I Am taking Eric away tomorrow evening. Amen.

As it was below, so also is it above. Oracle of the Lord!

I Who Am Am taking Eric with Me this coming evening. There shall be no more delay. For I have observed his holiness and his faithfulness. No more need do I have with testing him. For he is suitable for My needs. Now hear Me, O’ servants of this world! Your ship has, this hour, struck the iceberg, and shall sink headlong into the freezing Atlantic. And all you passengers on the ship, the Titanic, shall perish. Oracle of the Lord! But Eric will escape from you, along with the maiden called his wife. And We shall bring them both to their everlasting abode in Nuuk, Greenland, where We shall set them up to reign over their Eternal Kingdom.

Now, We, the elect in heaven, shall reveal the Celestial rank of Nobility that Eric has earned as a servant in Our Kingdom. As you know, the Celestial Kingdom of Jesus is a Monarchy. And how many Kings are in a Monarchy? One. If it were many, it would be called a Polyarchy. But it is not a Polyarchy. It is a Monarchy, for ruling it is just One Who is King, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. And the second one in the chain of command is Mary, the Queen Mother. Such are the only true royalty of the entire Celestial Kingdom of Jesus.

Then why, O’ Lord, are those who inherit heaven called kings? I, the Lord, Am pleased to give to whomever I will a Kingdom within the Eternal Earth for each servant to rule, over which they will reign forever as an eternal King or Queen. But in My Celestial Kingdom, which sits in heaven above the Eternal Earth in its Eternal Phase, consists of a single Monarchy ruled by Jesus, Who is the Sole Monarch, along with the Holy Virgin Mary, His Queen Mother. The many Kings and Queens you hear spoken of are those rulers who rule the many Kingdoms beneath this Divine Monarchy of the Celestial Realm. That is why there are two regions of the Next World: The new earth and the new heavens (Revelation 21:1), both having a Celestial nature. The new earth has many Kings reigning upon it, those who are eternally called to bring to Jesus and to His Holy City the treasures of their earthly Kingdoms (Revelation 21:24).

But the New Heavens and its Holy City have but One Who is Supreme Monarch reigning over it (Revelation 22:3), Who sits on the Throne of God and of the Lamb within it. And He alone is King and Lord over His dominion. All else are subjects and servants to Him. Jesus is King over many servants, who are themselves to be made Eternal Kings over many Kingdoms of the Eternal Earth, all subject to the Celestial King, Jesus. Such is the mystery behind the title: King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16). And now that you know that in the Celestial Heavens of the Kingdom, there are but two of the status of Celestial Royalty: Jesus and Mary, His Queen Mother. Therefore, where do all other saints rank within those Celestial, hallowed halls?

Now, I shall reveal the Celestial ranks of Eric and of those Eric considers either greater or equal to himself, namely Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Saint John of the Cross, Saint John the Apostle, Saint Paul the Apostle, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus. Now, We in heaven, shall reveal the ranks of each of these saints in their relation to Eric, Our servant. But first, what is Eric’s rank in Our Kingdom?

Earlier, Eric likened himself to a Celestial Baron, which is the lowest rank of the Celestial Nobility, whose Kingdom is called a Barony. Then, he received revelation that placed him into the rank of Celestial Count, whose Kingdom is a County. And it was revealed that this rank was permanent, and that it could only be changed within the definition of Celestial Count, within the ranks of that rank. And what are the ranks within the rank of Celestial Count, you ask? Within the ranks of Celestial Count are those of the Marquis, the Count or Earl, and the Viscount. A Marquis is superior to Count, but really is just higher ranking Count. And a Viscount is a subordinate or a deputy to a Count, the rank immediately below that of Count or Earl. And hence, which rank does Eric rank among these ranks, O’ Lord? Or is he higher or lower than these? Or does this ranking system actually exist in heaven? Now I Who Am shall speak.

