Eric is betrothed from above

Let Our Lady of Akita be weeping tears of joy rather than tears of sorrow. For the Reign of Larimar is at hand and is now begun. And I Who Am Am well pleased. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have decided the fate of Eric, My faithful servant. Eric will neither be a priest nor remain in his celibate, virgin state. He is to marry. And I will enter into a covenant with him and the girl I will marry him to. Behold, Sandra is taken away. Caesar Sandra Nikee, whose name in heaven is forever Hyacinth Cassandra, has been taken away. She is here no more.

For had she still been in this world, We of heaven would not be of the liberty to unite Eric to another girl. For Mankind is strictly a monogamous species. And the family unit is strictly defined as one man, the husband, and one woman, the wife, and the children that come to be by their self giving of themselves to the other.

A family unit cannot consist of two females. Nor can it consist of two males. For two females cannot have vaginal intercourse. They both have vaginas. All they can do is defile one another’s vaginas. And two men cannot have vaginal intercourse, for neither of them have vaginas. All they can do is stick their penises where they do not belong and masturbate. And we know none of this agrees with nature for no children are ever conceived or born by such abominable unions. Amen.

Amen, I say to you, homosexuality is a great evil in society, and it rots it to the core. The toleration of homosexuality in society is the first sign of its coming absolute destruction. You are not doing the homosexual couple a good deed by tolerating their wickedness and their filthiness. No, by no means! Rather, you are encouraging them to increase in their filthiness and wickedness by tolerating their foul acts. And whoever approves of an act of wrongdoing shares in the eventual punishment for that crime.

Now, let is consider President Trump. Will he stop the homosexuals? Let us see his statements on the subjects. If Trump is truly against homosexuality, let him come out and clearly stand against it. For I do not back cowards who only support My causes in secret. Either Trump will be outright against the LGBTQ movement, or else he will be regarded as a coward who bows to their pressure. Also, the United States should not be in the business of attempting to end the criminalization of homosexuality in the world. Rather, they should be in the business of actively rewarding those nations that criminalize that disease and sickness. Trump, if you have no backbone to stand up against the LGBTQ movement, you do not stand with Me. And if you do not stand with Me, My servant Eric will choose your successor and I will remove you to make way for him.

Now, let us understand cowardice and what is required for one to be saved. I never save cowards. If you know I Am, but you refuse to be Mine before men, I will refuse to acknowledge you before My Father. Therefore, let no Jew and no Muslim be deceived. If they wish to convert but are afraid that they will be persecuted by their own people if they come to Me, I say this. You are not Mine by your thoughts alone. You must act in My name for Me. You must take a stand for Me or else you are simply not Mine. Being saved is not by simply believing in Me, as the Protestants teach. No Protestant who died a Protestant is in heaven. Only those who come to Me, regardless of any threats, even the threat of death, do I save. And I expect all who wish to be numbered as Mine to belong to My Catholic Church. And do not think that you will go to hell if, by coming to Me, you believe you might die before you can even receive baptism. The thief on the cross next to Me who professed My innocence before men, to him I proudly said, “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with Me in paradise.” (Luke 23:39-43). And what was it that determined his salvation? It was not some formula of confession, as the Protestants teach. No, it was taking a stand for Me before his neighbors and clearly making himself as Mine before men. He rebuked his fellow criminal and declared My innocence to all those present. That is the act of a man that I save.

And who else did I save on that day? Read further in Luke, and you will come to this passage: The centurion who witnessed what had happened glorified God and said, “This man was innocent beyond doubt.” (Luke 23:47). This man also I saved. For he clearly stood by Me and spoke up in opposition to the majority that wanted Me dead. Now, I also saved Nicodemus, the Pharisee who had come to speak with Me by night (John 2:1-21) for fear of the Jews, and I saved Nicodemus not because he was secretly My disciple, but because he publicly revealed himself as Mine in the anointing and burial of my body to prepare it for My glorious Resurrection. (John 19:39-42). And in the same manner, so also was Joseph of Arimathea saved, for he too was secretly My disciple for fear of the Jews, (John 19:38 and Luke 23:50-54) and I saved him too, not because he was secretly My disciple, but because he acted publicly in My name and asked Pilate for My body to bury it, in accordance to the customs of the Jews, so that My body may be honorably placed in a virgin tomb to await for My Resurrection. Hence, men must act in My name and do My will for Me to save them. Without doing that act, I know you not. But the one who acts in My name I know.

