United Kingdom of the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Behold, the Kingdoms of Larimar and Ester are joined together in marriage.

Behold, I Who Am do now speak. And behold, I prophesy the future union of the three large nations of North America, namely: The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. But, but, but, someone objects, Mexico is a backward, third world country. How can Mexico be united to the rich nations to the north? Do not worry about this, for the Mexican people are industrious and hard working. And they are motivated for the education of their children. In addition, their form of Christianity is superior to that of the White peoples from northern Europe. How do you mean, someone asks? Catholicism is superior to Protestantism and Orthodoxy. Hence, the people in Latin America are heading in greater numbers to heaven than are those north of the border. The influx of people from Latin America into the USA is, therefore, very different spiritually from the influx of people from North Africa into Europe. For the latter are coming from Muslim countries and bringing their religion of Islam with them, and serving to transform Europe into a Caliphate. But in the former, the USA, the immigrants into the USA are coming from Catholic countries in Latin America, and they are bring Catholicism with them, which serves to bring in new spiritual life, holiness, and great blessings into the USA. Hence, as the poor peoples of the south move north, Europe becomes Islamicized while the USA becomes Catholicized. This process produces profound differences longterm. Hence, the Larimar Kingdom of North America shall remain holy and become holier. But Europe shall descend and decline into an Islamic desert continent full of warring Caliphates, just as North Africa is now a desolate wasteland of Islam, full of terror, war, and violence. And that is the root of the rise of Antichrist to occur in Europe.

Do not make the error that “brown” means “bad”. For that is known as a Trumpism. And what is a Trumpism, you ask? A Trumpism is a quote from Trump on Twitter that has absolutely no thinking involved to produce it. Basically, Trump pulled it out of his ass and used his buttocks to type it into his Twitter app.

Now I shall continue to speak. Lord, Trump has rebooted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) into a slightly different agreement, one that gives more freedom to polluters, and is now called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). What saith Thou on this new development? Eric, do not concern yourself with the polluters, for this world is slated for destruction. But Lord, ghastly are the fates of those who live in sewage and who are forced to drink unclean water. It does indeed affect people, even in my generation. And yet, Eric, do you not see that I have judged and condemned already those who destroy the earth (Revelation 11:18)? Lord, I see that there is definitely retribution brought against the destroyers of the earth in their future years, after the damage and destruction has been done. But what about the innocent victims of their erroneous or malevolent actions? And what about the difference I can make, if you put me in charge where I can make such a difference? Eric, I will not put you in charge of saving the environment. Nor will I destroy the innocent with the wicked. Instead, I put you in charge of saving souls. Your tasks and focus is to be on the spiritual welfare of My people. Those who destroy the earth will themselves be destroyed in the end. But as for seeking to protect the environment, realize that it is the fate of many creatures to go extinct with the coming of Mankind into the world. And this fate cannot be undone.

Then, O’ Lord, since you say that I am to have a forty-one year reign, and after I am taken away in 2061, my son is to reign, does my son have a very short reign? And will the Second Coming occur in his generation or lifetime, O’ Lord and Master? Or is it as was stated earlier, that the End Times are in fact endless?

I, the Lord, shall now answer your question in depth. Time is linear. It began at the moment of Creation. And it unravels forever in a space time continuum. Hence, it is endless, for it never ends. The only way a man can enter timelessness is to break out of the linear thread of time. And that occurs at every man’s death. Time is also a mental concept. Hence, it ceases to exist when the last man exits time. And thus, that is the reality of the End of the World. When the last man exits his linear thread of time, that is the definition of the Second Coming.

Lord, does this potentially mean that there may be centuries, millennia, or even millions of years yet to come to pass upon the earth before Man is completely wiped out and Time here ends? Yes, Lord Larimar. Mankind will in fact be still here a thousand years from now. And I will not reveal any further than that. Oracle of the Lord!

But that thousand years to come is not a fulfillment of the Millennial Reign as prophesied in Revelation, chapter 20, Lord? For You have said that Millenarianism is a heresy, that is, that the belief that there is to be an age of Man occurring between the Second Coming and the Last Judgement is heretical. Am I correct, O’ Lord? There is no Age, O’ Larimar King, where My First Resurrected Saints reign over on earth over those destined to be resurrected at the Second Resurrection. Rather those of My First Resurrection are all those who have received baptism and partaken of my consecrated body and blood at the Catholic Mass. All such people are in and experiencing their First Resurrection. And the Second Death has no power over them.

