Eric is given 24 years to reign

Eric, son of Jesus, is of His direct male lineal descent. He is the Larimar King!

I Who Am do now decree that to Eric I grant a further 24 years to reign. Hence, Eric will live to the year 2074, and come to Me at the age of 73 years, having been a full Catholic for 41 years. For remember these key dates: Eric was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Eric was baptized on Sunday, February 21, 1971. And he entered into full communion with My Catholic Church on Easter Vigil, Saturday night, March 30, 2002. And during those fleeting 24 years, Eric will marry, have a son, and translate the Latin Vulgate to the language of Classical Nahuatl in its entirety.

But Lord, Eric has just begun to learn those two languages, Latin and Nahuatl. How will he have the time to complete this great undertaking? Oracle of the Lord! I, the Lord God, do swear under oath to My throne, the heavens, and to My footstool, the earth, that Eric will not be taken from this life and this world until he has completed the last letter of the last word in the translation of that entire book, the full canon of the Catholic Holy Bible, from the Latin Vulgate to the language of Classical Nahuatl. And he will have divine assistance from Me. For I will guide him in his choice of words and expressions to perfectly express My Latin scriptures into the proper form of Classical Nahuatl.

Then, O’ Lord, that 24 years you have granted to Eric to reign is not a hard upper limit? It can be extended? And will be extended as necessary for Eric to complete his translation of your entire Latin Vulgate to the Nahuatl? Precisely, Lord Larimar. But realize this also. The marriage that I will have Eric enter into and have a son by will remain Immaculate, like the purity of My Virgin Mother. Eric, too, will remain a virgin, as well as his wife, in the conception and birth of their only son.

Then how, O’ Lord, do they have a child together if they remain virgins? Without any form of impurity, the male gametes will be ejaculated at the woman’s front entry without any penetration performed, in an act of pure, virginal sex. And this will only be done a few times, in order to ensure the pregnancy of this prophesied son. For Eric’s marriage is to have the holiness of a Josephite Marriage, between two eternal virgins, but still to naturally produce a holy child, a son, who shall be named, Immanuel, for it is written, “The virgin will be with child, and bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14).

And it is written in the Chronicles of Eric the Emerald King that Mary Magdalene did reveal to Eric that she did in fact have sex with Jesus. But she and Jesus did not lose their virginity, for they produced the pregnancy by using the same technique mentioned above, involving neither any form of impurity or penetration. And Mary Magdalene conceived and bore a son while she stayed with the Virgin Mary under the protection of the Apostle John in the Ephesus. And this son was raised by the monks in secret. And he grew up and had children of his own, creating a male lineage that extended down through all generations to John Dunstan, born in Cornwall, England. And he left England and emigrated to America, where he, as an older man, met a young woman called Victoria. They married and had one son. This son was named Harry. And Harry, an only child, grew up and married a girl whose parents came from Germany. They had one son and several daughters. Their one son was called Robert. And he grew up and married an Irish girl. And they had three sons: David, Eric, and Mark. Only Mark married and had children, consisting of just three daughters, the middle one dying as a baby. Mark then had himself fixed so as to avoid having any further children.

Lord, what becomes of Mark due to his decision to fix himself, rather than to obey the laws, statutes, and decrees of the Catholic Church that require that no man or woman practice any form of artificial birth control whatsoever? I will now tell thee, O’ Lord Larimar. Because Mark has done this to himself, I have cast him into darkness, so that he cannot see the door to salvation, and thus, will not enter in during his fertile years. If, in his old age, after his seed is no longer viable, he repents his sins and the evil deed that he did, I may permit him to see My light and be saved.

But since Eric has obeyed Me in completion, I have showed him My entire Church. And he has fully entered and become saved. And what of David, O’ Lord? David is a tragic case, O’ Larimar. For David could have been saved, but he has been cast out, due to his evil ways and stony heart. Should David in his later years come to have a softer heart, I will allow him to see My Church. For usually a man, as he approaches the end of his life, loses satisfaction in the answers from the atheists as to the purpose of one’s life. That blade of grass theory where no one is of any more significance than a blade of grass loses its luster, and the nagging questions come haunting the soul: What if there is a God, and I am on the wrong side of Him in the afterlife? For there is no satisfying answer that the God deniers can give as to why God does not exist. The question, “What if you are wrong?” haunts all such people who walk the pathways of the denial of the existence of God.

