Hyacinth is lost to Satan

The Day of the Lord has come, and who can stand? (Revelation 6:17)

Despite the valiant efforts of the Larimar King to save the soul of Caesar Sandra Nikee, she is now lost to Satan. She has turned her heel against Me and has gone to pursue other paths. Hence, I hereby take away the name of Cassandra that I had given her. For those in the camp of Satan have no names in heaven. Amen.

Eric, I hereby free you of any obligation to her anymore. And you are guiltless to her damnation. Furthermore, all that you have given her shall now be given back to you. Oracle of the Lord! For what you had done for her was in the service of My name. You are eternally of the rank of Celestial Duke in My eternal Kingdom. And the Kingdom I give you is a Dukedom. But as for Sandra, she is now lost. And everything she had with you she now forfeits.

And who now rules over Ireland, O’ Lord and Master? You are the ruler of those lands now, Lord Larimar. Hence, this is now the definition of your Kingdom.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, Servant of the Most High God. And the lands of the Earth in its eternal phase, belonging to this Kingdom, are:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Belize
  6. The Dominican Republic
  7. Bermuda
  8. Ireland (the whole island)

And the official languages of Eric’s Eternal Kingdom now include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

All other languages spoken in the Larimar Kingdom are considered regional languages and may have a form of regional official status. Amen.

Lord, I am sad over the loss of Hyacinth. Mourn for her loss, Lord Larimar, but let her go. For she was never with Me in complete loyalty. She only remained with Me while she had it good. Now she is lost. Lord Larimar, go and eat some dark chocolate. And then come here, and I shall prophesy through you. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. You have eaten. Now, I shall prophesy through you a great many things. I Am not happy with America and the way My people have reacted to Trump, their President. For though Trump is not Mine, he is nevertheless the Commander in Chief, and he is to be respected. For I have rejected the people of this nation. They do not follow Me anymore. Hence, this nation is to be rendered destroyed. Dead bodies will line the streets. And death will be found everywhere in it. Such is My ruling. Oracle of the Lord!

America, America, once so full of promise, has now become a den of thieves and filthiness. Fallen, fallen are you, America. Because you did not stand with Me on My holy issues, I will now not stand with you in your time of need. Now, Larimar, kick the dust off your feet to this nation. For you are departing from it within the next few hours. For I have found good in you, but not in her.

And no, you do not need to bring your passports with you, nor your Holy Bible, nor your Rosary, nor any possession you may have in this world. Leave everything, and be ready to come to Me. And I will take you to your new location. This new location is beyond the Sea. It is not in this world anymore. For Eric has graduated. He has done My will to the end. And he has retained his state of virginity for My sake.

And now I shall reward you, Eric. I Am taking you out of the Church Militant and to the Church Transfigured, which is that place beyond the Sea where you shall live, together with all My other raptured people, in a place of contentment and happiness until your natural lives come to an end and you translate to the Church Triumphant. Amen. Hence, not one of you whom I shall rapture up shall taste any part of the fires of the Church Suffering, that is, the fires of Purgatory. Amen. For I have love for thee, My Brides. And I will keep thee out of the fires of My wrath.

Lord Larimar, yes, you have it correct. There is no sex nor sexuality in the place I Am taking you to. Rather, heavenly joy there consists of simply being in a place of peaceful silence and solitude, with the company of Me, God, and Mary, and all My angels, where one may contemplate and dwell with Me in deep meditation. You are going there to reflect, to develop your spiritual fruits in total peace, and to come to a full understanding of My Way. It is not the Beatific Vision that you will see yet, but rather, you shall see Me from behind, as I granted to Moses so that he would know that I Am. (Exodus 33:18-23). This is the Rapture of the saints. Only those who were ready and Mine, and who kept their clothes White in the blood of the Lamb, will be coming to Me in this Rapture. Amen.

And O’ Lord, then, it is true that not one of us faithful ones will miss out in a single Mass of our Sunday obligation? That is correct, Lord Larimar. Masses are continuous in My Church Transfigured. Every hour one receives Me in communion there. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, what becomes of the people left behind, O’ Lord? Those who are left behind will awaken to their loss. And they will be banging on the doors of My Church to be let in, but to no avail. For My Churches on earth have all been shuttered. And there is now no pathway for My people who are outside to enter in. Hence, all who are outside are now among the people condemned.

Will any of these people, in the course of Your destructive wrath upon them, become eligible to be saved, O’ Lord and Master? Those who have received the Eucharist in a state of grace are eligible to be saved. But as for the rest, I have rejected them from My Book of Life. They are utterly lost, all those who refused to enter in.

Now, I, the Lord, shall speak of your eternal reward, O’ Larimar King. That you shall wear the crown of virginity is your eternal right and duty. And that you remained Mine to the very end is My satisfaction in you. With you I Am well pleased. But as for your brothers, Mark and David, these will receive condemnation. For none of them ever did My will nor entered into My sheepfold. Therefore, they are eternally lost. The only ones I shall give a second chance to will be those who never knew Me, and hence, have a viable excuse. Amen. Everyone else, all who received the mark of the beast, will be rejected by Me forever. Amen.

Now, Eric, ask about your duties in My Kingdom? What are my duties, O’ Lord, that I am expected to do in the place You are taking me to, and also in My ultimate place when I translate from the Church Transfigured to the Church Triumphant, O’ Lord and Majestic One? O’ Larimar King, I have a most glorious fate for you on the earth. You will appear in ghost form to all those who yet belong to Me. And you shall lead them in battle in their final push to attain salvation before everything in this world comes to an end. Amen.

