Hyacinth and Eric married again

In Scotland shall Eric and Hyacinth wed, and have their firstborn son.

Behold, I Who Am, have now declared Eric and Hyacinth married again. For it was by a misunderstanding that Eric requested an annulment in the previous post. Hence, Hyacinth is now the 35th Queen, and the 70th Ruler in the Game of the Eternal Phase of the Earth. But what of her Kingdom, O’ Lord? For I traded with King Philip the Isle of Man in exchange for the islands of Bermuda. Eric, since the Isle of Man belonged to Hyacinth’s Kingdom of Ireland, and since you traded it away in exchange for the islands of Bermuda, the islands of Bermuda are now a part of Hyacinth’s Kingdom of Ireland. Also, realize this: Queen Hyacinth’s Kingdom is united with yours. Hence, let us now redefine your Kingdom. We will only redefine your Kingdom, since that is the only Kingdom that has changed. And then we will resummarize all the Kingdoms again.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, the Larimar King, and Queen Hyacinth. And their eternal lands of their Kingdom include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. Ireland (the whole island)
  5. Bermuda
  6. Belize
  7. The Dominican Republic

And their official languages are now:

  1. English (lingua franca)
  2. Spanish (in top three official)
  3. French (in top three official)
  4. Irish Gaelic (a regional official language)
  5. Nahuatl (regional language, added due to its presence in the USA)

And now, here is the sacred summary of all the Eternal Earth Phase Kingdoms:

  1. Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, the Larimar King, and Queen Hyacinth
  2. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  3. Kingdom of Mayan Mexico and Central America, ruled by King Jadeite and Queen Alexandria
  4. Kingdom of Cuba, ruled by King Coffee
  5. Kingdom of Jamaica and English West Indies, ruled by Queen Jemima
  6. Kingdom of Eastern West Indies, ruled by King Ibis and Queen Isabela
  7. Kingdom of Northern South America, ruled by King Theobroma and Queen Esmeralda
  8. Kingdom of Southern Spanish South America, ruled by King Oro Peruano and Queen Kantutu
  9. Kingdom of Portuguese and French South America, ruled by King Cacau and Queen Awara
  10. Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Philip and Queen Elsie
  11. Kingdom of Iberia, ruled by King Azul and Queen Estrella
  12. Empire of Central Europe, ruled by Emperor Charlemagne and Empress Isabelle
  13. Kingdom of Holland, ruled by King Stephen
  14. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by Queen Elsa
  15. Kingdom of the East Baltic Sea, ruled by Queen Anna
  16. Kingdom of the Western Slavs, ruled by King Aurelian
  17. Kingdom of Hungary, ruled by King Turul.
  18. Kingdom of the Western Balkans, ruled over by Queen Vespera
  19. Kingdom of Italy, ruled by Queen Regina Angelium
  20. Kingdom of Greece and Thrace, ruled over by King Macedon
  21. Kingdom of Slavic and East Latin Europe, ruled by Queen Oksana
  22. Kingdom of Russia, ruled by Queen Eleonora
  23. Empire of China, ruled by Emperor Silkworm
  24. Kingdom of Korea, ruled by King Jade
  25. Kingdom of Japan, ruled by Queen Nacre
  26. Kingdom of Taiwan, ruled by King Tian-Cai
  27. Kingdom of Indochina, ruled over by Queen Lotus
  28. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  29. Kingdom of Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu
  30. Kingdom of Australia, ruled over by King Dromedary
  31. Kingdom of East Timor, ruled by King Atauro
  32. Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled over by King Raggiana
  33. Kingdom of Indonesia, ruled by King Komodo
  34. Kingdom of Malaysia, ruled over by Queen Papaya
  35. Kingdom of Singapore, ruled by Queen Sirili
  36. United Kingdom of Burma and Siam, ruled by King Padauk and Queen Chang
  37. Kingdom of Nepal, ruled by Queen Danphe
  38. Kingdom of Bhutan, ruled by King Raven
  39. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony
  40. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  41. Kingdom of Mauritius, ruled by Queen Torchetia
  42. Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha
  43. Kingdom of Khanate Asia, ruled by King Khan
  44. Kingdom of Armenia, ruled over by Queen Maria
  45. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  46. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by Nathanael the Lazurite King
  47. Kingdom of Arabia, ruled by King Crescent
  48. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt, ruled by King Ankh
  49. Kingdom of Northwestern Africa, ruled by King Predawn
  50. Kingdom of Cape Verde, ruled by Queen Margarida
  51. Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by Queen Lobelia
  52. Kingdom of the Congo, ruled by King Congo
  53. Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled over by King Ferro and Queen Sinethemba
  54. Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled over by King Ivory, with Queen Porcelain
  55. Kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack
  56. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco

