Eric speaks on a great many things

Only those who fear death fear the coronavirus. But it will be dispelled within two weeks from now, as Eric decreed one week ago. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have called Eric to speak on a great many things. First, let us speak of President Donald John Trump. What is his judgement do you say, O’ Eric the wise? For I have anointed you to serve as Judge with Me, seated with Me on My throne.

First of all, Trump is the incarnation of lies, deceptions, greed, malice, pride, vainglory, lust, calumny, slander, theft, gluttony, corruption, and murder. His fate is to be tortured forever in the hottest fire in the deepest torture chamber in hell. And Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is to be put along side him one torture chamber up. They are to hear each other’s screams and howls of torture, but denied the ability to communicate. And I judge this to be their eternal fate, O’ Lord. Amen.

Well done, My good and faithful servant. For you have judged with justice and compassion. And now I, the Lord God, King of kings and Lord of lords, will decree My Judgement on Trump and his Presidential Administration.

President Donald John Trump is hereby declared stone dead. His heart is decreed to stop its flow of blood. His body is decreed to become pale, as that of a corpse. In a casket is Trump to depart from the Oval Office. And then let Eric’s Judgement take place on his soul in hell. Leave nothing that Eric has decreed out of Trump’s eternal penalty in hell. Such My Word. I Who Am Am.

Now, let us speak on Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. You disgraced dog! You howling liar! Who appointed you to lead a country? Come down from your perch, you maggot. And be beaten to a pulp in your place in hell for all eternity. You are worth less than a dog; a dead dog lying in a ditch covered with maggots is worth more than you! You wanted Crimea. Come and enter into it. And then fall headlong into a ditch with your insides spilling out (Acts 1:18). That is My decree for you, Maggot of Russia. God, the Almighty, has spoken.

Now, let us address the pope, Pope Francis. For I have Words to say unto thee. I have observed your ways. And I have found your ways to be unholy. You have sacrificed My underground Catholic Church in China for a mere piece of paper and a false peace. And you have sown confusion in My Church as to whether divorced people who are remarried, and therefore are in adultery, should receive communion. You have given tacit permission for any bishop to interpret your ambiguity on the question as a yes, when I say it is a No! No, no one may receive Me if they are unlawfully married in the sight of My Catholic Church. And only a sacramental marriage do I recognize as lawful.

Furthermore, while I permit My priests to walk with sinners to bring them to Me, I do not permit My priests to water down My statutes and decrees to allow for sinful behavior nor to permit those in mortal sin to approach My table of communion. Homosexuals in the Church, what is My statement on these people? I do not cast homosexuals out of My Church, but I demand that homosexuality be cast out of the homosexual if he is to walk My Way. I do not expect the homosexual to be perfect, but I require him to always seek that state of perfection. Therefore, any permission given to the homosexual to remain in his homosexuality is a mortal sin. And hence, the pastor or priest who speaks in favor of homosexual unions commits sin that is of grave matter. Only by turning to follow My example will anyone be able to enter into eternal life. And is not this the underlying goal of anyone wishing to enter My Church? Since this is so, why, Pope Francis, have you lowered the bar for practicing My religion to the level that does not lead to salvation in My Kingdom? Because you have done this and because you never answered the Dubia demanded of you by My faithful servant Cardinals, I hereby declare your papacy to end soon. However, let all My Catholic Church remember what I, Jesus, have said: (Matthew 23:1-3) Because of the Seat he sits in, he may not be treated with disrespect. Do, therefore, everything he says, but do not do as he does. But as for you, Pope Francis, the blood of those who entered into mortal sin because of your misdeeds is all upon your head and the heads of those who willingly did that evil with you. That is why blood shall flow in the Vatican. And though you may seek to escape it, you will nevertheless be caught. And painful will be your passage from this earth to come to be judged before Me, your most Just Judge.

Now, let us address the Senate Republicans, those who had the power to cast out Donald John Trump, but did not. And we shall also speak of Mitt Romney, who stood by Me on this issue. Senate Republicans, who do you serve? Is it God? Is it your nation? No, you serve a man, and the number of the name of that man is 666. Hence, on your forehead is now that number, 666. If you don’t believe me, just look in a mirror, and you will see Satan looking back at you and laughing, for he has you now. He owns you. You signed your souls over to him by not taking the stand with Me against that Antichrist. Now, as for Mitt Romney, because he is a man of exemplary courage and Presidential stature, I will place him on the 2020 Ballot at the Republican Convention. President Trump will be dead and pushing up daisies. And there will be no one to oppose this nomination. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to this nation.

