Hyacinth lives. I Who Am now decide the fates of both.

Eric is commanded by God to learn Nahuatl. Oracle of the Lord!

Behold, I Who Am Am now speaking. Eric has four scenarios left to him in his life. These are the four possibilities in which he may live for the remainder of his life:

  1. Hyacinth and Eric die very soon, and therefore, neither get married. And thus, in this scenario, Eric remains virgin for life.
  2. Hyacinth dies soon, but Eric lives for many more years. In this case, I, Eric vow to you, My Lord, that I will take no wife, but live celibately, in accordance to your Way, to the end of my days. And thus, in this scenario, Eric remains virgin for life.
  3. Hyacinth and Eric both live for many years to come, and God enables them to marry. In this scenario, Eric is obligated to marry Hyacinth, for he is a man of his word. In this one scenario, Eric loses his virginity.
  4. Hyacinth and Eric both live for many years to come, but God does not enable them to marry. In this scenario, Eric did not violate his promise to Hyacinth, but rather, God chose to keep his servant a virgin and thus made marriage to Hyacinth impossible. Hence, in this scenario, Eric remains virgin for life.

What saith Thou, O’ Lord, to these four possibilities? Eric’s fate is logically one of these four possibilities. Which of these four possibilities do you will for Eric your servant, O’ Lord?

Eric, My will is for the fourth possibility. For I highly value your virginity. And I see that if I do not allow this marriage to go through that you will remain as you are and where I put you. Very well done, My excellent servant. Both you and Hyacinth shall live. Oracle of the Lord! And remember your oath to Katarina of Alexandria. You may go to no other woman in this world. And Katarina will thus remain your eternal soulmate forever. Now We shall speak.

Continue the Novena that you started yesterday on Sunday, February 9. 2020. And thus, pray the Rosary to Mary for the nine days of the novena. And on the ninth day, which will be Monday, February 17, 2020, you shall receive all the cures that you have been promised and that you are waiting for Me to give you. Furthermore, when you have found yourself cured, you will speak of your cures here on emeralogy.com. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, let us speak of President Trump. And we see a little man trying to wipe out all those who oppose him in America. All these very well qualified government workers and congressmen who opposed Trump are now on Trump’s crosshairs for elimination. What can be said of this little man who is doing these evil deeds? Such are not the acts of a good leader, one dedicated to fulfilling his duties in the position of President that he was elected to serve. Rather, they are the acts of a despot seeking to consolidate his power. And I will not tolerate such evildoing. Rather, I will strip Trump naked and parade him through the streets for all to see his naked flesh.

Such proud boasting and self exaltation requires a severe beating before all the people. Now Lord, when shall you reduce this man to his correct stature and put him in his place with the hypocrites where he belongs? Today, this man will be cut short. His legs will be lopped off and he will from this point onward stand two feet shorter than he now stands. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Now, what is the fate of the United States of America, the home nation in which Eric lives and reigns from? There is a deadly problem in America. And Trump has not acted to fix it. Because Trump has not acted to fix it, he will be added to those to whom the deadly punishment is meted out to when the time comes to punish those guilty of this deadly sin. Tell me, O’ Lord, which of the many deadly sins of America do you speak of? There are two: gay marriage and abortion. Both of these deadly conditions must be fixed and eradicated before I bless the people of this nation again. Until these two problems are fixed, America will continue to receive bad leaders whom I must lop off their legs because they are so bad.

