Eric elevated to the rank of Captain in My Kingdom

Larimar’s Eternal Rank in My Kingdom is set. He is as a mid level Ruler in My vast assembly.

Behold, five ranks exist in My everlasting Kingdom. And into these five ranks are all who enter heaven classified. Now what are the five ranks? They are these:

  1. Commoner
  2. Ensign
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Emperor

Right now there are but five who have so far attained of the rank of Emperor or Empress in My Kingdom. By the End of the Age, there shall be thousands of Emperors and Empresses. But do not be deceived. These thousands of emperors and empresses are to come to be through vast thousands upon thousands of generations yet to come to pass. Therefore, though there are to be thousands of emperors and empresses in My Kingdom, realize that the individuals assigned to this rank will indeed by tiny in comparison to the total numbers of people who are saved. They are to be like the highest rulers of Medieval Europe who controlled multiple countries and kingdoms. And there are many ranks within this rank. Currently, only five souls sit in this rank. But thousands are destined to come to take their seats therein by the end of times to fill all the empty seats. For all the ranks in My Kingdom shall be filled. And all My holy positions shall I choose members of My elect for to be assigned to and appointed to before the End of the Age comes. Amen.

Below each emperor there are to be a few thousand or so majors. Hence the total numbers of majors are to be in the many millions. If people were elevated in accordance to a 4.0 grade point possibility where an A = 4, then the majors would be any form of ‘A’ student that is less than a perfect 4.0 average. And the emperors would be those perfect ‘A’ students who achieved a perfect 4.0 average. Since Eric is not one of either, by this fact you now know that I do not regard Eric as an ‘A’ student in My Kingdom. Consider the majors to be like of the rank in nobility similar to the dukes and duchesses. Their Kingdom is analogous to a Dukedom in the Medieval Kingdom.

But that does not mean that Eric is low. Rather, Eric is midlevel, eternally of the rank of captain, a rank that will neither increase nor decrease from now on, except within the rank of captain. Under each major are thousands of captains. Hence, the total numbers of captains are to be in the billions. And thus, Eric is one of these billions so ranked. He is considered a high rank relative to all Mankind in heaven, but a midlevel rank among the five ranks. A captain is like someone who is a general ‘B’ student. His GPA is roughly at the ‘B’ level, which is good, but far from perfect. Consider the captains to be like the ranks in nobility similar to the counts and countesses. Their Kingdom is like analogous to a County in the Medieval Kingdom.

Under each captain are thousands of ensigns. And thus, the total number of ensigns that shall be shall be in the trillions. These are those whose level of grade is roughly at the ‘C’ level. Hence, they have a grade that is considered average and passable. But they are lowest ranking officers in My armed forces. Consider the ensigns to also be like the barons and baronesses, the lowest forms of nobility. Their Kingdom is analogous to a Barony in the Medieval Kingdom. Eric was of the rank of Ensign until last night, when by his obedience to Me merited to ascend to the rank of captain. And by what command did Eric obey Me by which he so ascended? I commanded that he do an act of charity for his girlfriend, Hyacinth.

I Am taking Hyacinth away from this life soon, but her salvation required that Eric obey Me in this act of charity, which he did for her. And by Eric’s obedience, Hyacinth has been saved. And hence, Eric is no longer ranked as a Baron, as he once regarded himself to be among the ranks of heaven, but now he is a Count. Amen. Just realize that this change of rank is now permanent. Eric cannot further ascend by any deed to the level of major, or Duke. Nor can he descend back to the level of ensign, or Baron. Hence, Eric is thus now irrevocably at the level of captain, or Count. But within that rank of captain or Count, Eric may still rise or fall among the many sub-rankings and levels of captain in accordance to his deeds or misdeeds that may come about from him in his remaining life on the planet. For I Am a reader of hearts and minds. I know Mine and Mine know Me.

