Judgment and Justice have come.

I Who Am Am about to take Eric to his Secret Sanctuary, and then My Justice shall come to all the inhabitants of the lands that remain upon the unraptured earth. Amen.

I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. Behold, America, your time to be destroyed has come. You did not repent from your homosexual marriages, nor from your abortions, nor from your artificial birth control, nor from your sexual hedonism. Now it is time for you to pay. Judgement and Justice have thus come to you. And Mercy for you is now gone. Those who did not elect to walk through My door of mercy shall now be forced to walk though My door of Justice. Oracle of the Lord!

And what of Eric? Why did you leave him here and not take him to Sherwood Forest, where he was to have a wife and a son? And yet, O’ Lord, I have received from you the message that I am to marry and have a son before I am taken from this world. Do you agree to this prophecy, O’ Lord? Very well, Lord Larimar, We in heaven agree. The girl of whom you speak is prepared for this vocation. And she will marry you and bear you this son. And when you have seen him, shortly thereafter, you shall pass away. And We shall carry you up to heaven to be with Jesus, Mary, and all the saints and angels of God. And you will go and enter into the wedding banquet, for you are one of the distinguished guests of honor there, invited to the supper of the Lamb. Amen.

Eric, the reason why you are not taken yet to the Kingdom is that We have a use for you on the earth. We have a use for you speak My Words of Judgement to the nations. For if you do not speak, how will My people hear of My Judgement. For they have stopped listening to Me. Perhaps they will listen to you.

As for that girl Danielle, who has left you, I have these instructions. Back, years ago, you had told her of your future cures, which you are now going to receive. But you never told her what exactly you needed cures for. And she was guessing away at what might be wrong with you, and she never guessed what it was. Anyways, you had promised to tell her what it was in fact that you needed cures for on the day that you are finally cured. Now you shall reveal to her the cures. But you shall not directly tell her, for she has left you. Instead, you shall merely detail them on this website. And if she never reads the contents of this website, then let her die in her ignorance. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, do I reveal the cures? For I have not yet been cured. Do not reveal anything until I command it. And I shall cure you shortly. Also, I will not cure you in the presence of a priest, for your immediate fate is not yet of the priesthood, but of marriage to a girl. And I will grant you three sons and two daughters in the marriage I will give to you. Oracle of the Lord! If that the case, then, O’ Lord, I cannot remain here in this land, for it is accursed. Or do I remain here where there are no Masses?

Larimar, I Am taking you to a place where you shall remain until I come. And there you shall live and have your wife, your three sons, and your two daughters. And you shall attend a local Catholic Church, for the Masses will continue uninterrupted in the place where I Am taking you. Amen. And how many years do you grant me to be married to my wife, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Only for a short time do I grant you to have a married life, O’ Larimar King. But I grant it long enough to have the five children you are prophesied to have. And these five will be from five separate pregnancies. Hence, you know you shall live a sexual married life with your wife for at least six years or more.

And six years is short, O’ Lord? You will then be taken to be trained to be made a priest before your children reach adulthood. Such is My decree. Now, Eric, speak My Words to this people. For I wish to address them. For they have not listened to thee.

Hear Me, O’ Faithless generation! I Am purifying you. And I am casting you into fire and flames, in quest for the gold that is found within you. And when I have gathered all the gold to Myself, I will throw you, who are left as mere refuse or sand, away into the fire. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Amen, I say this unto you. Eric is to be taken away from here. And when he is so taken, he will be hidden, known only to his wife. To her alone shall he train to be Jedi. But as for you, you will have what Eric has written. But once Eric receives she who is to be his wife, he shall write no more on this website. Nor shall he publish any further prophecy to the people. For he will have been saved. And the priesthood is Eric’s fate after he has had his five children of prophecy. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, ask your questions. In this post, I will grant you to ask seven questions. And then when I have answered all in total completion, you shall publish this post in testimony against America and this fallen and rejected world.