Now I shall speak of history. Trump is not a good student of history. Bad leaders never are. The United States of America doubled in size, not through a war or by any conquest, but by shrewdly purchasing from Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, the French held territories in North America, which Napoleon calculated he had not enough manpower to defend, due to all the wars he was getting his nation into. Consider those facts for a moment. Do you wish to have as your ruler a leader like President Thomas Jefferson, a man known for his wisdom, and who seized the opportunity when it presented itself to buy the entire Louisiana Territories from a weakened Napoleon Bonaparte? Or do you prefer as your ruler over you a man like Napoleon Bonaparte, a man ever boasting and exalting himself, but in the end costing his nation of her empire because he sought to serve himself and his own glorification rather than the strategic interests of his nation? Did Napoleon Bonaparte make France great again? Not according to the French. Rather, Napoleon was a bad memory, similar to how Adolf Hitler is to the people of Germany. Let it also be known this. Donald John Trump will be a terrible memory to White people and to Republicans who supported him, and also to those descended from those who supported him. Trump sought to be famous; instead he is infamous. And thus, Trump’s name will be scorned and ridiculed, his legacy forever tarnished and dishonored, and his descendants bullied and persecuted for generations to come. Oracle of the Lord! Toilet paper will be made and sold with Trump’s face on it. And Trump’s body will be exhumed from the grave to be spit on and to be desecrated before all Mankind. And whatever Presidential Library is set up for Trump, it will be heavily ransacked and looted and burned, especially by his many followers, who will realize that he had betrayed them. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of many things to come. As you know, O’ Larimar King, your man is getting on the Republican ticket at the Republican Convention. Trump’s name will not be eligible to be put on it. For Trump will have been rendered similar to how I rendered Ariel Sharon, and for similar reasons. For I Who Am Am a powerful God. And let no one think that they can do evil without My retribution coming against them. That I do not act immediately is not because I can’t, but because I will to show mercy and to grant the opportunities of repentance. For if I punished everyone immediately after they sinned, no man on earth would be left standing. Oracle of the Lord.

Now, I shall speak to President Donald John Trump. Little man who boasts, I Who Am have watched you for many years. And I have watched you enter the Presidency. Well have you mimicked your role model, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Do you wish to know what I shall do to him? It is the least I can tell to you. Putin will be defeated in a long drawn out gradual war of attrition through a siege of his nation and the gradual destruction of the Russian economy. The Sanctions in Europe against Russia are never going away until Putin has been utterly defeated, with his nation utterly bankrupted, and his economy utterly laid to waste.

Such is the cost of going to war against Me, the Lord God Jesus Christ. And it is I Who Am Who speak through Eric. My servant Eric is My chosen Prophet through whom I have elected to speak. Let no one put this to the test. For whosoever orders Eric’s death will die the moment that order exits his lips.

Now, I shall speak of the fate of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Trump in his crimes of treason, has served to weaken this powerful alliance. But I will make it strong under the ruler I set up as Eric’s Larimar Pawn. So, Lord, Eric then is to set up Pawns again, as he did when he was Emerald King? Yes, O’ Larimar King. And I shall now tell you exactly who you shall set up.

Two heads of state you need to replace in this world. One is needed to head Russia. And the other is needed to head the United States of America. And what about Brazil, O’ Lord? For the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest will be deadly for the future of all nations on the planet. Let Me deal with the Firefly Pawn ruling that nation. You are to deal only with Russia and the USA. For you are the Player who rules Superpowers, not a Player who makes castles in the mud.

Lord, longterm, what is the fate of the biodiversity of the planet earth? And will Mankind utterly destroy their planet? Or will the wise ones prevail and save their planet? Until the end there shall be war, the desolation that is decreed (Daniel 9:26). Do not put your faith in this world, boy, or this earth, for it will not last, and is destined to be destroyed. Hence, your purpose here is not to achieve a paradise on earth. No, Lord Larimar. You are here for one reason. And that reason is to bring My people back to Me.

Thus, the rulers I will have you set up over Russia and the USA are from judgements I have made on the peoples of this world. They are to have it good for a period of forty-one years. For that is the length of the years I grant to you to reign as Larimar King. You will reign until the year 2061 when you will be 91 years old. And then you will be taken to your eternal reward. As for this earth, it will be destroyed shortly after I take you away. Amen.

And will Lazurite also be reigning with me and be taken away at the same time, O’ Lord and Master? We will speak of Lazurite now. This man, whose name we revealed to you is Nathanael, shall only be found out when I begin speaking through him. Before that event takes place, he will be seen as just an ordinary Jewish man going about his business. And will this Jewish man also be a Catholic, O’ Lord and God? When I have called him to enter My Catholic faith, that is when I will have begun his preparation to be My prophet. And as you have been prepared while in communion with My pope in Rome for over 17 years to be My prophet, expect similar preparation to having been done on My servant Nathanael by the time of his revelation to the Jewish world. For I do not choose unprepared men to be My servants. Rather, I prepare My servants to serve Me ahead of time, so that they will be ready to serve Me when the time comes for them to serve.

