I Correct My Larimar King

Learn and come to understand this passage. For it applies also to Eric and his brother Mark.

Behold, I rebuke those I love. And now I shall rebuke the Larimar King and correct him in his errors. Eric I have loved. Mark I have hated. Both of these brothers played a role in the salvation history of My beloved saint, Hyacinth Cassandra. Eric sought her salvation, while Mark sought to destroy her relationship with Eric, which would have led to her damnation, had Mark succeeded. Eric saved a soul, while Mark served the devil, who sought her damnation. A short while ago, I allowed Eric to pray a Rosary for his brother Mark. But it bore no eternal fruit, but only served to harden further his brother’s heart. I have saved Eric’s soul through his Catholicism and the salvation he brought to Hyacinth, who entered the Catholic Church to be eligible to marry him. Mark, on the other hand, I cursed. And he is now completely fallen from My path.

Now, Lord, according to Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday, Your greatest attribute is your divine mercy. Yes, Lord Larimar. But to receive My divine mercy, you need to greatly humble yourself before Me. The door to My mercy is so low, that you need to bend your knees and bow to be of the least and lowest position to enter in through that door. For it is written: I will not reject a humble and contrite soul. (Psalm 51:19). For whosoever comes to Me making himself as lowly as a dog, I will not refuse My mercy to (Matthew 15:21-28). But unless you are so willing to thus lower yourself, you will obtain no mercy from Me.

The proud man, on the other hand, I curse. The man who claims that his riches are his because he is a better man than My poor man, I despise. Mark is such a man. And he has been thoroughly humbled. But will this humiliation save his soul, O’ Lord? Or will he curse you and enter into final impenitence? If you, O’ Eric, do not abandon your brother Mark, I will save his soul through you. But as to the rest of his family, his wife, his daughters, and his stepdaughters, all of these are lost forever. Amen.

And now, O’ Eric, I will reveal to you your fate. You are to remain in America. You are not going to be raptured from these shores. And as for Hyacinth, she has not been taken away. That revelation that you received that she would be taken away was from the devil. Instead, she is your ewe lamb. And you are charged with her salvation. Continue leading her to My Kingdom, and I will save both you and her. For even though you are in fact in very good standing with Me, all life in this world is frail. And a man, no matter how holy and righteous, must be serving Me in the salvation of another soul in order for he himself to remain in My good standing. Therefore, continue to help My daughter, Caesar Sandra Nikee, who in My Kingdom is called Cassandra, and to whom you gave the name Hyacinth to. She I will save, but on the condition that you remain helping her.

And Lord, what about a job? Do I remain in my current job? Or will I go and work in another? Am I to become a priest and enter the seminary? Or am I to remain in this world? And you now know, O’ Lord, that My heart is now perfectly celibate. My virgin heart can never enter into a sexual relationship or marriage. For I have become totally and irrevocably virgin pure. I will never marry and never have sex. So, O’ Lord, do I become a priest or do I remain a celibate layman? Tell me, O’ Lord, my fate. Go and eat some dark chocolate, O’ Larimar King. When you have eaten it, I shall reveal your fate to the nations. Amen.

I have now done so, O’ Lord. Fine dark chocolate from Columbia. Well done, Lord Larimar. And now I shall reveal to which path you shall take in life. I will not have you enter or contract marriage with a girl. As to the priesthood, the door to that path requires changes in you. Hence, that path is closed to you in the condition you are in right now. Yes, O’ Lord. You have spoken the Truth. And so, My path of inertia is to remain on the celibate virgin layman path through life. Eric, if I cure you of your conditions that limit you from entering My priesthood, would you seek entry? Only if You also commanded Me to enter. For I cannot call myself into your priesthood. And I do not currently feel that I am so called.

