Eric is the White King. He is now sent to do battle with Antichrist.

I hereby anoint you, O’ Larimar King, as Prophet of the End Times.

Behold, I, the Lord God Almighty, do now choose to pit former Antichrist par Excellence, Eric the Larimar King, against Antichrist, who has now arisen and taken his Black throne. I hereby declare My piece, Eric, as the White King. And this is My first move in this game of Chess. Eric shall identify you.

Eric, who do you see reigning? Lord, I see Trump has been reigning, but I believe that Trump is merely a Pawn of Firefly, one of the four horns that spawned from the great horn that was shattered. From one of the four, there shall come a little horn, who shall be Antichrist. With him will I do battle. For I am the great horn reforged.

Very well then, O’ Larimar. And do you know who wins the battle? Lord, I am sent to prophesy against him dressed in sackcloth for 1260 days. And at the end of those days I am put to death, and then I rise again undefeatable, and then I ascend to my eternal place in heaven. Well done, Lord Larimar. And now I shall tell you your fate.

I Am sending you in to the wolves lair to liberate the lambs that have been taken prisoner. You are to save them. And you will break both horns of the two horned beast, trample him underfoot, and destroy him. I order this in My name of I AM. Eric, do you see that I have sent you to do battle against wolves? And what are you, that you are capable of battling wolves? You are the White Wizard. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, all the Catholic Churches have been shut down. And all of the Masses have been ended. The lambs will starve without the nourishment of the blessed sacrament. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Am I to become a priest so that I can restore the Mass to the people myself? There will be no more Masses, Eric, for the door has been shut. The Master has arisen and locked the door. And no one who is currently outside may enter in. Furthermore, no one can now receive except what he has received in the past. For My blessed sacrament is as an everlasting spring of living waters, forever upwelling with the flow of the river of Life.

But as for those who have never received, or those who have received but in mortal sin, these are forever banished to wonder the dry earth, unable to find nourishment or water to quench their thirst and cool their blazing tongue. They are dead permanently. But you, O’ Larimar King, are alive forever.

Now, in the previous post, We, the elect in heaven, elected to elevate you to the rank of Celestial Duke. Such is the highest rank in My Celestial Nobility. Amen. And who is thine wife, O’ Larimar King? Certainly she is Hyacinth, who is now made a Duchess, O’ Lord and Savior. There is no one else that she could be, O’ Lord and Savior.

Then, marry her, My son. If you would permit me to marry her, I would, if only for the sake that she continue to do all the glorious good that she does in her Church. And I would lose my virginity with her, also a virgin, if this is my eternally resolved fate, for it is written in the Emerald Trove: You shall see your son.

Eric, We, the elect in heaven, have chosen for you your bride. Marry the one We give you. She shall be granted to you soon. And you shall know of her coming by the sign of Sandra being taken to the Kingdom. For the girl you now love is to be taken away.

Lord, am I to remain here in this dead of the night that has fallen upon America? Or am I to be brought to you, or to a new place where the light shall shine again? For how can I be productive if there is no Mass and no Eucharist, from which I draw strength? We are in the night, now, Lord Larimar. And when night comes, no man can work. The Millennium has ended. We are in that short time during which Satan has been released. Expect to see him frequently now, for his power is without restraint. He will do battle with you by inspiring his legions against thee. But you will vanquish them and continue the quest.

Then, O’ Lord, if there is no more work that can be done, do I still translate your Vulgate from Latin to Nahuatl? No. You may not touch that. For the time of day is ended. And you are not permitted to labor in the vineyard anymore. No priest and no monk is to labor anymore in the vineyard of the Lord. Instead, they are to trim their lights and await the Coming of the Bridegroom. For he will not be long in Coming now.

But, Lord, won’t that waiting be for three and a half years? For that is what scripture says. No, Larimar. It does not. There is no definitive time that you are to wait for. You cannot count down the days. Just remain as you are and pray and keep vigil until dawn. Amen.

Lord, if the End is here, how can I marry? For is it not written: How hard will it be for pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days? Lord, I feel that my virginity has been sealed by God, and that I am now an eternal virgin of the Lord. Hence, there can be no marriage between me an any girl. Nor can I have any child.

