Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shall become Pope John XXIV, the next pope.

Behold, My choice of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to succeed Pope Francis as pope.

Behold, I Who Am shall now speak through Eric, My servant. I Am now most pleased with Eric, My servant. For he has committed an immortal act, and is therefore to be the recipient of an immortal reward. And what is an immortal act, you ask? An Immortal act is an act of eternal value that is done by an immortal creature or else is that act by which a creature becomes immortal. And which of these is the case here? Eric has now passed from a person who could perish to being an imperishable creature. He has greatly merited, so much so that I, the loving Lord Jesus Christ, have elected to bestow upon Eric irrevocable grace. And this irrevocable grace is that Eric can never fall to commit a mortal sin ever again. Just as Eric’s mother and Eric’s friend of the distant past, the only girl he ever kissed, both passed the point of no return to become damned alive by committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Eric has also now passed the point of no return in the opposite direction, and become irrevocably saved alive.

And by what deed was this immortal status achieved, you ask? I will now detail it to you. Eric did an act of pure love. I Am not speaking of those acts where one has a self serving motive, where one expects a return somehow through the one he is giving to. No, this act was bordering on the divine. It was an act of perfect, immaculately pure love. And now, we shall tell you of Eric’s reward that is now his because he has done this deed for Us and become an immortal being.

Eric’s reward, an immortal reward for an immortal deed, is that he shall be clothed in his immortality while he lives upon this earth. When We, the elect, cure him of all his afflictions at the conclusion of his novena prayer, We shall also bestow the immortal nature of incorruptibility upon Eric by which he can never see any form of decay or decline for as long as he lives in this world. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And Lord, does Eric continue to live for another forty-one years before You take him from this planet to the Kingdom? Yes, Lord Larimar. You are to remain here until then and to prophesy exactly all that We wish to utter through you. And realize that the girl you call Hyacinth, whom We call Cassandra, has triumphed. Her salvation has been made perfect. And We can confidently say unto you that she will be saved. You saved her, Lord Larimar. We saved her through you. Amen. And she will be departing from this world after she completes her teaching of the book in the Holy Bible that she is currently teaching to her students at the Catholic Church. For she is a teacher of stories in the Holy Bible to the young women there. And she has taught to her students the Book of Tobit, and the Book of Esther, and is now teaching her students the Song of Songs. Amen. And when her teaching of the Song of Songs to her students is complete, We, the elect in Heaven, will take her to her eternal reward in heaven. Amen.

Now We shall speak of your Kingdom, O’ Larimar, Immortal Creature upon the earth. Realize that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered the human heart what I, the Lord God, have prepared for those that love Me. Therefore, you cannot know your eternal reward or your eternal position in My Kingdom while you live upon this earth. Hence, the fiction that you work in a Library, that you write My Word in heaven, such is fantasy. I do not reveal to anyone their position in heaven until they have died and been judged. Likewise, you have not received any knowledge of your eternal positions.

And what of the eternal soulmates, Katarina of Alexandria for Larimar and Dorothea of Alexandria for Lazurite, O’ Lord of Hosts? Are these two assignments works of fantasy, or do they have a factual basis in Truth? They are reaffirmed, O’ Larimar King. For you can never lose your eternal soulmate, should you live to be a hundred and twenty years. Amen. So, then, is Eric also to marry a girl in this world and have a son by her? Remember that Eric is now an immortal being, and having a sexual relationship might be impossible for a being clothed in his immortality. But what do you say, O’ Lord? For I have a belief, and now feel convicted in it, that Eric, a stainless virgin, can no longer have sex with a girl. It seems now to be a spiritual impossibility for Eric to contract a sexual relationship with a girl. Rather, it seems that Eric is now eternally a leaf, not a node, in the web of life. Amen.

You are quite correct, O’ Larimar King. For you, it is now impossible to have an earthly romance. And you can never know a woman. To FUCK (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge) you can never know. Well done, My servant Larimar. For you have progressed to the point of being perfectly celibate. And now I have this fate for you that I, the Lord, have decreed.

Though you are spiritually undefilable, I, nevertheless command you to take as your wife the girl We are about to give you and to know your wife to produce the son that is to be born to you. Then you may return to your stainless celibacy as you raise this son, together with your wife in this world. And the woman We shall give you shall represent My people, while you will be of the symbol of a great Patriarch. And from your loins through this son shall issue nations upon the earth in ages to come. As Isaac was to Abraham, so also shall be this son to you. But since you have passed My tests, I will not test you as I did Abraham. I will not call you to sacrifice your son. Nor would it be lawful for any man to sacrifice a creature to Me ever again, for nothing can compare with the perfect sacrifice that was done by Jesus Christ on the cross. And whoever sacrifices anything commits the sin of saying the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was insufficient to appease God. Therefore, let no man seek to sacrifice anything other than to partake in the eternal sacrifice of the Lamb of God in the Catholic Mass. For that is the One sacrifice that takes away sins and leads to everlasting righteousness. Amen. Just make sure to purify your soul with confession as needed prior to receiving the body and blood in the Catholic Mass.

