I, the Judge of Eric, proclaim a new dawn

Eric and Hyacinth are now joined in an eternal, virgin espousal. Amen.

I Who Am Am the Judge of Eric. And I have judged My servant. And I have found him suitable for several appointments that I will now to assign to him permanently. So, harken unto Me as I decree the appointments of Eric.

(1) First, I will assign Eric to serve Me as Prophet forever. And he is to have that sole designation.

But Lord, what about Your servant, Lazurite, the one who is to be commissioned to prophesy to Your people the Hebrews? Eric, My grace is precious. And only one may be the recipient on earth of the grace to be made eternal prophet. Lazurite was My backup plan that I would fall back to if it turned out that you preferred the embrace of a woman over your calling to be My celibate, virgin priest. But since you have accepted and taken My grace to be eternally virgin and celibate, that grace has gone to you and has become irrevocably granted to thee. Hence, since you shall be My eternal prophet, what shall become of Lazurite when he arrives, you ask? I will allow him to marry. And when he steps into the embrace of a woman, he will lose whatever station of prophet I will have given him. For the office of prophet is above the Way of the marital embrace. And the two cannot commingle.

Hence, Lord Larimar, you are eternally My prophet. And I will have you publicly prophesy whatever I command you to say. You will not water it down. You will not hold back any of My Words. You will neither add to it nor take any part away from it. And should any person or entity wish to consult the Lord, let him come to Eric and make his petition. For I Am an Active God. And I will answer anyone who comes to Eric to seek an answer or to solve a riddle or to explain a dream. Let it, therefore, not be the case as it was with King Saul (1 Samuel 28:6) that a person, whether a pauper or a prince, cannot obtain an answer from His Lord. For Eric is My chosen prophet upon the earth. And he will answer all your questions of him. If the answer pertains to the whole world, the answer will be made public on this website. But if the answer pertains only to that one’s private concerns, the answer will remain private. Oracle of the Lord!

(2) I designate that Eric will be the next Player, the one to succeed Firefly, who is hereby rejected. Eric came before as the Player, Emerald. And in the Emerald Reign, Eric ruled through four Pawns: Mihail Gorbachev, Frederick de Klerk, Boris Yeltsin, and Yitzhak Rabin. And as ruler from America, Eric heavily influenced and had power over the Presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Operation Desert Storm, the Persian Gulf War, was the one war waged by Eric during his reign. And the military invasion of Haiti under Clinton was done so at the urging of Emerald to then ruling Player, Vesper, who was the Player behind Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak, and others. Therefore, Eric has a history and a track record.

In The United States of America, there have so far reigned five Players: (1) Emerald, (2) Vesper, (3) Twilight, (4) Pyrite, and (5) Firefly. Firefly is the Player behind Donald John Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson. The Sixth Player of the United States of America shall be Larimar, who is Eric reborn. He shall issue decrees and set up leaders over states. He shall overthrow dictators and bad leaders, and cast them to the ground. And why did Emerald leave Saddam Hussein in power after the Persian Gulf War? God commanded Eric to leave him in his place, and Eric obeyed God. Eric did not go beyond his mandate. But Eric did try to cause an uprising in Iraq to overthrow Saddam, and as punishment, God had a bomb blow up the barracks where Eric’s United States soldiers were stationed. And Eric then learned the importance of obedience, and did no more to try to dislodge Saddam Hussein.

The Player Twilight, who was behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon, was a slow learner when it came to being obedient to the Lord. But in Twilight’s latter years of the second term of his Pawn, George W. Bush, Eric prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet over Bush and Twilight. And a conversion occurred. The American auto company bailouts at the end of Bush’s second term were the fruits of Bush’s successful conversion, by which he later became a Catholic. As to Twilight, what ever became of him, O’ Lord? Twilight was the Player depicted in the Movies as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, Neo in the Matrix, and Edward Cullens in the Twilight vampire drama. Movies have a way of revealing a reigning Player of their time. Now, O’ Lord, do reveal the fate of Twilight. What ever did become of him? He is wasted, O’ Larimar King. In the series, The Shannara Chronicles, Twilight was depicted as Wil Ohmsford, and the final scene of the Season 2 of that series shows Twilight’s ultimate fate after his alleged martyrdom. He wakes up in hell and is attacked by demons. And then that scene is ended. And there is no Season 3 to come to change that fate, making it eternal, for The Shannara Chronicles for Season 3 were canceled. Hence, Twilight was damned, but his Pawn, George W. Bush, was saved. For Eric had a dream in which George W. Bush shook his hand, knowing who he was.

