To whom shall Eric marry?

A program to miniaturize the elephant will prove lucrative, and would save a species.

Behold, I reveal a mystery. Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland, shall not be the one I marry Eric to. Rather, a girl who is yet to come shall be this mystery maiden. I Who Am have decided this. And I Who Am shall carry it out. But Lord, shall you take Sandra away from this world prior to the coming of this new girl into my life? For I cannot have two lovers. I Am taking her tonight, Lord Larimar. She you will see depart from this world. And then I will show to you the one who you shall wed.

And Lord, this girl I shall wed, shall we marry as eternal virgins? Or shall we have the one prophesied son? Or shall we have several children together? You shall obey Me in all things, Lord Larimar. If you are commanded to know your wife, you shall know your wife. And if you are commanded to abstain, you shall abstain. Strict discipline shall I require of you, O’ Larimar King. So then, O’ Lord, I then do not receive the crown of virginity? You will receive the crown of obedience, which is holier and higher to the crown of virginity. Amen. Do as I command you to, and the children born to you and your wife shall be holy, as also you are to Me.

Now we shall speak of the woman who shall be given to you, O’ Larimar King. For it is now permitted for details about her to be revealed. For the time of her unveiling has come, and she can no longer be hidden from the world. The girl is a Roman Catholic, which is what you would expect, though any form of Catholic would be suitable. I Am referring to Catholics of Eastern Rite Catholic Churches, who are just as valid and obedient to the pope as Roman Catholics are.

Furthermore, We shall reveal to you her age. Her age is thirty-four years, which means that she is fifteen years younger than you. That means that the age difference between you two is not great enough for her to be your legitimate daughter. Remember that a boy cannot legitimately contract marriage with a girl until he reaches the age of sixteen. And thirty-four plus fifteen is forty-nine, which is your age until June 24, 2020, when you will reach the age of fifty years in age.

Very well, then, O’ Lord, I can see that this girl is of age sufficient for wisdom, but not so aged that she bears children unhealthily. I know it is unfair between the sexes that a man can have children far into advanced age, but not so a woman. A woman’s eggs truly have a shelf life. And a woman’s reproductive system truly has a small window of viability, from puberty to age forty-four, where she can produce viable offspring. Now, O’ Lord, what else shall you reveal about this girl who is to come?

I will now reveal her ethnicity. Lord, you know that I have wide latitude in ethnicity that I would be comfortable with. But what saith Thou? For my ethnicity is such: Mostly English, Irish, and German, with an unknown trace ancestry. My father’s father’s father’s wife, my paternal great grandmother, whose name is Victoria, married my great grandfather John Dunstan in America. Where Victoria comes from I know not. And my family’s race from both sides of the family seems to be all White. And I am White. But I do not require that my wife be White. I can marry into another race. I know that my brothers are into Asians. My brother Mark married a girl whose mother is from Vietnam and whose father is a White American. And their children they had together are thus of mixed race. They have two daughters and no sons. And as for my brother David, he seems to only have success with Thai girls while he is visiting Thailand, where he appears rich to the poor people there. Thai girls in America have no interest in him. And nevertheless, David is intent on marrying a Thai girl, if he can find one who will go that far with him, and if her family agrees to it. For marriages in Thailand require approval from the parents of the girl.

Now I, the Lord, shall speak. Eric, you have agreed to study Nahuatl. And for good reason. For the girl We have elected to give you is a girl fluent in that language, as well as in Spanish. And her English is passable. And hence, now you have successfully guessed it. We are marrying you to an Hispanic girl. And her skin will be of a dark complexion, for she will be Mestiza in race. Do you accept this, O’ Larimar King. Lord, you know that the only girl I have ever kissed in my life was a Mexican girl whose ethnicity was in fact Mestiza in race. And her name was Victoria. But we did not marry because she chose to abandon Catholicism while I chose to enter into Catholicism. A difference in religion and salvation status is what drove us apart. Given this, you know that I do find that Mexican girls can be very attractive and that I have in the past considered marrying one, and I have nothing against such a marriage. Well done, O’ Larimar saint. Now, We shall speak.