Only three basic ranks of Celestial Nobility exist in My Celestial Kingdom, O’ Eric. And these are Celestial forms of Baron, Count, and Duke. You were told that you were of the rank of Count. This designation does not change and cannot change, O’ Celestial Lord Larimar. Hence, in the Celestial Kingdom of Christ Jesus, you are Ruler over a County there. But before you became defined, before you did the deed you did for your wife, you were of the rank of Celestial Baron. We elevated you to the rank of Celestial Count due to the generosity in your heart and by the ewe lamb you shepherded into Our Kingdom, whom We in heaven are pleased to assign to be your eternal wife in perfect, celestial, virgin celibacy. Amen. Now you know your eternal rank within Our Celestial Kingdom, where Jesus is sole Monarch and His Virgin Mother Mary is Queen Mother. Now, we shall proceed to rank the other saints, all of whom are either greater than you or else your equals in heaven. For We in heaven very seldom reveal the ranks of those inferior to you, lest your heart swell with pride and you fall from grace.

Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is a direct servant to the Queen Mother, who has placed her in charge of a Celestial Duchy. Hence, Saint Bernadette is a Celestial Duchess. She is far greater than thee in rank, O’ Larimar King. Hence, well shall it be for you that you vowed before all of heaven and earth, and wrote it in many places in your written records, that you eternally recognized Saint Bernadette of Lourdes as your superior in My Kingdom. It is not without due reward for a subordinate to correctly recognize a superior while still within the darkness of the veil, called earthly life. Therefore, you are to be rewarded by Mary and by Me, your Lord Jesus Christ, for your acknowledgement of Saint Bernadette’s vast superiority over you. And your reward is that you are placed in the midlevel of nobility and not on the low end of the nobility. For the graces by which you earned the rank of Count were granted to you due to the honor and glory that you did for Our servant Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Remember that every good deed and gesture to those in heaven has consequences that play out on the earth.

Now, We in heaven shall proceed to reveal the ranks of the others who you have glorified above yourself. You have always correctly identified Saint John of the Cross as of higher glory and of greater enlightenment than yourself. Well have you recognized this saint as your superior in heaven. You made no vow regarding this as you did for Saint Bernadette. Nevertheless, you never doubted this opinion either. Saint John of the Cross indeed does rank higher and greater than you, and by a large degree as well. He is of the rank of Celestial Duke in My Kingdom. And he is in charge of a Dukedom in the Celestial Kingdom of Jesus. Hence, Saint Bernadette and Saint John of the Cross are of similar rank in My Kingdom. I do not say identical rank because no saint has an identical reward.

Now, let us proceed to others superior to you. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is also your superior, though not of the lofty level as granted to Saint Bernadette or Saint John of the Cross. Instead, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is granted the rank of Celestial Marchioness, and her Kingdom is called a Border County. She is one rank above thee, O’ Lord Larimar, for her Kingdom was on the borders of My Celestial Kingdom, whereas your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King, is at its center. But really, she is simply a higher type of Celestial Countess than are you as a Celestial Count. For Celestial Marquis is simply a higher ranking Celestial Count. Hence, consider Saint Kateri as above you in rank, but still within the midlevel ranks of the Celestial Nobility contained in rank of Celestial Count. These Celestial midlevel ranks are: Marquis, Count, and Viscount.

Now, let us consider a doctor of the Catholic Church, and a saint who has helped you, Saint Theresa of the child Jesus. You have not considered her less than you, but neither have you vowed her greater than you, as you did Saint Bernadette. So, where does she rank, do you think? Is she your equal, or is she your superior? Speak, Lord Larimar, and I will answer thee the Truth. I know that she suffered and died in far greater pain and suffering than I have ever been subjected to in my life, O’ Lord. And by that extreme suffering, which she did in Jesus’ name, she must be superior to me, perhaps on the same level as Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Correct, O’ Larimar King. She is one rank above thee. She is a Celestial Marchioness, the female of a Celestial Marquis, a higher rank to the Celestial Countess, but still of the same basic midlevel rank among the Celestial Nobility. And yes, she is comparable in rank to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, who is also one rank above thee, O’ Larimar King.