Now, in the previous Post, Eric mentioned five ranks in heaven: The Emperors, the Majors, the Captains, the Ensigns, and the Commoners. Now, some have said to Eric that this is not so. So, what do I say about those messengers? Do I correct Eric on his previous statements and teachings? Or do I reinforce what was taught through Eric?

First, let us address the numbers of souls to come to be and the numbers to be saved. Eric is correct that only one in every thousand souls born are saved. But Eric is incorrect in saying that the numbers born shall be in the quintillions. A quintillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. To give you an idea as to the ridiculous nature of this number, realize that the total population of the earth is at this time, Sunday, March 1, 2020, 6:15 PM PST (Monday, March 2, 2020, 2:15 AM GMT), is 7,768,043,215, which is a number over 7.7 billion. Also, Eric is incorrect to say that Mankind is to remain on the earth in this mortal Age for billions of years. No, Eric is incorrect in many things regarding these numbers and figures. And yet, this that I have now said to you is called, “negative knowledge”. Negative knowledge is the knowledge you gain by which what you thought you previously knew you now realize is false. Positive knowledge is actual new knowledge that replaces ignorance. Negative knowledge serves only to make men aware of their own ignorance and clears away false beliefs. I Am not here to merely satisfy you with just negative knowledge. Instead, I Am a supplier of positive knowledge. And hence, now I shall speak.

Lord, Sandra is still here. She has not died. And she is still with me. What saith Thou to that? Now I shall speak. It is true that Sandra has spoken to you and still lives. And it is also true that you will not be brought to the girl you are to marry before We in heaven take Sandra away from this earth. And so, what if Sandra is not taken away? Am I forever bound to her? Are we in a form of covenant from which I cannot escape? Your bonds to Sandra cannot be broken except by death. But I do not permit you to seek that death for her, but rather that you remain faithfully hers, as is required for a man who belongs to Me who is bound to another.

So then, O’ Lord, how then do I enter into this new covenant You speak of with the girl you plan to give me? Give Me three weeks. In three weeks, if you have not received the one you are to marry, realize all of this is false, and believe it no more. So, My Lord, you are saying that Sandra will have been taken away in three weeks? Or do you say that somehow the bonds between me and Sandra will have dissolved in three weeks, but that she will still live? You have won, Lord Larimar. For it is not possible to fool you. We in heaven cannot prophesy the death of another as a solution to an inconvenience. You are bound to Sandra and you cannot escape her. And yet, she is not the one We in heaven will you to marry. There is a prepared time to come in which We will have you marry. When that time comes, Sandra will no longer be in this world, and you will then be free to enter into the covenant of which We have prophesied. Amen. And Lord, by what form of bond am I bound to Sandra that cannot be broken? The sacrament of marriage, even though it requires a priest to officiate over it, is effectively done by two baptized people who are allowed to marry, should they vow it to one another. This is the bond that permanently exists between you and her that may not be broken. I do not recognize you two as officially married in My Church, and hence, you cannot have sex with her in this current state while officially you are not married to her, but the sacrament has been done and it cannot be dissolved while both of you should continue to live in this world. And that is why I cannot give you to the girl I intend for you to marry before I take Sandra away from this world. And it is also why I do not allow you to will for Sandra’s death, for that would be unlawful in My divine sight. For the man who wills his spouse’s death illicitly contracts marriage with another should his spouse actually die.

OK, Lord, now speak on the quintillions of souls that were to exist. And give me the correct number of souls. The Population Reference Bureau, PRB, calculates that from a starting point of 50,000 years ago, when it is estimated that the first human beings walked the earth, that is, the first modern specimens of the species Homo sapiens, that there have been more than 108 billion people born. Hence, the current population of 7.7 billion represents roughly 7% of the total numbers of human beings that were ever born. What saith Thou to that? If humans continue to live on the world for another fifty thousand years, surely they could attain many hundreds of billions more souls born, most likely in the trillions. But do you say that Man has even 50,000 years left to live? For Man has lived for only 2 thousand years so far in Your Age, the Age of Christianity. And you have been consistent in your theme that You are coming back soon. But given the amount of time, and past statements by You to me, I can see earth and this world continuing for another thousand years easily. But what about 50 thousand? For if we are in the middle of Man’s history, it would be another 50 thousand years before the end. But if we are in the End Times, as it is written, I then could not expect many thousands of years yet to come. In fact, I could not even expect centuries to pass before your return. So, what is it, My Lord? What numbers do you give me? You say that quintillions are two high, that is, numbers in the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000’s. But we do know that there have indeed lived people in the hundred billions, that is, numbers in the 100,000,000,000’s. And of those numbers, over 7,700,000,000 people are now alive on the planet. So, how many are in your Book of Life, O’ Lord? And how many will come to be in existence? Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. And if I ask to much, I am willing to be rebuked.

