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Boeing will be the Comeback Kid of this year after the Coronavirus is over. And their CST-100 Starliner will be found more reliable compared to the less expensive Dragon 2 by SpaceX. Hence Boeing is a good cheap stock to get a stake in while it is down.

Behold, I, Eric, am called to speak in this 125th Post. (125 = 5 x 5 x 5). The Lord is no longer speaking through me. Instead, I am speaking with the authority of a man, and not with the authority of God. First, let is address the elephant in the room. President Donald John Trump says the Coronavirus will have been dispelled by Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. He is being conservative. I say it will be dispelled on Friday, April 3, 2020, 9 days earlier. For such is the decree of the Larimar King.

Second, let us distinguish between two competing prophesies: Either Trump dies before the Republican Convention and a different man is chosen for the Republican Presidential ticket, who we have heard shall be Mitt Romney, or else Trump proves to be Antichrist and cannot be defeated except by God, and that would be at a time of God’s choosing. So which is it, you ask? Allow me to consult the Lord.

Lord, which of these fates shall occur? Does Trump die before the Republican Convention and a worthy man, such as Mitt Romney, is put on that ticket? Or does Trump prove to be Antichrist and cannot be defeated until his full reign has been expired? The Lord has answered. Trump is to die before the Republican Convention and Mitt Romney will be selected to be put on the ticket, as he was the only Republican Senator with the courage and dependability to take a stand with God against someone clearly unworthy of the position of leading this nation.

Now I shall speak. I am Eric, servant to Jesus Christ. And I will now correct false prophecies uttered in the past, and post new prophecies. So, let us review the past prophecies. Next, let us address whether this is the last post to be written by Eric, or whether more shall follow. Lord, is this the last post to be written on Or will there be more posts to follow this? The Lord has answered. There shall be more posts. It is just that God will no longer directly speak through me.

Now, let us address another elephant in the room. Who am I and how do I rank in Your heavenly court? I am a prophet of the Lord. And I am ranked above Saint Augustine due to my virgin purity and holiness. But I am ranked below Saint John the Apostle, due to his greater purity, holiness, and merit.

Now let us address Eric’s marital status. Does Eric marry in the future, or does he remain a celibate virgin layman? Eric is a celibate virgin layman. Eric must accept this fate, and if he does so, he shall prosper. But if he chooses to marry, he shall fail.

Okay, Lord, I accept that fate. I am hereby a celibate, virgin layman. And so, Lord, what becomes of the characters known as Queen Ester of Aztlan and Queen Hyacinth of Ireland? Both of these characters will be taken away. Queen Ester I will never meet. And Hyacinth is taken away tonight.

Do I get raptured up soon, O’ Lord? Or do I remain upon the earth to fulfill your will for me here? I am to be raptured soon to heaven, and Jesus will tell me soon when that shall be. But Lord, are we talking a matter of weeks, months, or years to this appointed day of my rapture? Jesus is taking me away in a matter of weeks.

Then, Lord, does Eric then not have a Larimar Reign upon the earth? Eric doesn’t set up Pawns and rule this world from his ivory tower? Eric does not rule this world from within it but from the next world. Eric leaves this world when his probation here is complete. Amen.

Lord, then, given the shortness of Eric’s future left in this world, would it be correct to say that Your Second Coming is in a matter of a few years away? Or can that yet be known? When the Antichrist’s reign collapses, that is when the Christ shall come.

And this Antichrist cannot be Trump, for he is to die soon? Instead, it must be another who is yet to come? Am I correct, O’ Lord? It is correct. Eric’s understanding is correct.

And will this Antichrist to come, whose collapse ushers in the Parousia, will this Antichrist come at the moment after Eric is taken away? I ask this, because in accordance to the prophecies of the Great Monarch, Antichrist comes immediately after the Great Monarch dies in peace in Jerusalem. The understanding is correct, except that Eric dies not in Jerusalem but in America.

One last question I am permitted to ask. Will the Catholic Church open again? Or is it permanently shuttered? And will the sacraments be available to the people again? Or is Your Book of Life now sealed, and the short time of Satan’s release after the Millennium the time in which we now live? With the exception of confession, the sacraments will be withheld from the common people from this time forward. There will be no more availability of the sacraments nor of a way to enter into the Catholic Church for those outside. For those who did not enter into the Door of Christ’s mercy will now be forced to enter in through the door of Christ’s justice.

Furthermore, the number of souls destined to enter into the Book of Life has been met. From this point onward, Man must endure with what he has inside him. Those who received communion when it was offered, and received it in a state of grace, are like the wise virgins who brought extra flasks of oil with them to keep their lamps lit. But those who never received communion or received it in a state of mortal sin are like the foolish virgins who brought no extra oil with them, and thus, their lamps are to go out, and they will not be ready upon the arrival of the Bridegroom. (Matthew 25:1-13).

And yes, Satan has been released from his prison. And he will gather Gog and Magog from the four corners of the earth, and those following Satan will number like the sands of the sea. But they will all perish in fire that rains down from heaven. (Revelation 20:7-9).