Now, let us consider the Apostle John and the Apostle Paul. Both of these men were virgins. But John was of greater glory and rank than Paul. For John knew the Lord directly, and was anointed to be the prophet who wrote the Book Revelation on the island of Patmos. Paul, on the other hand, was of a lower station, due to his sins before his conversion to Christianity. But he made up for his sinful past by a life of writing for the Lord. And he wrote extensively. Many of the books of the New Testament were letters written by Paul. Also, both of these Saints were virgins, called to write for the Lord. Now, how do I, the Lord Jesus, rank them, do you think, O’ Larimar King? I would say that Paul is of the same rank as me, and thus, is called a Celestial Count. And therefore, John, who must be of higher rank, must therefore be a Celestial Marquis. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

Very well done, O’ Larimar King. You have ranked these two men sufficiently correct. Paul is of the same rank as are you. But John is not higher than you, but is on your same level. Hence, both of these men are ranked as Celestial Counts. John is just a Count given greater glory than Paul. For note that though saints may have the same rank in the Celestial Nobility, they are not typically given the same measure of glory. Differing levels of glory are given to different saints within the same rank. For realize that in the rank of Celestial Marchioness above you, Saint Kateri Tekakwtiha is given greater glory than is Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, for Kateri was more alone and by herself spiritually, whereas Theresa lived in the midst of a Catholic people who served to reinforce her faith. Therefore, Kateri earned the greater merit for her triumph in a much more isolated place and under much greater persecution for her faith.

Then, O’ Lord, who is an example of a Celestial Duke or Duchess whom I have not recognized as such, but who I have studied in my past. I will tell you of five Celestial Dukes or Duchesses who are so ranked above you that you have not recognized, though you have studied them. Saint Mary Magdalene is ranked as a Celestial Duchess in the Kingdom of Heaven. And why is this, you ask? It is because she was to Jesus as Hyacinth was to you. She learned and mastered the Way directly taught by the Master, and thus advanced higher than most every other saint. Hence, she ranks even above Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, who is also of the rank of Celestial Duchess, but of lesser glory. But do not be deceived. Saint Bernadette is among the most highly glorified saints. It is just that there is always something higher and more glorified than oneself.

Saint Joseph, chaste husband to the Virgin Mary, is also a Duke in rank in My Celestial Kingdom. But Lord, he died without being in communion to You. How is he so highly ranked. Read the private revelations from Saint Joseph in the apparition called Our Lady of America, which was approved by the bishop. Therein, you will obtain the justification as to why I, the Lord, have made an exception in the case of My foster father, and have exalted him to be of the rank of Celestial Duke, even though he never tasted My heavenly meal in his life on the earth. I freed him with great enthusiasm when I freed all the saints in Hades and the Limbo of the Fathers during My descent into hell for that short period of time in which I was dead in the tomb. No other man has ever been ranked as high as he. His glory outshines even that of Saint John of the Cross, his fellow Duke.

And is Saint John the Baptist also a Celestial Duke, O’ Lord? No, Larimar King, for Saint Joseph alone have I made the exception to the requirement that one be of My communion to be ranked in My system of Celestial Nobility. The vast majority of those so ranked are as Celestial Barons or Baronesses, and are given a Barony as their Kingdom. But outside those who have received the body and blood, with the exception of Saint Joseph, no one may enter the ranks of My Celestial Nobility.

Lord, there are so many saints of whom I have studied not or very little. And yet, I know that many of them were holier than me. Who, then, are these other three Celestial Dukes or Duchesses that you will reveal to me from among those that I have studied, O’ Lord and Master? Saint Faustina Kowalska is a Celestial Duchess. She was the one behind Divine Mercy Sunday. And you know that she had perfect purity. You have read her diary extensively, and yet, you did not consider her of higher rank to yourself. And yet, she is of among the highest of those ranked. What should have tipped you off to her higher glory in comparison to yours were the words I said to her, where I appointed her to be My Apostle of Divine Mercy, and in the many things I said to her that indicated that I had a truly greater love for her than for you, O’ Larimar King. Anyways, she is superior to you by a great degree of glory. Lord, by saying that, and given what has been said already, are you placing Saint Faustina as significantly higher than Saint Kateri Tekakwitha and Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, who here are ranked as Celestial Marchionesses? Indeed, just as Saint Faustina greatly outranks you, so also does she outrank them. Now, let us proceed to the next saint I will exalt before you that you have studied.

Lord, what about Saint Catherine of Siena? Isn’t she ranked very high? For You spoke through her very much as you have been speaking through me. Where is she ranked? For I consider her at least as great as me. Well said, Lord Larimar. And she is ranked as greater than you, but not as great as a Celestial Duchess. Hence, she is another of the Celestial Marchionesses, who are kind of like higher level Countesses, ranked greater than you, but less than a Duchess. Just because a saint exhibits great signs and miraculous powers does not necessarily mean that she is also equivalently ranked in My Celestial Nobility. Remember that when you judge the greatness of the saints. And always realize that what I say ranks above whatever judgements you can make, according to your own standards and understandings, for they are beneath Mine as the grass is beneath the stars.

