Eric’s vocation is set. He will enter a virgin espousal on the earth

In this Church do I, the Lord, command Eric to enter into his Josephite marriage with the girl I shall give him in perfect eternal virginity. Oracle of the Lord!

I Who Am have made My final decisions on Eric, My servant. And I have elected that he marry the girl I give him, but as an eternal virgin espousal, known as a Josephite Marriage. And will this marriage include kissing the bride, O’ Lord? Or do I not touch the bride, but regard her as an untouchable Ark of the Covenant? Treat her as an Ark of the Covenant, except that you may do only such manner of touching such that involves neither lust nor desires nor the seeking of pleasures in the flesh. And no, at the wedding ceremony, there shall be no seal by which you are physically joined. And hence, you may not kiss the bride. Instead, you are to do nothing sexually stimulating with her. Oracle of the Lord!

And so, now you ask, what purpose does this marriage serve, if not for the procreation and raising of children? Two forms of valid marriage exist in My sight: the ordinary kind and the extraordinary king. In the ordinary kind, there is natural sex. But in the extraordinary kind, there is the mutual calling to eternal abstinence from sex. But for both kinds of marriage, the capacity to have vaginal intercourse is required. And without the capacity to have vaginal intercourse, either at the time of marriage or during the married life, the marriage does not exist. For two people between whom they are unable to fully give themselves to one another neither can validly contract marriage. I Who Am have so judged. Amen.

Now, We, the elect, know Eric is fully capable of entering a woman and impregnating her. For it took a little over 17 years of struggle in the Catholic Church to finally conquer his sins of impurity. And Eric conquered this sin, not by self mutilation, nor by suppressing his sexual urges, but rather, by conquering all temptation to pour fuel onto the fire. For if a man guards his eyes and looks not at any temptation, he successfully finds himself able to control any urges to engage in immoral behaviors. That a man does not take even one step in the direction of the woman, neither will he ever fall under her spell and be taken by her charms to defile himself with her. Eric has thus mastered purity. And the simple trick is to simply not throw any fuel upon that fire. A fire that has no fuel becomes easy to control. Amen.

Now, We in heaven, shall provide details as to where this Josephite marriage is to take place. And note that since Eric does not unite in the flesh with this woman, his eternal espousal to Saint Katarina of Alexandria remains eternal and forever. The eternal spiritual espousal between these two people, separated by 17 centuries, remains intact forever. And so, where would be the most appropriate place for this future couple to marry and also keep in mind that the spiritual espousal of Eric to Saint Katarina of Alexandria may never be violated? I will tell you where. At Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, in Los Angeles County, California, there is the Catholic Church called Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church. That is where We, the elect of heaven, command you, Eric, to enter into your immaculate extraordinary marriage to the girl We are going to give you.

And will you provide details as to who this girl is, O’ Lord of Hosts? For since Eric is not to have any children by her, I assume the assumption that she was Hispanic is no longer the case. For there are to be no Mestizo children nor any other kind of children to be produced in this marriage. So, Lord, do you now reveal anything about her? Or shall it all remain a secret until it is finally revealed this Sunday when Hyacinth is taken away? This much I shall reveal. Her skin is white like yours. Other than that, nothing further shall I reveal until the time comes for her revelation. And that she is to come to you this Sunday is a goal, but not one that is finally resolved. For much testing do you require, and you must pass all My tests of you prior to you receiving this girl. Remember how I said you would be ranked with John, My Apostle, in the previous post? Well that ranking with him requires that your virginity become as stainless as his. Amen.

Now We shall speak of your assignment. You have received that book you ordered on Classical Nahuatl. And you have begun studying it. Remember to study no more than about 15 minutes on each of your languages each day, due to the way human brains work. 15 minutes of study will result in long term memory of what you read. But cramming information into your mind by lengthy studying will lead to many things read being forgotten. And thus, you are also reading that large, 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible, one chapter a day. And you have read Job, and Song of Songs, and are now on 1 Kings in a Holy Bible containing four books of Kings. So really you are in 1 Samuel, as the books are normally called in modern Holy Bibles. And you are reading it one chapter a day, with the intention that you will completely read the entire Holy Bible, proceeding book by book, in the order I decree for you. Amen.