After the issue of the coronavirus has passed, a new law will make its way through congress: It will be a law giving women the equal right as men to bare their nipples. And President Donald John Trump will gladly sign it. But woe to unwary men! Listen carefully. With this new law, even more stringent laws will be enacted against male sex offenders. A man who touches a woman on her bare breasts will automatically go on the sex offender registry. The laws will be aggressive against groping, gaping, and any form of sexual harassment against women. The man who reaches out to touch a woman’s bare breasts will be kissing his life away as a sex offender from that point onward. And newswomen on TV will become topless, as a new standard for female attire. And women will be judged more on the shape of their breasts than on the content of the words they speak.

When this event happens, it will no longer be a sin to look at nude women, due to it being everywhere. But impurity will become commonplace. And this event occurred before in history. Study how women dressed in the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete. And then study what happened to that civilization. Women dressed in long full dresses that exposed their full breasts and nipples in Minoan Crete. And their civilization was completely destroyed, very much as was the case for Sodom. Expect utter destruction of civilization to soon come to America after this new law is passed and signed by the President. Amen.

Also, It shall come to pass that all nations that have enshrined homosexual acts as a lawful marriage, called gay marriage, shall be utterly consumed with fire. Not one person in that city will escape except for those few who stand with Me on these issues. Accept, therefore, the gender that is yours by nature. Do not try to change how Mother Nature and God have made you. If you are by nature a female, remain a female. And if you are by nature a male, remain a male. And realize that human DNA naturally defines gender in human beings by the absence or presence of a Y chromosome. If you contain a Y chromosome, you must be male. If you lack a Y chromosome, you must be female. Normal females have as their sex chromosomes, an X and an X. And normal males have as their sex chromosomes, an X, and a Y. A genetic freak might have more than two sex chromosomes, but the gender remains defined if you possess a Y, you are male, and if you possess only X sex chromosomes and no Y, you are a female. And if you possess no X chromosomes at all, you are a dead freak, because you cannot live without an X sex chromosome. And if you possess a Y sex chromosome that is somehow genetically inhibited from producing the male sexual characteristics, which makes you a freak, though you may naturally resemble a woman, technically you are a male, and will be required to use male facilities. Freaks must, hence, be respected for how God made them. If anyone, therefore, seeks to have a sex change, let such only be allowed in those cases where a freak wishes to be made more closely resembling the sex he or she is by nature according to his or her genetics. Amen. But let no one who is by his or her natural genetics a certain gender transform himself or herself into different gender that does not correspond to his or her genetics. Such is Eric’s Law based on God’s Law.

Now, regarding abortions, sex, and artificial birth control, the main people who object to the Catholic ban on abortions and artificial birth control are those people having sex illegally. No one is allowed to have sex outside of wedlock. And if a marriage is not recognized by the Catholic Church, it simply does not exist. Therefore, laws must be put in place, enforced, and violators severely punished, who have sex outside of wedlock. Once this is put in place, then it will become much more naturally acceptable for it to be found unlawful to kill the unborn that comes to be by your love making with your spouse. Furthermore, no man may be allowed to put his hands on a woman sexually until he is properly married to her. And a man does not have the right to marry a woman if he is unable to provide for her and her offspring. Rather, let a man prove himself worthy by acquiring the necessary wealth to support a family first before he is allowed to enter the marital bond with a woman. Such is Eric’s Law based on God’s Law. Follow these laws and the human population will not get out of control. Amen.

Now I shall speak about mass extinctions of the species. The only way to reliably preserve biodiversity is through miniaturization of endangered species and breeding them into domesticated forms that can survive in small places. For the age of the megafauna has ended. And only small varieties of species will survive. And things must be bred to survive and thrive in constrained human captivity. For endangered trees, these must be grown as bonsai trees and be bred to thrive in such constraints. Genetic engineering to introduce genes that cause dwarfism or pygmies will speed up the process of miniaturizing an endangered species. Eventually, you want to have elephants the size of a dog or a goat. Then they can become a lucrative pet to own and have.

Now, solid state batteries are the future for electric vehicles, and will enable greater energy storage per weight and greater safety and faster recharging than is currently possible using liquid lithium ion batteries. Hence, to get into the latest technology, invest in companies developing solid state batteries. For the writing is on the wall. The history of the combustion engine, and all its carbon emissions, is on its way out. Much more effective is producing power at power plants, where carbon can be much more effectively captured. And the power to charge an electric vehicle is less than the energy from gasoline that must go into a combustion engine to do the same work. Thus, electric vehicles save energy and result in less fossil fuel consumption. Furthermore, electric vehicles have much fewer moving parts, greatly decreasing the energy loss from friction. Rather electric vehicles take much of the friction that does occur to recharge the battery. In the future, batteries will be made light and dense enough to serve even in powering airplanes and ships, in addition to cars and trucks.

Now, one thing I will say. Boeing may be a down stock, but when their CST-100 Starliner is approved by NASA, it will revolutionize space travel. Now, which will be the preferred space vehicle, the CST-100 Starliner, or the less expensive Crew Dragon made by SpaceX? Let’s ask God. Lord, for this final paragraph in this post, please tell me the fates of these two parallel projects? SpaceX’s vehicle will succeed, but Boeing’s vehicle will prove to be more reliable. Hence, the more expensive vehicle will be chosen for its greater reliability. Hence, Boeing will be the comeback kid. And it will be a good company to have a stake in.

For a disclosure, Eric is long Boeing. And the stock market will rise again after the coronavirus has been dispelled. Amen. Note also, Eric will be posting here many more times. And Eric himself will be the one speaking here from now on, though he is under obedience to God and from God does he acquire all of his prophetic knowledge. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

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