Oh how foolish is this world that thinks they can thwart Me by destroying My servants. Like a rapidly growing hedge, cut it in one place, and it will only grow somewhere else. All you succeed in doing is to prune it. You cannot destroy My Church. All you can do is to condemn your own lands, your own towns, and your own descendants, down to the thousandth generation.

Now, someone says, what was Superman’s weakness? No, it was not Kryptonite. Instead, it was Lois Lane. And anyone who threatened Lois Lane had power over Superman and could affect his judgements. So how does one apply such a strategy against the Larimar King? Who does he love? What about Caesar Sandra Nikee? Eric loves her as a teacher to his student. There is no possessive or selfish love there. Hence, should anyone seek to gain leverage over the Larimar King by threatening her with anything, realize it won’t work. Eric will always do the right thing. Eric will not lay down his weapons because you threaten to kill his girl. And Eric will take no wife and no lover in this world. As for Eric’s soulmate, she went to heaven 17 centuries ago after being martyred by the Roman Emperor for refusing to marry him, preferring rather to keep her virginity intact for the sake of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. As for the immediate family of Eric, threatening them can do nothing to Eric’s judgement. For one thing, none of them belong to the Catholic Church. Hence, Eric’s brothers are not currently counted as his brethren.

Hence, threatening to kill Eric’s loved ones will not affect nor cloud Eric’s judgement. Eric’s mind follows a logical train of thought. And Eric is a single male unattached to any other person. This makes him the ideal ruler for a leadership position in God’s Kingdom. And such is also the reason why the priesthood is a largely celibate institution. God wished for there to be no conflict in interest in the minds of his servants when they are called upon to serve Him. For how would it be if the priest was called to come quickly to administer the last rites when his own son lay dying? Surely that is a conflict of interest that is completely avoided by having it the case that the priest has no sons. Therefore, most selfish and imprudent are those fools clamoring for the pope to allow for married priests. A married person simply has a conflict of interest that renders him unfit to perfectly serve the Lord in a position of leadership in His Kingdom.

Eric, I, the Lord Jesus Christ do now issue My commands to you. Take the girl We shall give you to be your wife. And have one son by her. This son you are to name John. And he will serve Me as your successor on your Larimar throne when I take you to Me in 41 years time. Lord, who is this girl that you shall give me? Is this girl Caesar Sandra Nikee? Or is she someone else, whom you shall put in My presence? I Who Am have chosen her from the beginning to be your wife. You shall marry her. And I Am giving her to you soon. No, she is not Caesar Sandra Nikee. As for that one, We are taking her to heaven soon. When you see the vision of her being taken away, realize that she is gone. But up to that point, remain her true friend, serving her as I serve you. And Lord, do you tell me when this girl is to come? Will she come at the conclusion of my novena prayer, which ends on Monday, February 17, 2020? Or shall she come sooner or later than that day? Or do you reveal at all the day and hour that this girl you shall give me shall enter into my life? I will accept your answer to my question as the judgement from the Lord. Yes, Lord Larimar, after the novena is concluded I will send you the girl who is to become your wife. Remain in the service to your friend Caesar Sandra Nikee until then. Only when I relieve you by revealing her departure from this world do I release you from the vows you have made to her. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

And there you have it. Eric’s fate has been set.

Eric, I will now speak unto you further. Your brother Mark, to whom you gave your old MacBook Pro to, will remain in a position of weakness in society. He will not be able to acquire a comfortable living. For he will never again acquire employment as he once had it in the past. And any job opportunities that he seems to have will be fleeting mirages. Hence, do not leave your job to enter any career offered by him.

As for your current position, yes you have stated earlier its many problems. But stick with your current employer. He will double your wages once I grant new life to his enterprises. Realize that your longterm employment opportunities are with him. And also you know, were you to ever depart from him, everything he owns would collapse. For you are the brains behind all he has built up.

