Eric to master Nahuatl, Translate entire Holy Bible to it.

From Latin to Nahuatl is Eric assigned to translate the entire Catholic Holy Bible.

I Who Am do not choose qualified people. Rather, I qualify those I have chosen. Eric, My obedient servant, is aware of My oath regarding him. He is obligated to fulfill My commands. And should he disobey, I will remove graces and good things from him until he comes back into obedience to Me. And this is My oath regarding Eric:

I have sworn under oath to My throne, the heavens, and to My footstool, the earth, that I will not take Eric from this earth until he has completed the last letter of the last word in his translation, directly inspired by Me, of the entire Latin Vulgate, the entire Catholic Canon of books of the Holy Bible, from Latin to Classical Nahuatl, forming a complete and full translation of the Holy Bible in Nahuatl. As for regards the approval by the Catholic Bishops, and its acceptance by them, such things will be dealt with after Eric has departed from these shores. But allow Me to prophesy thusly: As was the Septuagint considered an inspired translation by the Eastern Church, so also will Mexican officials who know Nahuatl consider this translation from the official Latin to Nahuatl to also be inspired. And We in heaven elect to give this name to this new Bible translation that We intend to accomplish through Eric: The Hotika Amōxtli, which literally means, “The Holy Book” in Nahuatl, for it will be the the Book that immortalizes the Classical Nahuatl Language for all eternity. Amen. For in whatever written language My Word comes to be translated to, that written language thereby becomes an eternal language. Amen.

Now, I Who Am shall speak. Lord, since Eric is to accomplish this great undertaking, is he to remain a celibate virgin, to be completely devoted to this task? Or is he to enter a sexual marriage with a girl and father children by her, and thus have less time to accomplish this task, and thereby require a longer life to fulfill Your oath? Or is Eric to marry in a pure Josephite marriage and have only one son, and this son to be conceived via pure sexual means without penetration that thus maintains the virginal status of both Eric and his wife, ensuring that Eric is not distracted by the things of this world and its impurities? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Though you are to have a wife and a son, your virginity will never be taken away from you, O’ Larimar King. Hence, it is the third option that you mentioned that shall come to pass. Without penetration or any form of impure excitement of the genitalia shall you impregnate your wife. Holy, therefore, shall be the act by which your seed is sown into your wife. As virgins shall you marry and as virgins will you bring forth life. By the mere contact between flesh shall the sex act be successfully performed.

I will now speak of the woman that you shall receive as your wife. You have received the revelation that your future wife is of the Mestiza peoples of Mexico. Such is correct. And she is most holy and most beautiful. As a virgin has she given herself up to My divine will to do with her as I so please. And My good pleasure is for her to serve as the mother of your one future son. One son shall you have and no other children. In a separate bedroom within your house shall your wife be given to sleep in. In your three bedroom house, your wife shall have the master bedroom, and you and your son shall take the other two. And this arrangement shall be how your family life shall exist for many years to come, until I take you away from this world at the completion of your Bible translation, from Latin Vulgate to Nahuatl, to be called the Hotika Amōxtli.

Now, what shall We reveal to you about this girl whom We in heaven have chosen for you? Eric, your primary requirement that you had for your wife was that she be of My elect. And all My elect are Catholic. Hence, it follows that the girl We elect to give you would be from a very Catholic people. And Mexicans are both a strongly Catholic people and they live in close proximity to where you live in Southern California. Latin America is the most Catholic region on the planet. And thus, it should come as no surprise that the girl We elected to give to you would be from that extraction.

We could have given you a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese girl, and had you sow your seed into that race, known for their intense mental disciplines and highly advanced skills in the maths and sciences. And yet, We chose a Mexican to be your wife. For We prefer one devoted to Catholicism over one who has advanced achievements in the mathematic and scientific disciplines. Asians may have more intellectual prowess than White peoples, and yet, it was My Christian White people that I had conquer and spread My Religion and culture throughout the entire world. I did not have the Arabian Muslims conquer the world and spread their religion anywhere until first I had those lands tested by a missionary from My Catholic religion. Only if My missionary was rejected by that people would I send the Muslims to conquer them and permanently enslave them to a false religion.

But Lord, Islam has met with resistance in Asia, as well as Christianity. For the Asians seem to prefer their entrenched religions. I tell you this Truth, O’ Larimar King. Asia will become either Christian or Islamic. All other religions will be killed off. All of the Holy Books of the Asian religions will be lost and burned. All of their temples and religious buildings will be sacked and razed to the ground. For I Am a holy God. And I Am a God of pure wrath. And I will seek vengeance against all Asians who reject My religion of Catholicism. All the Hindu temples shall be burned. All the Vedas shall be lost and destroyed. All the wisdom of Confucianism shall be consumed with fire, except for those teachings that are in conformity to My Religion of Catholicism. All the religious books written by the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Koreans that contradict My Religion of Catholicism shall be lost, destroyed, and burned. And all Asians who have rejected My Religion of Catholicism will be forced into the religion of Islam by the sword. Amen. And whatever people in Asia that are not found to be a Catholic people will become an Islamic Caliphate. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Then will the Asians wake up and be humbled, as a great people brought low. And as slaves will they bow down to Allah of Mecca, all will do so who did not accept Jesus as Lord.

