That Blacks have it harder than Whites is a Myth

Eric is My chosen Ruler over you, and I send him to terrify you. Oracle of the Lord!

Hello peoples of the world, I am Eric, writing to you about things I feel I must now say. Let us begin with the myth that is constantly spread by the left saying that Blacks have it harder than Whites. There are certain problems with this statement. First, there are no credible scientific studies done on this claim that back it up. It is a sheer opinion based a some inner held beliefs having no factual basis. And furthermore, if someone actually sends you a study or a survey, ask him to specify by what rule he used to distinguish White from Black. And he will be unable to provide one for you. For it you are getting a study done based on self identification of Blackhood or Whitehood, you have a unprofessional piece of work that is basically worthless. And if you define people as Blacks or Whites by how they look, that also is hogwash.

Hence, any study that says words like, “The Blacks have or earn such and such less than Whites”, but makes no mention on where they draw the line between what is Black and what is White, then by what basis can they declare what they declare? And the simple fact is that all this race stuff is simple hogwash perpetrated by people who thrive on dividing Americans and by stoking racial conflicts. The bottom line is that being Black in America is a misnomer. There is no such thing. People who identify with being Black and thereby blame that for everything bad that happens to themselves are suffering from self inflicted wounds.

Therefore, let’s do away with the unprofessional concepts of “Black” and “White”, and speak of the Truth. People get ahead or fall behind, not because their skin has a certain color, or they have certain ethnic facial features, but because of their own attitudes, their own self image, and their own determination to make it. Hence, if you find difficulty landing a job, resist the temptation to blame it on the prejudices of your interviewers. Resist the temptation to believe that other peoples, races, or colors have it easier than you. For that path is the path of hatred. And if you are coming into an interview with an attitude of hatred or indignation, you certainly should not expect that interviewer or employer to choose to hire you.

I have seen in my employment experience, people who would identify with being Black in solid employment positions and getting ahead in life, no different from White people getting ahead. And in conversing with a successful Black woman, I learned that she was happily married and with children. And I bet many of these Black people have continued on in their careers and continued achieving their goals.

All this, “Blacks have it so bad and Whites have it so good,” is a myth and a dangerous myth in that it sets people against each other. It sets it to seem that Whites unlawfully have the wealth that some of them have. And it sets Black people into being the perpetual victims of White racism, which is a completely untrue myth. And there are no factual studies or numbers to back up such mythical claims. By the sheer impossibility of defining what is White and what is Black makes obtaining such a number or performing such a study highly subjective, that is, based on sheer racial bias and prejudged feelings rather than on any hard facts.

Now, let us put this question to God. For I am a prophet. And I have direct access to God, Who speaks to me and commands me to speaks. What proceeded this were my own writings. Now God shall speak. Lord, what saith Thou to these things that I have said. Am I correct or incorrect. Correct me in my errors. And set me straight. What saith Thou to what I have said so far, O’ Lord?

Eric, now I shall speak. You are correct not to go to another girl, but to remain with your girlfriend Hyacinth Cassandra. Neither she nor you have died. And you were right to help her in the manner that you did. So hear, Me, O’ Lord Larimar, as I declare My judgement on you. I judge you as a capable man. And I will make your position in this world firm.

You will marshal your armies and defeat the Black heathen nations. You will conquer them and subdue them. And in chains of slavery shall you force them to serve your nation and your people in forced labor. For with the Black nations of this world Am I displeased. I gave My African Americans many things, and they have instead turned their heel against Me. Therefore, through you I shall resubject them back into forced servitude. If they will not serve Me and obey Me as freemen, then they will serve Me and obey Me as slaves.

Remember, O’ Larimar servant, about the O. J. Simpson verdict, where an obviously guilty murderer was intentionally acquitted in his murder of his divorced wife, Nicole Brown, and her adulterous lover, Ron Goldman. This case was clear and obvious that O. J. Simpson killed his divorced wife and her adulterous lover. Why, then, was there clear jubilation among the vast majority of African Americans that O. J. Simpson was unjustly acquitted of the murders? Let us look at their races. O. J. Simpson was identified as Black. Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, a Jew, were identified as White. Hence, the African American people were jubilant that one of their own had gotten away with murder of two White people. And this was not just a handful of a few bad Black apples. It was virtually the entire African American community who dipped their hands into this murder of Nicole Brown and her lover, Ron Goldman, and partook in it.