Hence, the true Millennial Reign is unseen and is already among you (Luke 17:20-21). Those Protestant Bible thumpers awaiting a physical fulfillment of the Kingdom on the earth are following in the footsteps exactly as the Pharisees went who were awaiting a physical Kingdom to be established by the Messiah at His first Coming. The Pharisees were totally blind and completely missed the Coming of their Messiah and the salvation He brought to Mankind. And the Protestants are doing the exact same thing today. They are pounding on their Bible and searching for signs of a Rapture in all world events, expecting a Kingdom to drop out of the sky. But they do not see that the Kingdom is already here, and that they are missing out on it by not being in My communion in My Catholic Church.

Then, My Lord, since time is to continue on this earth for ages yet to come, what becomes of future generations of Man on the earth? Does Man ever colonize the moon or other planets or build a permanent orbiting space city in near earth orbit? For I see a pattern developing: Man’s genius continues to develop new tools and technology, becoming more and more advanced, and yet his natural resources and his genetic neighbors on the earth get squeezed to extinction, unless they can be profitably reproduced and harnessed to serve Man. Is this then the fate of earth, O’ Lord?

Indeed, Lord Larimar, you are right on target. Everything that Man finds no use for will in fact be rendered extinct. And that includes all the megafauna that cannot be tamed. Furthermore, the oceans will be polluted until they become a poisonous stew. Few things will the inhabit the oceans then except for slimy things, like certain mollusks and other invertebrates. And on the land, deserts shall replace the vast forests and meadows. Lord, how will Mankind feed themselves under such conditions, for they now have 7,763,780,386 human mouths to feed, as of 2:47 Pacific Standard Time, February 11, 2020. The humans are ingenious, O’ Larimar King. Humankind will switch the protein source in their diet from beef to crickets. Remember, O’ Larimar King, the Law of Moses declares these creatures as clean foods: locusts, grasshoppers, katydids, and crickets (Leviticus 11:21-22). Hence, God prepared in His eternal law the way forward for Mankind when he could no longer produce enough conventional meat on the planet to feed all of humanity. Crickets, O’ Larimar King, can be farmed taking up very little real estate space to do so. And crickets provide the complete dietary needs of protein in humans. Furthermore, cricket farming requires 12 times less feed resources to produce, and about 2000 times less water than to produce an equivalent amount of beef. And you don’t need sunlight nor rangeland to produce them. The production can be done in stacks in many floors in a warehouse or underground. Indeed, Mankind will be forced to move over to eating crickets, as the human population continues to climb and food resources grow more and more scarce. Only people like Trump, playing golf on his golf courses, will be able to afford to eat beef in the future.

That also means that the unuseful megafauna will eventually die out as all their lands are taken or they are poached to extinction. Hence, the only way to ensure the continuation of a lineage of elephants, rhinos, and other megafauna is to achieve a breed that is very small and that can live in a very small space. The successful breeding of the miniature ponies is an example of breeding horses to become a very small breed, allowing many properties too small to be allowed to have regular sized horses to be legally allowed to have miniature horses. If a miniature elephant or rhino could be successfully bred, it would ensure the survival of its species as its larger cousins head for extinction. And the elephants to start with would be the pygmy elephants of Borneo, Elephas maximus borneensis, and the African forest elephants, Loxodonta cyclotis. These are the two smallest remaining elephant kinds on the planet, and note that these two kinds of elephants are of different genera, and thus, cannot be interbred. But if a breeding program starts in earnest to develop these elephants and produce a progressively smaller size, then these strains of elephants may be preserved from the mass extinctions that are taking place on the planet. For size is the greatest enemy to the megafauna in an extinction event.

Now, as for the protection of the rainforests, take a look at the things happening to the coral reefs. The global destruction of the coral reefs will mean one thing to business men like Trump: The end of the profitable businesses centered around scuba diving. For who wants to go scuba diving to see dead, desert wastelands in the waters? Also, worldly men do not want to be reminded of the destruction that their species is doing to the planet. Hence, don’t invest in scuba diving equipment producers, for they will see a dramatic downturn in sales once all the coral reefs are completely dead. And with the runaway greenhouse effect in action, their complete deaths are ensured. And the complexities and expense in recreating healthy ocean conditions in salt water aquariums means that few of the species of salt water creatures will be preserved. Instead, it will be the fresh water species that will have the greater chance for survival. For fresh water aquariums are easier and less expensive to maintain and to keep healthy. Remember also this: The oceans are destroyed prior to the destruction of the rivers and the springs (Revelation 16:3-4). Thus, freshwater life will be preserved better and longer than their saltwater cousins in the seas. Now, O’ Lord, what saith Thou to this discussion on the preservation of saltwater and freshwater biodiversity?