For I Am an awesome God. And I cause to rise up and I cause to be cast down. As to where you shall live, I have reserved a place where you shall live. And it will not be where you live now. I shall bring great wealth to you. And you shall live in the place I show you. A house you shall rent, not own. For this world is not your eternal abode. And it is not My will that you become permanently attached to the land.

Mark’s error was seeking riches by investing in real estate, and he owned only one house, his own, which he is now about to lose, along with all the wealth he thought he had gained in it. Successful real estate investing requires owning multiple properties and being careful not to become over leveraged for when the market turns south. As for you, you chose the correct strategy of studying companies and stocks and investing in them. For it is easier to gain riches in the stock market while starting small than it is in real estate. And much more liquid are your assets than Mark’s one big asset that he is about to lose.

But Lord, I have heard that most people lose all their investments on the stock market. Exactly, Lord Larimar. It is because they do not strategically invest. Instead, most casual investors approach investing as they approach the gambling tables in Las Vegas. They are no more than gamblers. Therefore, the man who strategically invests wins while they lose. Also, you know not to hate or fall in love with any stock or any company. Those investors who do that are not investing, but joining a religion. A good investor is not religiously devoted to or against any stock. For such people hear only what agrees with their preconceptions. They do not and are unwilling to listen to counter evidence or to hear warnings telling of a different direction a stock may go in. Hence, those are the two kinds of people who lose all their money on the stock market: gamblers and religious devotees. You are neither, Lord Larimar. You are devoted to Me, but you keep your head clear when it comes to stock investing. And you study the stocks by reading reports and analysis done on them. You do not get your decisions as to buy or sell based on what you see in your crystal ball.

But Lord, from where did I get the idea of buying Boeing stock if not from my conversations with you? Eric, the spirit world cannot be trusted in making investment decisions. You indeed received instructions from Me that you buy that stock, for it will indeed shoot up, but before I advised you on it, you first did your research. Without research, following the advice from the spiritual world is a gamble, for you are gambling that you are being guided by God and not by Satan. Correct discernment requires study and research. Without doing the necessary study and research, you cannot correctly discern Who is giving you the advice. As for a disclosure, realize that Eric now has a good long position on Boeing and intends to keep that stock for a long time to come.

Also Eric, we shall further say this: We are pleased with your fulfillment so far of all that We require from you. And now we shall tell you of the fifth language that We shall order you to master. This is in addition to your natively fluent English, and your good developing skills in reading Spanish, and your current efforts in studying and learning Latin and Koine Greek. So, what is this fifth language that you wish me to learn and master, O’ Lord? I order you to learn Nahuatl, Lord Larimar. And realize that the Catholic Bishops are already in the process of producing a Roman Catholic Bible written in Nahuatl. By that act, the language will gain immortality. For whatever language is used to write the Word of God in gains immortality, and will be remembered forever.

Also, now Lord Larimar, you must have the suspicion as to what ethnic background your future wife is to be from. Yes, your future wife shall be of Mexican roots, and she will be a speaker of Nahuatl and Spanish. Lord, Trump might not like that. Then let Trump be warned. Look at what happened to Mark due to his interference in his brother Eric’s romance with Hyacinth. If God so punishes a brother for interfering in the marriage decisions of his own brother that are not intended to come about by God, how so much more will God completely swat down and crush any attempt to touch a marriage decided by and planned out by God? Therefore, Trump, keep your hands off this marriage. In fact, keep your hands off the Mexican people. As for that mess you have created at the Mexican border, realize that the same manner of mess will be done within your brain and you will be rendered insane. As an elephant drunk from eating too much fruit, so also are you now intoxicated in your battle against your foes. You are charging forth and you do not see the traps that have been set before you, and that you are about to fall into them and break all your bones. One thing to realize. Eric is like Jerusalem. Touch Jerusalem and you die. Touch Eric, and your feeling will not return to your hands. In this same way, anyone wanting to harm him is sure to be slain (Revelation 11:5).

