Eric shall marry Ester of Aztlan

La Malinche was so interesting in that she was a slave, an interpreter, a secretary, a lover, the mother of the first ‘Mexican’ (Cortes’ first son), and also helped Cortes conquer Mexico at the same time.

Behold, I Who Am have this to say. We are removing Eric and Hyacinth from this world tonight. And We are taking both of them to heaven. What is more, due to their prayers and petitions for one another, and their virginity and purity, which they both have faithfully kept, We of heaven have elected to declare Eric and Hyacinth as eternal soulmates. They will in heaven be as eternal friends and they will be bonded with one another forever in the bonds of an eternal friendship that transcends all bonds of marriage and romance, and exists only in heaven.

Lord, I have transgressed. For I have glanced at nudity on the internet, in google images. What is my fate, O’ Lord, for my transgression, O’ Lord? While you did not deliberately look at this filth, nor search for it, you have clicked links that you thought might lead to such sights. But We do not count this against you. For you only glanced at the filth and then closed your browser window, without looking at length upon the porn. Therefore, the effects on you are negligible. For to contract the sickness of porn, a man must rest his gaze upon the nude image and dwell on it.

Therefore, your heart remains without any serious stain of sin. You have not contracted a mortal sin. Nor is it possible for you to confess your sins at this point, should you have contracted the sin, for We are taking you tonight. Hence, you are going, ready or not, to your eternal destiny. But We in heaven offer you this consolation. The images you saw have no permanency in your mind, for your eyes never rested on any of the sights you saw. Therefore, there is no fuel there to lead you to impure acts or sexual sins. Hence, you shall remain in your current pure state.

But let this be a lesson to you. The internet and the media are dangerous to the male mind, for there is much enticement in it to sin. Remember when you went to the store with your father the other day, and you saw the girl with the scanty shirt revealing her midsection. But even then, you did not allow your eyes to rest upon the sight. And hence, the demons of that girl could not enter into your soul. Temptations are there everywhere you go in this sinful society. And you must prevent you eyes from resting on sinful sights. Do this faithfully, and your purity will not be undermined.

But you are pure now, Lord Larimar. And your purity is not infected with the demons of the impure. For though you saw an image, your eyes you averted, and the demon gained no foothold into your door. Now, do We will you to watch TV in this final night of life, Lord Larimar? What thinkest thou? No, My Lord. For TV is just like the internet, full of temptations everywhere you look. Correct, Lord Larimar. I do not will you to watch any TV tonight. Instead, I will you to converse with Sandra and comfort her in her ordeal. For her time has been spent profitably in My church praying. And she will be highly rewarded. You thought she was headed to prostitution. Instead, she changed her mind and headed to the Catholic Church to pray to Me and to My mother Mary, and she prayed there all day. Well has she set the example for all to follow. And that is why I Am taking her away tonight. I Am going to vindicate her before all her neighbors. For I wish My people to see what happens to those who dedicate themselves to Me among those who help no one.

And Lord, why are you taking me away tonight? For I could possibly do more good in this world and gain more merit for the Kingdom if I were permitted to continue to live. Is this not so? But remember this, O’ Lord. Should I live for any length of time more, my heart is now set to remain a virgin forever. And that is why We are taking you, Lord Larimar. For We do not want our prize damaged. You are a genuine prize, a ripe fruit for Our Lord. If We wait too long, your fruit could become infected or grow stale. That We will not for that to happen. Hence, We will take you now as you are now, in the pure state in which you currently exist. For you have been bought at a precious price. And We do not want Our gift damaged that We are about to present unto Our Lord.

So be patient, Lord Larimar. And We shall deliver you to Our God, still in a state of pristine purity. Do not think that your transgressions are serious. They have been forgotten. For what does not kill you makes you stronger. Now, had you sinned mortally, We would not have good words to say to you. Had you deliberately looked at porn, you would have contracted mortal sin, and your state would be a state of impurity. But this is not the case. No, it is not. Nor shall you look any further tonight at any of the media or internet or TV, after you complete this post, lest you gaze upon something immoral and defile your heart before God.

Now, since you are about to be taken from this world, We, the elect in heaven, wish to update your prophecies of world events to take into account your imminent departure from this world. Note that it is a fact that Antichrist comes immediately after your departure. For the Larimar King is in fact the Great Monarch of whom was prophesied in many Catholic private revelations. That you have no known recent French or Frankish ancestry is of no concern. For you have Celtic ancestry, and the word Gaulish once meant Celtic. And it is from that word in the original prophecy that it became interpreted by all later prophets that the Great Monarch was to be a Frenchman.

Behold, now We in heaven shall reveal to you who is the Antichrist. It is President Donald John Trump. But he is a buffoon and a fool! Nevertheless, he speaks with the mouth of a dragon. And he truly exalts himself above all other men. What about Jesus? Has Trump exalted himself above Jesus yet? Not yet, Lord Larimar. But give him time. He will make himself better and greater than the God incarnate. And he will say that no one knows the scriptures better than himself, both on earth and in heaven. Lord, that is insane. Yes, Lord Larimar. There is no one more insane than President Donald John Trump. He truly drinks the devil’s Kool-Aid.