I do not guarantee salvation to any soul who seeks Me. For they must pass the many tests of purity and final perseverance. And the graces for final perseverance cannot be merited, but are only granted from God above, according to His inscrutable and eternally resolved judgements.

Okay, Lord. Let us accept all of this. Who is the girl who Eric shall receive? And now, that title of Eric, that of the son of Jesus, takes on a whole new meaning. Eric really is Your actual carnal living descendant. And furthermore, only four living males are known to possess the Y chromosome of Jesus: the brothers, David, Eric, and Mark, and their father Robert Dunstan. And any other males that possess this Y chromosome can only be found by tracing John Dunstan’s lineage back to Cornwall, England, and then by seeking who were his male relatives of his paternal lineage, and then by going forward to trace out all those of living male lineal descent. Eric does not have the resources to conduct that sort of research.

Therefore, the dynasty of the Larimar King, who was called the Emerald King, is of the Davidic lineage through Mary, and that extends back to Jesus as its first male of the direct male lineage, and also through the women, Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. This is huge, O’ Lord. For it is not everyday that it is revealed to the whole world that there is a descendant of Jesus, and of his uninterrupted male lineage, a member of his direct male descent, living and breathing upon the earth. Does this justify the Kingdom of Larimar to include the entire continental United States of America and Canada, O’ Lord of Host. Indeed, Lord Larimar. And now We, the Host of Heaven, shall define the Larimar Kingdom:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, consisting of all the lands and islands of Alaska, Canada, and the contiguous states of the United States of America. Ruling over this Kingdom are King Larimar and who? Who is the Queen who rules at Larimar’s side? Is she Saint Katarina of Alexandria, his soulmate who lived 17 centuries before him? Or is it Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland? Or is it Ester, Queen of Mexico? Or is it Isabela, Queen of Puerto Rico? Or is it Jasmine, Queen of the Philippines? Or is it Queen Nacre of Japan? Or is it Queen Eleonora of Russia? Or is it Queen Elsa of Scandinavia? Or is it Queen Orinoco of Venezuela. Or is it Queen Awara of French South America? Or is it Queen Esmeralda of Ecuador? Or is it Queen Erythrina of Argentina and Uruguay? Now, I shall answer your question, O’ Larimar King.

Eric, it cannot be Elsa, due to her marriage to King Aurelian of the East Baltic Kingdom. Their Kingdoms were not combined into one by their espousal, but they are, nevertheless, an espoused couple now. Therefore Elsa is off limits. As for Queen Jemima of Jamaica, you have omitted her from the list. Is this because she is Black? Indeed, White men are turned off from Black women more than from any other classification of females. But it is understandable. For there is no law against prejudice when it comes to deciding who shall be your mate, and there can never come to be such a law, for in order for a marriage to be viable, both parties must be completely free to reject the marriage proposal for any reason.

But enough beating around the bush. Now, We the elect, shall announce who shall be Eric’s wife. And is she listed among these many Queens, O’ Lord? Or is she a figure not yet entered into the divine roster of earthly Rulers? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. It was said earlier that Eric was to marry a Hispanic woman who would bear him Mestizo children. But now we know Eric is to have only one son. When Eric was to have no children, the girl Eric was said to marry was to have White skin. But what is she now that Eric is to have but one son, who shall be born from a virgin and be called Immanuel? Who would be worthy to be such a mother? And from what nation would such a woman come?

If Ester, Queen of Mexico, is this woman, what becomes of Queen Katarina, who is Eric’s soulmate, who lived some 17 centuries before Eric? Both must be listed, Lord Larimar. One shall be designated as your Queen. And the other shall be designated as your spiritual soul mate. Hence is the description of your Kingdom, as it is now as so described:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, consisting of all the lands and islands of Alaska, Canada, the contiguous states of the United States of America, and Mexico. Ruling over this Kingdom are King Larimar and Queen Ester. And in ancient spiritual association to King Larimar is Saint Katarina of Alexandria, eternal soulmate to the Larimar King. The official languages of the Larimar Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Nahuatl

Note that this Kingdom is ruled by one King and one Queen. Saint Katarina is not considered a ruler of it, as that would break from the ideal of the monogamous nature of the Christian Monarchy.

