Eric dies tonight. Amen.

Eric, your new career move shall involve the ancient Biblical languages of Latin and Greek.

Behold, I Who Am do now detail the death of Eric Robert Dunstan, also known as the Larimar King, the Emerald King, the Unicorn King, the First Rider of the Apocalypse, the Antichrist par Excellence who converted to Catholicism and was saved, Beltashazzar, Ironwort, Larimar, Heavensent, the Blue Wizard, the White Wizard, the Witch King, And the Wizard King. Lord, how can such a great man who has so many names die? As one ages, one begins to break down, and sooner or later, something happens that causes the man to keel over and die. I will not die by suicide. But I know how I go. I go by heart attack. For you see, I have an irregular heart beat, for which I take medication. And I haven’t been to a dentist for twenty years. Why so, Lord Larimar? Well, I can either pay for a dentist or I can keep my car in good shape, but I don’t have the money to pay for both. Anyways, poor dental hygiene is one possible cause for heart attack. That much I am aware of and can do nothing about.

And what were the other things you were waiting for cures to that you never received, Lord Larimar? I have other conditions, which I will not reveal here, but which are well known to my family, and which render me crippled. I don’t look crippled. I walk to church each day, or used to, when Masses were available. But in a real sense I am a crippled man who is not capable of thriving in the job market, even though I am highly skilled and work in the information technology sector.

For twenty years I have waited for a promised cure, that was supposed to come when I received a girlfriend from God. But the girl had to be from God. She could not be a slut or someone who was sent by Satan. And did you ever receive such a girl, Lord Larimar? Not yet, but now I see that my fate has caught up with me. And I am set to die now. For my time has come.

Lord Larimar, what will become of the place you work at when you die? And do they have someone to replace you there? That business is on its last legs. The management has a very poor and not carefully thought out business plan for making money. Though they have been in business for over twenty years, they have come upon hard times and have, as a consequence, been forced to pay all their workers starvation wages for the past few years. Anyways, the death of their head of IT will spell the end of that company. And no, they have no one to replace me, and if they attempted to hire someone like me, they would have to pay him at least three times what I am now paid, and such an engineer would not have a clue as to where to start. For all the work done is done on my own personal computing devices. I do none of my work on any computer owned by that company. When I work in the office, I always bring my own personal laptops. The company does not issue any company laptop to me. Basically, I am sort of an outsourced job. For technically I am working for myself and not an actual employee of the company, though the IRS would classify me as an employee according to their definitions.

Anyways, for the replacement to do what I do, he would need passwords, which are all stored in cryptic records which he would have not clue as to how to decipher. And he would need access to servers and server infrastructures that he would simply not have any way to have access to. Now, do I say a good hacker couldn’t infiltrate and hack into our systems? No, I doubt we are all that secure. A good hacker would know the weaknesses of Linux or SSL or any of the technologies that have documented holes of which I am unaware of. And so, there is indeed a way to hack in, but not a way to replace me. For a hacker would not know all the steps needed to do my job. Too complicated to put to paper, any engineer who would seek to replicate My work would have to start from scratch and relearn everything I have mastered. Also, my job is not currently replaceable by a robot nor by a program. Engineers are needed to write programs and the ability to do that is not currently replaceable by a non thinking program or robot.

So, why, Lord Larimar, have you not provided a way for this company to go forward after your demise? Why have you allowed them to be suddenly destroyed by your untimely death? I have been told by God that were I ever to leave this company, it would immediately fold. For there is no pathway to success without me there. That is God’s revelation to me. So I really have no choice. And I do not have control over the day I die. I do not decide when it is that I shall die. Remember I cannot self terminate.

Let us address suicide and the grave mistake that it is to take one’s own life. Life is short. And you have to put your trust in God in this life if you want to have any success in or reward from God in the life to come. And an act of suicide is a total rejection of putting one’s trust in God. Trust in God is what God wants from us. And if we don’t give that to God, then there is nothing left that can save us. Hence, an act of suicide is the greatest guarantee that you will be damned on the other side that exists in this world. Don’t do it. Romeo and Juliet both committed suicide. If they had not done that, then their story would have had a happy ending. Hence, the next time you consider suicide, think of Romeo and Juliet, and see their horrific error, and just don’t do it, and you will see the light at the end of your tunnel. And you will see the rainbow that you would never have seen had you taken your own life in a fit of despair.