Now, Lord, let us speak on Pope Francis’ act of opening the door to people in irregular marriages being admitted to the Lord’s table, and of Pope Francis’ message that the priests accompany and walk with sinners, and not outright reject those in irregular marriage situations from receiving at the Lord’s table. What is Your divine response to the pope’s actions and leadership as Vicar of Christ over your Catholic Church, chosen by the Holy Spirit Himself for this position? What saith Thou to these things that Pope Francis has done. And what are the consequences. And what saith Thou to this, O’ Lord and Divine Savior? Is it right, as the pope teaches, to consider people in marriages that the Church cannot recognize as valid as being possibly admitted to communion? And is it right for the priests to accompany such people, to walk with them so as to lead them to You, O’ Master and Lord?

Now, I shall speak. I, the Lord Jesus, utter this judgement on Pope Francis and his entire papacy. Marriage in My Catholic Church is indissoluble on the earth while both parties live. And should any person in such an indissoluble marriage divorce from their spouse and marry another, they are in adultery. And they are not to be admitted to My table, no matter how much anyone walks with them or accompanies them in their sins. For no one can undo the indissoluble nature of any marriage that I recognized a valid.

And now, I, Jesus, issue this judgement on Pope Francis. You are an abomination sitting on the Chair of Peter. And I shall have you removed and replaced with another, one who shall do My will perfectly. And which Cardinal do you select to do your will perfectly, O’ Lord? For Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who was predicted to be your choice as next pope seems to be in fact pro-gay. He might not carry out your will perfectly, O’ Lord and God. But I do know that Cardinal Leo Burke as pope would fulfill your will entirely. But he might not be electable among the Cardinals. So what Saith Thou, O’ Lord. Who is your selection to be the next pope? And below were my four guesses that I have made in my history of predicting the pope to succeed Pope Francis:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

So shall the next pope be one of those? Or shall he be someone else that you have elected? For while Cardinal Christoph Schönborn would be good for Israel, I highly doubt that he would do your will perfectly. But what is your answer, O’ Lord and God?

Eric, while you rightly doubt Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s conformance to My standard as regards homosexual unions and My condemnation of all such abominations, you have missed it that this future pope will not admit such unions to be recognized as marriages. Nor have you realized that this future pope is correctly aligned with Me on correctly discerning the marital realities in the various cases of My people, avoiding the sins of both the rigorists and the lax. He will correctly bring My Church to its correct form of worship. Hence, your fourth guess is the correct guess. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn will become the next pope, and he will take on the papal name of John and be called Pope John XXIV. Also, realize that Cardinal Christoph Schönborn knows German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, and Czech, all either fluently or with proficiency. And he was created a Cardinal in 1998 by Pope John Paul II. And he is 75 years old, having been born on January 22, 1945.

And when, O’ Lord, shall Cardinal Christoph Schönborn ascend to the Seat of Peter to become the next pope, O’ Lord and Master? Soon after I cure you, O’ Larimar King. For when I cure you, that will mark the new age, the Age of Larimar. Amen. And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is to represent the Larimar King. And what about the Lazurite King, O’ Lord and God? I tell you this Truth, O’ Larimar King. When you see Cardinal Christoph Schönborn ascend to take his seat as the next pope, realize that that shall be the signal of My having called My servant Lazurite to begin his ministry as My prophet to My Jewish people. And he shall become filled with My Holy Spirit, and he shall speak My Word to My people in Hebrew. And you, O’ Larimar King, shall speak to My people in English.

And Lord, am I to be a retired prophet who fades into the background as Lazurite comes forth to replace me as prophet to Your people? You speak, Lord Larimar, of the nature of prophets, that they are given a window of time in which God speaks through them until His Word through them is complete? Yes, it is true. But in your case, O’ Larimar King, you and Lazurite are My two witnesses. And as My two witnesses, neither of you can retire until the time comes for you both to leave the earth at the same moment. For Revelation, chapter 11, speaks of you both. And both of you shall be speaking My Word simultaneously. You will utter it in English while Lazurite utters it in Hebrew. And in that way, I will reach the entire world. Now, Eric, publish this post, for it is complete.

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