Eric sent forth to conquer the Medes and Persians

Eric is the Unicorn King, whom I send forth to Conquer. I Am Who Am!

(1) After this first vision, I, Daniel, had another, in the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar. (2) In my vision I saw myself in the fortress of Susa in the province of Elam; I was beside the river Ulai. (3) I looked up and saw standing by the river a ram with two horns, the one larger and newer than the other. (4) I saw the ram butting toward the west, north, and south. No beast could withstand it or be rescued from its power; it did what it pleased and became very powerful.

(5) As I was reflecting, a he-goat with a prominent horn on its forehead suddenly came from the west across the whole earth without touching the ground. (6) It approached the two horned ram I had seen standing by the river, and it rushed toward it with savage force. (7) I saw it attack the ram with furious blows when they met, and break both its horns. It threw the ram, which had not the force to withstand it, to the ground, and trampled upon it; and no one could rescue it from its power.

(8) The he-goat became very powerful, but at the height of its power the great horn was shattered, and in its place came up four others, facing the four winds of heaven.
(Daniel 8:1-8).

(20) The two-horned ram you saw represents the kings of the Medes and Persians. (21) The he-goat is the king of the Greeks, and the great horn on its forehead is the first king. (22) The four that rose in its place when it was broken are four kingdoms that will issue from his nation, but without his strength.
(Daniel 8:20-22).

Who are the ones referred to be the Medes and Persians if Eric is indeed the first Greek King? Tell me, reader. Since the two horns are obviously Putin and Trump, the Medes must be Russia and the Persians must be America, which has the larger and newer horn, in the context of this prophecy. Well done. You have spoken truthfully. And now, this night, I send Eric forth to conquer and to go from victory to victory (Revelation 6:2). Eric is to defeat both Putin and Trump, breaking both horns with savage blows. And he will trample both beneath his feet. And no one will be able to rescue them from his power. For the Hour of the Larimar Reign has arrived. Larimar is now King. And Firefly is now dethroned and deposed, a star that has died. Oracle of the Lord! God has thus spoken through Eric, My servant.

Lord, as great and glorious as that all sounds, let us not forget verse eight, where it says the Unicorn Horn is shattered at the height of his power. What saith Thou to that in regards to the Larimar Reign, which you say is now to come to pass? For scripture cannot be modified or denied. So how does this impact with your prophecies that say Eric is to reign for forty-one years, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

The shattering of your horn has already taken place, back when you were the Emerald Armored Dragon King. By that conversion of your soul to My religion, which began on that night in July of 1992 when you confessed to Me that you were Antichrist and chose to follow Me, and which was culminated with your full entrance into the full communion of My Catholic Church on the night of March 30, 2002, the Horn of the Unicorn was completely shattered and reforged. You are now reborn, O’ Larimar King. Your horn can no longer be shattered. For it is imperishable, like Excalibur, Sword of Kings from the dawn of time. In your Emerald Reign, you were as a dragon possessed by Satan. But you converted to become Mine, O’ Larimar King. And now that conversion process is complete. You are now completely Mine. And you can never again fall into the camp of Satan. If it were ever thought possible for an Antichrist to convert, no prophet has ever uttered such a prophecy anywhere in the scriptures. And yet, My Truth is always greater than fiction. I have converted thee, O’ Larimar King. I have captured you. You are as a formidable being taken from the highest of the ranks of the infernal enemy and made Mine.

And you gave names to all departments of your mind. Your mind itself you called Logictron. And your name as a Dragon was Zha Zha Vron, whose encrypted meaning was, “Zenith of Zenith coming from a Dragon”. And you envisaged yourself uniting North America, Europe, and Russia into a Northern Superstate, called the Arctic Triangle. And the ship upon which you sailed was called the Storm Dancer, for it was dancing through storms and tempests. And you envisaged creating your own religion, called the Zenith Church, which would be classified in Dungeons & Dragons terminology as within a range between Chaotic Good and Lawful Good. But early in your childhood, you made this decision that ensured My eventual complete ownership of you: You decided that Jesus was whoever He claimed to be. And by that decision, I began to bring you to Me. And I did this by knocking out all the other religious beliefs from your pantheon of beliefs, one by one. And finally, I brought you to the point of where you would make a decision. You were either going to choose Me or you were going to choose yourself or something in the world. This was brought to a head at the Martyrdom Breakdown, when you sacrificed everything for Me.