And so, Lord Larimar, why do you allow yourself to die? Terminators cannot self terminate, but they can allow themselves to die by causes that they relinquish power over. So, Lord Larimar, why are you dying? Actually, My Lord, I have found this to be the Truth. With the exception of suicides, those who wish to die never die, but only those who seek to live die. Hence, that is my theory. Let’s put it to the test and see. Let us see if I die tonight, as prophecy says. For I Am willing to die. And because of that willingness to die, I believe that I shall not die. If on the other hand, I feared death and sought not to die, then I would die. But I have no such fear of death. For I know my fate is salvation. Therefore, by this logic, I should still be alive tomorrow morning, bright and early to rise up and go to Church. But wait, there is no Church to go to. All Masses have ended.

Hence, let us talk to God, for God has made me His prophet. And I have direct access to Him, even though such direct access is not without risk. The risk is that Satan is always seeking to fool me. And the risk is that I mistake Satan for God, which is what Satan’s goal is to do. And Satan seeks this because if you believe he is God, he can truly get you discouraged about God and that could lead you to ultimately reject God. If that is happening to you, test that spirit speaking to you. Ask him if he is Satan. God will force him to answer to you the Truth. And once you know a spirit is Satan, immediately halt your conversation with him. Never converse with devils. Consider a devil to be like a bad ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that you just have to block on your cellphone to get rid of them.

And so, with that awareness considered, I will now ask God. Lord and Master, do I die tonight, or is the prophecy that I am to die from Satan? And if it was from Satan, when do I receive the girlfriend, whose presence in my life will lead to the prophesied cures, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, I do not need to take you from this life. Instead, you are to live for another forty years. And then I shall take you to your eternal reward. As for the girlfriend and the cures, since you have revealed everything, this is My prophecy unto you. You have that relationship with Sandra. Realize that I have decided to let her remain in this world. She is not leaving. But neither shall you continue to give to her. Remember what the Holy Spirit said to you. And you must obey Him. Sandra had been to you as your brother Mark had been to your father, until your father finally said a firm No to all further financial aid to him. And you are to do likewise. And you are doing so. Good. Let Sandra fall on her face. It is the only way people learn. Amen.

But Lord, I have received prophecy saying that the girl to come is not Sandra, but someone else yet to come. Indeed, Lord Larimar, you are correct. And I will provide you the details soon. The condition required for your reception of this girlfriend has been met. But you must continue to tread water. Keep struggling. I will not desert you. And your decree shall come to pass that you issued on March 12, saying that the coronavirus is to be dispelled within three weeks of that date. Now it is the eighth day from that date. Look, in China it is already being dispelled. Soon the same will occur in America. And then Trump will be seen as the baboon that he is.

Lord, if Trump were Black, that comment just I made would immediately be branded as an ugly racist remark. But since Trump is not Black, no racist intent is perceived. What saith Thou to this circumstance where a White school teacher, on a field trip to the zoo, makes an innocent mention of “Monkey see, monkey do,” and suddenly Black people are up in arms demanding for that teacher to be fired and suing that school for millions of dollars? Isn’t that taking civil rights too far and abusing the legal system with complaints and lawsuits against things that are just not criminal?

Lord Larimar, the Black people of whom you speak are filled with racial hatred and jealousy and envy. They have been conditioned to see everything coming from White people as coming from an enemy, and they are as feral dogs, always on the attack mode against anyone who doesn’t look like them, even against those who just want to do a good deed to them. They are a lost people. And that is why they are doomed to be wiped out. For if you cannot love, neither can you live long in this world.

