Eric, a Jedi Knight, I now deploy

Eric, My Jedi Knight, I now move into battle formation. He is My prophet forever.

Behold, I Who Am Am pleased. In the previous post, I revealed that I had conferred unto Eric the rank of Jedi Knight. I must now explain Myself. What is a Jedi Knight? And how does one become one? These matters I shall now define.

But as for the claim in the previous post that I would stop prophesying through Eric to the people, realize that that shall not take place. For Eric has defeated Satan. And there shall be no step taken in the direction of any woman or any marriage to one. Therefore, Eric has attained the rank of Jedi Knight, due to his having overcome the devil in the devil’s many traps and tricks sent to destroy him and his status.

Now, I shall define My Jedi religion. My Jedi religion is a branch of valid Catholicism, subject to the pope in Rome, where one becomes spiritually a Master, imitating the Christ, but not exceeding Him, and thereby becoming a Master like Christ (Luke 6:40). And the anointing to become a Jedi Knight and Master comes from above.

So, now let us define Jedi Knights as opposed to Jedi Masters. Despite the distinction between the two terms in Star Wars movies, there is no distinction in My eyes. A Jedi Knight is also a Master. And a Jedi Master is also a Knight. Eric, thus, as a Jedi Knight is also recognized as a Jedi Master. You cannot become a Jedi Knight if you have only partially mastered the Way. Since a Jedi Knight is a Knight because he has mastered the Way, he is also called a Jedi Master.

Is this true, O’ Lord? Or do you have a distinction between Jedi Knight and Jedi Master? Yes, Lord Larimar, you are correct. I make no distinction between the two terms. This is not Star Wars. Rather, this is the real thing. Now We shall speak of your eternal dominion. For it is now greater than it was before. You have now permanently gained a Kingdom. And this Kingdom is yours for eternity.

And yes, Lord Larimar, your Kingdom is reflected in Your Eternal Earth Phase Kingdom. For you have conquered another Kingdom and taken her lands. And what Kingdom is that, O’ Lord? You have conquered Queen Orinoco and taken her Kingdom of Venezuela as part of your eternal dominion. Hence, the Kingdom of Larimar now includes that land, and is now thus defined:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric the Larimar King. And his eternal set of lands include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. The Contiguous United States of America
  6. Belize
  7. Venezuela
  8. The Dominican Republic
  9. The Bahamas
  10. Corsica
  11. Malta
  12. Crete

And the list of official languages in the Kingdom of Larimar include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greek
  5. Icelandic
  6. Danish
  7. Corsican

And hence, it is once again true that there are but 55 Kingdoms. But now the number of Sovereign Queens is one less, at 34 rather than 35, equal now to the number of Sovereign Kings.

And Lord, does this mean that the United States will in fact take over Venezuela militarily, and transform her into a likeness of herself? Only if she first becomes pleasing to Me again. For I Am not pleased with a nation spreading homosexual filth throughout the world. If this nation does not stop its spread of such filth, I will bury her beneath the mountains in My wrath. Amen.

Now, I shall speak on a great many things. I have decided to absolutely destroy Presidents Donald John Trump and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Do not think that because Eric appears weak and they appear mighty that you are seeing the True Reality. In contrast, Eric is now a Mighty Jedi Knight. And these two pathetic Heads of State of Superpowers, are as insects that Eric is about to crush. I will now speak.

Eric, you are commissioned to take out these two leaders of these two great nations. Make your decrees against the both of them, and I will right away carry them out. For you as a Jedi Knight always have an audience with the King. You will always be heard by Me. And your decrees I will never refuse. Now speak, Lord Larimar.

I hereby decree that President Trump is to be effectively and permanently rendered unable to continue to serve as President. Let Mike Pence take over immediately. And then let the Republican Party come to grips with the fact that their strongman has been taken out of action, and that they must get about choosing a successor. And let a worthy man come forward. Let him be a true Catholic. And let him rise to be the one selected to go on the ballot for President at the Republican Convention. Amen.

I hereby decree that President Putin be overthrown by his military. Let his military place Putin under house arrest. Let him be charged with the crimes of treason and be summarily executed. And let the military generals, after the execution of President Putin, call new elections. And let the legislature make an amendment to the Constitution saying that a President can only serve two terms and that no President can ever again have that changed.

Then let Russia exit its war with Ukraine, and negotiate with Ukraine on the status of Crimea and the port of Sevastopol. Whatever they decide, let it come to a peaceful conclusion that is beneficial and pleasing to both parties. And then let Russia return to the status of being a world leader in the global community, and no longer a rogue nation.

And let the next President of Russia be honest and trustworthy, and not go corrupt, as were Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev before him. And let the Russian Orthodox Church submit itself to the primacy of the pope and become a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church. Amen. And let the Russian peoples convert en masse to Catholicism.

And let the Catholic Church come to educate all their subjects on what the Catholic Church requires for salvation. Let no Catholic remain ignorant that it is mortally sinful to skip their Sunday Mass obligation. Let no Catholic remain ignorant that it is mortally sinful to practice any form of artificial birth control. And let no Catholic remain ignorant that it is mortally sinful for a Catholic to marry outside the Catholic Church.

Now, let us speak of things that are about to take place. I Who Am shall dispel the coronavirus and its effects within three weeks time, as you requested of Me in the previous post. Now, what shall become of My mandate on you that you translate My Vulgate from Latin to Nahuatl? Do I still command you to do such, you ask? Yes, Lord Larimar, and you shall be granted the time to do so. And I will also make you My priest. And the sign of it you will see when you are cured.

Now, Lord Larimar, reread this post. And if you have any further questions ask them. And then you are commanded to publish this. For it is My will that My people see this post. Amen. Okay, O’ Lord, I have now fully reread the entire post. And I have this one concern. What becomes of Caesar Sandra Nikee? She remains where she is. But I shall have her weaned off needing help from you. From this point onward, she will be completely independent from you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Now, go and eat, Lord Larimar. For you have passed My final test. And you are now made perfect.

As for temptations to the flesh, such things are no longer found in My servant Eric. And thus, I will now confer upon Eric My calling of him to My priesthood. And prior to that calling, I shall cure you entirely in the presence of one of My priests. Amen. Expect this event to take place this weekend at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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