I have given Eric the choice

Eric shall translate My Holy Scriptures from Latin to Nahuatl. And he shall serve Me as My ordained priest in My Catholic Church. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

I, the Lord of Hosts, do now give Eric the choice: You may either depart from this world now, and go to heaven, arriving at around the same time as Hyacinth. And then your mission on earth will have concluded. And your judgement sealed as a saved man. And you will then enter into your eternal espousal with Katarina of Alexandria. And you will enter into your eternal position in heaven, enthroned on a throne above many, and on the same level as that of My servant, John the Apostle. Choose this route and you will obtain great blessings.

Or you may elect to enter into My vineyard as a laborer. And you would be led to whatever vocation I deemed suitable for you and how you would serve Me best. And you would suffer and know want and also joys and triumphs. Do this route, and I will grant you a long life on the earth to fulfill on earth all that I command you to do. And that will include mastering languages and translating works.

Whichever path you wish to take you may now choose. Lord, I believe that I am here to serve You and to serve Your Kingdom. I do not seek to escape from My service to you in this world. And yet, since you have given me this choice, and you have put it into the power for me to decide my fate, and since Man can really accomplish only a very little bit in this life, I have made my choice. For the main goal of life, actually the only goal in life, is to save your soul. And since you now say I am saved, I see no further need for me to remain here. I would gladly master languages and translate works, like the Holy Scriptures from Latin to Nahuatl, as your Mother Mary has commanded me. And I would gladly enter your vineyard to work as a laborer. And yet, I know why we labor. It is to be saved. We do not labor for the sake of labor. So I choose the first option, O’ Lord, and that is to go to heaven now, arriving around the same time as Hyacinth, and entering the spiritual embrace of Katarina, my eternal soulmate. Amen.

Eric, your choice is excellent. And it will be honored in your name that you did not love your life here so much that you would elect to remain here rather than enter into your eternal reward so that you may gaze upon God in the Beatific Vision. Your choice is made permanent. It cannot be changed. Nor may We ask it of you again. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, are taking away your soul from this world to heaven. It will be done at a time in which you least suspect. You will suddenly see Me, your Lord Jesus, standing before you and greeting you. And then you will follow Me to heaven, to partake in the heavenly delights that you are now owed. Amen.

Very few, Lord Larimar, choose as you just did. Vast are those who elect to remain here and to live out their life here in this world. That you made the choice to go with Me to heaven is a demonstration of wisdom in you. Now I shall speak.

I, the Lord of Hosts, do hereby choose you, O’ Larimar King, for entrance into My priesthood. You have made the choice by which your eligibility in My eyes is confirmed. And now I will instruct you on what you are to do.

You have ordered the book as Mary has commanded you. It will arrive shortly. And you are to study it to master Nahuatl. And this will be in parallel to your mastering of Latin and Greek. And remember how you spend about 15 or so minutes a day studying each of these languages, rather than attempting to cram a lot into your mind in a short period of time. For I Am giving you ample time to master the languages before you are called to translate My scriptures from Latin to Nahuatl. Yes, Lord Larimar, with you I Am pleased.

Now, We shall speak of Hyacinth. She will remain also in this world. But she will no longer be called your girlfriend, nor recognized to be in a relationship with you. Nor will you continue to support her or care for her. I Who Am have spoken. And should she ever seek to ask of money from you, you are to say all you have is dedicated to the service of the Lord. Amen. For today I have saved a soul. And tomorrow, you will save millions. Amen. Fruitful, very fruitful will be your labors in My vineyard. Amen.