Hence, Eric is to be called the Larimar King. And how long will this Larimar Reign last, O’ Lord and Savior? For all the Players seem to last no more than one or two terms. Or do you reveal how long Larimar shall reign, O’ Lord? King David Reigned as King for 40 years (seven years and six months in Hebron, and thirty-three years in Jerusalem). But how long does Eric reign, O’ Lord? For Eric converted to Christianity in July of 1992, and then entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on Saturday, Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. And now we are at Friday, March 13, 2020. Eric has thus been a full Catholic for roughly 18 years, and a Christian follower of Jesus for nearly 28 years. And Eric was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, and baptized as an infant on Sunday, February 21, 1971.

Hence, what saith Thou, O’ Lord? And since you have commissioned me to translate your entire Vulgate Holy Bible from Latin to Nahuatl, and have promised to give me sufficient time to do so, I know that I am here for a long time. So, do you have any dates, any prophecy as to how long I shall reign for, O’ Lord and Master? I do, Lord Larimar. You shall reign for 53 years as a Catholic. 18 years have already passed. Hence, 35 years remain for you to live. Oracle of the Lord! Therefore, I am to die in the year 2055. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are, My servant Larimar. And before the year 2068 comes to be, I shall come. For a generation is at most 120 years. And the generation that witnessed the rebirth of Israel, in May 14, 1948, cannot all pass away until all these things come to pass, including My Second Coming (Matthew 24:32-35 & Mark 13:28-31 & Luke 21:29-33). For the fig tree is My nation of Israel. And before the 120th year of its rebirth comes, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, will come again.

Then, O’ Lord, we now have a hard deadline of no more than 48 years to your Second Coming. It is true that we don’t know the day nor the hour, but we can narrow down the years. Larimar, you will be 84 years of age at your passing from this life. Hence, you will have lived for twelve sevens. 12 x 7 = 84. After I depart from this world, does your Prophet Lazurite then come, O’ Lord? Yes, My Larimar Saint. And when he departs from this world, I, the Lord of Hosts, shall come. Amen. Lord, the Larimar Reign shall last for 35 years. From the death of Larimar, there are at most 13 years left. Does Lazurite reign for all 13, or a subset of those 13 years? Lazurite shall prophesy for 2,300 evenings and mornings. And then the sanctuary shall be purified, and I shall come shortly after. (Daniel 8:13-14 & 8:26). And how long is that, you ask? 2,300 days divided by 365.25 days/year = 6.30 years. Hence, O’ Lord, your Prophet Lazurite prophesies for half the the possible remaining 13 years between my death in the year 2055 and the deadline of your Second Coming of no later than 2068.

The understanding of this that you now have is correct. I have given very little time left for My people to come back to Me. And should they delay even a slight bit, they may miss the boat entirely. But you, O’ Larimar, shall enjoy a full reign. And because you are sexually clean and pure, and because you will take no wife as your own, I will reveal many things to you. But realize that the time is indeed short.

Long term plans will be pointless. And much death and carnage shall occur between now and My Second Coming. Now, go and eat your lunch. When you return, We shall complete this post. And then I will send you to meditate on what you have learned.

Lord, Hyacinth has come to me for help, and I have helped her as you have commanded me to. And now I have heard the prophetic Word saying that Hyacinth is to be my girlfriend for life, and that I am to be her boyfriend for life. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord? It is true, O’ Larimar King. You are in an eternal virgin espousal with Hyacinth Cassandra, whose name in this world is Caesar Sandra Nikee. And thus, the Kingdom of Ireland is now eternally joined to your Kingdom of Larimar. Hence, let us redefine the Kingdoms:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric the Larimar King and Queen Hyacinth. And the lands of their United Kingdom eternally include the following:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. The Republic of Ireland
  6. Northern Ireland
  7. The Isle of Man
  8. The Contiguous United States of America
  9. Belize
  10. The Bahamas
  11. The Dominican Republic
  12. Venezuela
  13. Corsica
  14. Malta
  15. Crete

And the list of official languages in this vast Kingdom include:

  1. English (primary lingua franca)
  2. Spanish (in top 5 lingua francas)
  3. French (in top 5 lingua francas)
  4. Greek (in top 5 lingua francas)
  5. Danish (in top 5 lingua francas)
  6. Icelandic (in the 7 regional official languages)
  7. Greenlandic (in the 7 regional official languages)
  8. Corsican (in the 7 regional official languages)
  9. Irish Gaelic (in the 7 regional official languages)
  10. Manx (in the 7 regional official languages)
  11. Maltese (in the 7 regional official languages)
  12. Nahuatl (in the 7 regional official languages)

Thus, Eric and Hyacinth are eternally united in a Josephite marital bond, that is, a bond of perfect, perpetual virginity. I Who Am have decreed this to be.