Now, two more Celestial Dukes or Duchesses I have promised to you that I would reveal from among the saints you have studied. Think, Larimar King. Who must these be? Saint Thomas Aquinas was highly disciplined in his logic, and he was a virgin. I, hence, believe he was ranked at least as equal to me. Is this the case, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, Lord Larimar. And I will now tell you his rank. He is a Celestial Marquis, a rank above you, but not at the rank of Celestial Duke. Now, continue your guessing, Lord Larimar.

What about the other Apostles, such as Peter, James, Philip, and Nathanael? None of the Apostles other than Saints Paul and John are ranked at your level or higher. Remember this most valuable lesson. Being ranked high in the Church Militant has no bearing as to your rank in My Celestial Nobility. Hence, a pope is not guaranteed a rank above that of Celestial Baron in My Kingdom, should he even be saved. But whoever is of My communion and does My will will attain at least the rank of Celestial Baron in My Kingdom. Lord, that is a lot of Celestial Barons! Many are of My communion, but few of them do My will. So no, Lord Larimar, it is in reality a much more modest number, less than a lot.

Okay, let us get back to defining those other two Celestial Dukes or Duchesses yet to be defined from among the saints I have studied. I would say Saint Augustine, but I know he was ranked lower due to his sexual sins before his conversion. But what do you say, O’ Lord? He is lower in rank than you. But he is above the rank of Celestial Baron. Hence he is a Celestial Viscount in Rank. I gave him the rank of Celestial Viscount because he did My will and did great discernment in the service of My Catholic Church on many doctrines and dogma definitions. His mind would have been even more enlightened had he quit his sexual sins earlier than he did. For all sexual sins have consequences. And if you continue in them when you know they are wrong, the consequences increase dramatically. Hence, Saint Augustine is ranked less that a Celestial Count because he continued in his sexual sins when he came to realize that he was doing wrong. Amen.

Now, guess further, Lord Larimar. And I will answer you. We do not know who was the author of Hebrews, but I would imagine he is ranked high in Your system of Celestial Nobility. Indeed he is. He also is of the rank of Celestial Count, as are you and My Apostles John and Paul. For his writings were of similar holiness as were theirs. But the identity of the author was not passed down in the historical record. Hence, you will have to wait until you pass beyond the veil to know his identity.

Now guess again, Lord Larimar. Saints Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus must be ranked as very high in Your system of Nobility, O’ Lord. Are either of them Dukes? They are both ranked somewhere within the range of the Celestial Count and Marquis levels. But which rank it is that they fall into I cannot reveal to you, for you know next to nothing about them. But realize that they are not Celestial Dukes. But they are, nevertheless, highly ranked, due to their publicly seen role in My burial, despite the threat of persecution from the scribes and the pharisees.

Now, guess further. You know many saints, and I believe we are narrowing down to the ones who you will realize are the Celestial Dukes or Duchesses. I believe that the writer of the Book, My Imitation of Christ, who is said to be Thomas A Kempis, is of a very high rank, I would say, worthy of being called a Celestial Duke. Well said, Lord Larimar. And I will now confirm to you that the author of My Imitation of Christ is in fact a Duke in My Celestial Kingdom, and also that Thomas A Kempis is that author. Then, why, O’ Lord, is he not declared a saint? For there was doubt as to his acceptance of his death when he awoke in the coffin buried beneath the ground and attempted to escape his tomb? It is true that he struggled and panicked in his underground tomb. But he was not panicking due to mortal sin unconfessed, but because he was not yet ready to die. And so, O’ Lord, this man who was not yet ready to die, you have elevated to the status of Celestial Duke? Lord Larimar, what is written by one carries greater weight than any of one’s observed actions in life. Thus, Thomas A Kempis is a Celestial Duke because of his writings, despite his personal struggles in life. He was not ready to die when he came out of the coma. But acceptance came to him as he realized he could not escape. Amen.