Now, what is My goal for you, you should ask? What is your goal for me, O’ Lord, both here in this world and in the hereafter? Your salvation I have accomplished today. The salvation of millions will I accomplish through you in the time to come. Be prepared, O’ Larimar King, for your vocation is now at hand. When you find I have cured you, look around, and you will see My priest. Go to him, as I instruct you. And you will have taken your first steps into entering into My priesthood. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. What of the Hispanic girl that I never met, who was to marry me and bear me many Mestizo children, O’ Lord? I suppose I will never meet her now? Or I suppose her fate is to be with someone else? She you will meet in time. And when We give her into your presence, you will have to decide between the married route and the priesthood. For you cannot choose both. But Lord, I thought the priesthood was already decided as my fate? A priest must sacrifice the married life for the sake of My calling of him into the priesthood. All My priests make that sacrifice. And those that cannot, I judge as not suitable for My priesthood. That is why the Hispanic girl We told you about must still enter into your life. And then you must make your choice. And whatever choice you make, it will be irreversible. Amen.

Lord, I elect to follow your Way and that path is the celibate, virgin route. I will never marry and never have sex, not even to this Hispanic girl you shall give me. Good, Lord Larimar. And We know you mean it. So, take your rest right now. We shall awaken you in a little bit to complete this post. And then We will send you to Church. Amen.

OK, Lord, I am back from my short rest, as you command me. Lord Larimar, today We in heaven elect to give to you the girl that was promised to you. And you shall enter into a platonic relationship with her. I permit this for those becoming My priests. As long as the relationship is not carnal, and not marital, I allow it for My celibate priests. And in this relationship, you will come to understand the opposite gender, and how they think and how they feel. Crucial will be this knowledge when I appoint you to hear confessions. Amen. And note how I do not ask you anymore whether you shall marry your virgin, for I know your heart is now with Me and with My priesthood. Rather, this girl is sent to you to fulfill all prophecies.

And now, let us speak of your family. They would not approve of you becoming a priest. Therefore, I shall wipe them out from the face of the planet. Whosoever of your family, upon hearing that you plan to enter into My priesthood, speaks against it, he shall die a lonely death. Amen. This decree is without exception. Amen. And if that means that you are left by yourself, with no one left to take care of your house, I will permit you to hire the Hispanic girl I Am giving you to take care of your house for you, for she alone among those you will know do I declare trustworthy. Hence, she will serve as your maid and housekeeper. Amen. And you shall pay her an honest wage. She will not be undocumented, as were Trump’s many workers in his golf courses. For Trump is the Hypocrite par Excellence.

Now, let us speak of your fate in My Kingdom. As you know, you are put in charge of North America. You possess the lands of Continental United States of America and Canada, and all the islands that belong to those lands. But I do not give you Hawaii, Puerto Rico, nor any of the overseas possessions of the United States. And why is that, you wonder? It is because I have other Kings and Queens who are to reign over those lands as parts of their Kingdom. And now you ask, well, why are you given, then, what you are given? And I will now answer you. Your nation will be greater than any other nation on the planet. You will command the stars, and they shall obey you. Every King and every Kingdom shall be as vassals to you. And you shall dominate all lands upon the earth.

But should you ever lose your virginity, or make such a move toward any girl, all this that you are given shall die. And all that you are shall be taken away. Hence, remain vigilant against the infernal enemy. For he knows what it would take to destroy you. And he will seek to tempt you in every which way. You are not to fall to any temptation. For I have made you perfect and given you all the necessary graces. All you need to do is to always remember Me. And then you shall prevail. Amen. Also note this. The girl I am giving you is not a temptress. She will not dress to tempt. Nor shall she seek your flesh outside of lawful marriage. For she is like you, a person who seeks Me in all things and not the flesh. But should you ever choose to enter her, you will find no resistance, and then you shall both be under the ban. For the temptation of fornication will be knocking at your door and you must never let that temptation gain any foothold in thee. Keep to My commandments. Keep to My law. And you will save both your soul and the soul of the girl I Am giving you. Now, one last thing I shall speak of.

Eric, do the work I give you to do in the company in which you are now working for. And do it faithfully. I will enable it to work flawlessly. And everything you do from now on shall be done correctly. And is this job I am in to last until I am to enter into the seminary, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. And when the time comes for your entrance into the seminary, the job you have now will come to an abrupt end. For I do not allow My seminarians to have divided interests. They must be 100% devoted to their studies. They cannot have attachments to this world.