Larimar, these are the total numbers of those who are written in the Book of Life: Roughly 7 hundred million, give or take several tens of millions. So, O’ Lord, it is possible to say that 777 million people could be in Your Book of Life. How many people shall ever be born, O’ Lord and Master? Roughly 700 billion human souls shall be born and grow to the age necessary for them to save their souls. This is, give or take several tens of billions of human souls so born and grown. Lord, then that means that only about one seventh of the total numbers of human souls to be born and grown to the age of reason have been in fact so born and have reached the age of reason. And that you shall save one in every thousand of them. Lord, to reach these numbers of born human souls, the world cannot end soon, in terms of the end being but a matter of mere years or decades or even centuries away. No, my Lord. Millennia must pass by before those numbers can be actually realized.

Precisely, Lord Larimar. And does not My Book say that they shall be like the sand of the sea? (Revelation 20:8). I Am not coming to collect all My elect until all the human race that is to be born and is destined to reached the age of reason have done so. But Lord, what is that time in which You spoke of when the Master was to arise and lock the door? And then the people will be lamenting and banging on the door, and You will say to them, begone you evildoers, for I know you not? (Luke 13:22-30). What saith Thou to that? You speak of the break off point when the rosters of the elect who are to enter in as you have entered have become filled, and only those places that are then left to be filled will be then for those who are to people the lower regions of the Kingdom of Heaven, those peoples who are to be ruled over by My elect for all eternity. Yes, Lord Larimar, such a belief is indeed a form of Millenarianism. And yet, what is the Truth? What is the True interpretation of Revelation, chapter 20? For you have struggled to understand this passage for years, and have not found the satisfactory understanding of it. And Saint Augustine has not properly explained it in all its details. And so, now I shall explain it for you. So, listen all of thee to Me and see that I am most wise and knowing.

There is a Second Coming. But is there a third Coming? Do I Come and set up My Kingdom and then leave it for all My saints to run until the time I pour out My fury upon all the wicked who rebel in one great final rebellion led by a briefly freed Satan? Yes, that is the correct Way to understand Revelation chapter 20. And through that understanding, both My prophecies can be made to come to pass. Millions more must come to enter into My Kingdom, and yet, I Am Coming soon. And woe to those who are found outside My Kingdom when I come. Alas! Only those who are guiltless shall survive. That is why it is written that the western world shall be depopulated, but many in Africa and Asia shall continue to live to repopulate the world. For the people in Africa and Asia have an excuse. For many of them have no access to My Catholic Church. But the people in the west have no excuse. They all have access to My Church but so few among them choose to enter in. Therefore, those in the west who shall have entered in shall be saved, but those found outside when I Come, Woe unto them! It will be better for those who have millstones around their necks and who have been cast into the sea than will it be for these people who saw My Church and entered it not.

Hence, expect the White race to be indeed a very rare breed in the Age of the Millennium. For what White people exists today who are innocent and not saved? Only those who are innocent among the unsaved will be allowed to live into the Millennial Age. But as for those who have rejected My Church, though it was offered to them, not one of them will have a second chance in the Age of Millennium. And that is why Eric is made King over North America. For he is the final King. He is the defining King of that land. He is the Catholic who represents Me in those lands.

Then, why, O’ Lord, is Eric made but a mid level Ruler and not a high level Ruler? Why is he made a Captain, or as You say, like a Count in charge of a County in the Medieval Kingdom? Why is he not make at least like a Duke in charge of a Dukedom? For is not the United States of America and Canada on the North American continent much more like a Dukedom than a County? In fact, it is like an empire. Why then is Eric but of the rank of Captain, whose Kingdom is like a County? And if he is a mere Count, who are the Dukes and Emperors above him?