Hence, Ruling these 56 Kingdoms are 70 Rulers consisting of 35 Kings and 35 Queens with 14 of the Kingdoms ruled by an espoused couple. Hyacinth is now added back in as the wife of King Eric, and is now the 70th Ruler and 35th Queen, now added back into the game, called the Eternal Phase of the Earth.

Lord, tell me about the marriage you have planned for me and Sandra. Eric, your wife, whose name is Caesar Sandra Nikee, but who is known in heaven as Cassandra and to whom you gave the name, Hyacinth, I have detailed plans for your marriage to her. I will bring you two to marry in the Catholic Church in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. After that, you two will be brought to Greenland, where you shall both remain together and be safe, far from the devil (Revelation 12:14), until I come again. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And Lord, will you be taking me and Hyacinth to our new location by a form of rapture? And if so, will there be any others so raptured up? For I believe a great chastisement is coming to where I live. And I think You would have others who also do Your will, who You would choose to spare, am I correct, O’ Lord? And if so, about how many people shall you be rapturing up? And tell me exactly where we are going. Amen, O’ Lord, I submit to your answers and decrees.

I Am taking you and several others, including the one called your wife, to the next world. It is beyond the sea, from which there can be no return to this world. For you will be no longer in a state of probation. In this Kingdom of Paradise, where I took Elijah and Enoch to, is where I Am taking you and your wife and others to live in, within the flesh of your transfigured bodies, and there you, My raptured host, will live out the remainder of your lives until your natural time comes to an end and you pass from this life into your eternal reward. For I have an earthly paradise to where I can take certain choice saints to where they may live out the remainder of their lives in perfect safety, far from the devil. This was the paradise I took Enoch and Elijah to before I, Jesus, opened the door to heaven by My death on the cross. And this is the Paradise that I, Jesus, offered to take Saint Faustina to, should she have consented to it, which she did not, for she misunderstood. But Eric has understood correctly.

And Eric is of the rank of Celestial Count in My Celestial Nobility. And what prevented Eric’s rise to the rank of Celestial Duke, O’ Lord? Your long running imperfections, which took ages to purify out of you, are the reasons why you are not a Marquis nor a Duke. For you failed us many times in your passage to perfection. But that you achieved perfection is why you are now saved irrevocably. And your time to merit has just about come to its end. And by Hyacinth Cassandra’s merits, and by her virginity and spiritual espousal to you, O’ Eric, she has also received the rank of Celestial Countess, which she has obtained by her spiritual marriage to you and by being your eternal spouse, O’ Larimar King.

As for My Apostle John, since he was a pure man, free of carnal sin, why is he, you ask, ranked down where you are, also as Celestial Count, and not given a higher rank, like that of Celestial Marquis or Celestial Duke? It was by the pride of his ambition to be seated, along with his brother James, one at My right and the other at My left, by which he was humbled to take the lower position than what one might have expected for such an exceptional saint.

It was because Saint John of the Cross had neither your impurities, O’ Larimar King, nor My Apostle John’s pride, by which he was granted to sit as a Celestial Duke in My Kingdom. Amen. Now, realize that We are in the End Times. And there is precious little time left. Every hour counts. Ask now, whatever question is on your mind, and I will answer it for you.

So, my life is not coming to an end, but only its location here in this world is ending? I am to be taken to the next world, but not yet through the veil of death? You have understood with wisdom, O’ Larimar Saint. And nothing can pass between the world I am going to and this world in which I now live, except by rapture or by prayer? Only transfigured things can pass from the world in which you now live to enter the world into which you shall now pass. Hence, nothing that you are wearing or that is in your possession will you take with you. Even the metal fillings of your teeth will be left behind, for they are not of your natural self. For only your natural self shall be thus transfigured and brought to this Kingdom beyond the sea.