Under each ensign are thousands of commoners. Thus, the total number of commoners shall number in the quadrillions. And these are the lowest ranks of the heavens. They are below the rank of officer in My armed forces. All of them are like those who received ‘D’ average grades, which means they all passed My tests of them, but barely. Their Kingdom is analogous to the lot of a peasant or a serf in the Medieval Kingdom, including all the classes of people where were ranked below the nobility in Medieval Europe. If they were fortunate, they will be like the peasants who have their own plots of land to farm, in addition to the farming they owe to their lord of the manor. And those who show valor and honor may ascend to the ranks of the Knighthood. For the Knighthood in Medieval society were a social class beneath the nobility, and they served a lord who reigned above them. Another segment of this class were those of the merchant classes and of the trade guilds. Those who acquired a trade or a skill could ascend from apprentice to journeyman to master in their particular trade or skill in a trade guild within the City. Hence, this lowest of ranks is not without a glimmer of hope for a future of wealth, glory, riches, and power, in the spiritual sense.

And for every person who makes it to the rank of ensign in heaven, there shall be thousands of people who are lost to hell. Hence, the numbers of the people who shall be damned shall number in the quintillions. Hence, given the mathematical abilities of My servants, it should become obvious that out of every thousand people that exist, less than one of them shall ever be saved. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people.

But Lord, I object. The earth as it is can barely support the seven billion people who currently live on it. And were the earth to continue to support such a population for another thousand generations, which would be roughly 33,000 years, given three generations per century, there would come into adulthood only about seven trillion peoples in that entire span of 33,000 years, which is three times the length of time since civilization began on the earth until now. How in God’s name are you going to get the numbers necessary to produce the quadrillions who are to go to heaven, much less the quintillions who are to be born and lost, from which the elect (less than one in every thousand) are to be taken from? I, the Lord shall now speak.

I intend for this earth to last for billions of years. And I intend for humanity to survive and evolve throughout all that time. OK, Lord, let’s do the math. a billion years contains 1,000,000,000 years. This is roughly 1,000,000,000 approx= 990,000,000 = 33 x 30,000,000. If there were 7 billion people on the earth each generation, in one billion years of such a stable population that had 3 generations per century, there would come to adulthood approximately 7,000,000,000 people/generation x 30,000,000 generations/billion years = 210,000,000,000,000,000 people in total that reach adulthood in a span of a billion years. That comes to just 210 quadrillion people. But assuming that Mankind switches over from eating mammal meat to eating crickets and other clean insects (Leviticus 11:21-22), farmers can produce 12 times more complete protein food sources in the form of crickets than of beef with the same amount of feed inputs, and 2000 times more such food stuffs of crickets than beef with the same supplies of water. Hence, if the limiting factor is feed, an earth currently supporting 7,000,000,000 people can support 12 times more people, or 84,000,000,000 people, subsisting on crickets for their protein needs. And if the limiting factor is water, an earth currently supporting 7,000,000,000 people can support 2000 times more people, or 1,4000,000,000,000 people, feasting on crickets for their protein needs per generation. Hence, we now see how your math works, O’ Lord. Hence, that 210 quadrillion people becomes potentially 12 to 2000 times larger by the switch to crickets as Man’s dietary protein source. And that definitely brings Man’s total numbers who reach adulthood to the quintillions in the passage of a billion years on the earth. Well done, My Lord. I now see perfectly. Well did You, O’ Lord, include in your Law of Moses those insects that Man could turn to to feed himself as his population rose beyond the capacity of the earth to feed Mankind by normal means.

Hence, Mankind of the future will become cricket eaters. And they will evolve the abilities to easily digest cricket foods. This will be similar to the evolution that took place in Europe and East Africa and Asia where dairy cows were imported in by which the indigenous peoples evolved lactose tolerance so that they could digest milk and eat milk products. Lactose tolerance definitely gave those men who had it a survival advantage because they could survive on milk and milk products, which became readily available from the influx of domesticated cattle and goats. A new evolutionary trend shall occur with the adaptation of Man for eating crickets and other kinds of clean insects. And this will result in those men who can digest such foods with better metabolism as having a survival advantage over those who are less able to digest it as well. For those who can survive and thrive on such foods will spend less of their scare resources and wealth on feeding themselves, and will be thus better able to support having more children than those who require conventional meat sources, as from cattle or chickens, to survive.