In fact, O’ Lord, let us start from the very beginning. And let us define where Mary is ranked? For surely she is of a special rank above the five existing emperors? Then when we know where Mary is ranked, we can see the Truth in all of these rankings. So speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. For isn’t Mary given a rank not only above all of Mankind, but even above all of angel kind? So tell Me, O’ Lord. Speak, for your servant is listening.

And to you, O’ Mary, Mother of God, I ask for you to shed light on these things and to show me what is true and what false in all of these beliefs, concerning what has been said here and what has been said in the previous and other posts. I, the Virgin Mary, shall now speak. I am pleased that you have recognized that Our Lady of Fatima was not me, but a demon deceiving many, even my popes and bishops. And I am also pleased that you have renewed your commitment to eternally recognize My precious Saint Bernadette of Lourdes as your heavenly superior forever. For she is superior to you and she alone among the saints that you have studied ranks as one of those in the chain of command above you. Yes, she is above you in rank and glory.

Now, as to your position in My son’s armed forces, it is true that you are of the rank of captain in it. And it is true that you were elevated to this rank due to the good deed you did for your girlfriend two nights ago. For it was a deed done out of pure charitable obedience to My Son Jesus Christ. No one without obedience and pure charity for God and neighbor would have done it. And that is why you are now ranked as a captain in the armed forces of Jesus. But all the rest that you wrote about the ranks was false and without understanding. For you were led to believe a false narrative about the so called five ranks, and the ridiculous numbers of souls that were to populate each one.

No such simple system of ranks exists in the hereafter. But as to your rank I shall now explain it in depth so that my words through you shall not be cause for confusion. First, I will define my rank. And once you understand my rank, every other rank will fall into its place. I am handmaiden to the Lord. I am not commandress or conquering queen. Rather, I sit enthroned above both angels and men. But my reign extends only among those whom my Son has received from the Father. Those whom my Son son has not received, he remains ruler over them, but they are not given to me to rule over. Hence, I am to be understood as Supreme Monarch of All the Elect, and that is my title among both angels and men in heaven. My Son, on the other hand, has as his title, Supreme Being over All Creation. And this title he shares with the other Divine Persons in the Triune God of Whom He Is a divine member.

And now we shall speak of you, Larimar. And what can we say about you and of your rank as Captain? Is it a high rank? A mid level rank? or a lowly rank? Where do you think this rank corresponds to such rankings as found in the earthly armed forces, O’ Larimar Saint? Well, it depends on whether we are speaking of the navy or the army. A captain in the navy differs and is higher in rank than is a captain in the army. You are a naval captain, O’ Larimar, for you are frequently referring to your battleships and your maneuvers on the high seas, about your dancing through storms in your ship, the Storm Dancer, and of your status as an aircraft carrier, upon which were stationed angels obeying you in your setting up of the so called Emerald Pawns, and of your current cross, which you likened to being as a heavily damaged warship listing in the waters. And so, Larimar Saint, where does your rank as naval captain put you in the Lord’s chain of command? Tell me, and I shall tell you all. Apparently I am a commander of a very large vessel, like an aircraft carrier. Correct, Lord Larimar. You are commander of a ship. And as commander of a ship, you are expected to obey orders from above and do exactly as your Lord instructs, and many people shall live, and all who live in your vessel shall survive. I accept this, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Tell me more. Tell me all.

I will now tell you of other ranks in the forces of Jesus. The most basic rank of Jesus is that of Witness. When you first become a Christian, the first task you are commanded to do is to witness for Jesus, no matter the hot water that that deed lands you in. And you did this the day of your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, when you spoke to that Christian at that booth in the college you were attending for summer school with your brother Mark. Mark drove home without you and reported the whole affair to your parents. And they were furious with you. That made you a witness in my Son’s armed forces. By that act, and by your confession to my Son that night in your room, when you converted to Christianity, and from that point onward decided to follow my divine Son officially as a Christian, marked you as officially a Witness in my Son’s armed forces. And that is the first and lowest rank that all My people must enter in and pass through to reach the higher planes. It has such a low door that most people simply refuse to lower themselves to enter therein.