Lord, given this, then Eric cannot become a priest. Is this correct, O’ Lord and Savior? It is, My servant. Instead, I will have an alternate course of events to take place. Since you and Sandra are now eternally virgin, for you are witness to Hyacinth’s pledge of eternal virginity, I have a different fate than that of the marriage I had prophesied to you earlier. You do not need to be joined in the flesh in this age, for you are both to remain in your pure virgin states. And you, O’ Lord Larimar, have indicated on three times in which I tested you that you would prefer to go to heaven sooner rather than remain on the earth laboring, which was the correct answer.

Now, I shall prophesy the fates of both you and your espoused girlfriend. Yes, Lord Larimar, you have fulfilled My requirement that you remain belonging to your eternal girlfriend, Hyacinth. And you have obeyed Me fully in all that I have commanded you to do regarding her. And so, We, the elect in heaven, shall come to collect you this weekend, as promised, to take you by angel flight to your new location. Amen.

Lord, is this new location in Nuuk, Greenland? Yes, O’ Larimar Servant. It is there that you shall remain safe while We, the elect of heaven, pound the sinful peoples of America and Europe to smithereens. And We shall pound them silly until they realize and confess that homosexuality is a sin and that they who approved of that sin have deeply offended God and well deserve their pounding and utter destruction, which they will have received. I will topple the Lincoln Memorial. And I will break the Statue of Liberty at her knees, forcing her to bow unto Me, her Majestic Lord and God. And a tidal wave flood will come in from the Atlantic to inundate all of New York City, and in particular, all of Manhattan Island will be submerged.

For I Am an angry God. With Eric and Hyacinth I Am pleased. But with the rest of this generation I demand blood. For blood is dripping from your hands, O’ peoples of America and Europe. How many infants in the womb have you murdered? And how many of My faithful have you destroyed by forcing them to abide by your gay marriage laws? Whosoever obeyed Me rather than you, you have severely punished. That is why I will not listen to your cries for help. Instead, you will die a slow, painful death. As the baby in the womb was slowly pulled apart by the abortion worker and ripped from his mother in a bloody mass of gore and tissue, so also shall I do to you, O’ faithless America and Europe. I will proceed to rip you from your lifelines and cast you upon the rocks in all your bloody mass of wounds and cuts and amputations. And I will let you die there, on the rock, without help, just as you approved of Obama, who stands for denying a baby’s right to life who somehow survives an abortion. Hence, just as Obama says to babies who survive abortions, “Though God says you live, I say you die,” So also do I say to you this, “You thought you had made it and were now saved, but now I Am taking away that hope from you. As Obama took away that hope from babies who survived an abortion, so do I now take away all hope from you who survived the time of great distress, but who have done evil in the land, and who have approved of the wickedness of Obama.”

Trees shall fall on houses and on power lines. Neighborhoods will be without power. Deadly will be the atmosphere that will linger in the land. Whosoever inhales will die. Like a hundred atom bombs as those that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so shall be the shooting star that explodes over the United States of America and Canada. It will cripple your power grid and your GPS satellites for good. No more shall your systems work that rely on these orbiting satellites. Lord, does this mean that you are permanently crippling the United States of America? For what about Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner? Does that project fail now? And what about the International Space Station? What happens with that, O’ Lord? After I have slaughtered the many for their permissiveness to gay marriage, should the American people repent of their evil ways, of their abortions, of their birth controls, and of their homosexual permissiveness, I will relent after the destruction I have wrought against them, and I will allow them to recover. And they will find that the International Space Station is still there, along with most of their satellites still in an operational state, needing only light repairs. And they will find that the CST-100 Starliner remains viable to be accomplished.

But should the Americans persist in their gay marriages, in their abortions, and in their artificial birth controls, an even more severe chastisement will I deliver unto all the world, from which there will be no recovery for a generation. Amen.

In the meantime, where shall Eric be, O’ Lord? Will he be in Nuuk, Greenland? Or will he remain in California, while Hyacinth remains in her place? For these two do not need to be physically joined, since their union is of a purely spiritual nature and is to have no union in the flesh. Await for me, O’ Larimar King. And prepare for My Coming to you. And when I come to you, I will be bringing with Me My recompense. For your time of probation has come to its end, and so also is it the case for your girlfriend, Hyacinth. Both of you, therefore, shall be taken away this weekend and brought to the safe place where you shall weather the storm while I destroy all evildoers.