Do not put too much hope in Man preserving the diversity of species of creatures in this world. Remember the fate of the people that happened on Easter Island. When Captain Cook discovered that island where the natives were isolated and cut off from the rest of Mankind for about a millennium, what kinds of animals and plants still existed there that Man still had for himself on that island, O’ Larimar King? For in that millennium of Man’s presence on that island, all the vast forests disappeared along with most of the wild animals and native birds. At the time of Captain Cook’s arrival to that most remote island, Easter Island, the natives were at that point merely simple farmers surviving on crops of sweet potatoes, yams, taro, bananas, and sugar cane. And as for animals that existed there, they had the domesticated chickens, and they also hunted rats for as a protein source. And it is proven that the rats, which came to the island with the humans, were the ones who destroyed the forests on the island. The people were powerless to stop the destruction of their forests nor to control the populations of the rats.

In a similar way will it be for this global society, O’ Larimar King, though Man globally has much more access to resources to select from and to preserve than did the inhabitants on Easter Island. But the same dismal process is coming to pass. The runaway greenhouse effect can no longer be halted. And as it was when the rats began to multiply unchecked on Easter Island, the people will be forced to watch as their world is slowly be destroyed by forces now beyond their abilities to stop. But just like the Easter Islanders, the people on this earth will continue to eke out an existence and muddle through in their destitution. Technologies will continue to evolve and advance. Discoveries in science will continue to be made. And Man will continue as a species for generations and generations to come. But each generation will see a progressively poorer selection of biodiversity than the previous generation had. And attempts to add to the biodiversity of the planet through genetic engineering will provide mixed results. Good and helpful species will be produced, but not without side effects, some more serious and harmful than others. And, like children playing with fire, from time to time, diseases will be created that will wipe out many peoples, crops, or livestock. I have now answered your question, O’ Larimar King regarding the natural world.

Now I shall answer your question regarding space exploration for Mankind. Yes, Mankind is the spacefaring species. And yet, formidable challenges present themselves to Man in his quest to colonize space. First of all, Mankind cannot exist for long in space without a certain measure of gravitational force maintaining the environment in which Mankind was designed to live in, as it is on the surface of the earth. Weightlessness, however wonderful it may seem to one’s imagination, does not do good for Mankind’s longterm health. Man was simply not designed for longterm weightlessness. And the moon and Mars do not provide sufficient gravity to keep Man healthy should Man ever be able to set up colonies there. Venus would provide Man with a healthy environment, but the atmosphere must first be terraformed. The atmosphere must be modified to allow the heat to escape the planet. And then the planet can be settled. Venus, therefore, more than Mars, is the better planet to develop a colony longterm on. To change the rotation of the planet, Mercury could be knocked out of its orbit carefully to provide a moon for Venus. But very carefully would this have to be done. One small miscalculation and Mercury could slam into Venus, resulting in the destruction of both planets and even the possible destabilization of the Earth’s orbit. So be very, very careful in adjusting Mercury’s orbit. And if a bunch of monkeys for brains are put in charge of this operation, the Planet Mercury could also fall into the sun and be completely lost, or else become a rogue planet in a rogue orbit that endangers the earth.

Hence, what I Am saying is that the more powerful Man becomes, the greater a danger he becomes to himself and to the home he was given by God. Therefore, tread lightly as you enter into the space age. It is not Star Wars that is your future. Star Wars is total fantasy. Life is far more fragile and delicate, and technology much more difficult and breakable than what is portrayed in Star Wars. Nor will you be meeting other humanoids in your Spacefaring Age as portrayed in Star Trek. I tell you truthfully, only two forms of intelligent lifeforms will you ever discover in deep space: angels and God. And as for the angels, that includes both the good kind, those sent by God, and the evil kind, the demons seeking Man’s doom. But no embodied creatures of intelligence, other than humans ultimately from the earth, will you ever find in your exploration of the universe. Furthermore, no space vehicle can be built that can take a humanoid from this solar system to any other solar system with its human cargo still alive. Amen. Hence, the furthest Man will ever be able to explore in person in space will be the outer reaches of his own solar system. Amen.

Instead, Man should seek to explore the spiritual world. And this world is explored by advancing in interior graces and by reaching out to God in spiritual exercises. Hence, it is not outer space, but the spiritual interior, that is the true frontier into which Man is expected to explore and to discover things in. And only in that exploration will Mankind achieve true happiness and find fulfilling purpose. But realize who controls the door into advancing in the Spirit. It is Jesus Christ. And He expects all who wish to advance into His realm to go through the door that He has established, which is the Catholic Church. Only through Catholicism, and the eternal life found in the Eucharist, can Man ascend from his miserable condition and state in this world to rise into the glorious spiritual world of the Paradisal heavens, where he can know and converse with God as Eric does.

And it is into this world and through this journey that you, Lord Larimar, are called to lead My people in their pathways back to Me. You will guide them to Me, Lord Larimar. You will show them My light. And you will speak to them My Way. For My priesthood needs to be reminded of the Truths that exists in My Church, for they have, as of late, not been correctly taught to My people.

