Eric’s Eternal Fate is Set

I shall set up Eric to rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them.

I Who Am have now set the eternal fate of the Larimar King. He is to ascend the throne of Larimar on Saturday, February 15, 2020. Amen. Thus concludes the 134th week of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And what shall be the sign of the ascendancy of Eric to the throne of Larimar, you ask? On that day, Trump and Putin will be shaken from their perches. And the handwriting will be on the wall (Daniel 5:1-30). Lord, do you limit Eric to just overthrowing these two Presidencies: Trump’s over the USA and Putin’s over Russia? Precisely, Lord Larimar. For do you see anywhere else in this world in addition to these two places where your rule could produce positive fruit for My Kingdom? What about in South Africa with the secession of Volkstaat from South Africa? For it was in South Africa where I set up Frederick de Klerk to end South African Apartheid at the request of the Black spirit, whom I called Ebony. Perhaps I should return there to enable the orderly secession of Volkstaat out of South Africa and to enter a form of confederacy relationship with the government of South Africa? Do so, Larimar King. Issue your decree now. And I shall decide whether to implement it. Let a good ruler rise up in South Africa who will lead the Afrikaner people to peacefully secede from South Africa, claiming about a fifth of the lands of South Africa, in a form of peaceful coexistence with the Black ruled South African nation, forming a kind of confederacy by which these two distinct nations are to relate to one another from here on. And let democracy give way to a better form of governance in both South Africa and in Volkstaat, the new Afrikaner nation, in which a council of elders rule, rather than people who are voted in by elections. And let Volkstaat be largely contiguous and to have at least one good sea port suitable for trade at sea. Amen.

Well done, Lord Larimar. I will see to it that this third Larimar Pawn, who shall be the second Erician Pawn of South Africa (Emerald Pawn Frederick de Klerk was the first Erician Pawn in South Africa) shall be anointed to lead My Afrikaner people in reclaiming their rightful lands and seceding from the Union, so that they can have self determination for their people. Amen. And so, you shall indeed be an aircraft carrier once again, Lord Larimar. You shall have rulers over the USA, Russia, and Volkstaat from South Africa, all at the same general time. And what is the name of my aircraft carrier this time, O’ Lord of Hosts?

This time, O’ Larimar, your Aircraft Carrier goes by the name of Zeppelin-of-War, for it is no longer an ocean based aircraft carrier, but rather, one that roams the skies. Also, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do hereby bestow upon you the name of Ironwort, for you are to rule My people with a rod of iron and heal My people of the wounds of war. Hence, now you have three names given to you by God. These are: Larimar, Belteshazzar, and Ironwort. All three of these names refer to Eric Robert Dunstan, the former Emerald King. Amen.

And Lord, what now comes of my acceptance of Nahuatl as the fifth language you have assigned me to learn and master. Should I now obtain a book to learn and study that language, O’ Sovereign Lord? Order the book this Sunday, after I have clothed you into your immortality, O’ Larimar King. And yes, you shall learn that fifth language alongside your study of Latin and Greek. And I shall have you delve deeper into your reading of Spanish literature to increase your reading comprehension of Spanish. For you are to be made fluent in both reading and writing in Spanish. I Am not too concerned with your spoken Spanish at this point, for you are a man of books and not a man sent to mingle with peoples. Amen.

Lord, I now accept that Hyacinth is to depart from this world and that I am to receive the mystery girl who is to come, whose name remains hidden, as my future wife. And I know she is associated with Mexico, perhaps a girl of Mexican roots. Precisely, Lord Larimar. The girl We have elected to give you is a Mestiza from Mexico. Your descendants, therefore, shall be Mestizos. And will I have just one son by her, or am I to have multiple children by her, O’ Lord of Hosts? You are to welcome whatever children I bless your family with, O’ Larimar King. You are to practice no form of birth control. Amen. But one son is of the promise. One son is guaranteed. And you are to name him John. The rest of the children that I bless your family with shall be additional blessings. And you shall raise all your children with clear discipline and moral teaching so that they, unlike you, are raised in the Catholic Church knowing what the Church teaches and how to follow Catholicism correctly. Amen.