Now, let us address Queen Elizabeth of the British Monarchy. You are a mere figure whose only job is to reign, or appear to reign. You really make no decisions. Hence, you are a figurehead. It really matters not who is Monarch of the British Monarchy. And yet, I have chosen your successor. And he will be King Philip. And who is the Prince who will take this regnal name, you ask? Your eldest son, Prince Charles, will assume the throne after you step down. And he will be called King Philip. Now, gather up your gear and flee from your palace, for the coronavirus is coming, and it will render you unfit to serve as Monarch anymore. I, the Lord, have decided this. Amen.

And as for the Republic of Ireland, you have sought to have Northern Ireland restored to you. Now it shall take place. For Northern Ireland is splitting from the United Kingdom, and they will seek a place in the European Union and to have a closer tie to the other Ireland on the same island. They will seek to be of the same country as the Republic of Ireland is. Doing such will streamline their entrance back into the EU, which is what they want. Prepare for this to occur, and you shall get your wish. And Ireland shall henceforth refer to the whole island from that point onward. Amen.

Now, let us speak of India, that poor, highly populated nation, where My Catholic Church is active and legally allowed there and thriving. And the people of India are hard working and technologically highly skilled. They are not backward as are the peoples of Africa. Hence, I Am converting those who follow Me in India and transplanting them into East Africa. And I give you this order and decree: Take over East Africa, subdue the Africans, and force them to submit to your will. And I will have the Indian culture to be made dominant throughout all of eastern Africa. Those who live in Africa, and who dwell in sin, woe unto you. For I Am replacing you all your brethren with immigrants from India. Amen. Africa, hence, will be renamed, New India. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, as for the people of China, realize that Trump is singling you out because he needs a scapegoat to blame his failures on. Trump cannot handle blame or guilt. Therefore, you shall be pleased to see his death and destruction in America. I know that the Catholics of China are heavily persecuted by their anti-Catholic totalitarian government. But I have a hope to give unto you. I Am breaking the Chinese government and overthrowing it. Those who take the opportunity given to follow Me, your Lord Jesus Christ, correctly, into the Catholic Church, will find salvation and freedom. But short lived shall be your time of freedom. Remember Russia under Yeltsin. And after that time of freedom comes to an end, I will judge you and subject you to another dictatorship. For the Chinese people are unworthy of a free democracy, as is found in India. Amen.

Now I shall judge Canada. The Canadian government has embraced homosexual rights at the expense the rights of freedoms of religions, whose tenets righteously condemn such abominable behaviors in society. Because of this, the word, “Canada” is now synonymous with the act of a man sticking his penis up another man’s anus. The word Canada and Sodom are now synonyms. And they will have the same destructive fate.

Now, what is the destructive fate of the coronavirus, you ask? It will wreck the economies of the whole world unnecessarily. Had the sickness been allowed to spread naturally, those who were destined to die would be dead, and the living would continue living with little damage done to the economy. But since those who were destined to die were unwilling to die, they will drag the economy down with them as they get flushed down the toilet into the sewer that empties out into hell. For no one can escape My sentence of death. And will there be a cure to this disease, O’ Lord? As it is the case with all diseases, there are always those who are immune, or those who gain immunity. And the immunity will become more and more prevalent with each recurrence of the disease. But do not think that you can control sickness or disease, And whatever nation thinks they can will merely destroy and wreck their economies in that attempt.

Therefore, let the disease run rampant and stop trying to stop its spread. And let those who are to die from it die from it. Those nations who follow this advice will end up with a population mostly immune to this disease. And never think that you can keep from Me any person you don’t want Me to claim by death. For My reach goes through walls, through locked doors, and deep into buried bunkers miles beneath the surface of the earth. No one can escape My destructive wrath. And no one can stop Me from taking the life of whomsoever I choose to take the life from. Now, listen to Me. Let those who are to die die. And then go back to be about your business. And society will continue. But if you attempt to keep yourself from being infected, you will fail. Amen.

And one last thing I will utter to you. Eric has decreed for the coronavirus to come to an end. And it will come to an end within two weeks, for Eric decreed on March 12th that the coronavirus be dispelled within three weeks. And that decree was made one week ago to the day. And I, the Lord, have given My servant Eric the power to issue decrees. Amen.

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