But Lord, thirty million generations in a billion years of history? Isn’t that a long time? Does this square with the prophecy of Jesus where He clearly announces that He is Coming soon (Revelation 22:12)? No, Lord Larimar, it doesn’t square with that prophecy at all. The prophetic utterance in that Book is not intended to be understood by humankind beyond 33 generations of Mankind upon the earth. Now do the math. If there are 3 generations per century, how many centuries is 33 generations? 11 centuries, O’ Lord. And 11 centuries from the time of Christ brought Man to what are now called the Middle Ages. Since Jesus did not come by 33 generations, there is no longer any means to understand that prophecy as being “soon” in any normal usage of the word.

Then, O’ Lord, since You are the one in control of all of the scriptures and how they are to be interpreted, how do you say we humans on earth are to deal with the prophetic utterance in that greatest of prophecy books, the Book of Revelation, at that quote and passage as written in Revelation 22:12? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. And listen well, all you Protestant Bible thumpers, and all you casual Bible cruisers. This is how you are to interpret the passages of the Holy Scriptures in which I say that I Am coming soon. I Am coming soon for each of you as individuals, soon, as in regards the length of your life, from the point you came to be conceived to the point where I take your soul from this earth to be judged. Each man is taken away soon after he comes to be. No man is given long to live in this world. And I point out that no man, if he really thinks about it, considers the maximum age in years that a man can live, which is approximately 120 years (Genesis 6:3), as a very long time. No, ask any old man, and he will tell you that his lifespan has passed by swiftly. All who are old say that their life has been very short. And the older you get, the shorter it comes to seem. Hence, it is true that I Am Coming soon, but not relative to the race of Man, but relative to each man’s individual life upon this earth.

Therefore, you must think outside of the box if you wish to see the Truth in all of the scriptures. Do you not believe Me? Then how do you square the Creation story of Genesis chapter 1 with the known and observed facts of science? Surely, to come to an understanding of that chapter of the Holy Bible that squares with both the literal Words therein and also with the scientifically known Truths, this requires some serious mental gymnastics to perform it adequately in your mind. And it simply doesn’t work unless you are willing to say and to admit that not all of the Holy Bible is literally true.

Eric dealt with this logical paradox as a new convert to Christianity in 1992 by using this logical conclusion: It is Jesus Christ Himself, and not the Holy Bible, that contains and is the True Living Word, and that is the infallible One Who is perfectly Trustworthy and True in all things. Remember that the Holy Bible is always pointing to a Person outside of it, namely, to Jesus Christ, the Divine Person Himself. The Holy Bible never points to itself as a stand alone authority. The Bible never commands anyone to obey the Bible and to do as it instructs. In fact, it would be idolatrous for any man to place a Holy Bible on an alter in order to worship the Holy Bible as though it were God, or any book containing any scripture. For the Bible is simply not God. It merely contains some of the Words of God as seen and written through the lens of the various men who were called to write it. And since the Bible is simply not God, one must logically come to the conclusion that the Holy Bible can contain errors and falsehoods. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does it say that the Holy Bible is infallible. Those who say that the Holy Bible is infallible are quoting sources that have no claim of authority other than the Holy Bible, which does not explicitly defend their arguments, thus defeating their circular argument that they get their authority from the Holy Bible, which nowhere gives them any such authority, least of all to start their own Church, which is what they all did without any Biblical authority to do so.

OK, Lord, I grant you that. Now, what about the revelation from Our Lady of Fatima that a certain girl, known to the children seers who asked about her, is to remain in purgatory until the end of time? If time is to continue for billions of years, and if the average stay in purgatory is a mere 40 years, how is it possible for this girl child to have committed an offense that keeps her in purgatory for the near eternity that the passage of one billion years would entail? And remember this: I know that just one hour spent in purgatory is so painful and seems to drag on so slowly that it feels like ten years of solid torture has passed for that miserable soul in that short span of time. And all someone on earth has to do to free such a person from purgatory is for that one on earth to do a meritorious deed that gains a plenary indulgence for her and then to ask God that it be applied to that person suffering in those ghastly pains. How do you square your revelations to me that the End of the World is billions of years into the future if Our Lady of Fatima says of a certain girl child that her soul will be suffering in purgatory until the end of time? What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord?