Lord, am I to rule the United States and Russia for the next forty-one years, setting up multiple Pawns for both nations as their term limits expire? Only set up Pawns as needed to correct unjust rulings or to lead My people to Me. If there is no need to continue to make changes, let the natural processes choose the leaders of those respective nations. Amen. Remember that Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush were not Emerald Pawns, but rather leaders you influenced, and who came to power by the natural processes of America under your reign and power. And you see how well they performed. Hence, if there is no need to set up your own Pawns, let the natural processes choose the leaders of those nations. Amen. But right now, Larimar Pawns are called for to rule America and Russia due to the very bad effects of the existing rulerships of these two very bad actors currently in power. Both Trump and Putin are serial liars. And this cannot be tolerated. For I elect that all who wish to rule under the sun to be Truth tellers. Those who lie I shall destroy. And the manner of their grisly destruction by which I, the Lord, destroy them shall serve as a warning by which I will teach My people not to lie so as to not receive that fate by which those two shall be completely destroyed. As the Russian people toppled and destroyed the statues and monuments of Lenin and Stalin in the time of the Greater Emerald Reign, so also shall they topple and destroy all the statues and monuments that glorify the legacy of Putin at the onset of the Larimar Reign. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of my brothers David and Mark? For I have heard of different reports, some saying one or the other would be saved, and others saying neither would be saved? But what do you say, O’ Lord of Hosts? Shall either of my brothers gain salvation? Neither of your brothers shall be saved, O’ Larimar King. For I have better subjects elsewhere to choose My elect from. For I Am a picky and choosey Savior. Few do I elect to save, though many do I call to salvation. Only about one in every thousand souls upon the earth have ever been saved. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Hence, it should now be no surprise that only you of all your family and relatives are numbered among My elect.

Now, what of Hyacinth? What is her eternal fate, you ask? She I have elected to save. But she cannot be your wife. Such is My eternally resolved judgement. And no one can contradict or deny My Eternal Judgements and Divine Decrees. For I Am infallible. And I am all-knowing and all-powerful. Whoever, therefore, wishes to be with Me in the eternal Age ought to listen to Me speaking here. And whoever accepts Me here, I will accept in the Age when I judge all of humanity one by one in front of all of humanity.

And Lord, could you tell us decisively this: Is this time to come when you judge all of humanity over a thousand years away, as you revealed earlier, or is it in matter of years or decades away? I, the Lord of Hosts, do give My people another thousand years to come into compliance with Me and My religion. After three thousand years have passed for My Church, then I shall come. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. So your return, O’ Lord, shall not take place before 3033 A.D.? Correct, Lord Larimar. But as for the exact year, date, and hour, these I reveal to no man on the earth. Amen. And it is said, O’ Lord, that not even You know the day or the hour. Is this true, O’ Lord? I in the Divine Person of the Father know all the dates of all the times and seasons yet to come. But I in the Divine Person of the Son know only what proceeds from the Father, which is the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb who was slain (Revelation 13:8). And by that Book of Life, containing the eternal names of all the souls that shall be saved, I know the approximate times and seasons of all things, and when we shall be nearing the End of Time. Hence, I, Jesus, Am not without knowledge of a great many thing. But as to the exact day and hour of the End, no man and no angel in heaven, on earth, or under the earth may ever know before that time comes. Amen.