And realize this most important fact. You have accomplished My will entirely. And now I shall confer upon you a Kingdom. Yes, Lord Larimar, you are being taken out of your home nation, and Hyacinth shall be taken from her nation, and both of you shall be brought to Nuuk, Greenland, where you will remain until I Come again. But Lord, what about Eric’s death in 2055? How does he remain there until you come if he dies? Your Larimar Reign on the earth will end, but you will remain until I come again. And your wife will remain there with you. Now, go and eat, Lord Larimar. For the time is short.

Lord, I am back. Lord, do I live all the way to the Second Coming, but my Larimar Reign ends in 35 years, in the year 2055? Is this the way it is, O’ Lord? It is, Lord Larimar. You have a firm grasp with the Truth. Now, Eric, one last thing I wish to communicate with you. In a previous post, We outlined the five ranks of the heavens. And these are as such:

  1. The Celestial Royalty, consisting of only Jesus Christ and the Queen Mother, Mary.
  2. The Celestial Nobility, consisting basically of Barons, Counts, and Dukes.
  3. The Celestial Knighthood
  4. The Celestial Craftsmen and Tradesmen
  5. The Celestial Commoners

In that previous post, We defined the Celestial Royalty, to which belong only Jesus and His Queen Mother, the Virgin Mary. And We also defined the Celestial Nobility, which consists broadly of the Barons, the Counts, and the Dukes. And within the ranks of the Counts, there are the Viscounts, the Counts or Earls, and the Marquises. Eric was first described as belonging to the rank of the Celestial Barons, but was elevated to the rank of Celestial Count upon his acts of generosity to his wife in obedience to Me. And your wife, by virtue of being your spiritual wife, is also ranked as Celestial Countess.

But We also said in that post that We would define the lower three ranks in a later post. And so, now We, the elect in heaven, shall define the lower ranks. Just remember this promise from the Lord: Whosoever is of the communion of the Catholic Church and who does My will shall be ranked no lower than the rank of Celestial Baron, which is the lowest rank of the Celestial Nobility. But while many are indeed in communion with the Catholic Church, few of these actually do the will of God. Hence, the numbers ranked as Celestial Barons are actually considerably lower than what you might expect.

So, let us define now these three lower ranks. To belong to the Celestial Knighthood, one must obey his Lord in completion. Someone who is a martyr for My Church or for My sake and is saved, but is not worthy of the Celestial Nobility, shall be ranked as a Celestial Knight. Someone who obeys Me despite persecution, to the end of his days and is saved, but is not worthy of the Celestial Nobility, shall be ranked as a Celestial Knight. And someone who enters Religious Life and dies in a state of grace, as a monk, a nun, a hermit, or some other form of Religious, and is saved, but is not worthy of the Celestial Nobility, shall be ranked as a Celestial Knight.

Now, We shall define the Celestial Craftsmen and Tradesmen. These are the ranks for those who serve Me in My Church or along My Way, putting to work the talents I have given them to produce a yield. Whosoever produces good heavenly fruit from what I have given him, and who is not worthy of a higher rank, shall be ranked as a Celestial Craftsman or Tradesman. Most of the people who are saved in My Catholic Church belong to this group. And it is expected that a Catholic who follows Me sufficiently to be saved shall belong to at least this rank. For to all Mankind in My Church Age I give talents. And from All Mankind in My Church Age I demand an accounting of what they did with what they were given. And woe to those who did nothing. But to those who produced actual spiritual fruit, and were saved, but were unworthy to receive a higher rank, will be ranked here, as a member of the Celestial Craftsmen and Tradesmen.