One thing you have noticed, O’ Larimar King, is the use of female alter servers in the Catholic Church. It is better for these alter servers to be boys. But if they must be girls, then they should cover their heads. For the hair of a woman is sexual. And I do not want My alter to be sexualized. Hence, I wish for My Catholic Church to enact the discipline where all women who perform at or near the alter are required to cover their hair with a veil. Do that, and I shall be pleased with My Church. Thus, My desired discipline would require that women serving as alter servers, lectors, canters, and eucharistic ministers to cover their hair with a veil. But women serving as ushers or in the choir are performing at a distance from the alter and thus, need not cover their hair with a veil, for only those performing at or near My alter do I have this requirement, due to the holiness of My alter and the food consecrated on it. For My alter is of the holiness of My holy mountain that Moses ascended. Only those properly disposed may touch it.

Now, Lord, you have given me the assignment to learn Nahuatl. Is this assignment for learning the classical form of the language or one of its modern forms? I intend for you to learn and master Classical Nahuatl first. Then progress to a more modern form as you so desire, such as that which is spoken near where you live in Los Angeles County. Then, O’ Lord, I must therefore buy a book on Classical Nahuatl? Yes, Lord Larimar. And do not limit yourself to just those books found in the English language. Also study Nahuatl in books written in Spanish. Know ye also this, great is the body of works written in Classical Nahuatl, greater in quantity of works and amount of content committed to writing than those works found written in Classical Greek. For great is this fifth language I have ordered you to learn. And a large world previously unknown to you shall you now enter into. For to know a written language is to have access to the world in which the people who used it lived in.

And so now, Lord Larimar, now I shall define for you your eternal Kingdom. Let us look at the definition:

(1) The Larimar Kingdom, consisting of Alaska, Canada, the Contiguous United States of America, Mexico, ruled by King Larimar and Queen Ester. And the official languages of their Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Nahuatl

(2) The Kingdom of Israel, consisting of the Levant, from the Wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates, and including the entire island of Cyprus. Ruling this Kingdom is Nathanael, the Lazurite King. And the official languages of this Kingdom include:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Aramaic
  4. Arabic

Notice how We have removed references to your soulmate and Lazurite’s soulmate in Alexandria. And why is this, O’ Lord? Has the spiritual bond to my soulmate been broken by my agreement to marry a Mexican girl? Not only that, Lord Larimar, you will also lose your virginity. But it is a decree made from eternity that it occur this way. So also will Lazurite marry a girl he meets in this world.

Lord, is this good? Do you approve? I Who Am have ordered you to marry the girl I shall give you. That her name is Ester in this world you have created is immaterial. She will appear to you in the near future. And Lord, I notice that in my list of official languages, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese have been completely outright dropped, and Nahuatl has been added in. What happened with that, O’ Lord? I Who Am have decided that only languages chosen from the main and official languages and certain widespread native language in any particular nation are eligible to be considered as official. English and French are official in Canada. Spanish is the main language in Mexico. And in the United States of America, English is the main language with only Spanish coming in as a sizable second. As for Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, these are really just foreign languages. They are not permanent languages. And the American descendants of these immigrants who speak them forget them as they embrace American English. Just because a foreign language has many speakers in a particular nation doesn’t mean it has to be made official in that nation. Remember that, Lord Larimar. It is not the numbers of speakers, but the general accepted usage of a language among the people, its popular usage as a lingua franca, and existing government acceptance, that determines whether a language is to be said to be an official language. As for Nahuatl, it is currently the most widely spoken native language of the North American continent, and the only native North American language not considered endangered. And considering that Mexico is now part of your Larimar Empire, due to your foreseen earthly marriage to the girl symbolized by the name of Ester, it is decided that Nahuatl, the second most popular language in Mexico, is to be the fourth official language of your Larimar Empire. Amen.

Lord, I accept all of this, but I wonder if I am throwing away an eternal good for a temporal good, by choosing an earthly marriage over an eternal espousal. What saith Thou to that. Eric, let this answer be My final statement to you in this post. After you receive this answer, reread this entire post, correct all the errors, and then publish it, and then mediate on these Words that I Am about to say to you. No one gets what they want unless I will to give it to them. I will for you this marriage. In this game her name is Ester. What her real name is is yet to be revealed. But you are to marry her and have the prophesied son by her. Do this and you will live. You have no choice on the matter but to obey Me. Furthermore, the girl Hyacinth will be taken away from you soon. When you see the vision of her departure, realize that Ester is at the gates of your city. And then you will know that I Am your God and that I Am the One God, He Who promises and Who delivers. Now, go, Eric, and reread this post. No more shall I write through you for the night. Amen.

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