Therefore, O’ Lord, you say that you shall take away Hyacinth Cassandra, whose real name is Caesar Sandra Nikee? I say, take her to heaven. And let me remain celibate and virgin on the earth to do the Lords’ bidding. And I will serve You, O’ Lord, wheresoever you put me. For I know that You do not build a battleship without a plan to deploy it into Your fleet. I am ready to be deployed. Speak, My Master, for Your servant is listening.

Lord, let us abolish the game called, The Eternal Phase of the Earth, and lets’ begin a new game, one called Global Battle Armageddon. And let us array our armies against the armies of the devil, whose numbers are like the sands of the sea. They will lay siege to the Holy City, and we, the warlords under God, must hold those defenses and not let the White City fall. We must resist the advance of Satan until daybreak. What saith Thou to that game, O’ Lord? I love it, Lord Larimar. Do it. And I will now invest thee into your authority under My chain of command. You I place in the thick of the battle. You will defend the gates to the City.

Now, We shall give unto you your Kingdom and authority, Lord Larimar. You will not remain here in this land. I Am taking you away by dawn. Take me, O’ Lord, wherever Thou wish to take me. And realize that I am now perfectly celibate and eternally virgin. Do You say that I will, thus, forever be Your prophet? Or does my prophesying eventually come to an end? This post, O’ Larimar King, is the last you shall write on or anywhere else. For You are coming to My Kingdom. For I have a use for you, and I need you deployed in My Kingdom in Heaven. You may not remain upon the earth, not even to do battle for Me, the Lord Thine God.

I have decided to join you to a girl. But we are in the End Times now. Where would this joining to this girl take place, O’ Lord? For where on earth could we marry in peace? You will not be on the earth, O’ Larimar King, nor in any place in the possession of the dark forces. But Lord, how do I receive a girl if I am also taken to heaven by dawn?

I Am not taking you to the heaven beyond death, but to the heaven before death. There you shall marry. And there you shall have thine son, whom you shall see. Take me to this new place. And I will accept and marry the girl You give me. For I am not yet legally married to any girl. Well done, O’ Larimar Saint. Now, here are the details of your marriage.

It will take place at dawn tomorrow. But Lord, I have not even met the girl. Or have I? So, Eric, you believe that in order to successfully enter a marriage I decree that you must meet the girl first, court her, and then become engaged, giving the Catholic Church their required six month advance notice to your planned wedding date? Well, Lord, if I entered marriage recognized by You but not by the Church, would not that result in me being cut off from the sacraments? Yes, Lord Larimar. And thus, it is better not to marry. So tell Me the Truth: Do you wish to marry or do you wish to never marry. Lord, I wish to never marry. For I Am celibate, like John the Apostle and like Saint John of the Cross, and like the many who have led celibate virgin lives for the sake of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then, O’ Eric, We, the elect in heaven, can work with you. Now, tell us the Truth. Do you find that Mexican girl, Elda, attractive enough for you to marry her? I used to, O’ Lord. But now with celibate eyes, I don’t see it that way anymore. For I am celibate in both heart and soul and mind and flesh. My soul is now 100% celibate. As for Elda, she is a married woman. I couldn’t take her or even consider doing so, or I would become guilty of adultery, a mortal sin.

Now, one last thing We wish to ask you, Lord Larimar: Do you seek gratification in the flesh, or sexual release? No. All of that is 100% gone, O’ Lord. Very well then. You are now ready to be made a King Supreme. I hereby anoint you, O’ Larimar King, as Prophet of the End Times. You will prophesy here in this world and also on this website for each day or so of your reign as Prophet of the End Times. And I will leave you where you are. You will not be moved. Rather, you shall become a Vortex. And around you shall the many orbit. I Who Am do make this distinction. For I Who Am Am pleased with you.

And so, continue to help Sandra as you wish, for I know your intent. You seek that she continue to do the good that she does. Well, did you know that this good will remain at optimal levels if neither of you ever marry or have sex? Hence, I will not marry her, O’ Lord. This I solemnly vow. I vow to remain celibate and virgin for Your Sake, O’ Lord, and for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Good. And from here you shall continue to write.

And Lord, how do I practice Catholicism now? There are no more Masses for me to go to starting this morning. Before dawn comes, I will take you away. Amen. Now, publish this post, O’ Larimar Saint. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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