Eric, who has the Queen of Mexico gone and married? She has gone and married Jadeite. But the one who did that was a Queen called Alexandria. The original maid who ruled Mexico, Ester, is still available. Therefore, O’ Larimar King, divide Mexico apart. The Aztec part shall be ruled by Ester, and will consist of all the lands of Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca inclusive. And the Mayan part, all the lands east of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca exclusive shall belong to Alexandria, who has married Jadeite. And thus, Queen Ester of Aztlan, Aztec Mexico, shall be your wife. And Queen Alexandria of Mayan Mexico shall be wife to Jadeite. Amen. Now, specify these changes to the Kingdoms, O’ Lord Larimar. And now another Sovereign Queen is restored to the Game of the Eternal Phase of the Earth.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Ester. And the lands of their United Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Aztec Mexico (Mexico west of the states, Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive)
  6. Belize
  7. The Dominican Republic
  8. The Bahamas
  9. Iceland
  10. Corsica
  11. Malta
  12. Crete

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greek
  5. Nahautl
  6. Icelandic
  7. Danish
  8. Corsican

(2) Kingdom of Mayan Mexico and Central America, ruled by King Jadeite and Queen Alexandria. And the lands of their Kingdom include the following:

  1. Mayan Mexico (Mexico east of the states, Veracruz and Oaxaca, exclusive)
  2. Guatemala
  3. El Salvador
  4. Honduras
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Costa Rica

And their list of official languages are now just:

  1. Spanish

Good, Lord Larimar. No further definitions of the Kingdoms do We in heaven require you to make in this post. And now to Jadeite has been restored his historical Kingdom, for he controlled that eastern part of Mexico as he has now in the earlier definitions. And also in the earlier definitions, Queen Ester controlled that western part of Mexico as she does now. Hence, historical accuracy and legacy in these new current definitions have been restored to an earlier reality.

Now, let us speak of the fate of the United States of America, now that you are not leaving these shores. It is a time of crisis that America finds itself in now, with the spread of the coronavirus. What shall become of this debacle? Shall Eric solve the problem? Will Eric come to the rescue? No, for Eric does not have the power to help America. He can only lead those few that God puts into his hands. Eric cannot interfere in politics anymore.

Consider the coronavirus as a divine punishment by God against this faithless generation. And so, will America weather the storm and recover on the other side, O’ Lord? America will recover, but without its current head of state. He will be one of the casualties of the coronavirus. And Trump’s last words will be, “Fake news!”, as he descends into the grasp of death, and to his place in the netherworld, where he shall be made to pay for every one of his sins that he committed while on the earth.

So, will a cure be found for the coronavirus? Immunity will be developed among the population, and thus, its recurrence will be lessened in following years as more and more people become immune. And somewhere down the road a vaccine will be developed based on the immunity developed in those who recover from the coronavirus. Amen.

And what of the economy, O’ Lord? How will that look like on the other side of this pandemic? Like a burned down forest after the winter rains, there shall be a bursting forth of new life, as new business ventures come forth, and new technologies are developed. Invest in companies developing solid state batteries, for this technology will be central to electric vehicles. And electric vehicles will eventually dominate the roads. And solid state lithium metal batteries are a pioneering development into the new technologies that will power electric cars, ships, and aircraft, being lighter and more powerful than liquid based lithium ion batteries. Such coming battery technologies to power future electric vehicles will eventually replace the combustion engines of today. So if you want to be in on a bright and promising new technology of the future, this is one of them.

And, O’ Lord, what shall become of the gay marriage laws? Will they be defeated and overturned, O’ Lord? Or will men come to accept them and allow destruction and corruption to creep in and infect all their house? Corruption and destruction is the fate of this world, for they will never return to Me, the Lord their God. Hence, until the end there shall be war, the desolation that is decreed. (Daniel 9:26). And because of this failure by the common man, men in this world must progressively become more and more destroyed. Nations shall turn against nations and kingdoms shall turn against kingdoms. And there shall be ever present wars here and there across the planet. For no relief can come to the people of this world. And the Americans will change Presidents and ruling parties every four years. And to no avail. Their elected leaders will continue to fail them and continue to go corrupt. Amen.

