the Emerald Kingdom, named after your original name by which you first came to know and serve Me. And you shall be called its Emerald King. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Emerald King. Amen. And all the writings of Eric are hereby included in the Book known as the Emerald Trove. And do I give any dimensions of your Kingdom, as to how large it is, you ask? Yes, I will now detail to you the size and breadth of your Emerald Kingdom. As is the typical range of a wolf pack is the size and breadth of your Kingdom in North America. And realize that many are the Kingdoms I will establish in North America. Amen.

Hence, you know, O’ Emerald King, that you are both humbled and exalted. And the size of your Kingdom is suitable to be given to a man of your merits and as payment for your good deeds. And will this Kingdom, O’ Lord, contain any cities, or will it be the place of gardens and natural beauty? You are the shepherd of but one ewe lamb. Hence you will have as your companion one whom I will anoint as your eternal soulmate and apprentice. Who this shall be shall be a secret until you come into your Kingdom. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. But you will be a Lord of your gardens, and you will dwell there with your soulmate forever and ever. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of the end of this world. The earth is being destroyed. And many will die as this destruction comes to pass. Antichrist shall rise up and exalt himself as ruler of his empire, as his empire slowly crumbles upon a desolate earthly wasteland. And droughts shall increase. Fires will increase in their intensity. Tornadoes shall increasingly rip the rooftops off of houses and overturn vehicles as they drive the highways. Everywhere, there shall be chaos and destruction. And at last, the Antichrist shall sit on his throne in darkness and curse his Maker (Revelation 16:10-11). And then, I shall appear to this Antichrist, this man of sin, and will tell him Truthfully, “The Kingdom you thought you had will be taken away from you and given to your neighbor.” Amen. (1 Samuel 28:17).

And this is My final message to the people of this earth. Do not go out again to the desert to see the prophet of the Lord working great signs and wonders. For he will not be from Me. Rather, that one has already come and he paved the Way for the First Coming of the Christ. The Second Coming will not be like that. Instead, the Second Coming is coming without warning. And all who live upon the earth will be caught in surprise, as though they walked into a trap that has sprung upon them and captured them. And I tell you Truthfully, only those who serve Me shall be delivered from this trap. Amen. Now, go, Eric. Eat your dinner. And then come back, reread this entire post, and I will then allow you to ask any follow up questions before posting this for all the world to read. Amen.

(1) Lord, the lands of the range of a wolf pack can range from as small as 50 square miles to as big as 1000 square miles or larger. Therefore, the size of My Kingdom is rather vague. How big do you say it is, O’ Lord? Or can this be revealed in this age? Perhaps the size is to be left unknown until the Kingdom is given unto me, O’ Lord? As large as is necessary to feed a wolf pack shall be the size of your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. And mark My Words. You shall be friends to grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions, moose, elk, and buffalo in your vast Kingdom. And all of the beauty of an ecosystem shall exist where I shall plant you. Animals shall be born, come to life, dwell for a spell of time, and then return to the earth. For only to Man do I grant eternal life to. And in your eternal Kingdom, the species shall gradually speciate, but never shall any new creations come to be created. Hence, you shall witness the constant process of birth, life, death, and recycle. For only to human kind is granted the ability to contemplate life and death, and to live forever and ever.

(2) Lord, shall My Kingdom be a continuation of the current earth, somehow transfigured into an eternal form at the End of Days. And will the animals and plants in it be those animals and plants that survived this earth to the Second Coming? Correct, Lord Larimar. For the Paradisal Earth is a continuation and an eternal transformation of the currently existing earth. It is transfigured such that everything in it is profoundly changed and transformed. But it will remain having its wildlife as they will exist at the moment of My rapture of the saints. For what happens under the Reign of Antichrist has no effect on the eternal earth, for the two earths diverge at the moment of My rapture of the saints. And My saints so raptured are immediately placed into their eternal Kingdoms upon the transfigured earth.

(3) And Lord, do you reveal as to the location of my Kingdom in North America? Or do I need to wait and see? Your Kingdom is in the Big Tree regions of California, Lord Larimar. You are to be a tree herder of Big Trees, such as Coast Redwoods and Giant Sequoias. And your Kingdom shall consist of such vast forests of such giant trees. And the animals that are to populate your Kingdom shall be restored in accordance to how I recreate everything new (Revelation 21:5). And evolution shall continue in the form of gradual speciation. But no longer shall any form of humanoid or intelligent lifeform ever evolve again upon the face of the earth as I caused Man to evolve in the distant past. Amen.

(4) And the girl who is to be put with me, is she one of the elect who live upon the earth today? Or is she a girl from the past? Or can I know such knowledge in advance? The girl We have assigned to you is your eternal soulmate, with whom you have been matched, but of whom you know not. Be content in your ignorance, and realize why We give her to you. We give her to you out of the love you showed the ewe lamb that you led into Our sheepfold. For such an act does not fail to go unrewarded. That you had no lover in this world, but that you proved yourself worthy in Our sight of the love of another, We in heaven grant you this one as your apprentice and eternal soulmate. This is a singular reward. For most people in My Kingdom are stationed as are the angels, in complete celibacy and unattached to any other human beings.

(5) Since there are still in existence the two species of elephants and the five species of rhinos, are these lineages to continue into the Transfigured Earth at the moment of the rapture, where their numbers will rebound and they go on to repopulate the world, free of poachers and with plenty of habitat to thrive on? Precisely, Lord Larimar. All the species that survive to the moment of the rapture will continue to exist in the paradisal earth, which will from that point onward be diverged from this earth in which you now live. And I will choose choice specimens of all currently living species and bring them into the transfigured earth. Of animals I will choose perfect mating pairs, and of plants, I will choose those plants free of disease and in perfect health. Hence, what is left in this world will be things of disease and corruption, fit for a dying earth and a doomed world.

(6) Lord, when we are raptured away, do we leave our physical bodies behind and go to heaven in our paradisal bodies somehow? You have understood correctly, Lord Larimar. When My rapture of the saints takes place, those physical outer shells of all human kind raptured up will be shed. And these shed outer garments will appear as incorrupt human bodies left in states of radiant rapture. The only obvious explanation for the phenomenon will be that My rapture of My saints has taken place. And though the bodies will resist decay, they will, nevertheless, be biodegradable bodies that will eventually decay in this world and return to dust. But the bodies of those who I rapture to heaven will be, in the transfigured earth, of higher glory and of a much more luminescent, sublime nature that is most glorious to behold. And everything will become so truly real so much so that this life in which you currently live will be remembered as but a kind of dream past, and nothing more.

(7) Once the two earths diverge at the point of the rapture, how difficult will it be for someone of this mortal world to cross over to that raptured, transfigured world? It will not happen then again until the Second Coming, when all Mankind are resurrected at the last day. On that day, I will separate the sheep from the goats. Those who are Mine shall then be placed into their eternally assigned places in the Transfigured earth. And those who are condemned to hell will then be thrown into the pool of their fiery second death. And this destroyed earth upon which Antichrist will have reigned will be consumed by fire and cease to exist, permanently erasing all the things done by Antichrist on the ruined earth that he will have ruled over for the final three and a half years allotted to him to rule until its absolute destruction. Amen.

Now you have asked your final questions, Lord Larimar. I decree that you, Eric Robert Dunstan, are Eric the Emerald King. Long live the Emerald King. And blessed be the earth in which Eric the Emerald shall be brought to to reign in forever and ever. Amen. Go now, Eric, for your destiny shall soon come to you. And your time here draws to its end. For you were called, and you have been chosen, and your time to go has come. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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