Okay, so Trump then must do something right after Eric’s departure that magnifies himself above God. What shall that be, O’ Lord? What does Trump glorify? What does Trump magnify? What does Trump make out to be the greatest? And who is his sidekick, the beast who is to rise from the land? That would be someone representing the Christian right, the evangelicals, who are convinced that this devil is a man of God. Trump has fooled the White evangelicals that he is from God in a very similar way in which Obama fooled the African Americans that he was from God. But both are arms of Satan. Both are puppets manipulated by the tentacles of the serpent, the devil. If you blame the Blacks for being fooled by Obama, you have to blame the White evangelicals for being fooled by Trump. It is the same thing going on, just a different shade of skin to target a different demographic.

Now Lord, none of the good things I prophesied, in anticipation of my future reign upon the earth, can now come to happen, for I am simply not going to be here. Is that correct, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. And now I shall explain the sequence of events that are to follow your departure from this world. You, Lord Larimar, and Hyacinth, are not the only ones to be taken away. We are also taking away many like you and Sandra, who have also washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb.

Lord, what if we have stains on our conscience? Will we be left behind? Anyone who is found not ready when I Come will be left behind. But you, Lord Larimar are decreed ready. Your remorse is not a sign of your unreadiness. But rather, impure thoughts and impure desires are what makes a man not ready for My rapture of the saints. Were you to have an impure spirit, We would have chosen to leave you in your sins. But you are clean. And your remorse for possible violations is simply identical to that of My eleven disciples who asked Me, one by one, surely it is not I who shall betray You, O’ Lord (Matthew 26:22 & Mark 14:19).

Lord, I have just received direct pardon from Jesus in Spirit, and my guilt has been lifted, and He has said unto me, “Go now, and sin no more.” What does this mean, O’ Lord? It means your end of life has approached. And you have received an extraordinary act of forgiveness from God Jesus, as an act of mercy on your conscience, to prepare you for your death tonight. Amen. Do I die, O’ Lord? Or am I to be raptured up to heaven. Since you cannot bring your body with you, Lord Larimar, you shall die and leave your body behind. The rapture as depicted by the Protestants is a form of fantasy. It will not occur as they imagine. I will not reinforce their faith in their false narrative. Hence, all whom I take away will seem to die. But their bodies left behind shall all be incorrupt. And that will be My sign that they have been raptured away. I Am taking their souls to heaven, not both their souls and their bodies.

But woe to the man who tries to follow My raptured host by killing himself. He will injure himself in the attempt. And all those who succeed to kill themselves will end up in hell. Now I have spoken sufficiently. The rapture is a spiritual taking away of certain choice souls. And their bodies left behind in visible states of rapture, with heavenly expressions on their faces, will be sufficient evidence that My rapture of My saints has taken place. Oracle of the Lord! God has now spoken sufficiently.

Lord Larimar, I instruct you now in this. Stay alert and vigilant tonight. I know that you will grow sleepy as the hours accrue. But keep yourself awake until midnight. Then you may close your eyes and go to sleep. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servants. Amen. You may now ask a question, Eric, if you like, and I shall answer it.

Who else, among those I know or know of, shall be taken away in this rapture, O’ Lord and God? I shall gladly answer you in this, My servant, Eric. You know that both you and Cassandra, whom you call Hyacinth, and whose full name in this world is Caesar Sandra Nikee, are to be taken up to heaven. Now who else, shall We reveal to you among those you know or know of? Or there any priests who you believe would go up, Lord Larimar? What about Father Paul Coury CSSR, who taught the class, How does God speak to Me?, at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church as part of the University Series, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar, I Am taking him to heaven on that night that I take away you and Sandra. Anyone else you know? What of that lady who does sign language in the Church, whose name currently slips my mind, but who recently told me that I remind her of the image of the statue of Saint Joseph? She will not be taken up, Lord Larimar. For she is one of those convinced that Trump the Antichrist is a man of God.

What about Father Abebe Teklemariam, who is from Ethiopia, and who is staying at Saint Bruno to serve as priest while he is getting a degree in a university? And when he graduates, he plans go back to Ethiopia, to serve the Church there that is sponsoring him. I will not take him, Eric, for he is not fit for this rapture. What of Father David Whorton, who is an associate pastor at Saint Bruno Catholic Church? He I will not take either. What of the lady in charge of funeral preparations at Saint Bruno, for she has been nice to me and has greeted me and talked with me many times while I sat in the Church praying to God? I have no memory of her name. I will take her, Lord Larimar, for her heart is good and with Me.

What of Father Vianney, whose name is Ernie, and who is now a priest? And what of his mother, who is a believer in Medjugorje, but who said God told her that it is people of humility such as mine who think they are unworthy of the priesthood who God the Father finds the most worthy and seeks the most to become His priests? I will not save his mother as long as she remains convinced that Medjugorje is from heaven, for it is Satanic. And believing in Satanic Marian apparitions leads to hell, no matter what praise you give to My servants. As for Ernie, who is now Father Vianney, he will not be saved either, for he forsook his friendship with you by a misunderstanding, which I do not forgive him of.