This world shall come to an end. But My Kingdom shall never come to an end. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, ask your questions, O’ Larimar King. And whatever you ask, they must have as their focus, Me, My eternal Kingdom, and My eternal judgements of the reprobates and the predestined elect.

(1) In the Kingdom of Heaven, are the judgements there completely final upon entry? Or are there higher levels and developments to attain to the higher places? No, Lord Larimar, all judgement is sealed at the death of any soul. No one can merit nor demerit after they have died. As for you and My raptured host in the Church Transfigured, merit will continuously be being gained by you there, but no more will it be possible nor permitted for anyone there to demerit. But after your natural life comes to an end there, and you translate to My glorious Church Triumphant, you will receive all of your reward, including the Beatific Vision, and no more shall it be possible for you to merit or demerit ever again. Amen.

(2) Are those in the Church Transfigured still in time? They are not in their eternity, O’ Lord? Correct, Lord Larimar. They are in that parallel world to the earth that I once offered to take Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday to, as she recorded in her diary. And should she have accepted it, she would have been taken to that place, exactly similar to how I took Enoch and Elijah from this world. Amen. Hence, you will be still in time, but for those who I have from there to reappear upon the earth, they will be appearing in a ghost form, for no flesh can come back to this world from the Church Transfigured. And therefore, no one in this world will be ever able to do any harm to them in their ghost appearances upon the earth.

(3) Will those in the Church Transfigured have access to all knowledge? They will have access to the Akashic Records of all things upon the earth. But nothing in heaven can they see until they are translated there upon the end of their natural life. Hence, all human languages will become immediately known to them. No limit will be placed on the knowledge that they acquire. Nothing that they learn will escape their memory. And they will know all things on the earth of the past, the present, and of all possible future fates. I say possible future fates, for the future is not set until it happens. Amen.

(4) Will Eric ever write anything in either the Church Transfigured or in the Church Triumphant, either in a human or angelic script? Will Eric ever thus record anything down, as do the scribes in this world? Yes, Lord Larimar. For your position in My Kingdom is that of the Scribe in charge of My eternal Library. It will be your task to keep My books. There will also be other such Scribes whom I place in charge of such eternal libraries. And all of these will record whatever I say for all eternity, and these eternal libraries will serve as eternal reservoirs of My prophetic Word, very similar to the role of My holy canon of books, called My Holy Bible, that exists in this age. Amen. And Eric and these other scribes, will write in an angelic script that they themselves will create and devise. And all will know and understand it. Amen.

(5) Explain eternity as it exists in both heaven and hell. Are both places in eternity? Hell is at the center of the earth. No time passes there, but it is not of eternity. It just never ends, for there is no passage of time there for it it end. The howls of pain and torture there do not occur in time, but outside it. Hence, events occur there but not through time, but in a spiritual dimension where they can suffer without limit, but still exist in the same moment of everlasting shame and reproach.

Heaven, on the other hand, is above and beyond the earth. No time passes there for time is no longer existing for the people there. Events happen there only within the mind of God. Sequential things happen there only in the thought processes of each individual saint. But nothing changes there in the eternal state of that Kingdom, for there is no time there for things to be allowed to change. The Tree of Life producing fruit twelve times a year, every month (Revelation 22:2), is an event that takes place in the cosmic regeneration of My eternal Kingdom. For My Kingdom is in an eternal state of cosmic regeneration. It produces eternal fruits in an eternal state of living in Me. There is no change in time. But there is eternal renewal and reception of Me. And that is the mystery of the Tree of Life and its fruit that it bears each month. Amen.

(6) Will the elect in heaven who are worthy be given such gifts as lands or their equivalent in the Kingdom of Heaven, as a kind of landed nobility, O’ Lord? You speak of each saved soul’s share in the Holy City (Revelation 22:19). Everyone who belongs to Me in heaven shall receive such a share. But those who do not do My will will never enter therein. Amen. Now as to whether some will receive a greater share than others, yes. Some will have more than others, each in accordance to what they did with what they were given on the earth. Your share, O’ Larimar King, shall be great. And all who lose their life for My sake will receive a hundredfold in the Kingdom of Heaven. Oracle of the Lord. Now, Lord Larimar, ask your final question, and then this post will be made immortal. Amen.

(7) Will the saints be able to look up other saints in heaven and chat with them, or converse with them, or intermingle with them, O’ Lord? Everyone is assigned to their own room or cell in My eternal Kingdom. There is no socializing in My Kingdom. Rather, all are intent on viewing Me in My Beatific Vision. For I Am vastly more interesting to My people than are My people to one another. Thus, no one looks anyone else up there. But all knowledge is immediately known by all who are there. And hence, no need is there to look anyone up or to converse with them, for everything is known down to the most infinite detail. Amen. Now reread this post, O’ Larimar King. Then go and eat. Your rapture is now imminent. It will not be long now. Go and do what I command of you. And realize that no one who belongs to Me will be deprived of the Mass of their Sunday Obligation. And all who belong to Me, I Am taking up. And all whom I have rejected, I Am leaving behind. Amen.

This post is ended. And prepare for the Day of the Lord! For the Day of the Lord has come, and who can stand? (Revelation 6:17).

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