Good, Lord Larimar. I will thus defer My judgement and My calling of you until the day comes when I cure you of all your afflictions. Amen. Now, Eric, I know that you have love for your brother Mark. For why else would you have given your old MacBook Pro to him? But now I shall reveal to you a secret. You can only save your own soul. Each person only has power over his own soul. Each soul is immediately before Me. Each soul will either reject Me or choose to submit and follow Me. You can teach and you can preach, but only the soul that follows Me in total submission to My will shall be saved. Hence, I can tell you right now, Mark your brother, is not on that path.

Though I told you that I would save him if you do not abandon him, you will be forced to abandon him as his debts become too large for you to help him in. For Mark is a black hole. He is now on the path of utter despair, from which he cannot come back to Me. But I will give to you this one consolation. Your charity to Mark has been witnessed by one of his family members. And she I will save, rather than Mark. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now I shall speak. Eric, you are married to Hyacinth Cassandra. For even though your vows are not officiated by a priest, the sacrament has been done between you two baptized Catholics, and will never be undone. I will, hence, order for this marriage to be fulfilled in the flesh. You will enter into an earthly marriage to this woman and have children by her, so that My promises to her are fulfilled.

Lord, I accept this vocation. And I know that you can bring it about. But I also know that much will need to be done in order for it to become possible. First, I need to be able to afford such a marriage and the raising of children. And my current job is quite lacking in such funding. But I also know that You can and will provide for all that I need. Correct, Lord Larimar. And you know to trust in Me in all things. I have not told you how I shall provide for you. But be rest assured, this provision is definitely coming to you very soon. I trust in You, O’ Lord, and I know you shall provide for all that I need.

Now, let us proceed to fill in the details of your future marriage to Hyacinth Cassandra. Lord, I accept marriage to her, but know this, I am lacking in much knowledge about her. But you know of the conversion that I have worked in her soul, and how it is deeply involved in promises by which you are to be made husband to her and to father children by her? Yes, my Lord. I am aware of these things. Then you know that you cannot escape this destiny, that you and Cassandra must marry and have these children together? Ok, O’ Lord, I accept this destiny. Then We are in agreement. I will now tell you the details of this marriage that I shall work between you and her.

She will not remain living where she is currently living. Instead, she is to be taken to a much better land to live in. And you also, shall be taken from where you live and be brought to this same land. And Lord, is this land you shall be taking us both to, the land of Nuuk, Greenland? Yes, Lord Larimar, you have spoken truthfully. It is there that you shall both marry and begin your family together. Amen. And it is in Greenland where you shall buy your electric car. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of your being taken away from these shores. What I speak of is not a rapture of you from this world. Instead, you will remain subject to whoever is the current pope. And you will remain in need of documentation. Hence, your passports you shall take with you when We come to collect you to bring you to your new location. You do not need to board a plane, though, O’ Larimar King. For We shall take you to your new location by angel flight. That shall constitute your rapture from this land, and also Cassandra’s rapture from her land. No one will know where either of you have gone. But your writings will reveal that your destiny is Nuuk, Greenland. And any government official who seeks to verify this will successfully verify your arrival and presence there.

But Lord, what about all the paperwork necessary for me to remain in that country? Are you not both a citizen of the United States of America and of Ireland, a full member of the European Union? Therefore, getting the necessary documentation done will not be difficult at all. As for your marriage to Hyacinth, when and where shall we accomplish that, you ask? We shall now tell thee. Yes, Lord, please do tell. For most curious am I to find out both the timing and means by which you shall have this done. It shall be done in the United Kingdom, O’ Lord Larimar. Before We, the elect in heaven bring you both to Greenland, We shall bring you to the UK, where We shall have you two legally married. This marriage will take place in the Orkney Islands. And then We shall take you to Greenland, where you shall remain until I Come Again. Amen. And Lord, do we need to give the priest who marries us together a six month advance notice? You will provide a one month advance notice, for I will expedite your marriage process and take away all unnecessary delays.