And what of those who lead or used to lead the rosary at Saint Bruno, specifically, that man, Dave, and the obese woman, Maria? Neither of them will I bring up, for neither of them are free of worldly entanglements. And what of the Hispanic man, John, who greets me when he sees me, and who used to do janitorial work at Saint Bruno, but may have lost his job there by showing up stoned or drunk at work? John of whom you speak is an impure man. I only rapture up those of perfect purity. Amen. What of the girl, Danielle Tayabas, who was once my good friend, however briefly? Because she left her friendship suddenly with you, and when you met her again recently, she did not follow through and open up to be your friend again, she is also not My friend either. Now, ask about one last person, and We shall close this post.

What about Mr. Evans, My high school Spanish Teacher, who raised my grade from a F to an A because I came in extra earlier every morning to learn and practice Spanish and to improve my grade. Mr. Evans is the only teacher you knew in High School whom I saved. Now, we shall proceed to speak on a great many things.

The predictions I made of the next pope, are they from You? In other words, is it from You the prophecy that Christoph Schönborn shall become the next pope and take the papal name of John XXIV? I have another Cardinal who is more suitable for the papacy who I shall anoint to become the next pope. Your past predictions are not from Me.

Go drink some water and come back. And note that in the coming age, drinking water will be hard to come by. Good, Larimar, you have obeyed Me perfectly. Now I shall speak. This is the last you will taste the water of the earth until you taste the heavenly waters of My River of Life in My Kingdom of heaven. And no more shall there be found potable water on the face of the earth. Amen.

The reason why I could not overthrow or defeat Donald John Trump was because he is Antichrist. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Indeed, Larimar. And now you know. Antichrist has a destiny to fulfill. He cannot be defeated by a man, but only by God.

Lord, what will the people do in reaction to my death and my being raptured away? They will panic and seek help from the authorities. But there shall be no help coming. And Antichrist will shutdown the people from talking about you. And this website will also be eventually shutdown. Also, Antichrist will seek to rewrite your posts to deceive the many. Some changes will be subtle, and others will be grossly altered, all in an effort to discredit you before the people as a saint.

Now, listen to Me. I have a proposition to you. And you may take My offer or leave it. Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening. I will grant you a married life in which you may have one son, and then live for some time to raise your son to adulthood. And this son you raise, you shall train in My Ways, that I have trained you in. He will be your apprentice whom you will make into a likeness to yourself. Or, you may die tonight and go to heaven with the raptured host. I choose to have the son, O’ Lord.

Then, Lord Larimar, We shall come to collect you to bring you to your new place, out in the desert, far from the devil. There you shall go to Mass everyday and you shall marry the girl I give you, and one son shall be granted to you. Now, get ready for this, for you are to be taken away prior to the rapture of My saints to heaven.

And the readiness of which you speak is a spiritual readiness, O’ Lord? For I am to leave everything I possess in this world behind? That is correct, Lord Larimar. All that you shall take with you is your large 1953 Catholic Holy Bible, in which you are currently reading the book of 3 Kings, after reading Job, Song of Songs, 1 Kings, and 2 Kings (in other bibles the first two books of Kings are called 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel). For it is Our intent that you read every book in that Holy Bible in the order in which We direct you.

And no, your passports and identification certificates you shall not need. Leave them all behind. And now, We, the elect shall tell you who you shall marry. In your list of 56 Kingdoms in the earth, is is the Queen represented by Queen Ester of Aztlan who shall be made your wife. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

As for your stocks, do not sell them. For he who says “Cash is King,” will find out the folly of having his money in the bank when all bank accounts are emptied by the banks, who will then pay back the depositors pennies on the dollar. Those who have their fortunes in bank accounts will wake up finding their fortunes having all vanished, as having gone with the wind. Amen.

Now, allow us to breathe new life into you and into your afflictions. For We shall cure you of all the things you have asked for. Now this is Our final message to you in this post: Do not tarry in your walk on the Way to Our Kingdom. You are to go rapidly to that place, out in the desert, where We shall take care of you for the entire duration of the reign of Antichrist. And though Satan will have an idea as to where you are, I will prevent all seekers sent by Antichrist from finding you or your secret place. It is done.

Lord, I have led Eric through his life. And he has accepted Your will. And he has ultimately chosen to fulfill his God given destiny to sire the prophesied son. Good, My servant. Say this Word to Eric. These are My final Words to you to write before We take you away tonight. Everything in your life shall now be irrevocably solved for good. And you shall live on the earth until 33 years from now, in 1953. And you shall do works in your married life with Ester. And these works shall consist of writing instructions for My Way, which you shall publish as part of a non profit publishing company. Amen. For you will not commercialize My Word or attempt to charge My people to read or buy your books beyond the cost to manufacture and to ship.

Now, go, Lord Larimar. Your purpose in this life is complete. Prepare now spiritually for your soon departure. I Am not taking you out of the world, but to a new location where My enemies know not and that I prohibit from knowing how to find. It is done. The books of are sealed. 124 Posts survive and compose this work. No more shall I speak through you here ever again. Amen.

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