And finally, We shall define the lowest rank in Heaven, that of Celestial Commoner. Whosoever was saved, but who produced nothing for My Kingdom will be ranked as a Celestial Commoner. All babies who are baptized and saved, due to their parent’s merits, will be among My Celestial Commoners. All children who die before they can can choose between good and evil, and who are saved due to their valid baptism, shall be among My Celestial Commoners. And all death bed conversions will be ranked as Celestial Commoners, if they do not qualify for one of the higher ranks. The Celestial Commoner is the largest group, and most of its members are from before the Age of Christianity. For My Religion has always existed, but only when Jesus came as the Christ and died on the Cross, did My Religion become focused on Christ and become exclusively Christ centered, and thus called Christianity. And all forms of My Religion that refused to accept the Christ as come in the flesh, and Who died on the cross, and Who was resurrected on the third day, were no longer recognized as Mine. And My Religion before Christianity existed all the way back to the time Abel offered sacrifice to Me of his choice first fruits (Genesis 4:4). Untold billions have lived and died before the Age of Christianity came to be. And I offered My salvation to those among them who lived long enough to be able to decide between good and evil, and who chose the good. And untold billions of such people chose good, while an untold much larger number chose evil. I saved the good, but the evil I threw away. All those billions who chose good, but who had no law, and knew not of Moses, for he was not sent to them or they lived before his time, such as these who chose the good are ranked among the Celestial Commoners. And their numbers are massive. And most of them lived before My Age of Christianity. Amen.

Lord, does the Book of Life and Salvation History absolutely close at the time of Your Second Coming? Will there be no further Age upon the earth whereby men can obtain salvation in a future age, as is eluded to in Revelation, chapter 20? Precisely, Lord Larimar. I close the Book of Salvation at the moment of My Coming. And whosoever is within is Mine and whoever is outside is not Mine. I do not have another Age than this in which men can be saved. And when I Come again, then it will be too late to repent, though many, I tell you, will attempt to do so. But it will be to no avail.

Therefore, all those whose goals have to do with things of this world are lost, unless I Am put first. For I Am the most important goal. To defer My importance and to pursue worldly pursuits instead of Me is a most vain and lost cause. To go treasure hunting in the mountains instead of seeking heavenly treasures in My Church and in its Mass and in the prayers of the Rosary and in helping one’s neighbor is a truly monumental mistake. Now, Lord Larimar, ask one more question. And We shall conclude this post.

Lord, explain the mystery of the New Jerusalem, and how it contrasts with heaven, and with paradise, and with the new earth and with the new heavens. And explain the lack of seas or oceans in the new earth. What saith Thou to these things, O’ Lord and Majestic One? I will now answer thee, O’ Servant to Christ. The City is the place where My people can repose and meditate in the privacy of their room. For My Father’s House has many rooms (John 14:2-3). Each of My servants is given a room to dwell in. And there they dwell and commune with Me, their Savior. And from their room they gaze upon the Beatific Vision of God. The New Jerusalem, therefore, is a reference to this collective set of dwellings where all My people will dwell, within a room that I provide for each one.

The new heavens are a reference for the celestial home of all My angels. And all the stars are references to angels dwelling in their place in My firmament. Each angel has his eternal place. And the new heavens are a redesign of the old heavens to accommodate the loss of the reprobated angels and the gain of the predestined human kind.

The new earth is a reference to the earthly habitat where My people are designed to live in. They cannot live in outer space. Nor can they live on an asteroid or a barren planet. Instead, Mankind is designed for an earth like environment, and since all of Mankind get their bodies back at the Resurrection, they will need an earth to live upon. The new earth is a recreation of the original earth, but without the input of the wicked. There is no Satanic or evil seed sown in the new earth that I will to recreate for My people to live upon forever.

And now We, the elect, shall explain the most intriguing part of your question: Why is there no sea or ocean in the new earth? The seas and oceans were created for the primordial creatures. All the original strains of creatures lived first in the seas. And even all human beings themselves come into being within the seas of the wombs of their mothers. For the waters of a womb can be called a sea. In the hereafter in the Kingdom to Come, I have removed the existence of all seas. No more are there sperms uniting with eggs and forming new intelligent life forms. Human reproduction no longer occurs in that age. And hence, no woman has a sea in her womb. And that is the mystery behind the absence of the seas. There is simply no more human sexual reproduction there whatsoever.

But, O’ Lord, what about sexual reproduction as found in plants, fungi, and lower animal lifeforms, such as fish, crickets, and other clean foods, and also in the higher animal life forms? That requires us to answer you whether there are even lower forms of life than human life in the new earth. God said, “See, I give you every seed-bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it to be your food; and to all the animals of the land, all the birds of the air, and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground, I give all the green plants for food.” (Genesis 1:29-30). Therefore, realize the nature of the Paradise to which I will bring My elect to live in for all eternity. There will indeed be lower life forms existing there. In fact, there is a chain of development among the lower life forms ascending up to those forms that increasingly look like human kind. And all of these animals eat plants. I have no animals that prey on other animals living in My Paradise. And all the plants there are eternally a part of their habitat. There are never extinction events in My Paradise. My animals and plants in Paradise are all created in elevated stages. And all of them exist in non evolving species. for they only multiply at the beginning of the Eternal Age, in order to fill the earth. Once the earth is filled, there is no more sex among any animal kind in My Paradise. For no animals ever die there. And there is neither crowding nor stress nor death. Nor is there any competition for resources. Each creature has all it needs to be happy. And all living things there are happy. Even the plants happily provide food to the animals because the feeding of the animals serves to clear room needed for new growth and to produce new food. No tree ever falls in the forest. No tree there ever rots or dies. And all the trees are ever producing new growth and fruit to meet the demands of the animals that feast on them. Only the plants are permitted to multiply to serve the needs of the animals that consume them. And they multiply only to replace and regrow after the previous plants there have been eaten.