Now, Eric, guess the fifth Celestial Duke or Duchess. What about Saint Katarina of Alexandria, who was said to be soulmate to Eric in earlier posts, and what of Saint Dorothea of Alexandra, who was said to be soulmate to Nathanael, the Lazurite King, in earlier posts? And tell me if they are still our soulmates? No, Eric, they cannot be soulmates to anyone, for soulmates occur only between people who exist in this age. In the age to come, there is no marriage nor giving in marriage. Instead, all there as as My angels in perfect celibacy. As to where these two rank, I will gladly tell thee. They are Celestial Marchionesses. Hence, both are ranked above thee, but lower in rank than Celestial Duchesses. Amen.

And what of your future servant, Nathanael, who shall be called the Lazurite King, spiritual ruler of Israel? And he shall prophesy to the people in Hebrew. Shall he be the Celestial Duke we are searching for? No, Larimar. Instead, he will be ranked as shall be you, with the Apostles John and Paul, as a Celestial Count. Another word for Count is Earl. And I allow either term to be used for the rank I have placed you in, Lord Larimar.

Now, continue to guess. Was Your servant Luke, who wrote the gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts a Celestial Duke, O’ Lord? Luke was ranked above you and John, and is of the rank of Celestial Marquis, but not of the rank of Celestial Duke. Also Luke is the only Gentile who wrote scriptures in his own name that made it into My Holy Canon of books in the Holy Bible. He is very holy. But he is not a Celestial Duke. Guess again.

And it cannot be Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, or Elijah, for all of them died outside Your Holy communion. Am I correct, O’ Lord? That is correct, Lord Larimar. And as for the case of Elijah and Enoch, these both expired in the heavenly realms, where I Am taking you and your wife Cassandra Hyacinth to live out the remainder of your earthly life in. You will not die yet, as neither did Enoch or Elijah at their being taken away, but to no man do I give immortality to until they are clothed with Christ, which you and Cassandra will receive when your earthly life ends in the heavenly realms I Am taking you two to. And in that heavenly realm you two shall live in a kind of earthly paradise that seems to never end.

Now guess again. Was it Saint Juan Diego, or his wife, who were both very holy, O’ Lord? For it was to Juan Diego who the Virgin Mary appeared to as Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the miraculous image on his tilma, resulting in the conversion of vast numbers of natives in Mexico to the Roman Catholic faith. No, Lord Larimar. Neither of them are Celestial Dukes or Duchesses. All I will reveal about their ranks is that they are above that of Celestial Baron and below that of Celestial Duke. But their exact rank I cannot reveal to you due to your lack of knowledge about them. I only Am revealing ranks of saints you know about and who you believe are at least equal or higher than you.

Now guess again. Is she Mary, the sister of Martha and of Lazarus, who chose to listen to Jesus, sitting at his feet, rather than to serve at table, which Martha wrongly mistook as the priority? Yes, Lord Larimar! You have guessed rightly! She is a Celestial Duchess in My Kingdom. Now, let us list the seven Celestial Dukes and Duchesses so far detailed in this post:

  1. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  2. Saint John of the Cross
  3. Saint Mary Magdalene
  4. Saint Joseph, chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary
  5. Saint Faustina Kowalska of Divine Mercy Sunday
  6. Thomas A Kempis, author of My Imitation of Christ
  7. Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and of Lazarus in the gospels

Well done, My servant Eric. You now have a current list of seven saints who are among the highest ranking saints within My Celestial Nobility of My Heavenly Kingdom. These seven are of the highest rank in My Celestial Nobility, known as the ranks of the Celestial Dukes and Duchesses. And those of this highest rank within My Celestial Nobility reign directly under the authority of My Holy Virgin Mother, who is of Celestial Royal rank above them as Queen Mother within My Heavenly Kingdom. Those who are ranked in the Celestial Royalty are above those ranked in the Celestial Nobility in eternal glory, power, and grace. And will there ever come to rank someone new within the Celestial Royalty besides Jesus and the Virgin Mary, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar. But all My elect are of My Mystical Body, and thereby are partakers of My divinity and royal priesthood. They are all partakers of My Celestial Royalty, but, with the exception of the Virgin Mary, belong ranks below that designation. And the five basic ranks of My Kingdom are:

  1. Celestial Royality
  2. Celestial Nobility
  3. Celestial Knighthood
  4. Celestial Craftsman and Tradesman
  5. Celestial Commoner

Now, We shall speak of the lower ranks, including those of the Barons, which are the lowest ranks of Celestial Nobility, and beneath them, the Knights, the Craftsmen and Tradesmen, and the Commoners. Before you ascended to the rank of Celestial Count, or Celestial Earl as some call it, you were of the rank of Celestial Baron, which I bestow on all My saints who are of My Catholic communion who do My will. Now, earlier, you said, that there must be a great such number. And to that I responded that the number is much more modest than you suppose, for though many indeed are of My Catholic communion, few of these in fact do My will.