It is said that I taught men to pray that they not undergo the test. And has Eric undergone the test, someone asks? All those who are ranked to be of the highest level in heaven must undergo the test. Otherwise, there is no basis for them being there. Lord, Eric vowed early in his Christian walk that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes was superior to him and would always be recognized as such. Eric had to do this due to his great pride. For Eric’s pride was too great for him to be saved without the acknowledgement of Saint Bernadette’s superiority to him. And she is superior to him. And so are many of My saints in heaven. For heaven is not a place for mediocre souls. No, I only take the best and the brightest stars for My eternal Kingdom.

As for the girl Caesar Sandra Nikee, who Eric gave the name Hyacinth to, and to whom We call Cassandra, this girl too is numbered among the great ones in heaven. For Eric led her to Mary and taught her how to speak with her and to discern her messages. But Lord, Mary has said to Sandra that she is to marry Eric. What saith Thou to that revelation, for Mary cannot lie?

In a sense, that marriage has already taken place. For you are already truly husband to her in all things but a union in the flesh. But that union will not come. For I have elected another girl to be the mother of the sons I will have you sire. And My judgements are inscrutable. No one can ask Me why I chose this person for this role and that person for that role. But everything that can be revealed will be revealed at the Last Judgement. And everyone who passes beyond the veil comes to be aware of all things that are.

Lord, will either Trump or Putin make a move to blot out the Larimar King? For to them he must appear to be a solitary lone wolf, one with pitifully little resources to his name? Yes, on the day of the great battle, they will make their move, and then through You I will make Mine. And I will strike them down as fire coming from your mouth, completely eliminating them from where they stand. They will move against you, and it will be their last move, as they look up and see My descending wrath blazing and falling from the sky upon their ugly souls. I sorely look forward to that day, O’ Larimar King, as I looked forward to Moses leading My people across the Red Sea, with Pharaoh following closely in pursuit. And I hid My wrathful face from him until the final moment, and then I let him see Me! And I turned him in panic. (Exodus 14:24). In a similar way will end the lives of Trump, Putin, and all the their little toy soldiers and horses. And all their little men will run in their panic back across the Red Sea, but all too late, for the waters shall capture them and completely wipe them out. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King!

Now I, the Lord, shall speak. Eric, I know that you are a man equal in value and worth to Me as was My Apostle Paul, another soul I yanked from the ranks of the infernal enemy. But you are not a bishop, nor even a priest. Would you accept the role as priest, and all the duties and responsibilities that it would entail? Yes, Lord, if you were to will it, I would gladly serve a such. But you know that in my current state, I am simply not fit for that vocation. Eric, it is such people who think they are unworthy of such a position that I most seek to fill these positions with. Then I agree to become a priest, O’ Lord, once you cure me and direct me on that path. For you know that my physical and medical problems would prevent me from entering the priesthood. So I must obey your earlier command, that I do not seek the priesthood until you cure me. Then, O’ Larimar King, this will be the sign by which you will know of your calling, whether it is to My priesthood or to marriage and having a family. I have elected to cure you of all your afflictions. But I have not told you when exactly I shall carry this promise out. But hear Me speak! If when you find yourself cured, look about, and if you see one of My priests in eyeshot of where you are, that is My sign that you are to become My priest. But if upon looking about, you see no priest, then that is My message to you that you are called to follow the married route to heaven. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Eric, I have chosen to make you a priest. And you shall serve Me as a diocesan priest. And I will make this occur this coming day. Wait for it. It will surely come to pass. At the morning Mass I will send you to a particular Catholic Church. And when you enter into that Church, if you see My sign, then you will know that there at that Church I will cure you. Amen. And once all the cures have been rendered unto you, you will be radiant with My divine light. In this radiant state, you are to appear before My priests and tell them of My calling of you to enter My priesthood. Do this, and from this point onward, your entrance into My priesthood shall be assured.

Now, go, Eric, and study your languages. You have a long day tomorrow, and you shall need your sleep. Let it be regarded that this is the final post written by Eric the First Rider of the Apocalypse. When you see Eric write here again, it will be as a candidate for the seminary. Amen. Now go, Eric. For your time is precious. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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