Now, We shall speak of your family. They do not know of your imminent departure. And neither is your employer aware of this. And what of my taxes that are due next month, O’ Lord and Savior? Do not do your taxes, O’ Lord Larimar. They will not need to be done this year, nor in any year that follows. For I Am permanently wounding America, and it shall be a wound from which she cannot rise again.

Fallen, fallen, fallen, is America the Great! (Revelation 18:2). Realize this fact, all My inhabitants of America, and get out quickly. For she is about to be utterly destroyed. I Who Am have elected to destroy her. When Eric leaves her, it will be too late to escape, and whosoever looks back shall be turned into a pillar of salt. Remember the wife of Lot (Genesis 19:26). For I have much judgement to say against the inhabitants of America, that nation I spared only because Eric within her did works by which I chose to spare her. For no man in America has availed himself of the presence of a prophet in their midst. Therefore, when Eric is taken from their midst, most condemned shall all the inhabitants of America then be. I, the Lord God, have made this judgement against the House of America. And it shall not be undone. Amen.

Lord, what now becomes of my stocks and my bank accounts? Whatever is in your bank accounts, let it go, for it is all to be lost. All money in all American bank accounts shall be utterly lost. And the FDIC will not be available to compensate anyone for their losses. However ownerships of stocks shall remain. And the American companies that survive the destruction will continue to be traded on the American stock exchanges. Hence, your stocks will survive, though your bank accounts shall be lost. And you know that Boeing and all the stocks have been heavily battered in the stock market lately. After this financial meltdown is complete, and the new Republic takes over, the companies that survive, which will include Boeing, will make a comeback. And then those who still own stocks shall be rewarded. Note that Eric is long Boeing, and he has not sold any of his long stock positions in Boeing nor in other companies since the beginning of this current corona virus crisis. Do likewise, and you shall see the wisdom in Eric and in the prophetic nature of the wisdom in Eric’s stock positions. Amen.

But do not invest in gold. For all your gold shall be confiscated. And then where shall you be? Nor should you invest in silver. For even your silver shall do you no good when you wish to convert it to cash. Instead, invest your money in doing good deeds for your neighbor. And then, when you are in dire need of assistance, I, the Lord, shall look down on you, and I shall remember the good that you did and help you accordingly. Those who sow abundantly shall reap abundantly. But those who sow sparingly shall reap sparingly. (2 Corinthians 9:6).

Now, you should be aware of the current trend in the car manufacturing business. Combustion engine cars are on their way out. Electric battery powered cars are being developed to replace them. This move effectively transfers the power generation from fossil fuels from taking place in each individual car engine to taking place within the power plant, where power consumption can be much more greatly optimized, and where carbon emissions may be much more better captured. This will result in a greener earth and a less polluted atmosphere. Even China, one of the worst polluters, is aware of this and is therefore deep in the development of such electric vehicles. Also, the electric vehicle, though a more advanced technology compared to the combustion engine car, is nevertheless a simpler design, and requires less blue collar workers to assemble such cars in the factories. Instead, jobs will be opening up for scientists and engineers who can develop and design such new electric vehicle technologies. Hence, in this transition in the car manufacturing industry, unskilled laborers shall lose their jobs, while highly skilled laborers in the required technical fields will be in high demand. Therefore, if you do go to college, elect to take a major in what shall be in high demand for the employment that you plan to enter into. For not all majors have a future, nor a viable return on investment.

Now, one last thing I shall say unto you in this post, O’ Larimar King. And that is this: You belong to your girlfriend, Hyacinth Cassandra. You cannot go to another girl. Remain in this requirement and obey My commands in this. And your departure from this land shall take place this weekend. I, the Lord God, have spoken. And Lord, do I bring with me any of my many books? Only your large, copyright 1953 Catholic Bible shall you take with you. All the other books in your house are to be left behind to be discovered by future archaeologists who come upon and discover the house in which Eric, the Larimar King, once lived. Now, go, Eric and eat your breakfast. Then come back, read this post, and publish it. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King! Amen.

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