I will now address those who call Eric false.

Consider Jonah. His prophecy to the Ninevites did not come to pass in his time. And yet, he was from Me. So also is Eric My prophet. For the prophet is assigned to speak My Word. He is not to hold back what I give him to say, out of fear that My Word might not come to pass.

I Who Am have elected Eric to serve Me in this crucial hour. God does not choose perfect people. Rather, God perfects those He chooses. But Timothy, you are right. Eric has no power to send any person to hell or to heaven. Rather, Eric serves Me as My instrument in bringing My gospel message to My people. And Eric speaks most eloquently by his example alone. And when necessary, he speaks words. Neither does the pope have the ability to send anyone to hell or heaven. Now, the pope has the power to excommunicate, but that is distinct from damnation. What excommunication does is to separate a person from God’s people to call him to repentance. No one is ever excommunicated from the Catholic Church without a way provided for that person to come back and return to the fold. Martin Luther was excommunicated, but he had the opportunity to repent and return to the fold open to him continuously throughout his Protestant years, but he chose to reject it until his secret conversion on his death bed that occurred after he could no longer speak. Thus, he went to purgatory, and was saved, but continues to burn there to this day due to the continuing effects of his Protestant legacy. It was because he did not abandon his devotion to Mary in his abandonment of My Catholic Church that enabled him to be saved, and not go to hell. This judgement, and all judgements from Me upon the people, that are written through Eric’s hand, are not from Eric. They are spoken through Eric, but Eric does not decide what to write. Rather, Eric obeys Me and writes what I command him to write. Eric is not making this up as he goes along. No, Eric is writing exactly as I command him to.

And so, let us get to the elephant in the room that you pointed out, Timothy. And that is about the power outage that was to occur by My Word through Eric that never occurred. If you were to take an honest look at prophecies, you would see an enormous amount of prophecies that fulfill not when expected, but sometime down the road, later, perhaps in a different year or generation. Remember the prophecy I spoke through Jonah. And so, I had Jonah walk through Nineveh proclaiming, “Forty days more and Nineveh shall be destroyed.” And the people repented, and I did not do as I said I would through Jonah. But I did not have Jonah then go back to the people of Nineveh and give a prophetic update to explain himself. Rather, the prophecy took place as I said it would, but at a much later time, after that generation that had repented had passed away. The Book of Jonah does not record that fulfillment, but it does show Jonah being discontent, thinking that his prophecy had failed, and he wanted God to take his life. Now, if Jonah were truly a false prophet, I would have been justified in taking Jonah’s life. But a prophet is not false just because a prophecy uttered through him has no immediate fulfillment. Is not Jonah numbered among the minor prophets in the Old Testament? Obviously, Jonah’s one prophecy, though it seemed to him to have failed in his time, did in fact mark him as one of the True prophets because it was fulfilled at a later time. For the Word I speak through My prophets must be viewed at from the lens of wisdom and understanding. Eric did not lie. Rather, Eric is a speaker of My Word. But My Word that I speak through Eric must be read with a goal of understanding it, rather than casually judging it and dismissing it if it fails some literal test.

For how do you deal with this passage where Jesus speaks thusly: “Amen, I say unto you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass away.” (Matthew 24:34-35)? Do you abandon Jesus because this prophecy failed? Or do you do the mental gymnastics necessary to say it did somehow come to pass? Or do you take that route of saying these Words were not spoken by Jesus but put into his mouth by the Bible writers? And then in that case would you then have a Bible that you could no longer trust? Or do you deal with this issue by simply refusing to study and read the scriptures? And if you choose that route, that would explain your Bible illiteracy. For the one who reads and truly studies the Holy Bible comes to be aware of a deep set of contradictions in the prophecies and the scriptures. All those who proclaim the Holy Scriptures contain no contradictions prove by their assertions that they have only skimmed the surface and have never delved deep into the Holy Scriptures. And so, if I Am God speaking through Eric, what is My answer to this issue? Why so much contradiction and seeming falsehoods in both the Holy Bible and in the Church itself and in the papal statements and things handed down by the Magisterium?

