Hyacinth reinstated as Queen of Ireland

Hyacinth is now eternally restored, with her virgin friend Eric, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Behold, I Who Am have now come to speak through Eric, My eternal servant. It is not as Eric thought earlier, that Hyacinth had fallen to the possession of Satan. Instead, she was merely on a path that briefly led her away from God, but she is now fully reinstated in My Kingdom. And her virginity is still intact. Hence, I, the Lord God, do now reinstate Hyacinth as Queen of Ireland. And Eric is ordered to restore to her Kingdom the islands of Bermuda, for they belong to her Kingdom. For she once also possessed the Isle of Man, and during one of her absences, Eric traded the Isle of Man in her Kingdom for the islands of Bermuda with King Philip of Great Britain. Hence, her Kingdom has ownership over those islands and these must now be restored to her.

Furthermore, Eric has now vowed himself to be a perpetual and eternal virgin for My Kingdom. And I have accepted this. And hence, there shall be no girl who shall be ranked as his wife, neither in time nor in eternity. Hence, Eric will never be listed again as in any form of espousal with any girl. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Now, let us reinstate the two Kingdoms in detail that have changed, followed by the summary list of all 56 Kingdoms:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric, Servant of the Most High God. And the lands of the Earth in its eternal phase, belonging to this Kingdom, are:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Belize
  6. The Dominican Republic

And the official languages of Eric’s Eternal Kingdom now include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

(9) Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Ireland (the whole island)
  2. Bermuda

And her list of official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic

Hence, the summary of these 56 Kingdoms over all of the earth are thus:

  1. Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric, Servant of the Most High God
  2. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  3. Kingdom of Mayan Mexico and Central America, ruled by King Jadeite and Queen Alexandria
  4. Kingdom of Cuba and English West Indies, ruled by King Coffee and Queen Jemima
  5. Kingdom of Eastern West Indies, ruled by King Ibis and Queen Isabela
  6. Kingdom of Northern South America, ruled by King Theobroma and Queen Esmeralda
  7. Kingdom of Southern Spanish South America, ruled by King Oro Peruano and Queen Kantutu
  8. Kingdom of Portuguese and French South America, ruled by King Cacau and Queen Awara
  9. Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
  10. Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Philip and Queen Elsie
  11. Kingdom of Iberia, ruled by King Azul and Queen Estrella
  12. Empire of Central Europe, ruled by Emperor Charlemagne and Empress Isabelle
  13. Kingdom of Holland, ruled by King Stephen
  14. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by Queen Elsa
  15. Kingdom of the East Baltic Sea, ruled by Queen Anna
  16. Kingdom of the Western Slavs, ruled by King Aurelian
  17. Kingdom of Hungary, ruled by King Turul.
  18. Kingdom of the Western Balkans, ruled over by Queen Vespera
  19. Kingdom of Italy, ruled by Queen Regina Angelium
  20. Kingdom of Greece and Thrace, ruled over by King Macedon
  21. Kingdom of Slavic and East Latin Europe, ruled by Queen Oksana
  22. Kingdom of Russia, ruled by Queen Eleonora
  23. Empire of China, ruled by Emperor Silkworm
  24. Kingdom of Korea, ruled by King Jade
  25. Kingdom of Japan, ruled by Queen Nacre
  26. Kingdom of Taiwan, ruled by King Tian-Cai
  27. Kingdom of Indochina, ruled over by Queen Lotus
  28. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  29. Kingdom of Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu and Queen Moana as his Queen Consort
  30. Kingdom of Australia, ruled over by King Dromedary
  31. Kingdom of East Timor, ruled by King Atauro
  32. Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled over by King Raggiana
  33. Kingdom of Indonesia, ruled by King Komodo
  34. Kingdom of Malaysia, ruled over by Queen Papaya
  35. Kingdom of Singapore, ruled by Queen Sirili
  36. United Kingdom of Burma and Siam, ruled by King Padauk and Queen Chang
  37. Kingdom of Nepal, ruled by Queen Danphe
  38. Kingdom of Bhutan, ruled by King Raven
  39. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony
  40. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  41. Kingdom of Mauritius, ruled by Queen Torchetia
  42. Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha
  43. Kingdom of Khanate Asia, ruled by King Khan
  44. Kingdom of Armenia, ruled over by Queen Maria
  45. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  46. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by Nathanael the Lazurite King
  47. Kingdom of Arabia, ruled by King Crescent
  48. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt, ruled by King Ankh
  49. Kingdom of Northwestern Africa, ruled by King Predawn
  50. Kingdom of Cape Verde, ruled by Queen Margarida
  51. Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by Queen Lobelia
  52. Kingdom of the Congo, ruled by King Congo
  53. Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled over by King Ferro and Queen Sinethemba
  54. Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled over by King Ivory, with Queen Porcelain
  55. Kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack
  56. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco

Hence, Ruling these 56 Kingdoms are 70 Rulers consisting of 35 Kings and 35 Queens with 14 of the Kingdoms ruled by an espoused couple. Note also that Eric is no longer in any form of Espousal with any Queen or Queen Consort, for Eric is a permanent virgin for the sake of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Thus are the 56 Kingdoms resolved to be for all eternity. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Lord, you have rejected Eric’s belief in the various Celestial Rankings in the Kingdom of Heaven. Please elaborate and dispel all the previous falsehoods that were taught by Eric in past posts.