Also, you are vastly improving your skills at Spanish by reading Spanish literature. Hence, I will make you fluent in Spanish, and well skilled in Koine Greek, Latin, and Nahuatl. And when you have attained the developmental state I desire of you, I shall then command you to translate My Scriptures, going book by book, from My Holy Bible in Latin, the Vulgate, into the Nahuatl language. Into Classical Nahuatl shall you translate Latin Vulgate to. Amen. And you shall study the sources in their original Greek, along with their official rendering in the Vulgate, which is the standard by which the Catholic Church considers without error.

So, My Lord, my vocation, therefore, is not the priesthood, but to enter an extraordinary marriage. And what becomes of us in this marriage. Do I teach My wife, as Jesus was teacher to Mary Magdalene (John 20:16)? Yes, Lord Larimar. You shall instruct your wife on all the Ways of the Lord that you have learned and mastered. Everything that you have learned from Me shall you teach her. Amen.

And Lord, what is My status and rank in Your Kingdom, now that I am ranked equal to Saint John the Apostle? I will now announce your rank in My Kingdom, Lord Larimar. You are a stainless virgin belonging to the ranks of the 144,000 in the highest order. There are in fact three orders among the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. The lowest order among these Virgin First Fruits are for those who enter ordinary marriages and thus, engage in moral vaginal intercourse with their spouse, but nevertheless, keep their marriage bed clean and do not defile the covenant of sacramental marriage. Hence, this lowest order of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits contain the most souls, and none of these are actual virgins. The two higher levels, though, contain only virgins.

The middle level of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits contain only those virgins who led a clean and holy life, but as a layman and without any vow of celibacy. And the highest level of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits are those virgins who positively vowed to Me, their Lord and Savior, that they would remain virgin for life. Of the Apostles, only John is of this highest rank. And what of the Apostle Paul, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Wasn’t he, also, a virgin man? If you will remember, Paul had difficulty maintaining his purity. And without conquering impurity, no one may belong to My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. That you have now conquered all impurity is why you are now so numbered as a member of My 144,000. But Paul, though he did in fact triumph, he nevertheless, never conquered his passions completely.

Also, realize this important thing about My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. It is important to realize the gender ratio that makes up this highest ranking group in My Kingdom. For every male in this group of Virgin First Fruits, there are two females. And this group is known as a sea of heavenly waters, for in this group each male is bonded to exactly two females for all eternity. This is similar to how in an actual water molecule, H2O, the Oxygen atom is strongly bonded to two Hydrogen Atoms. And thus, for Eric, the two females he shall be strongly bonded with for all eternity shall be his spiritual soulmate, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, who lived 17 centuries ago, and his future Josephite wife, with whom he shall enter an extraordinary marriage with that shall be free of all sex and the marital embrace. Amen.

Lord, then what Eric wrote earlier about heavenly water is true? Then to what two women is John the Apostle eternally bonded to, O’ Lord of Hosts? Remember, Lord Larimar, how John was given the Mother of Christ to take care of (John 19:26-27)? That was the act of Jesus in binding his Mother to John. Recognize that these bindings are neither of a sexual nor marital relationship. They are merely bonds of pure love that exist in the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. But what about Joseph, O’ Lord? Is not he also among the 144,000? No, Lord Larimar. For the membership to the 144,000 is open only to those who partook in My communion, that is, those who shared in receiving My body and blood in their lifetime, which is made possible at the Catholic Mass. Okay, O’ Lord. Now who is the other woman the Apostle John is bonded to? To know this, you must know extra biblical knowledge. And in extra biblical knowledge, it is known that the Virgin Mary did not live alone with John, but Mary Magdalene also lived with her. Hence, Jesus entrusted the two women closest to Him to John, His beloved disciple. And it is these two women who are eternally bonded to John in the heavenly waters of the 144,000 First Fruits. Amen.