But after following my Son’s Way for a while, one may put to practice all the teachings and then say, “Lord, what do I still lack?” And he will be told to give up everything. (Matthew 19:16-24) For only by giving up everything for the sake of my Son and the Kingdom that He offers can anyone actually come to attain it. This is the Second Test of the Christian. It comes after the Test of being a Witness. And it is called the Test of Martyrdom. You passed this test also, O’ Larimar Saint, on your birthday when you turned 25 years of age, on June 24, 1995, where you had the famous incident with the police. It is easy to find on your record, as it is the only item there. By your complete surrender of all that you had, down to your very life, for my Son, you attained the rank of Martyr in My son’s armed forces. Hence, you not only became a Witness, but also Martyr.

After this, you entered a new rank, that of a member of My Catholic Church. And that is when you attained true eternal life. For everyone who dies outside of that sacred and holy communion of the Lord’s body and blood, has no life in them but baptismal grace, either by an actual baptism, or by a baptism of desire. You, O’ Larimar King, were baptized on February 21, 1971, by your most reluctant parents when you were an infant. Hence, for that baptism to have the desired effect, its graces lay dormant until you entered my Catholic Church in confirmation and first holy communion on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. For infant baptism only has its salvific effects on those infants whose parents or guardians truly intend to bring them up Catholic.

Hence, your ranks of Witness and Martyr you gained while outside that salvific communion. Once inside Spiritual life, a whole new ranking system became available to you. And the first and lowest of these ranks is servant. To ascend to the higher ranks is not possible for any Catholic who does not humble himself and first make himself servant to me and to the Church. This you did by faithfully serving at Mass as a layman in the pews. For everyone who faithfully attends Mass does exactly that. He serves me and my Church there in the pews. And whatever other duty you did as a layman was part of your service that was all included in your faithful attendance to my Mass. No one is expected of great things to advance to higher levels in My Church. But all are required to attend Mass. And there is a Sunday requirement. Failure to meet the Sunday requirement of going to Mass is a grave matter, that if done deliberately and with this full knowledge I now give to all who read this, constitutes a mortal sin.

And hence, in my Son’s Church, you served as servant. And that was your rank for ages. But each of my servants brings into my Church special gifts and talents by which My church and its people may be glorified. It is by growing into the mature tree in your spiritual development by which your fruits become known, and you thereby enter into your eternal position in the Kingdom therein.

Your position, determined by your gifts developed for my Son’s Kingdom, is that of eternal scribe and prophet. And you know that you gain back a hundred times over what you give up for my Son to enter His Kingdom. (Luke 19:29). And what was it that you truly gave up, O’ Larimar King? I surrendered everything before the horn was shattered. And hence the prophecy of Daniel 8:8 never took place. The unicorn horn was never shattered because I converted to your Son’s religion before it could take place. What you gave up, O’ servant of my Son, was your power and reign over the whole earth, because you heard rightly that that one was Antichrist, and you did not want to become Antichrist. You were the Antichrist, and yet you converted.

Hence, what you gave up for my Son was what Satan offered him in the desert: all the kingdoms of the world and their magnificence. (Matthew 4:8-9). And for your reward, you are to receive over a hundred times over, along with eternal life. That is the root as to why Jesus has irrevocably given over to you eternal rulership of the continental United States of America and Canada. As for the other lands that are said to be yours from time to time, regard them as fragments of other Kingdoms that may become part of your Kingdom due to the failures of their Kings. But of your core lands of the continental United States of America and Canada, and all the islands that immediately belong to those lands, these are your eternal dominion, and it will last forever, until all the seas are gone and the whole earth is renewed.

And then, O’ Mary, Holy Mother of God, what is my reward upon the renewed earth? Do I remain a ruler over vast lands? Or do I receive and entirely different reward? Eye has not seen. Ear has not heard. Nor has it entered the human heart what the Lord your God has prepared for those who love Him.

Ok, tell me of the other ranks, O’ Holy Queen. And what does my rank of captain signify in it? And from what rank did I have before? And do I possess a form of nobility? And is this rank of nobility similar to that of Count? And was the rank I had earlier similar to that of Baron? In the navy, the rank below Captain is First Lieutenant. Was that my earlier rank in the armed forces of Christ? Eric, Mary has completed her words through you. And now, I, the angel of the Lord, shall complete your training.