Well said, My servant, Eric. No, Eric, you are not ranked as a Celestial Duke in My Kingdom. Nor do I have such a system of ranks, such as a Celestial Nobility, a Celestial Knighthood, Celestial Craftsmen and Tradesmen, nor Celestial Commoners. All of that was from your imagination that led to false conclusions. Instead, I rank My servants in accordance to how they serve Me and My people. Amen. Everyone is ranked in accordance to their eternal merits and services that they have done with what they were given.

And so, how do I rank Eric, you ask? Because the one he served, Hyacinth, was not lost, but that I have saved her, I rank Eric as high in My Kingdom. For Eric served to save a soul. And Eric remained with her to the end. But Lord, do you command Eric to no longer send her any money? If you wish to send her any money, Lord Larimar, it must be with this pure intention only: To serve her in My name and for My sake. If there is any commingling of romance in the giving of money to her, then I forbid you from sending anything to her. For your station as My virgin in My Kingdom must never be violated. That is a decree of the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, you may not speak in any form of romantic language with Hyacinth nor with any other girl ever again. For I have claimed you as Mine. You are irrevocably My virgin. And no one may take you from Me. Nor do I permit you to make eyes with any girl or enter into any form of romantic relationship with any girl from now on. Now Lord, Hyacinth has been praying to You for help. And she needs it. And I cannot give it to her. What will you do? And do you will me to do anything in her service, O’ Lord? It is true that she is in need. But her needs outweigh your abilities to help her now. But do not worry about her. For she is secure in My Kingdom. And I will provide for her. And not through you shall this provision come, for you are now Mine and no more are you to be as a husband to any girl from now on. Amen.

Lord, I have been told by God that this post is my last post, and that after I have written it, I shall be taken to the next world. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord? And if so, do I go to the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering, or the Church Transfigured? What saith Thou? I do not bring souls to such a place as you call the Church Transfigured. Rather, whosoever I take from this world goes to his eternal judgement. And do I have judgement and fiery punishment reserved for you, O’ Eric, before you ascend to heaven? No. For you have done My will successfully. For all I have had against you has now been dispelled in this post. Here, in this post, you have cleared your name of your past heresies. Hence, when I take you and Hyacinth away, you are both going to be taken to heaven, which is the Church Triumphant. Amen.

Now, listen carefully for your instructions. Notice how you have not fallen once to any form of impurity since you have been without the Eucharist for the past several days. That is from efficacious grace. For the Age of the Church has ended. And the Age of the short time of Satan’s release has come. And no, I do not make you a prophet of these end times to be martyred as are those depicted in Revelation, chapter 11. Instead, you have served your purpose in My Kingdom. You were once of the ranks of the infernal enemy. You sought salvation from Me at the cost of everything you had and could give. And in the process of finding salvation in Me, you have saved another soul, whom you call Hyacinth. We in heaven call her Cassandra. And her name in this world is Caesar Sandra Nikee. Well done, Lord Larimar. You have served Me to the End. And for your perseverance and obedience in giving to Hyacinth as I commanded you to, I Am taking you both to heaven this evening.

And then, shortly after you are both assumed to heaven, My fiery hail will descend from the sky. And the horrors of the night of the earth shall begin. Oracle of the Lord! Eric, Antichrist is coming and is here. At the moment you and Hyacinth are taken away, I will take away My Holy Spirit Who has been guarding these demons of hell. And they will proceed to wipe out a third of the earth in total carnage and blood. Amen (Revelation 9:15).

Now, what shall We say about your list of 56 Kingdoms? For it is Our duty to clear up all heresies in you in this last post. And so, what say I about these 56 Kingdoms, and especially of your Larimar Kingdom of North America? All I will say is that it is creative, and not sinful. But My actual divisions of My reward to My saints cannot be revealed at this time to the world. Hence, your creative array of Kingdoms does not have a factual basis, but rather, as do so many stories in the Holy Bible, it serves to teach a lesson and does so through a form of fable and myth. Hence, your narrative of the 56 Kingdoms is classified as a myth that teaches moral lessons. But it must not be taken as literally true. And so also do I say the same with many stories in My Holy Bible. Very few of the historical accounts in My Holy Bible are historically accurate. But everything there is God breathed, and thus, serves to teach My people lessons and instructions for attaining sainthood. Amen. My Holy Bible is not for teaching history, but for teaching My people faith and morals. Now I shall speak.

Lord Larimar, you have progressed very far indeed into My Kingdom. And I have acknowledged you as My eternal virgin. Higher than Saint Augustine shall you attain a rank within My Kingdom. But higher than you have I ranked My servant and Apostle John. He is forever greater than you. And his purity is higher and holier. But I now acknowledge your purity to now be perfect. And thus, you are eligible to receive that which I have promised you in the past. And what is that, you ask? It is release from this world and admittance to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have passed the test. You have won the race. And you have brought someone with you to heaven, your eternal friend, Hyacinth.

Now, listen to us as We detail your final instructions. There is no more time for you. Your time is up. And your good deeds have been recorded. This post will be regarded as your final good deed of any significance to My people. There is no more time. Now, go to your room and read your Bible. And you will be reading your Bible for the next few hours. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

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