If this is the case, what is the gender ratio of the rest of heaven? And what is the gender ratio of hell? Tell me, O’ Lord. The rest of the Kingdom of Heaven has a slight tilt toward the female gender, for it is as Eric the Red said: Christianity is a woman’s religion, and mostly women are attracted to it. Most of the people one sees in a Church at any given time are generally women. And this becomes evident upon entering heaven. For since most of those who practice Christianity are in fact women, it stands to reason that those entering heaven will tend to tilt to the female gender. The exact ratio in heaven is not as tilted to females as the two to one female to male gender ratio of My 144000 Virgin First Fruits, though. And the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits make up less than 1% of the total heavenly population. But the exact numbers of each group I will not specify. But let it suffice to say that it is far easier to enter heaven than it is to merit to be ranked among the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits.

Now. as for the fires of hell, this place is heavily tilted to the male gender. Remember that there are roughly 60 males conceived with every 50 females conceived. And the die-off rate of males is higher than that of females in every stage of life. Only in those societies where infanticide and abortion are deliberately done against female offspring do you see more males than females in the population. And such places include China and India. And remember that since hell is male dominated, those regions where males vastly outnumber females are the regions that most closely resemble hell in this world. But if no sex selective abortions and infanticide occur, the normal gender ratio on earth, with the natural higher death rate of males over females, results in the gradual tilt toward there being more females than males as one moves up in age in any such given population.

Lord, if the Apostle John is bonded to the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, in the heavenly H2O bindings, to whom is Jesus bonded to? Isn’t Jesus, Himself, a member of heavenly water? Isn’t Jesus, the man, bonded to two women, O’ Lord? Or what is the correct understanding of this that you shall give me, O’ Lord of Hosts? I, Jesus, Am bonded to all in heaven, but not as a single atom in a molecule, but as the strong force itself that binds all in heaven as One. All in heaven are bonded to Me as My Bride. Now, the 144,000 consists of three levels of heavenly water. But that is only less than 1% of the total population in heaven. Most in heaven are not in any such bonds but are bound only to Me. And all of the 144000 are more strongly bonded to Me than to the other members of their H2O molecule. Remember that I, Being God, Am not merely a man, but rather, that I Am and always was beyond all Mankind. Before Abraham was I Am (John 8:58).

Lord, not to change the subject, but there is a difference of opinion as to when you shall return to usher in Your Parousia. Some say Your Second Coming is shortly after you take Me out of this world after I have reigned forty-one years, a reign that began or begins this year, while other say that your Second Coming shall be delayed by another thousand years, with the possibility for even potentially many thousands of years left to come before you return. Which is the Truth, O’ Lord of Hosts? No one can know when I shall return. No one can set a deadline to it. But whether it shall be a generation from now or a thousand years or more before I come, let the reader have patience and submit to realize that neither he nor any other on the earth outside of heaven can have any knowledge of the timing of when I come again. But you have asked a good question, Lord Larimar. And the answer is that you cannot know and that you should not make any assumptions either way. I have not revealed the answer to your question, neither secretly nor in a published post. And any claim to know the answer to this question is simply not from Me. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, will Trump and Putin be soon removed from power, as you have prophesied and as I have decreed? I, the Lord of Hosts, do make this solemn vow to you, O’ Larimar King. When you receive this girl you are to be given, all the decrees that you have made against Trump and Putin will by that hour be fulfilled. As for the Larimar Pawns who are to take their respective places in charge of these two superpowers, realize that I have already called them forth. And they are being made ready to assume their new positions. And with them installed, I will enable Catholicism to flourish for the entire length of your 41 year reign.

But after your forty-one year reign comes to an end, I will take you away and punish the earth. For they will no longer be faithful to Me. And I will no longer grant them the blessings that I will have blessed them with for the time you will have been ruling over them. Now, permit Me to utter My final blessings to you and to the people in this post. Blessed are the people who read this post and believe. For the time is coming and is now here when Eric the Larimar King shall be established as Judge over all the people, as were Samuel and all the leaders of the book of Judges set up by Me to rule and to judge My people. For I Am your God. And you have no other God than Me. As for you, Eric, realize that your time is short. For if a thousand years are as but a day to those in heaven, so also must 40 years be as one hour. But in that one hour, I will make you fruitful. And you will successfully translate My Holy Bible from Latin to Nahuatl in the time I will have given you. Now, go, Eric, to Church. You will be walking. And this walk will do you good. Amen.

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