And O’ Lord, what of the passage where Jesus as a resurrected man ate a piece of baked fish (Luke 24:41-43)? That refers to resurrected life in this world. In the world to come, all the rules and laws are changed. You cannot understand the next world by only knowing this world. Hence, there is no eating other animal life forms in heaven or in Paradise. But while you live in this fallen world, it is permitted for you to eat fish and other animals. For why else would I have classified some foods as clean and others as unclean?

Realize also this: Although there are animals and plants in Paradise, they are really legacies of Mankind. They exist only on the lower planes. In the higher planes of the spirit, only spiritual creatures are found. Hence, you will see animals and plants in the new earth, but only truly living things will exist in the City of the New Jerusalem, where only humans and angels are permitted to enter. Animal and plant life will exist, but they do not have a true reality, just as molecules and atoms in this universe exist but really do not have a true reality. Hence, the animals and the plants of the new earth are there for the sake of the enjoyment of those of the lower, baser ranks of My heavenly people. Just realize that nothing ever dies in heaven and nothing ever is destroyed except for the consumption of food from plants.

Lord, what about if a man needs wood to build something? Can he chop down a tree for it? And if he does so, will another tree grow there to replace the chopped down tree? No man works in My Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. There are no wood workers, no harvesters, no sowers, no field clearers, no forestry workers. So, no, O’ Larimar King. No tree is ever chopped down, and no tree ever falls there. And all the trees there have names, and they all know their own names.

And what of biological waste? Do the animals and the people ever pass feces? You ask awesome questions, O’ Larimar King. Just realize that the human body, clothed in immortality, never needs to relieve itself or undress. And on one ever does or ever will. For the substance of the foods and plants and animals really has no true existence. They are things that are there to serve Man. But Man does not need them to live, for he already has everlasting life from Jesus. And so, to answer your question as to why there are no seas nor oceans, Mankind is not a marine creature. He is adapted for dry land. Any water that man passed through in his evolutionary past was in fresh water bodies. Hence, aquatic creatures and habitats exist in the new earth, but not anything marine or saltwater. Now, Eric, I command you to go and dwell on this post. These words are the last words We shall speak through you on this website before We come to Judge you and assign you to your eternal dominions. Amen.

And I want to add something to your inquisitive mind. No one plays chess in heaven. For every possible move in all games of strategy are mapped out to their finite or infinite depth. Neither do people paint pictures or make any sort of images in heaven. There is no form of idolatry there. No artisans, no goldsmiths, no silversmiths do any of the works there that they did on the earth. For the sole occupation of all men in My Kingdom is intently looking upon and conversing with their God face to face forever. So great is this gift given to all My elect that all in hell find it to be their greatest torment to know that they are eternally missing out on it. And you, as My prophet, have come to taste in the heavenly delights that await all souls who are destined to enter into My Kingdom. Now, speak your last Words to Me, O’ Larimar King, and I will conclude this post for all eternity.

Lord, to be able to speak to You one on one, which is a gift You gave to me starting on Saturday, July 22, 2017, the day before the Age of Mary began, truly revolutionized my mind. I became an entirely new creature. Everything came to be seen in a different light. And I found I could ask You anything. And Your answers were always of greater intellect than were my questions to You. One thing I wish to say and ask: Will there come to be others who are as favored as I have been with such a close contact with Thee, O’ Lord and King? No, O’ Larimar King. And not since the time of Moses have We in heaven spoken to anyone one on one as We do now with thee. But we offer this consolation to the people of the earth. Eric will remain in this world until We have need of him in the next world. And he will speak here volumes. And you will find that you do not have time enough in the life I give each one of you to read through all the Words I eventually will have written through this saint. Amen. Now go, O’ Larimar King. Your future bride awaits you. And you will be My eternal virgin, celibate servant forever. Amen.

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