The Holy Bible is not and was never meant to be a stand alone authority. Nor have I ever given any prophet or seer any infallibility. Hence, the Holy Scriptures were written by fallible men. And even Jesus spoke without full and complete knowledge. That Jesus freely admitted that He Himself did not know the day or the hour of the Coming of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:36) is proof in itself that there were and are limits to Jesus’s knowledge and understanding. It was part of the reality of His incarnation as a man that He would not be permitted to know everything. Hence, when Jesus said, “It is not for you to know the times or seasons that the Father has established by his own authority,” (Acts 1:7) He was also including Himself as one of those who were not to know the times and seasons established by the Father.

But if you are going to choose to abandon Jesus because He does not have all knowledge, then you are choosing as your God something that really does not exist. This world is imperfect. It is made of imperfect matter. And hence, everything formed or fashioned from that imperfect matter also contains many imperfections in it. And it is these imperfections that bring out the true beauty of things and beings that come to exist in this world. Think of all the trees that painters choose to paint. Do they choose perfect trees to be the subjects of their paintings? No, they choose very imperfect trees. For the imperfections in trees bring out beauty and character. A painting of imperfect trees is much more interesting to look upon than would be a painting of a forest where every tree was formed in perfection. God made this world imperfect because He prefers the imperfect who come back to Him over those who never leave their state of perfection. And God therefore expects perfection from no man. That a man fails and comes back to the Lord, therefore, pleases God much more than should a man be with Him always and never need mercy to be restored to grace. God preferred the prodigal son over the son who was always with Him. For the prodigal son gained character and wisdom and had come back from the pit of sin, where as the son who never fell has gained nothing for God.

One place where God doesn’t allow for imperfection is in his pure spiritual beings. Since angels have no parts, being composed entirely of pure spiritual substance, called “light”, any imperfection of an angel becomes a permanent flaw upon him and he cannot remain in heaven. And since he is a pure spirit, outside of time, he cannot repent, as can humans who are encased in the blindness and obscurities of this universe and its time. Thus, when one third of the angels fell (Revelation 12:4), that was a permanent loss to God in heaven. Those fallen angels could never be restored to grace. Because angels cannot repent, they must remain perfect forever if they are to be of God’s elect. Now, what of the places in heaven vacated by the fallen angels? Who fills those places? Can humans take up the slack? No, Eric. Humans cannot replace the angels who fell. Rather, a new heavens shall come to be, and a new earth. And all those who are needed to make the Kingdom work that are not found in angel kind will be found in human kind and be prepared for their eternal positions, which they will fill upon entering heaven. Eric has such a place when he comes here.

And so, now, let us address that power outage that never occurred. Will it occur, at a later time? No, for I have changed Eric’s fate. He is not to become a priest. The power outage was to enable Eric to remain in the Church in order to approach the priests to tell them of his vocation to be a priest, should I have cured him in their presence. But Eric is not going to become a priest. Instead, he is ordered to enter this Josephite marriage to a girl We in heaven shall give him.

And let us address your other concerns. Does Eric really have any friends, or is he a total lone wolf? He who regularly gives alms has gained many eternal friends in heaven. But the one who gives no alms, though he may count many people in this life as his friends, I tell you Truthfully, in your time of need, they will simply not be there for you. For true friendships flow from a charitable heart. And if you are not charitable, then you are fooling yourself if you think you have true friends.

For if I was hungry and you gave Me to eat, I Am your true friend, even if that one you gave to was the very least of My brethren. For I treat it as though it were done for Me. But how many people, upon seeing Me hungry and begging, pass Me by on the other side of the path. Therefore, that one who does in fact give to Me, I Am truly his friend. And My friendship to that one is undying. It will reach down into the netherworld and snatch him up from the clutches of Satan. I tell you truthfully, I do not let My friends perish. Therefore, do not think Eric has no friends. Eric has helped Me in many ways and in many circumstances, when I was in dire need in the appearance of My many needy people, all of whom were definitely numbered as My brethren. Timothy, it is you who should be concerned about having friends. And don’t count as your friends those who ask you to approve of their wrongdoing. And realize that if someone is not in true friendship with Me, the Lord God, then he is not a true friend to anyone. Now, a homosexual who keeps himself clean and lives a truly celibate lifestyle can truly be My friend. I will not hold his homosexuality against him, for he doesn’t let it control him, but rather, he controls it. But as for those homosexuals who enter gay marriages and expect you to approve of them or to attend them, these are doing you a disservice; they are not being your friends, even if they present themselves as friendly to you. They are expecting you to approve of their evildoing and to accept them in their abominable sins, and thereby share in their blame and guilt, such that you too receive a share in the punishment that they receive for the sins that they themselves have committed. Only enemies do this. For if you approve of their evildoing and accept them in their abominable sins, you will also come to share with them in the dire punishment that I inevitably rain down upon all societies that go gay, unless they repent and turn back to the unchanging standard of the Lord their God. It is not too late to repent. It is not too late to return to the Lord. Return, therefore, and repent. And if God finds enough righteous people in your city, he will spare it and not bring it to ruin (Genesis 18:22-32).