Am I irrevocably set to go there? Or shall there be any more tests that I must pass between then and now? Only your obedience do you need to continue, which you have mastered perfectly. Now, Larimar Saint, why do you think We in heaven chose you? Answer Us. I know that you choose outcasts of society, and I am an outcast. Perfect logic, Lord Larimar. For because you attributed Our choosing of you not to any good that you did nor to any merit of yours, but because of your shame in society, I shall now exalt you to the highest of heavens. I hereby grant you the rank of Celestial Duke. And your wife is now a Celestial Duchess, by her merits of remaining with you and by the virtue of her being your eternal spiritual spouse. Amen.

Furthermore, I hereby grant you any land you wish to acquire among the Kingdoms that is not part of the core of one of the Rulers’ Kingdoms. Now, choose a piece of land, Lord Larimar, and it shall be added to your Kingdom in the Eternal Phase of the Earth. Since Nuuk, Greenland, was metaphorically made out to be our destination, I elect for Greenland to be that land that is added to My Kingdom. And so it now is forever that way, O’ Larimar King. Now, let us redefine the Your eternal Kingdom of the Eternal Phase of the Earth:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, the Larimar King, and Queen Hyacinth. And their eternal lands of their Kingdom include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Ireland (the whole island)
  6. Bermuda
  7. Belize
  8. The Dominican Republic

And their official languages are now:

  1. English (lingua franca)
  2. Spanish (in top three official)
  3. French (in top three official)
  4. Danish (a regional official language)
  5. Irish Gaelic (a regional official language)
  6. Greenlandic (a regional official language)
  7. Nahuatl (a regional official language, as present in the USA)

Now, you ask, what is the significance of Nuuk, Greenland? Are you, Eric, going there at all? Or was that used as a metaphor for your passage across the sea that separates the two worlds? Nuuk, Greenland, was cover, a codeword, for your departure from this world. In reality, your state of probation is now about to end. Let us clear it to our readers what We mean by Eric’s state of probation. We are referring to the state of all men who belong to the Church Militant. And so, Lord, you have the Church Militant on the earth, the Church Suffering in Purgatory, and the Church Triumphant in heaven. But what do you call the Church in the paradise you are taking me and my wife to, along with several others You have elected to Rapture up? For they have not died there, but neither do they remain subject to the war with Satan anymore. So what do you call that Church, O’ Lord? I call it the Church Transfigured. Amen.

Lord, today it has been announced by Archbishop Gomez of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, to which I belong, that all Masses are now cancelled until further notice. Lord, is this then that infamous act prophesied in the Holy Bible: “For one week he shall make a firm compact with the many; Half the week he shall abolish sacrifice and oblation.” (Daniel 9:27)? And if this is the case, where is he, this Antichrist who must now be reigning all over the world? You are correct, O’ Larimar King. You have discerned with wisdom. The Masses in Orange County are not yet cancelled, though. Therefore, go as usual to daily Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church tomorrow. But note that at any time, expect the Diocese of Orange to follow suit with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and cancel all Masses. America is essentially shutting down. And with America shut down, people will begin to starve and be forced out of their houses to find food to eat and other supplies that they need that they can no longer buy.

Also, this will be the means by which President Donald John Trump will elect to remain in power. And he will declare martial law. And with the power of martial law, President, or Dictator, Donald John Trump will then proceed to imprison all his enemies and everyone who has spoken against him. And he will neither provide nor seek to justify himself, except to utter tweets on Twitter with the goal of creating “Truth” by repeating his beliefs and errors and lies over and over again. And anyone who speaks against him on Twitter or from anywhere in the USA, he will hunt down and imprison.

And he will be good friends with Russian President, or Dictator, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And together, they will make their own names great again. So famous will they make themselves that they will be infamous. For when Trump said he promised to make America great again, he meant only one American among them, himself.