Lord, what saith Thou as to the ongoing Islamification of Europe? Muslims are entering Europe and setting up zones of Sharia law all over the continent. And do you notice this too, Eric? Europe is becoming a desert wasteland due to climate change. As Christian spiritual life dies in Europe, so also does Europe come to resemble the Muslim deserts of North Africa. But Lord, shouldn’t the Christians fight the Muslims in order to keep Europe a Christian continent? Because the Christians have accepted gay marriage as settled law, I will bring ruin to all such false Christian peoples, including the false Christian peoples of the Americas, among whom such is also accepted. And one of My divine punishments of such a people who have abandoned My Religion is to force them into Islam by the sword. Then, as Muslims, they will be locked into the religion of damnation, which I have consigned them to due to their faithlessness to Me, their Lord and Master.

Lord, a 2018 poll says that 67% of Americans approve of homosexual marriages. What saith Thou to that? It means that democracy must be taken away from America or else she will be ultimately ruined. A dictator must be installed over America to preserve the Christian moral nature of this nation and to restore to her the Christian morals and values that she once had. And who shall be this dictator? President Donald John Trump? Will Trump serve as this dictator to rule North America? Or will there by another dictator to come who is to rule, the one known as the Larimar Pawn? Your Pawn, Lord Larimar, would be too weak and civil for the Americans. Instead, the Americans need a ruler who insults them and casts them down. And that need I have fully satisfied with My servant, President Donald John Trump. Hence, Trump is not leaving office. Rather he is remaining there, and he will get another Supreme Court Justice on the Supreme Court after I remove Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from her position on that court. And this next Supreme Court nomination will be more speedily confirmed than was the process in which Kavanaugh was confirmed.

So now you know why I have Trump serve as ruler over America. It is to destroy the institution of democracy here due to the moral decline of the electorate who can no longer be trusted to vote in their own leaders by their now common acceptance of abominable marriages. Hence, consider American democracy as an outdated order. In this new age, Trump will serve as dictator for life. And he will see to it that the Supreme Court is made conservative so that gay marriage and other obscenities are once again outlawed from all the lands.

And what of Russia, O’ Lord? Does Russia remain under the dominion of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? Or does someone else come to rule that nation? For how does Russia convert to Catholicism without a ruler who would lead the people in that conversion? Eric, Russia is already converted. All those whom I elected to bring into My Catholic Church in Russia I have brought in. All those I have rejected I have allowed to perish in their sins. Hence, Fatima is a fulfilled prophecy. Nothing more from Fatima is to fulfill in Russia. Give up, therefore, in making Russia Catholic. The conversion of the tiny remnant of Russians into My Catholic Church is sufficient to Me. I need no further conversions to satisfy My prophecies.

And Lord, does the Pro-Zionist Cardinal Christoph Schönborn succeed Pope Francis to become Pope John XXIV, and lead in the movement for the restoration of salvation to the Jewish people of Israel? Precisely, Lord Larimar. And when you see that sign happening in the world, realize that your brother prophet in Judaism, called Nathanael, who shall be King Lazurite, shall come forth to reign as Prophet King like you. And Lazurite will speak to My Jewish people in Hebrew as you speak to My Gentile peoples in English.

And will the United Kingdom prosper? Will they form lucrative trade deals with the United States and with the future Federation of European States? Yes, Lord Larimar. It will happen precisely as you have said. But you will not move there. Instead, you shall remain where you now live. And I will have you become established and be made a very wealthy man. Amen.

And what becomes of Volkstaat in South Africa? Do they peacefully secede from the South African nation, taking about one fifth of the choice lands with them, with at least one good sea port to enable international trade, O’ Lord of Hosts? And do they gain the rights to have their own standing armed forces? Yes, precisely, Lord Larimar. And I will give them more lands as they come into inevitable conflicts with the Black peoples that they will have separated from. Hence, their nation will be in a continual process of conquest and annexation as they take the necessary lands they need from Black Africa as they satisfy their rights and needs for self determination and independence from the primitive indigenous peoples that held those lands in earlier ages.