Eric, what concerning Fatima do you know that definitely had a divine origin? What miraculous event in that apparition definitely came from Me and could not have been a work done by Satan? What knowledge was revealed at Fatima from heaven that had not already been revealed by God in a previous revelation? For we know that in the case of Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady told Saint Bernadette that she was the Immaculate Conception. She spoke few words to her, but her few words truly contained valuable things. For only recently had that Truth become a dogma in the Catholic Church, and at the time, few among the laity knew of it. Pope Pius IX had only defined this most important dogma a mere four years prior to the revelation of this from the Virgin Mary through Saint Bernadette.

But seriously, Eric, what was it that came from Fatima that definitely came from Me? Is there anything you can name? The three secrets, you suggest? No secret was contained in any of them. And as for the promised period of peace that was to come to the world with the conversion of Russia, what did the world receive? 773,000 Russian Catholics is the total current number of Catholics in Russia, or about 0.5% of the total Russian population. And that period of peace was a scant period of ten years between the collapse of communism in the U.S.S.R. and the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City on 9-11-2001. And even in those scant ten years or so of that so called period of peace, there were still various minor wars occurring from time to time. And the Persian Gulf War was a big punctuation mark within it. I Am sorry, Eric, but Fatima failed to deliver on any of its great promises, because it simply was not of divine origin. A prophetic track record as that found in Fatima is the sign that this was the work of Satan.

And what were the fruits of the prophecies of Fatima? So many efforts were put into seeking the revelation of the third secret of Fatima. You, Eric, upon beginning to attend My Catholic Church in the year 2000, demanded that I have the pope reveal the third secret. And so I commanded the pope to do so. And what was it that you saw, O’ Emerald King, at the time? I saw nothing that made any sense. Just a short meaningless series of jumbled visions that bore no meanings nor insights, no matter how many times I read them or reread them. No, My Lord. That third secret did not have your signature on them. Rather, that was the work of a confused mind, a wannabe prophetess who had nothing better to do than to make up stories of how she received visions and secrets from Our Lady, but really received nothing from her. And now that I am thinking about it, the third secret read similar to the prophecy of the popes allegedly from Saint Malachy, a fraudulent prophecy that fooled me for many years, but now I see it as false. I recognize these two works as having the same author, the prince of darkness.

And you also now know that none of the prophecies of Fatima that did come to pass were actually revealed prior to the events they prophesied? And as for the miracle of the sun, since when does an optical illusion become passable to be called a miracle? Even if everyone there were to see the same optical illusion, which none of them did, it would still not qualify to be called a miracle. For a miracle is something that has substance. Illusions do not a require divine intervention to make happen. For Satan is the master at illusion and deception, and he works illusions all the time. In fact, that is what a sorcerer does. A sorcerer is a magic user who works illusions. And Sister Lucia would have you believe that an illusion passes as a sign that these pathetic series secrets that contain nothing secret are from God? Lord Larimar, Fatima was not from Me. And those two children who died, they went to their deaths seeking to die to go to heaven early. In fact, they starved themselves to get the sicknesses that killed them off. And neither of them is in heaven. For I do not save cowards. And a child who seeks to die rather than to live out his life serving Me is a coward. They killed themselves through intentional self inflicted malnutrition. They did not eat the food that they were given by their parents. So, what could be done with them? Nor did they really hear any of the visions. Instead, they listened to Lucia for all their information, including the news that they were to die young. Sister Lucia, therefore, was the ringleader who had the witnesses to her madness kill themselves off so that they would not change their stories and discredit her later in life were they to grow up and gain some common sense. And these two younger children progressively got thinner and thinner, as Lucia got fatter and fatter. She murdered them by her deceit and cunning.