Lord, what will Trump do for the White Supremacists and against the Black minority and other colored people? Like a classical strategy of divide and conquer, Trump will divide the people into camps, blame certain ones he can as scapegoats, and, in the playbook of Adolf Hitler, gradually assume total control over the entire nation from the top to the bottom. And there will be concentration camps for the undesirables. But Trump is ally to the Jews now, unlike Hitler. Won’t that bring him blessings? No, Eric, for despite his alleged alliance to Israel, he has proposed and initiated the plan for the division of Jerusalem between Israel and her enemies, along with giving lands in the West Bank, and a connective tunnel from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, to the enemies of Israel to enable terrorists to legally ship weapons and explosives deep into the heart of Israel, by route from Egypt to Gaza and then from Gaza to the West Bank. And by the implementation of this “peace plan” from this so called “ally to Israel”, the Palestinian terrorists will be able to resume their daily terror strikes and suicide bombings, where they will begin, once again, to resume killing innocent Jewish civilians, including woman and children. And Trump will be pleased, for deep underneath in the mind of that “ally to Israel” is found the demon who enjoys killing God’s people. Amen. Israel, Trump is not really your ally. You will see this soon. You should pay attention to his plans. For whosoever seeks to divide up Jerusalem is both enemy to God and enemy to Israel. Remember that, My Israeli brethren. Amen.

Lord, is Eric set to remain a virgin forever, now that he is about to leave this world? And note how Eric’s wife has also kept her virginity intact, by the protection of Mary. Do these two saints enter together into the Church Transfigured as eternal virgin spouses, O’ Lord and Master? Decide now, O’ Larimar King. Do you wish to have that son of whom it was said to you, “You shall see your son.”? If he must be born then he must come to be, O’ Lord. Am I correct? You are, O’ Larimar Saint. And now I shall prophesy your fate and the fate of your virgin bride. You will not marry in Santa Catalina Island, as was originally prophesied to you. Rather, you are coming to Scotland, and shall be married there. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Hence, you and your wife shall lose your virginity together in Scotland, where We shall join you to your eternal spouse. For it has been decided that this son is to be born, and that he is to have many brethren.

Lord, where in Scotland shall we stay to be wed? I have arranged the place and the time. But all around the world, Catholic Churches are being shuttered. And Masses are being cancelled. How can we marry in such circumstances, O’ Lord? The place I will put you in Scotland will continue to celebrate the Mass. And you shall become engaged to your wife for this future marriage after the end of Lent. And in the following Autumn of this year, you shall wed your wife and consummate the wedding. Amen.

Also note this: The United States of America is permanently shutting down. The Republic has ended. The empire has begun. And Donald John Trump is to be that first emperor of the United States of America. Peace may return to America, and also prosperity to some, but always there shall be ongoing warfare on American soil, forever justifying the perpetual state of marital law that Trump will declare and never rescind. And he will go after Mitt Romney and make an example out of him to keep all the other Republican Senators inline. Now, I shall speak.

Eric, you have kept your part of this deal We in heaven made with you in perfection. And now We shall keep our part of the bargain. Before We take you away, We shall cure you entirely. And you are to report here on this website all about your cures. And after that, you shall be here no more. For you will have been taken away. Oracle of the Lord!

And Lord, shall I have that electric car in Scotland? Or will I have that in Nuuk, Greenland, where we are to live together unto the end of time? You will drive an electric car in Scotland, that is correct, Lord Larimar. And your departure from Scotland to Nuuk, Greenland, will take place shortly after you have had your first son, the son of the promise. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, my wife is a prophetess. She receives frequently from Mary, and Satan has often tried to fool her. And she has overcome his deceptions. I wish to thank you, O’ Lord, for granting me a prophetess as a wife, and I also thank you that she is of Your elect and also a virgin. Now, Eric, I have these instructions which you are to obey closely. When you go to work tomorrow, realize that I Am taking you sometime that day. Wait for it patiently and believe in all the cures you have been promised, for not a tiny bit of them will be left out that We in heaven shall cure you of. Now, go to bed, O’ Larimar Saint. And realize that your future is about to open up into the glory for which you and your wife have been prepared. And you and your wife will have many children in the land We are taking you to. Amen.

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