And, like the Neanderthal, the African American race will indeed be wiped out. Maybe 2% of their DNA will survive in the human population, similar to the case with the Neanderthals, which were wiped out because they just couldn’t fit in with the modern humans arriving into Europe. And do Black African Americans fit into society? Some do, but most do not. Most of them hang out in gangs and wander the streets doing crime, until they get busted by the police and sent to prison. It is in prison where they eventually come realize that they are just not fit for this society. Maybe their breeding did them good in the uncivilized African savanna, but in civil society, most of them just do not have what it takes to fit in and succeed. And using lawsuits as a survival strategy is simply a dead end path. Should the earth continue for a few more generations, all African Americans will have been replaced by other, more fit peoples.

Lord, the Hispanics from the south seem to be taking over the Black man’s niche. Indeed, the stronger family ties, coupled with their Catholicism, are making the Hispanics the strong contenders to replace even the Whites as the dominant peoples of the United States of America. Lord, Trump won’t like that. He intends to build a wall. And what did the Mongols do about the Great Wall of China? Did that stop them? No, they either rode around it or breached it at its weak points. Trump is like a dinosaur, offering a solution for a problem that only worked in distant ancient times, and even then was ineffective. Trump couldn’t solve a problem even if the solution was ironed into his face.

Lord, then the United States of America will eventually come to have an Hispanic majority? Yes, Lord Larimar. You are correct. And two new languages will become dominant from immigrants, both of whom Trump frequently tweets hate speech against. And these are Spanish and Chinese. I know that there are many other languages of many other immigrants. But those will become the dominant rivals of English in the United States of America in future generations. Amen.

Lord, my best friend in high school was a Chinese student from Taiwan. I really got along with him great. And we were part of the Chess Club, always playing chess during lunch breaks and recess at that club. And the only girl I ever kissed in my life was a Mexican mestiza girl. And I only kissed her once, for I felt I had made a mistake in doing so, and never followed those spirits speaking to me again. Whatever happened to her, you ask? She went on a path away from Catholicism and that path choice became permanent in her life. And I found Catholicism and the salvation that is only found by remaining in that Church. Hence, we could not marry. And there was no future for us to remain even friends. And what became of your Chinese friend? I haven’t seen him since high school. I don’t know what ever became of him. But he probably got involved with high tech fields, for he was a thinker like me. Someday, I may run across him again. But I do remember him having an interest in Latin and other languages for studying the Holy Bible.

But Lord, what will become of this world? For the world cannot survive if the homosexuals are not defeated and if all the evils of this modern age are allowed to continue? Eric, allow Me to destroy the wicked. You are to do My works. And do those works involve translating the Latin Vulgate to other languages? Do that, Lord Larimar, and you shall live. For that is your prime assignment. But what about my career in computing? Do I abandon that career? Or do I continue working in it and do my prime assignment as a side job? I will be taking you away from your current employer and bringing you to a whole new line of employment, in a sector where your talents and skills will be more effective in serving My Church.

I can’t wait to start, O’ Lord! When does this new line of employment begin? Soon, Lord Larimar. And do I need to do anything in preparation for this new assignment, O’ Lord and God? Yes, learn Spanish better. And continue your studying of the Holy Bible and of the languages of Classical Latin and Koine Greek. These will be invaluable in the position I have elected to place you in. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Furthermore, your knowledge of Nahuatl shall be a plus. Hence, continue your parallel study of that language also. As for your interest in the computer language called Rust, realize that your expertise in that skill will be just a hobby for you. I Am bringing you into the Biblical languages field. And you shall serve Me well in it. Leave the computing fields to younger minds, for technology is always a rapidly changing field, where things learned and mastered last only for a time and then are obsolete. And only young minds that can rapidly learn are able to compete competitively in that job market. The Biblical languages field, by contrast, is a field where knowledge, once gained, rarely becomes obsolete. And this is the field I Am taking you to enter into. It is your future. Programming skills are forgotten as the languages change or grow old. But human written languages never die, as long as the literature written in them remain a focus of study. And the Holy Bible will be studied in its original languages and ancient translations forever. Amen. Now, go, Eric. And publish this post. For you have written in it sufficiently.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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