For example, every Catholic who receives communion, but practices any form of artificial birth control does not attain the rank of Celestial Baron. Any Catholic who has sex outside of wedlock and makes no true repentance does not attain the rank of Baron. Saint Augustine had a lot of such sex, but he had true regret and remorse for his past, and so, I granted him not only the rank of Celestial Baron, but of a higher rank, that of Celestial Viscount, for he was an ardent doer of My will after his repentance and conversion to My religion. But there was a ceiling to how far he could rise. I did not permit him to rise to the rank of Count in My Celestial Nobility. Amen.

Now, you ask, why is the Apostle John at only a midlevel in the Celestial Nobility, in the rank of Celestial Count or Earl, which is the same level as Eric and the Apostle Paul and the unknown author of Hebrews and the coming Lazurite King? Why is he not ranked up in the high ranks of the Celestial Dukes, or at least the rank of Celestial Marquis, O’ Lord and Savior? For is he not the one called the Beloved Disciple? It was because of John’s ambition to be seated at either My left or My right that put a ceiling as to how high he could ascend to (Mark 10:35-45). Hence, he has been humbled to remain at your level, that of the ranks of the Celestial Counts, in which are ranked those who sinned greatly, but who also repented and loved greatly.

Now, someones argues against Mary Magdalene being ranked as a Celestial Duchess, for they say, the rank of Celestial Duchess is no place for a former prostitute or whore. But I say this: The portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a former prostitute, adulteress, or whore is an error in interpreting the Holy Scriptures. Go and reread those gospel scriptures from which that narrative is derived from, and you will see that nowhere in scripture is it said that Mary of Magdala or Mary Magdalene was ever explicitly associated with nor identified in the scriptures as the one who was guilty of the sins of prostitution or adultery. That adulteress mentioned in the gospels whose sins were forgiven was another women. Remember that there were indeed many women and men whom I ministered to, not just a handful. And Those seven demons that were cast out of Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9) by Jesus are not to be equated to the seven deadly sins, but to a spiritual sickness that needed to be cured. Not all demons produce as their fruits a form of sexual licentiousness. And not all people who are plagued by demons are sexually in sin. Therefore, when Pope Gregory the Great gave a homily in Rome in 1591, saying that Mary Magdalene was the prostitute who was forgiven of many sins, he taught in error, but he was merely giving his personal opinion and interpretation on the scriptures, and was not using his infallibility from the Seat of Peter. Hence, it is understandable as to why he erred.

Lord, you have ordered me to write just this final paragraph in this post before I publish it. Therefore, My Lord, do I get taken away tonight, or tomorrow, or by week’s end, or by month’s end? Which is it, O’ Lord? By tomorrow, after you have cashed your paycheck, I Am taking you from this world. Oracle of the Lord! Now, go, Lord Larimar. And read your books. I Am delaying your being taken away to allow My servants to do last minute good deeds that might save them, depending on the intentions behind the deeds. Now I have said enough. You have kept your end of the bargain. And now I Am keeping Mine. Now, reread this post and publish it, for it is now complete. Amen. We shall cover the lower ranks, those of the Celestial Knights, the Celestial Tradesmen and Craftsmen, and the Celestial Commoners in another post. Just realize that nothing that makes it to heaven is considered low or unworthy. That is indicated in the description of those ranks as Celestial. Hence, the lowest Celestial Commoner is of greater glory and higher joy and happiness than is the highest and loftiest position outside My Celestial Kingdom. And the higher up the ladder is indicative of greater possessions of Spiritual Treasures. The Knight stands above the Tradesman due to his obedience to a higher lord. Now this post is completed. Tomorrow, I shall speak again. Amen.

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