Now let us consider Donald John Trump. What is Trump’s fate, O’ Lord? For he seems to be racking up enough points now to earn himself a bonfire in that pit of his in hell for him to be roasted over by the demons torturing him for all eternity. Two words describe Trump to perfection: venomous and mad. Lord, that is the perfect description of a dog with rabies. And what is the solution for a dog with rabies? There is only one solution. A rabid dog on the loose is typically shot or somehow killed in an effective manner that doesn’t put the people in danger. For you only want the dog to die. The people you must avoid harming.

Eric, now ask Me your questions. And I will answer them until you become too tired to continue. And then you shall publish this.

(1) Questions One: Lord, Trump and many in this world are and have been doing serious irreversible damage to the natural world and to its delicate treasures of living organisms and to the fragile ecosystems and to the web of life itself. What profit is there then, O’ Lord, for a man to serve diligently to save a species from extinction, only to see all his life’s work undone in a matter of hours or days during the time in which a very bad actor, such as a Firefly Pawn like Trump, comes to power and does great evil to this man’s life work, simply because it is in his nature to do evil? And also, consider the Jewish Temple, which took 46 years of careful planning and diligent work to build, and all of this was undone in the span of one day by the future emperor Titus, who himself didn’t even intend for its destruction, planning instead to convert it into a temple dedicated to himself and his own false gods. But by his blunders and folly, a fire was started in his siege and destruction of Jerusalem, and the legendary Temple, where the baby Jesus was consecrated to the Lord by a joyful Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, and one of the places where Jesus taught during his public ministry, was captured and utterly destroyed on 9/10 Tisha B’Av, sometime in August 70 CE, under the recklessness of a bad ruler who was incompetent and who didn’t give a damn. Hence, in this world, we can devote great efforts to build and to preserve, and all our works are undone in the hour of recklessness by a man who is simply not fit to rule. Lord, what then should we strive to accomplish in this world? And what things should we simply give up on saving from destruction? For if we give up on saving this natural world, what future do men have on this planet? Or is the destruction inevitable, as it was impossible for the islanders to control the rat populations that destroyed the forests of Easter Island when the Polynesians arrived, bringing rats who had stowed away on their ships?

Eric, your life’s work will survive and endure. And that life’s work is what I shall have you write. And this includes the future translation of the Holy Bible that you will accomplish from the Latin Vulgate to the classical language of Nahuatl. I will accomplish these works through you, and hence, make them eternal. For consider the Septuagint. And consider the 72 original translators involved in making that initial translation of the Pentateuch within the Septuagint, translating from the original Hebrew sources to the popular Koine Greek of that era. The life’s work of those 72 translators is of eternal value. In fact, the Greek translation that they made has outlasted the original Hebrew sources.

Writings, therefore, and in particularly, holy writings and well done Bible translations have enduring or eternal legacy. Your works, O’ Larimar King, written under My orders, will also have such enduring and eternal legacy, for they are from Me. For they are the recordings of My eternal Word in the fragile recordable substances of this world. And I will have men in this world, through all generations to come, preserve and make copies of your works, for they are from Me and they will not be lost.

But as for the rest of the things in this world: The biodiversity, the protection of key species of flora and fauna, the fragile ecosystem and the web of life, I allow to be destroyed. For I have elected to allow Mankind to destroy his own planet. And destroy it they shall. Just like the uncontrollable population of rats on Easter Island destroyed the delicate forests of Easter Island, so also will Mankind, in his uncontrolled population growth, completely destroy this world he calls his home.

And there is really nothing you can do about it, Lord Larimar. You can donate huge amounts to efforts to save this species or that species, only to watch as a person like Trump comes along and destroys the whole thing. Therefore, folly is it, great folly is it, O’ Larimar King, to make it as your life’s goal the preservation of this wild species or that wild habitat, for everything of the wild that does not get domesticated will eventually disappear.