And what fruit did Sister Lucia bring to the people of the Catholic Church? She brought hatred and division to it. She had the people believe that the popes were disobeying Our Lady by not doing the consecration correctly. It is an infallible sign of Satan, and not of divine origin, for an apparition of Mary to encourage disrespect and disobedience and rebellion against the pope. But notice how she completely changed her tune when the Emerald King brought about an end to the Cold War. There was no change done in the consecration of Russia from any pope, but immediately after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics broke up peacefully into its constitutive republics, though without any major conversions taking place in Russia to Catholicism, and without any new consecration done by the pope, Sister Lucia, who had been just earlier claiming that heaven was telling her that the consecration was not yet done correctly and had to be redone, all of a sudden announced that the consecration had been accepted in heaven. It is as if the powers in heaven were not in charge, but were merely reacting to the events they witnessed happen on the earth, rather than directly causing them, if one were to believe the garbage coming from Sister Lucia’s mouth. OK, now I shall speak.

Sister Lucia was just a fool who caught the tiger by the tail. She was not a seer from heaven, but only a wannabe prophetess. Nothing from her came from heaven. Fatima, therefore, is a falsely approved apparition. And it just shows that the approval of apparitions is not proof that they are true. For approval of a private prophecy, even if done by the pope, is not and cannot be covered under papal infallibility. For it is simply not covered by the deposit of faith. Papal infallibility is strictly limited to only those things that are covered by the deposit of faith, and these are things found in the Holy Bible and in Holy Tradition. A private revelation is simply outside those two parameters. And hence, Church approval of an apparition of Mary has no mandate that any Catholic believe it, nor even revere it.

Likewise, the canonization of saints is not covered by papal infallibility either. Even those saints whose names are written in the deposit of faith, such as the Apostles, Peter, John, James, and Paul, where they are in the eternal hereafter is not covered by papal infallibility. And hence, with the exception of the Virgin Mary, the Church cannot know, and she fully professes this, who has made it to heaven, and who has been actually saved. Even if you were to trust the Holy Scriptures completely, Jesus makes no guarantee that He has saved anyone, with the possible exception of the thief next to him on the cross. And no one really knows who he was. Nor is it certain that that is the story that actually took place, since it contradicts the accounts in the other gospels. And given that the gospels do contradict each other, even the attempt to take the Bible literally just leads to confusion and disagreement as to what it actually says took place.

Hence, the Catholic is not obligated to regard any canonized saint as definitely in heaven, but rather, only that he was believed to have been saved by the authorities in the Catholic Church at the time they discerned this issue when he was canonized as a saint. Hence, even Pope Saint John Paul II can be believed to have gone to hell by a faithful Catholic without incurring the slightest sin. Only as regards the Virgin Mary is it required of all faithful Catholics that they believe in her salvation and glorification in heaven. For it is a binding dogma on all Catholics that they believe in the Immaculate Conception, which was a guarantee of complete and permanent separation of Mary from Satan from the time of her conception in her mother’s womb to the time of her assumption into heaven at the end of her earthly life. And this, necessarily, leads to the inevitable conclusion that Mary was saved and was predestined that way. With no other saint is it possible to be so assured of their salvation. The Church may rightly assume the salvation of its many canonized saints, but they must also realize that many may have been mistakenly canonized. For God grants to no earthly power infallibility in discerning who has been saved, other than that of the Virgin Mary.

Now, I shall conclude this post. As you know, Eric is to reign over North America once again. And what shall he do about President Trump? Now you see that it is not harmless to put an incompetent person in a leadership position over great responsibilities. All who voted for Trump will come to learn this valuable lesson. People whose only bragging points are the depths to which they can plunge in insulting others would probably not make good decisions in appointing people to important leadership positions in the country to deal with the pertinent issues and significant crises that inevitably occur from time to time, such as this corona virus. And thus President Trump has effectively worsened the crisis of the corona virus by his incompetence and by the incompetence of his appointments of people to leadership positions. But the Americans kind of deserve this. For the Republican Congressmen were voted in by the people, and they voted in cowards to represent them in the Congress. And who votes in cowards, but those who themselves are also cowards? Hence, America has itself to blame for its lack of preparedness for the corona virus. Had the Americans written to their Senators to impeach Trump, he would no longer be in power. Maybe this should serve as the proof that less than one in a thousand souls are ever saved. Amen.

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