(1) Will the taking of me to place where I am to remain with my future wife be a rapture? And will others also be so raptured, O’ Lord? And will the place you shall be taking me be on some remote island or place in the desert far from the devil as to where the woman is taken in Revelation, chapter 12? And will I meet other so raptured souls where I shall be taken to? And does this rapture take place just before you destroy America by a comet or meteor that is to come and explode over Canada and the northern contiguous United States of America? O’ Lord, what saith Thou?

Larimar, We, the elect in heaven, shall now answer to you this first of seven questions that We grant you to ask. Yes, there is a rapture of certain saints. And yes, you are so raptured. But let us be clear to you. The rapture does not take you out from this life in this world. For you shall continue to live, but in a different area. For not all of this world shall fall under the control of the evil one. And I shall have My Masses continue undisturbed in the places I Am taking you to. And yes, I will rapture up all who truly serve Me and Who are Mine. They will not be allowed to miss even one Sunday obligation to Me. And who are Mine, do you ask? I consider those who do My will and keep themselves holy and clean as Mine. But as for the murderers, the sorcerers, the liars, the cheaters, and the thieves, these will be rejected and will be abandoned by Me when I take those who are Mine out from their midst.

As for the chastisements that shall befall the places from which I shall take away My elected chosen ones, yes, it will appear similar to what I did against Sodom. And as it was in the case for Lot’s wife, whosoever looks back at the things he is leaving behind, he shall also be left behind. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

(2) Lord, will I need to bring any documents or papers with me for when I am brought to this new location? Do I need to bring with me anything in this rapture? Or should I do this: Leave everything behind as it is and go as I am. Eric, when I rapture you, you are to go as you are. On that day, a person who is on the housetop and whose belongings are in the house must not go down to get them, and likewise a person in the field must not return to what is left behind. (Luke 17:31 & Matthew 24:17). As for your papers, realize that the places where I Am taking you to are cut off from this world. Only to Rome, to the Vatican City, do they remain in contact with.

(3) Lord, before Donald John Trump became President of the United States of America, he revealed that the goal of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is not about merely destroying the Jews, but of ultimately destroying Rome, and particularly, the Vatican City, for they wish to demolish Catholicism. And Trump said also that if he were elected President, that that would never happen. What saith Thou to that? And if the Vatican is ultimately destroyed, what becomes of the Catholic Churches in the places you shall bring your raptured people to, O’ Lord?

Yes, Lord Larimar, the Vatican City is destined to be ultimately destroyed. And the pope will be forced to flee Rome to be in a place where he will seek safety. But he will be caught and put to a cruel death. And then all the Cardinals and Bishops will then be summarily executed wherever they are found throughout the whole world. For there will be a direct attempt to break the chain of authority called Apostolic Succession. But in the place where I Am taking you to, there shall remain a bishop with the power to make priests. And he will make you a priest after your fifth child is born. For the bishops will have been given the authority to make married men priests. But these two rules remain unchangeable: Married priests may not have sex. And men who are already priests may never marry. Thus, from that point onward that you become a priest, you will practice continence with you wife, and no longer have sex with her. Amen.

As for Trump’s promise to protect the Vatican City, realize that his fruit is bad fruit. And that is how you are to know a true prophet from a false prophet. You look at their fruit. (Matthew 7:15-20).

(4) Lord, will we ever get another pope again, after the pope you spoke of is put to a cruel death and all the Cardinals and Bishops that are caught are put to death? And if so, will any of these be the next pope? Or will it be someone other than these:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

Will the next pope be one of these, or if not will you tell me who it shall be? Or will you tell me that there shall be no more popes after the one who is seated is killed in a cruel death? And Lord, how would the next pope be chosen? Would he be chosen by a vote from all the surviving bishops?

