Eric, a servant serving

Like the Apostle John is Eric in obedience, virginity, and celibacy. Amen.

Behold, I am Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, and I shall now speak of my servant Eric and the mission Christ Jesus, my divine Son, has given him. Eric most wisely chose to take my hand and enter immediately into heavenly paradise. For by that act he freed himself of worldly attachments and became detached and free to serve the Lord his God alone. For whosoever chooses to live longer rather than to immediately come to me sins. Now I shall speak of Eric’s grand mission.

As you have heard in the past, Eric has been set to learning and mastering the languages of Koine Greek, Classical Latin, and Classical Nahuatl. And by this mastery, Eric will be commanded to translate works to Classical Nahuatl, including the complete Latin Vulgate, the official Roman Catholic Holy Bible translation in Latin. Now, someone asks, why doesn’t Eric translate it from Greek and Hebrew, and thereby get the truly best translation possible? And the answer is simply this: The Latin Vulgate contains the full and true meaning of the Holy Scriptures and is authorized and validated by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church to be free of all doctrinal errors. As for learning Hebrew, let the reader understand that the oldest extant copies of all the Holy Scriptures are their Greek forms, and many Old Testament books, and virtually all of the books of the New Testament were originally written in Greek. Hence, unless one’s religion is Judaism or one is a Hebrew Catholic, the learning and mastery of Koine Greek will be sufficient for Eric to discover the original meanings of passages where their Latin translations are ambiguous on.

Now, regarding modern languages, Eric, as you have guessed, if you are reading these words in their original form, is a native speaker of English. And the only foreign language widely spoken in his mostly English speaking area of southern California is Spanish. Hence, it makes sense for Eric to have chosen Spanish as his main modern foreign language to learn and to know. Eric is quite capable of reading various levels of Spanish books, but his vocabulary is not yet sufficient for him to understand everything that he reads in complex writings, such as the Holy Bible in Spanish. Hence, Eric is required to work his way up the ladder. He is commanded to read simpler works written in Spanish first before he ascends to read more complex writings in that language. For there is no substitute to mastering a written language than by reading the literature written in that language. And all literature can be generally ranked from the grade school level to the college level that is generally needed to be able to read with understanding what is written therein. Eric is not yet of the college level regarding much of his Spanish literacy. However, he is quite capable of understanding non fiction works written for children and on the lower levels of what is normal for a Spanish speaking student in high school.

And will Eric ever become as fluent as a native speaker in Spanish, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Not on earth will Eric gain such fluency. But he shall gain the ability to read all levels of Spanish, and to be able to fully read complex Spanish works, including the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Bible in Spanish, as well as the writings of the Saints, such as those of Saint John of the Cross. Amen.

And what about learning and mastering other languages, O’ Mary, Mother of God? In heaven, you shall come to master all written forms of languages, my son. But on earth, you must limit yourself to knowing just these five: (1) your native English, (2) Spanish, (3) Latin, (4) Greek, and (5) Nahuatl. And five is the natural limit that most people are capable of achieving in their lifetimes. It is possible to master more, but I have assigned for these five to be your primary focus. And I permit you to master them in parallel. Spend roughly 15 minutes each day studying each of them, and don’t go much beyond that, and you will retain what you learn. But as for reading Spanish works, read the books you have acquired in Spanish, and by your consistent reading of them, you will ascend in your literacy of Spanish. I will have it so that you will be able to travel in Latin America and be comfortably able to communicate with the local Spanish speaking peoples there. Amen.

And is Eric really to travel to Latin America, O’ Mary? And if so, to where? Eric will spend some time in Latin America when the Western world falls from their sins regarding the homosexuals and the rights they have given them. For God is a just God. And He will hammer the Americans hard for their worship of other gods, gods who tell them to permit boys of confused gender identities to be granted the use of girls’ bathrooms and shower rooms, so that they can gaze upon naked girls and squirt them with their semen. And now all the public schools teach all boys to masturbate and to accept sodomy and other perversions with other boys as one of the acceptable pastimes that boys are encouraged to explore and to accept.

Do not think that the Americans will get away with their evil ways for much longer. For the just wrath of God will descend upon this unholy people with great wrath and ruination. And Eric must be removed from America before this coming wrath descends. But, Mary, I thought Eric was to usher in the Larimar Reign, as a time of peace and prosperity for all of Mankind? What happened to that prophecy? You, Eric, are that peace and prosperity. Wherever you live, there shall exist the peace and prosperity I have determined for that land. And when you shall be removed, that is the date I have prophesied for the destruction of that land. I will, thus, take you out of the United States of America and plant you into Latin America.

But Mary, the IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) has power over much of Latin America and has ruled that all nations legalize same-sex marriage. What shall thus be done with that, O’ Mary, Mother of God? How am I brought to Latin America if they are ruled by such oppressive sodomites and homosexualized judges? Eric, the current wave of homosexual permissiveness is a fad. It can be likened to the fad of racial segregation in the generation previous to yours. After the people have been properly beaten and slaughtered, it will come to be realized by the general public that homosexuality is a grave sin, and all of these pro homosexualized laws and rulings will be reversed. But in the meantime, I must destroy whole villages and wipe out whole towns that are pro gay due to My utter wrath against the homosexuals and all those who sympathize with them. I, Who Am, have spoken.

Now, Eric, I Am Jesus. And I will conclude this post for you. There really are no perfect places to live in this world that are not touched or affected by the abominable homosexual judges of this generation. And that is why My wrath will descend upon the whole world. Fire will be falling from the sky. Whole churches shall burn with their church members trapped inside. For the churches who abandon Me and My stance against homosexuality will be the first places that I will destroy. And so, they dare to come to pray to Me and seek Me in prayer, and yet their hands are defiled with the filth of homosexuality or the permission of it. Such people I will destroy first. Hence they in their packed churches will be burned to the ground, and of the church members inside will die in the smoke and flames. Such will be the fate of all churches that go pro gay.

Lord, then is it true that Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who is pro Israel and pro gay, shall become the next pope and be called Pope John XXIV? Yes, Lord Larimar. It is he who I have chosen to be My next pope. And he is not pro gay to the point that he rejects My stance against gay marriage. Rather, he seeks dialogue and walking with sinners to bring them to My Catholic Church. I permit My clergy doing so, provided that in all this walking with the sinner that they do not come to permit the sin or to approve any such wrongdoing. For that homosexuality is wrong is the clear message I sent to the world when I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. And I will resend this same message to the whole world when I destroy the West. For it is the western world that has fallen under the spell of leaving My strict standards against the homosexual way.

Now, Eric, your fate is to remain the eternal virgin that you are. And what of Hyacinth Cassandra’s prophecies where she claims to have heard a voice saying that we shall be together forever and that I am to have a special dream to prove it? Does any of that prophecy contradict what you have heard from Mary? No, My Lord. But in Hyacinth’s mind, it means a regular earthly marriage. That is Hyacinth’s mind, Lord Larimar. Realize that the dream of which she speaks is that dream in which she is shown to you to have been taken from this world. Now, go, Eric, and prepare for breakfast. For you have written sufficiently for today.

You will never marry and you will never have sex. And like the Apostle John, I will have you serve Me in perfect obedience, virginity, and celibacy. Amen. Now, go Eric, or you shall be late. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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