And will Ester be disappointed that she is to remain a virgin and have virtually no sex life and only have a single son, O’ Lord of Hosts? The girl We, the Lord of Hosts, have chosen to be this Ester to you will find this arrangement ideal to her spiritual ideals and preferences. Amen. And Lord, by making the girl a Mexican, you are making the lineage of Jesus enter into brown flesh. No longer will Your lineage be called White. Is this done within Your intentions, O’ Lord? Larimar, read Numbers, chapter 12, and see My Judgement on Miriam, the sister of Moses, for her speaking against Moses for his marriage to a Cushite, a Black African woman (Numbers 12:1-16). I punished Miriam with leprosy for seven days due to her interference between Moses and the Cushite woman with whom he elected to contract marriage with. Therefore, do not judge a marriage, neither yours nor that of another’s by the colors of the skin of those involved, nor by the racial makeup of the peoples of either party. But let, rather, I, the Lord God, match together whomsoever I so please.

And so yes, Lord Larimar, My lineage through you shall, by your marriage to a Mexican of Mestiza ethnicity, become enmeshed into the Mestizo race of peoples of Mexico. And you shall have only one son, and practice pure celibacy in your relationship with your wife. Your marriage, therefore, shall be a true Josephite marriage in that both of you shall remain true virgins. But sex in biology is defined as the combining of gametes, not of the method by which these gametes are brought together. Hence, though you and your wife will technically both remain virgins, your son will be said to have been conceived via the natural processes of sex.

Lord, how will the sex act be performed to provide for the joining of gametes but without the penetration of intercourse? How will this be accomplished? By the mere touch of your flesh to hers will the ejaculation occur. There will be no rubbing nor excitement of the sexual organs. For everything is to be maintained in its perfect purity. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, I have heard that this marriage is to take place this August of this year. Is this the case, O’ Lord? For how can this be since August is a mere six months away, and I have not yet met the girl? And if this marriage is done at Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church in the port city of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, I believe that they enforce their rules strictly in the requirement of a six month advance notice. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Larimar, do not doubt, but believe. And realize that I have already put in place My plans for this marriage, its exact date, and its consummation. And realize that the sex act by which your son shall be conceived will suffice as the consummation of the sacramental marriage between you and your future wife. Amen. Your marriage to this girl will proceed as I, the Lord, have planned out. Do not put up into My face any doubts that you may have, but believe all that I tell you, and you shall see the glory of your God. Amen.

Okay, Lord, I will put my trust wholeheartedly into You. And what have I to lose? I have given You everything. There is nothing left that I am holding back from You, O’ Lord. Good, Lord Larimar. And now I shall issue to you My commands as to what you are to do with the remainder of your free time before you become engaged to this woman. You have gone to Church at Saint Mary of the Assumption this morning. Will I have you go to Church this evening for Sunday Vigil, you should ask? No, Lord Larimar. Instead, you will walk to Saint Bruno Catholic Church tomorrow and pay your tithe. After you have paid your tithe, look around and see what thou shalt see. And if you see a comely girl, realize that she is the one. Amen. Lord, it is that simple? And what do I do if I see such a girl? Am I to approach her? For it is written that if I move even one step in the direction of any girl that I will lose My spiritual espousal to Saint Katarina of Alexandria. What, therefore, do you command me to do when I see this comely girl of whom You say is the one? I, the Lord, shall draw her to you. You will not go to her. Accept the girl I elect to give to you. And accept the manner in which I bring this about. And Lord, is there a chance that Satan will attempt to place his own decoy there to fool me? There is always the chance for Satanic deception. So be on your alert. But this will be the sign that she is the one. She will be modestly dressed and without any impure spirituality about her. For I have given you the gift of discerning spirits. And you will see that her spirit is clean. And when you see that this is so, immediately accept her into your close confidence. And then this relationship will begin. I Am the Lord. And I have spoken fully in what I willed to say today. Now, go, Lord Larimar, and study your languages. Amen.

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