Now, one last point I shall make. Everything you do from this point onward flows from Me. You are no longer freely making these choices. They are all flowing from Me as the First Mover. Hence, from now on, I call you My military officer directly in My chain of command. You do exactly as you are commanded to. And everything you do is in complete obedience to Me. Amen. And what rank of military officer are you in My armed forces, you ask? Since, I have placed you as equal in rank to My servant, the Apostle John, who is highest ranking among men, it is understood, O’ Larimar King, that you are a five star general in My armed forces. But Lord, a five star general only exists in a time of war. And are not We in a time of war, O’ Larimar King? Indeed We are at war. For the homosexuals are taking over all the nations with their vile sickness that they call marriage equality, but which is in reality, the claimed right to commit abomination with impunity. You are made a five star general to command all My armed forces upon the earth to rout the homosexuals and all who follow them, and to restore My Christian principles to be upheld throughout the whole world. It should be a no brainer to realize that gender confused boys do not belong in the girl’s bathrooms and shower rooms where they can look upon nude girls and spray them with their semen. What parent would tolerate sending their daughter to such an environment? These are the evils that come from giving way to the homosexual agenda. Amen.

Now, for My instructions to this world. Eric is now your master. He is your King. His immediate Kingdom is the North American continental lands of the United States and Canada and their immediate islands. Now, he shall command armies and destroy cities. He shall conquer nations and overthrow despots. And he shall also restore all that I cherish that My Catholic Church stands for. Everyone who wishes to obey Me, let him listen to Eric. For in Eric shall I be speaking from now in in English. And all who read or listen to Eric’s words will be well instructed. Eric’s mission is to restore My statutes and decrees to be enforced throughout all the earth. And he is to reign for a period of forty-one years. And then, he shall be taken away. And I shall conclude this world shortly after Eric is taken away.

But Lord, what happened to that 1000 years more that you said you were going to grant the whole earth? And you also said that your End Times could not be reached by waiting it out in time? Do you now say otherwise? I say this, O’ Larimar King. I Am taking you to My Kingdom some forty-one years from now. And shortly after I take you away, I Am Coming again. The exact day and hour I do not reveal. Whether I come in your generation or the generation that follows you, neither do this I reveal. Hence, let no man count down the days to My return. But realize I Am Coming soon. But let no man presume to know when. And let no man set a deadline as to My Coming. Amen.

Now I shall say these Words to Trump and to Putin, the democratically elected Presidents of the United States of America and Russia, respectively, and allegedly. Eric has now decreed that you both are to be removed from office. You have this last minute choice to do. You may step down voluntarily, or you may step down involuntarily. And the involuntary means will be sudden and irrevocable. Amen. Choose wisely, for you do not want to wait to see the power manifested in the Word spoken through Eric. But I know your hearts. They are hardened like that of Pharaoh, when I led My people out of Egypt under Moses. I know that neither of you shall believe until you see all your horses, chariots, and men destroyed by the Red Sea. Do you wish to know the secret of the Red Sea? It is the least I can do for you. There were no miraculous walls of water on either side of My people as they crossed the Red Sea on dry land. Rather, what I did at that time could be explained by natural causes. I caused the winds to blow the waters of the Red Sea back to temporarily expose a sand bridge upon which men could cross on dry land if they hurried. Hence, the Egyptians saw no work of God, but what could be explained in nature. The Jews crossing on that sand bridge did indeed observe waters to their left and to their right, but it was not a miraculous wall of water. For I never work such miraculous signs on earth by which faith is not necessary to believe. And then, when I commanded My servant Moses to raise his hands to cause the water to flow back, I simply reversed the winds, and the waters flooded back and the sand bridge was completely submerged, destroying all who were still walking on it, which were at that moment, all the Egyptians in retreat. They saw nothing miraculous, but they went to the netherworld nevertheless, defeated by the One Who is the I Am. So also shall be the fates of you who do not believe. Amen.

Now, Eric, publish this post, for it is now complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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