Very well, Lord Larimar. You have asked a question that will make you a direct prophet in the eyes of My people. Yes, a pope will come to power after this evil time comes to pass. Pope Francis, who currently sits in the Seat of Peter shall die. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will be put to a cruel death. And all the Cardinals and Bishops found in the Latin Church will be killed and tortured to death. I Who Am say these Words. As for the Cardinals in your list of four guesses, I have elected for one of them to be My next pope. And that one shall be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who I will make Pope John XXIV. He will survive the purge. As for the other Cardinals who survive, enough will survive to from a papal conclave. And these will gather in Rome to elect the next pope, sometime after all this tribulation has been completed. Amen.

(5) And Lord, after Pope John XXIV comes and is established as pope, does the end of the world soon follow? Or does the Age of the Church simply enter into a new dawn and a new Age comes upon the earth? In other words, Does Jesus return and usher in his Parousia soon after Pope John XXIV is made pope? Or should we expect another long line of popes and another long age of Mankind upon the earth?

Eric, I do not end time in this world until My Father decrees that the End has come. Until that unknown day and time comes, which cannot be predicted by any form of knowledge any person can have in this world or even in the current heaven, I can not reveal when I shall come. Hence, your question can only be answered in this way: Live each day as if it is your last, but prepare to live for a long time to come. For I do not and can never reveal when I shall come again.

Hence, all I will reveal to you is that after Cardinal Christoph Schönborn becomes Pope John XXIV, I have not ruled out there being other popes to follow him. Nor have I ruled out there being generations yet to come upon the earth. And when Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is in fact made pope, you should realize that sacramental life in the Catholic Church shall have been restored, and people will once again be receiving the sacraments publicly. And more people will indeed be entering into My Book of Life. Amen.

For the Catholic Church is a spiritual organization. It does not require the existence of physical buildings or artistic treasures in it to survive. Hence even if the Vatican City is razed to the ground and all My treasures are destroyed within it, My Catholic Church itself remains undestroyed. And it will be restored just as good as before, if not even better. For what does not kill you makes you stronger. Amen.

(6) Then, O’ Lord, am I commanded to study Latin, Koine Greek, and Nahuatl? Am I to translate the Latin Vulgate to Nahuatl? Am I to do those works or similar works? And if I am to do these works, will I do such in the Secret Sanctuary to which you shall take me? And if so, will I be given all the necessary requirements? Or what works will be My assignment while I live in the Secret Sanctuary? And what do You command me to do until I am taken there?

Eric, you have asked Me a wonderful question. Yes, I do make you a translator of My Latin Vulgate to other languages that shall be spoken in the lands to which I will be taking you to. And I will indeed provide you with all the reading materials and computing devices that you will need to carry out this translation work. And yes, I will have you master both Koine Greek and Classical Latin. Now, go, Eric. And this is My assignment for you to obey before I take you away from your current location to bring you to your new location. Study My Holy Scriptures. And read whatever I guide you to read. And increase your skills in Spanish. And now, you ask, is it to a Spanish speaking place that I Am taking you to? All I will tell you in advance is that Spanish will be useful to you wherever I do in fact take you.

(7) Here is my seventh question, O’ Lord. What are you willing to reveal to me about the girl you have chosen for me, O’ Lord and Master? Do you reveal her name? Or any name that she may have? Will you reveal anything in secret? Or do you reveal anything about her here on this website? Answer me this last of my seven questions, O’ Lord and Master. Amen.

The girl you are to receive is holy and humble. In the pattern of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, whom you vowed as always your superior, have We in heaven fashioned the one who is to be your wife, spiritually. By the same manner of thought and reason have we led her to her eternal vocation. And that she is to be your wife have we led her to hope. As to her hair color, her ethnicity, and her countenance, let that all be revealed to you in time. You do not need to know in advance who We have prepared for you, for when the time comes for you to receive her, We shall tell you what you need to know. Amen.

It is now done. Your seven questions are now answered. Go and prepare for your departure, but do not plan to take any of your possessions with you. For I will provide you with all that you need wherever that you are to go. Amen. Hence, it is a spiritual preparation that I order you to prepare yourself for. The physical shall take care of itself. Now go.

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