OK, fellow servant to the Lord, perhaps I overspoke. But will you answer my questions, or do I ask more than I ought to ask? You ask sufficiently to earn yourself the title of Quester for Vast Stores of Knowledge. But I will answer your questions now. And after I have answered these that you have asked, the Lord shall answer you and put you straight upon the path in which you need to go.

Nobility, many men so desire to be so ranked in the esteem of others. But not so is it in the Kingdom of heaven. Not so. There all are servants serving. But I will answer you as to your seeming raise in rank from your good deed done to your girlfriend Sandra some two nights ago. You will forever be known as a doer of the Lord’s will by that deed. And all rewards of greater recognition come from greater acts of obedience and trustworthiness. But whoever exalts himself will be tested. And whoever is tested and fails in humility will fail the test.

Hence, that God makes you captain, that sounds great, but what does it really mean? For if you do not know its meaning, how can you properly rejoice? I will now tell you of its meaning. It essentially means that you are no longer in a position where you need spiritual supervision. You are made captain of a massive war vessel. And you are the commander on this vessel in the high seas. What this signifies is that you are to be given the position similar to what was done to Saul, David, and Solomon. Enormous responsibilities are to be given you. And immediately you shall be put to the test. And as those three kings failed their Lord, you shall not fail. For you have been tested, tried, and purified of all evil and all traces of evil.

Hence, the Larimar Reign will be like the Kingship of one of those Kings. You will be immediately tested for your obedience, and you will be expected to obey. Any failure to obey and you shall be rejected by the Lord, just as Firefly has been utterly rejected, and just as President Donald John Trump is to be utterly deposed. Firefly is an abject failure of a leader. Her reign will not last one four year term in office. Eric, you are to be given a good job, an electric car, and a loving wife and a good home to raise your many children by her in. But when you are given an order, you must not be divided as to who you serve. The Lord God shall you serve all the days of your life, and to Him shall you obey in all things forever, and thereby shall you find blessings in you married life to your future spouse. Now, Eric, have I answered you in full?

I believe you have answered me in the fullest extent possible. And now I see that the teachings that I am a captain are a matter of figures and shadows of a reality in a ranking system in heaven that I simply cannot be made to understand while I am here on this earth. Amen. Let me, therefore, obey the Lord in all that he commands me forever. And let me not become attached to either wealth or to the woman I am given so much so that I forsake the law of God or diverge from His eternal Ways. Amen, Eric. Well said. And one last thing I will tell you before I return you to the Christ. And it is this. Do not try to shape this world. Let, rather, Christ shape you. You are called merely to stand with Christ, and to conform to Christ. But let the world shape itself. Hence, do not mind that there are creatures going extinct. And do not mind that men are destroying their environment and their own homes in which they dwell. For all these are but judgements that I am inflicting upon the earth at the command of the Lord. But you are to speak on this page all that God commands you to write. And then, when you are given the girl you are to receive, this testimony will be completed, and no further will you write here, except as God commands you to after you are cured, to clearly document your cures to those who read this testimony. For God demands that you reveal all that He shall do for you when He cures you and gives you your future wife. Amen. Now, the Lord Jesus Christ will make the closing statements.

Well done, My servant, Larimar. For you have wrestled with demons and won. And now I shall give you the girl you are to marry. She is unlike the girls you have known in your past. Nor is she a sex addict. Instead, she is pure and holy. And you shall have holy children by her. Now, these are your final instructions before you are given her. Do not reach out your hand and take any woman, but let Me deliver her into your possession. And then you will find grace and purpose. As for the rest of your life here on the planet, realize My appointment for you to learn Nahuatl, Latin, and Greek will not be frustrated. You will indeed learn all these languages and more. And many are the works that you will translate into Nahuatl, not just My Holy Catholic Bible, the Latin Vulgate. Many shall be your works. And you shall live on the earth with your spouse for a full age, and you shall see your children have your grandchildren.

And now I shall give you My closing Words. You wished to know what “Captain” signifies in My armed forces? It is this: You are now put in charge. You are now made unsupervised Ruler of all the lands. This North American continent is now your ship. Rule it wisely, and it will not sink. Now I have completed My Words of warning to you. Go now and live the life I have given thee. And remember the lessons you have learned. And may your way be paved in tears of joy. Amen.

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