Lord, I have heard that the African Negroid peoples might go extinct. What is the truth of this rumor? What saith Thou? It is true, Lord Larimar, for the African Negroid peoples are of a more primitive gene pool that will ultimately die out as more advanced Black peoples from Asia move it to replace them in their niches. Once the Asians gain financial control over the various Black nations of Africa, they will orchestrate a flood of immigration to those nations from overcrowded nations of Asia and systematically wipe out the indigenous Negroid populations by their sheer superior numbers. And the African indigenous populations will be enslaved or moved to reservations or ghettos, where they will gradually die out as a defeated and conquered people. And thus, the languages and cultures of Africa, particularly in the east, shall come to reflect those of Asia, while older African languages and customs die out and are forgotten.

Lord, what becomes of the rhinos, the elephants, and the other endangered megafauna? Some attempts will be made to miniaturize the various forms of megafauna so that they can be sustained on smaller plots of land. Those attempts that succeed will enable those strains and breeds to survive and become potentially domesticated. But the vast majority of megafauna will eventually go extinct, for there is no way to permanently ensure their protection from generation to generation. Domestication is, in fact, the only means by which species are ensured of continual existence in the Age of Man. Amen.

And Lord, will all vehicles eventually be electric powered? Yes, Lord Larimar. Technological breakthroughs in batteries and charging speeds will enable the electric car revolution. And I will bring it about that all power generation is done at power plants where fossil fuels may be burned, but that the carbon emissions are efficiently captured and not released to the atmosphere. Eventually, other fuel sources will be obtained as fossil fuels run out. These will be from a variety of sources, including solar power, nuclear fission, and various other means devised by Man.

And Lord, does Larimar rule over the world? Or does he rather reign from a spiritual dominion that is separate and detached from the happenings of this world. Remember, Lord Larimar, your Kingdom is not of this world. Your mission is to learn Latin, Koine Greek, and Nahuatl, and then to translate the Latin Vulgate to Classical Nahuatl when I command it. You have no other mission in this world, other than to have the one prophesied son you are to sire, and to raise him Catholic and with a well formed conscience. Amen. Also, he will be sent to private Catholic schools. So you had best get legislation passed that takes funds from the corrupt public schools and gives them to parents in the form of vouchers so that they can better pay for their children to go to private schools where their kids are not taught to masturbate and to accept the homosexual way of life.

Now, one last thing I wish to say before We conclude this post. Eric, people have been seeking to define exactly what you are. And so, what are you? I am a follower of Jesus who has walked the paths of Antichrist in my ancient history. Amen. Hence, I am no stranger to the dark side. And I am more powerful than any dark lord. But now I am a follower of Jesus, since my conversion in July of 1992, and a full Catholic in communion with the pope in Rome since March 30, 2002. Hence, I have walked long in the Ways of Jesus, and I have mastered those Ways. And now I am a Christian saint, with the powers of a servant to Christ. And as is the case for all servants to Christ, their power is not in themselves, but by their intercession to the Lord God Jesus Christ. Hence, I am neither a god nor a demigod, but rather, a fully human saint of immortal nature, acquired through putting to practice the teachings of Jesus. And I am also a prophet of the Lord, not by my election, but by the decision and election of God. And I am called to prophesy here on this website. The words I speak here are not my own. They do not come from me, but from above. And I speak and write as I am commanded to do. Now, what saith Thou to that, O’ Lord?

Well done, My servant, Eric. And now We shall reveal your fourth name to all the world. You were given three names by God so far. These are Larimar, Belteshazzar, and Ironwort. But Lord, is not this fourth name commanded of me to be kept secret? No, Lord Larimar, for every secret you are told you must reveal here on this public forum. And so, this is the name by which you will now be known as Prophet King. And that name is Elkor. Hence, you are Elkor, Prophet King of North America. Amen. And your Kingdom includes all of the continental United States of America and Canada and all the immediate islands belonging to those lands. And what about Mexico, O’ Lord? There are no marriages in the eternal phase, Lord Larimar. Hence all the definitions of unified Kingdoms due to marriages between Kings and Queens have no lasting definitions. Hence, you are the sole monarch ruling your Kingdom. And you shall rule with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. In the next post, We will redefine all the Kingdoms, removing the marriage statuses of all the monarchs, so that the true Kingdoms can be seen and known in their true and eternal definitions. Amen.

And Eric, one last thought I wish to impart to you. As long as you do My will and serve Me, you shall remain blessed and in My good standing. Continue, therefore, to abide by My Way, listening to Me for all your instructions. And I will reveal this secret to you right now. Only a Catholic can unlock the labyrinth of passageways that lead to My Kingdom through the secret Ways in which you have walked. And hence, only Catholics who read these Words and attempt to follow you will succeed. I have said enough. Go now, Lord Elkor. And though your destiny to serve My purpose is to marry, remember the reality that will never change: You are eternally virgin and celibate. And the act by which you sire your son will not result in the loss of virginity. I Who Am have spoken. May the peace of God rest on all who worthily listen and obey. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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