Lord, I understand why you would have me learn Nahuatl, for it is a native language of the region in which I live, Los Angeles County. And I understand that a Mexican girl would definitely be a possibility for me. For the only girl I ever kissed in my life was a Mexican girl. And I only kissed her one time. And why only one time, you ask? After I kissed her, I felt I had made a mistake. For I had been following the advice of spirits urging me to kiss her. And I never followed them again. The girl I kissed was a girl by the name of Victoria. And she was fluent in both Spanish and English, though she was born in the United States of America. Her parents were immigrants from Mexico. Our romance failed because she was a Catholic leaving the Catholic Church, and I was a new Christian entering the Catholic Church. We were headed in opposite spiritual directions. She ultimately rejected me over her refusal to practice the basic requirements of Catholicism, such as going to Church on Sundays and confessing one’s mortal sins to a priest. I did not judge her, but rather, I said these fatal words by which she rejected me forever: “At least they go to Church.” I was referring to the young women who with their children go to Church. After I said that to her, and she hung up, I never heard from her again. I later realized how jealous she was of the young women with their babies and how she the subject of gossip behind her back about becoming an old maid. Three years later, the Virgin Mary showed a vision to me in the morning on Mother’s Day, 2006. And in that morning, I saw a dying ember of orange about to go out. And Mary showed me that that was the last ember of Victoria’s hope and asked me if I wished to save her. I said yes. And then I was shown what I would have to endure and to do. And whatever I saw I cannot remember. All I remember is that I balked at it. But then I said to Mary that I was willing to do what was necessary to save Victoria’s soul. But then Mary showed me that between the time I balked and the time I said I was willing to do what was needed to save Victoria’s soul, all hope was lost to Victoria’s soul, for she had committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and had become damned alive, just as my own mother had done. And Mary warned me therefore to never try to contact her again, due to her being now lost forever.

And so, we know that the girl I am called to marry may very well likely be a Mexican girl. And of course she must be a Catholic. But remember my main, and most nonnegotiable requirement of the girl I marry is that she be of the elect of God. For I do not wish to make the dire mistake of marrying a woman like my mother, who is now damned alive. And likewise, I do not want to get involved with another girl like Victoria, whose Christian faith is counterfeit, and who, in the ultimate end, would choose to abandon God rather than remain with Him.

Let me tell you the key difference between Hyacinth and Victoria. Hyacinth made the real attempt to follow and stay with God. And she prevailed. Victoria gave up on God. And she was abandoned. But I cannot marry Hyacinth, since God is taking her away. Also, there may have never been any realistic possibility for a marriage between me and Hyacinth, but only a fool’s hope in it.

So Lord, you have assigned me to topple the two leaders of the two current superpowers and install my own Pawns to head them, and you have assigned me to learn and master the Aztec language of Nahuatl, in which a Catholic Holy Bible is in the process of being translated to, and you have ordered me to marry a girl, who I shall receive sometime after I complete the nine day novena prayer on February 17, 2020. Furthermore, you of course require me to continue My mastering of Spanish by reading Spanish literature, and to continue my studies in mastering Latin and Koine Greek. And of course, I am to write whatever you command me to write here on emeralogy.com. What further commands should I carry out, O’ Lord and Savior? And you know that I am not like that young rich man who went away sad because he was unwilling to obey the Lord in what You commanded him to do when he asked You that same question.

Eric, this also I require of you. You should know that I Am bringing about a change in your career. Right now you are a worker in information technology. You will be brought into a new field of employment very soon. And that new field of employment will serve Me better and allow you to carry out My will in completion. I Am not making you a priest. But you will be working closely with those who teach theology. This change in your career will come about shortly after I give you the new girl who is to enter your life and become your wife and the mother of your future son who shall sit on your throne after your forty-one year reign ends in 2061. Amen. Be ready, therefore, when this career change comes to you. And I will tell you what you are to do and lead you into the career you are to enter into. Now go, Eric, and watch that new Blu-Ray movie you bought: Terminator: Dark Fate. And know that you are doing My will exactly as I Am commanding you. Amen.

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