Hence, O’ Larimar Saint, by that communal act of sharing in the guilt of that murder, I had condemned that entire generation of the African American race. But now, with the Blacks in near unanimity in supporting Biden, who clearly represents a return to the filth and evils and murders and abominations done by Obama, I have now thoroughly vomited out the African American man from My mouth. So hear Me, O’ Larimar King! The American Blacks from Africa will indeed be utterly wiped out and destroyed.

But Lord, there are at most just 48 years left before Your return. That means just a single generation left for these people to be wiped out. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are correct, O’ Larimar King. As We approach My Second Coming, you will find that the African American people will have become rare. For I will have wiped them out.

Lord, I believe that long term, the Blacks could be wiped out, but I do not believe that they could be wiped out completely in a mere generation or two that we have left. But tell me where I err, O’ Lord, and I will submit to Your ruling. Eric, I have already wiped the vast majority of them out by excluding them from communion with My Catholic Church. For whosoever is not in that communion is dead and has been wiped out. For there is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. And what percentage of Americans are Catholic in the USA? 22%. And what percentage of African Americans are Catholic? 5%. Hence, now do you see how I have wiped them out? See this article from which comes this quote below:

“While blacks are more likely than whites to be Protestant or Muslim, they are significantly less likely to be Catholic. Only 5% of blacks say they are Catholic, compared with 21% of the public overall, including 19% of whites, 48% of Hispanics and 17% of Asian Americans.”

Okay, O’ Lord, I am a believer. Your prophetic Word has more to do with spiritual realities than it does with physical or worldly appearances. But enlighten me about Haiti, that Kingdom ruled over by Queen Choeblack in the Eternal Phase of the Earth. For that is a Kingdom where the vast majority are pure Black from Africa and also they are mostly Catholic. Eric, just as it is in Africa, each nation’s Black people are unique to that nation. I do not have the same condemnation for the Black people of Haiti as I do for the Black African Americans of the USA. They are a completely separate people, separated even by a language barrier. Do not think that because they look similar that they are seen as the same people.

As for the people of Haiti, though they are indeed Catholic, they are not without their transgressions. For their Voodoo religion is more widespread in Haiti than is their Catholicism. And with their practices in Voodoo, I am displeased. Such is why they are rendered a poor and backward nation. And it is this commingling of My religion with the false superstitions found throughout all of Africa that keeps My Catholic Black peoples of Africa so backward and poor.

Now, I shall address American Catholicism. That America is 22% Catholic is a healthy percentage. However, much of Catholic America do not follow all My statutes and decrees. The vast majority of My Catholics abandon Me regarding their sexuality. What percentage of American Catholics use artificial birth control? This study says that 89 percent of American Catholics believe it is Okay to use artificial birth control, while only 8% of American Catholics stand clearly with Me on the issue. So, what is 8% of 22%? That becomes 1.76%. 1.76% of America stand with Me on sex. That means that over 98% of America stands against Me on My issues. Is it, therefore, any mystery as to why I no longer bless this nation?

But you, O’ Larimar King, do stand with Me on My issues. And that is why I elect to prophesy through you. So, now prophesy! Hear Me, O’ faithless America! You cry out to Me about your ruler, Donald John Trump, about how terrible a ruler he is. And yet if you refuse to follow Me, how do I send you someone good? For if you do not follow Me, why would you follow him. Therefore, I will send you a terrifying leader. Eric is the leader I will place over you. And he will terrify you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, what is my fate in this world then? Am I to lead this nation? No, Lord Larimar. Instead, you are to be its judge. I have set you up to judge North America. And you shall judge them and condemn them. And should any of them pick up a stone to throw at you, I shall cut them down by fire emanating from your mouth. And their knees shall buckle and they shall bow, as they fall to die and go to hell.

Hence, you, Lord Larimar, are one of My Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11. And do I thus prophesy in sackcloth for 1260 days? Those 1260 days are a metaphor for the duration of the Reign of Antichrist. And so when does this prophesying begin? At the start of this Reign, O’ Lord? It began on February 2, 1989, the onset of the Greater Emerald Reign. Throughout all this time has occurred the Reign of Antichrist. For when you were Emerald King, you were also Antichrist. And all the Players have one by one served as Antichrists. And even Firefly today is a female Antichrist.

But Lord, the Larimar Player is to succeed her, and he is not Antichrist. Larimar is to rule over North America. Antichrist is to rule over Europe. Hence, the hegemony of Antichrist is to shift from America back to Europe. You, O’ Larimar, will determine the rulers of America for 35 years. And then you shall rule no more. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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