Then how are Larimar and Lazurite fulfillments of your End Times prophecies of the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11, when your Second Coming and the End of the World are not for at least another thousand years, O’ Lord and Master? Think carefully, O’ Larimar King. What were the signs given of the End Times? The destruction of Jerusalem, its siege, and the abomination causing desolation set up in the Temple wing, when did these things happen, O’ Larimar King? Jerusalem was under siege and destroyed in 70 A.D. and the abomination causing desolation was then set up on the Temple wing in the form of idols of Zeus. And Eric, do you deny that those events fulfilled My End Times prophecies? No, Lord, those events clearly fulfilled your prophecies exactly. And now we are nearly two thousand years later, O’ Larimar King, and I have not returned yet. Therefore, cannot you see how you can also fulfill My End Times prophecies and My Second Coming continue to be delayed by at least another thousand years? For a thousand years are to Me as but a day. And day to Me is as a thousand years. Hence, do not think that any event seeming to fulfill any prophecy of the End Times in the scriptures can indicate the timing of the Return of the Son of Man. For it cannot be used to determine that. Nothing can be used to determine when I shall come again. Amen. And even with the next thousand years I grant to Mankind, I do not thereby give any deadline as to My Second Coming. I do not say, therefore, that My Second Coming is within the fourth Millennium of the founding of My Church, that is, before 4033 A.D. I do not say now that another thousand years cannot follow this next coming thousand years that I give to Man. For just as Mankind has existed on earth for many thousands of years, many could be the thousands of years yet to come before I return.

Then, how, O’ Lord, are we to interpret your Word that you spoke through John at Patmos: “Behold, I Am coming soon.”? (Revelation 22:12). Interpret it, O’ Larimar King, as the Truth that no one knows when their own individual life shall end, and that all Men have short lives. All men die soon. And all men must then face Me to be judged by Me soon, at the end of their life, which is in fact soon. For when each man dies, he faces Me and is judged and sentenced to his punishment in hell or purgatory, and if he is saved, is granted his reward, or, for the case of those in purgatory, given to know of their full reward for when the time comes that they escape from those hellish fires. And no man lives beyond about 120 years (Genesis 6:3). And Lord Larimar, do you not agree that 120 years is in fact a very short time? Yes, Lord Jesus, for 120 years in life goes by quickly. And therefore, you must now acknowledge that My prophetic promise that I Am coming soon is true, even if I wait for many thousands of years before I return? Yes, Lord, I now must acknowledge that this prophecy is true, even if the millennia of Your Church Age are to be many. Amen.

But Lord, if it is the case that so much time is yet to come for Mankind on the earth, why do you allow men to destroy the planet? For if the planet is destroyed too much, the population of humans will be reduced, and you will have a much smaller selection of peoples from which to choose your elect from. Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that the earth is not under My control. I control all the storms, all the earthquakes, all the hurricanes, all the volcanoes, all the meteorites, and all the changes taking place in the atmosphere, in the oceans, in the weather, and in the rivers, the springs, the forests, and the fields. Therefore, whatever is destroyed upon the earth is done under My will and by My decree. I bring both healing to My people and destruction. Do not think, therefore, O’ Larimar King, that I will allow humanity to be destroyed before all My elect have been born and saved from them. For the Father has given Me all power over all of heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18). Therefore, trust all things in your lives to Me, and I will see to it that you are taken care of. But do not seek to save the earth. For it and all within it shall be destroyed. This earth is, therefore, but a temporary place where I have you live. When you enter into your eternity, that is when you shall have true life and live in your eternal abode. Amen. But here you shall know suffering and want. For this earth is the place of learning discipline and gaining wisdom. It is in the hereafter, in that place where nothing can be destroyed, where you are to know Me forever and to see Me as I Am.

Now, publish this post, O’ Larimar King. And realize that today is Valentine’s Day. Will I receive the girl I Am to receive today, O’ Lord of Hosts? Prophecy does not conform itself to the expectations of men. Therefore, do not expect the girl to arrive into your life until We give you the vision of Our taking away of Hyacinth from the earth to her eternal reward in heaven. As for you, O’ Larimar King, realize that you are now on an adventure. And this adventure will lead you to conquer in My name all the nations I send you to conquer. And you shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. I have now spoken. And this post is complete. Amen.

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