For there is but one solution. And that solution is for Man to return to God and to practice Catholicism faithfully. But very few, as a rule, can ever realize this fact. And hence, things will progressively become worse through time as a punishment inflicted by God upon a disobedient and faithless people. A few will do My will, but most will do Satan’s will. But in those lands where I find a sufficient number serving Me correctly, I will hold back from unleashing My destructive wrath upon that people and land for as long as those people remain in the land.

Hence, Eric is the reason I do not destroy North America. And by his continual presence in this nation, I will continue to not destroy her. But should anyone seek to do harm to Eric, I will destroy that one. And he will wake up in hell, and receive his eternal punishment, and I will abandon him there in hell, subject to his torturers who will torture him day and night forever and ever. Amen.

So, Lord, this means that there shall then be a continual deterioration of the environment and the living conditions of the vast majority of the peoples of this world. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, you are, Lord Larimar. And now I shall specify My judgement against Vladimir Putin who has had the Russian constitution, which is under his direct control, modified to allow him to have two more six year terms as President of Russia. Democracy is now dead in Russia. And whosoever claims that Russia is a democracy is a liar. But I will not have Putin rule with impunity against Me. Instead, I will infect Putin with a worm. And this worm will eat its way to Putin’s heart. And then Putin will die, consumed by worms. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. For no one, no matter how clever or powerful they think they are, can defy Me, the Lord of Hosts! Putin makes himself great and mighty. And yet, he will be destroyed and killed by a tiny worm eating away at his flesh inside his system. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

And what shall become of the Asian elephants and the African elephants, you ask? All the megafauna that cannot be domesticated are doomed. But if the megafauna are miniaturized, they can be preserved on smaller plots of land, thereby saving their genomes and living genetic diversity. Hence, small versions of Asian and African elephants can be taken to safe places of sufficient range where they can be bred to become smaller and smaller. The smallest versions in the wild are the pygmy elephants of Borneo, Elephas maximus borneensis, and the African forest elephants, Loxodonta cyclotis. Note that these are not only different species of elephant, but elephants from different genera, and hence, interbreeding between these two kinds, the Asian and African elephants, is not possible. Hence, to preserve the genetic diversity of both kinds, which is ideal, two separate, parallel breeding programs would need to be done. And should the miniaturization process succeed for these two elephant species, the rewards will be very lucrative, for if the miniature elephants could be made small enough, they could be permitted to be raised on such a land as a horse ranch, and many would want to have such miniature elephants on their ranches. Remember that miniature ponies, which were bred from horses that were already on the smaller side, are permitted on much smaller ranches than are required for regular sized horses. And thus, the breeding of miniature horses is a very lucrative business, for the demand is high. For many people want horses who do not have enough land to have regular sized horses, but who do have enough land for miniature horses. Therefore, a miniaturization venture for elephants, if done with the sufficient funding and expertise, will prove to be a very lucrative long term investment.

But those megafauna that can be reproduced easily in captivity, such as rhinos, giraffes, and big cats, these can be much more easily bred into miniature forms. But since the elephants do not breed successfully in captivity, large lands must be set aside for them in any breeding program to coerce these creatures to breed. And hence, the venture to miniaturize a species of elephant will be very expensive and require serious, long term investments. But the long term rewards will be well worth it. And the legacy to be known to have saved the elephants will be immortal. Amen.

Now, one last thing I will say unto you, O’ Larimar King. Will I allow you to continue to write here on when the girl is finally given to you? No. For then your focus will be in serving and helping her. No longer will you write on this forum when you receive the girl, except to fully document to the whole world all the cures that you will have received. Amen. Hence, when these writings stop and you see a final post here revealing the cures given by God to Eric, realize that the prophesied girl has entered Eric’s life, and he is no longer commissioned to write here. Amen.

Now, go, Eric. For the time of the coming of the girl is at hand. Go forth as I direct you. Amen. You shall receive the girl at the appointed time. Amen.

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