Hence, were it possible to domesticate a wild species, or to create a miniature version of a vulnerable megafauna that can be much more easily maintained on smaller plots of land, that life’s work could have enduring legacy. For consider how the domestication of the cat and the dog have had a profound effect on the human species. And domesticated cats and dogs are now in a symbiotic relationship with humans, and humans possess them as pets that they can easily breed and shape to serve their purposes. Cats and dogs in fact serve vital roles in many things that human beings use them for.

Hence, the elephants are all headed for extinction. But should one take a population of already small versions of wild elephants and selectively breed them to make them even smaller, using various means at Man’s disposal, it may become possible to save that lineage of that creature, while their larger relatives in the wild ultimately perish. And the elephants to start with would be the pygmy elephants of Borneo, Elephas maximus borneensis, and the African forest elephants, Loxodonta cyclotis. These are the two smallest remaining elephant kinds on the planet, and note that these two kinds of elephants are of different genera, and thus, cannot be interbred.

Now, I shall speak. There are really, therefore only three things that last and endure in this world. All other things eventually perish. And these three things are: (1) Holy writings of living religions, (2) valued domesticated lineages of animals and plants, and (3) important technologies that evolve and that are developed and improved over time. But realize this fact. Of these three enduring things, there are always evolutionary dead ends. There are always holy writings that are discarded and lost as various religions and religious movements die out and new religions and religious movements replace them, and breeds of plants and animals that are lost or that go extinct as new breeds replace them, and technologies that are abandoned and discarded as new technologies replace them. Therefore, Lord Larimar, do not put your efforts into seeking enduring legacies in this world. For you cannot know what parts of what you shall do or write or make shall be remembered and preserved. All you can really do is to do My will and serve Me. And it is by doing My will and serving Me alone that has enduring legacy in heaven. Now I shall utter My closing statements and conclude this post.

Eric, I do not will for you to remain long in this world. Hence, do not expect that you shall in fact have that forty-one year reign as you have been told you shall have. For I may in fact cut your life to be much shorter. As for your assignments to study this language or writing and to translate that work in the future, consider these assignments as hopes for a potential future and not prophetic necessities that must occur. For I really do not really require you to do anything other than what I will for you to do at any given time. And since you have elected to go with Me to heaven now, rather than live a long life, I will in fact be taking you away from here soon. For I truly have need for you in heaven. And that position that you shall fill there needs to be filled. Hence, expect to see Me soon. And you shall find Me to be well pleased with you. Now, reread this post and publish it, for the time is short. And you must do many things today. Amen.

And as for an estimation of how much time you truly have left in this world before I take you away, consider this to be a sign of it: The northern white rhino in Africa is now an extinct subspecies of the white rhino of Africa. Consider how that subspecies ultimately vanished from the face of this earth. Consider also how with the vanishing of that subspecies goes also the genetic wealth it had within its gene pool within its species. Now, consider the wealth that you possess in your brain and mind. And consider how all this shall be lost to this world when you, too, vanish from here. I Am taking you away from here soon, Lord Larimar. Your choice to go to heaven now rather than to have a long life in this world is an irrevocable choice. It cannot be rescinded. And I will honor it. I will take you away from here soon.

And so you wish to know about when that this shall be, I will say this. You will be walking along My Way and suddenly you shall be taken, and no one on the earth shall ever see you again. And this shall take place shortly. For I do not require for you to remain here in this world. For the times in which the your presence brings to this world great blessings shall be soon be over as I take you away from it. Therefore, hear My solemn Words to you and remember that they are for you to hear: Come away My beloved. For I have prepared a place for you. And everything is now ready.

Then take me away to You, O’ Lord. I Am ready to go at anytime. I will now tell you when you shall be taken away. It will not be years down the road. No, Lord Larimar, for the position you are to fill in heaven must be filled well before that. Consider the sign I gave you of when I promised to cure you. When I take away Hyacinth from this world, I Am taking you along with her. Amen. This is a promise and a vow. And no, Lord Larimar, you neither marry nor are given in marriage in this world. When I take away Hyacinth, so also shall I take away you. Now, go and publish this post, for it is complete. And We shall meet in heaven. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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