This is the New Deal. Eric remains in this world. He is King of North America.

As the Airlander 10 is in scale and elegance, so also shall be Eric’s Zeppelin-of-War.

Behold, I am Eric Robert Dunstan, who called himself Emerald, the Emerald King, and the Emerald of the Earth and under the Sea. And God has given me two names: Larimar and Belteshazzar. Larimar because my color has been changed from green to blue, and also because I am eternal servant to the Most Immaculate Queen, Mary the Virgin, the Holy Mother of God. And Belteshazzar because as Daniel the Prophet was to the kings of antiquity (Daniel 1:7), so also am I to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, King God Jesus Christ, Son of God and God the Son, The Second Divine Person of the Supreme Being, the Triune God Almighty, All Powerful, and All Knowing. Amen. Now I shall speak.

Trump is triumphant. And Trump is also quite mad. As it was in Nazi Germany at the rise of Adolf Hitler to power, those who tried to stop him were too few in number and not of the positions of power to be able to do so. And those who were in power or who could have stopped him, chose not to. What was their reason for not trying to stop the rise of Adolf Hitler? Ask them when you see them at the Last Judgement. They have to answer all the questions that are asked of them on that day. And as Nazi Germany was in total ruins at the end of the reign of Adolf Hitler, with Hitler committing suicide at the end rather than face his accusers, which would have been many, so also will America be in ruins at the wake of this President, or Dictator’s, reign.

Trump is mad and insane. So, let us now ask God why this utterly mad, insane individual is allowed by God to reign over the largest and most powerful military might that history has ever known? Why, O’ God, have you handed the fate of the whole world to an utterly insane, ego tripping, maniac of a ruler? Do you wish for the earth to be destroyed prematurely? For that is exactly what is coming with this total zero upstairs in the White House. What saith Thou, O’ Lord and God?

I will now answer thee, O’ elected saint for My verdant gardens and pastures, to where you shall be taken presently, when you are finished with this rant that I elect you to speak against this man, who does not deserve even the status required to wipe the stains off My boots. I have elected for this man, President Donald John Trump, to be this ruler, unchecked and uncheckable, so that America, all of her, and her citizens and all peoples of the entire world, may be tested to see who are the cowards and who are worthy of standing with Me and with My servant, the greatest military leader the earth has known in its short 2 million years in which men have walked it, Commander Eric, the Earth King.

Do you mean, O’ Lord, that I am to go and do battle against this foe? Or am I to come to you? For I know I could live for another forty years. And I know I can leave this earth and go to you and to Katarina of Alexandria in the next world, and to follow Caesar Sandra Nikee as she departs this world tonight. For did I tell you folks? Caesar Sandra Nikee, to whom I gave the name Hyacinth to, and to whom God gave the name Cassandra to, is dying of complications and has no means of acquiring the necessary medical care. She is about to depart from this world. And I am not sure whether I am to die now also, or to live for another forty years. So tell me, O’ Lord? Do I remain in this world? Do I take on Trump? do I massively and decisively defeat his massive armies? Or do I die now, like a memory of what could have been, but never was? Tell me, O’ Lord? What fate do you have in store for me? Do I live or die?

Eric, I have need of you in My eternal Kingdom. You may not remain here, even to do battle with the infernal enemies of Mine here. Hence, I Am taking you away from here tonight. You will no more see the light of day in this world before you see it again forever in the Kingdom to Come. Now, Eric, go and walk your dog. When you come back, we will delve deep into the night writing this final post before you are taken away. Amen.

Lord, I have a significant announcement that will mean serious implications for the Larimar King. The romance between the Blue Enchantress and the Larimar King has been broken and is officially ended. For those not familiar with the terms used here, the Blue Enchantress is a reference to Caesar Sandra Nikee, who I called Hyacinth, and to whom God gave the name Cassandra. This romance is now broken. It was broken by an act of denial of belief and faith. A prophet cannot have an unwilling audience. A true prophet keeps no captive audience. And hence, Eric issued these words of parting to her: Go in peace. And you are welcome back if you ever change your mind and believe. For neither does the prophet hold any grudge, nor set himself up high as though he were someone to whom no one may ever reject.

Hence, at this late hour, Eric is no longer an item with Sandra. What saith Thou to this, O’ Lord and Majestic One? She will be back, Eric. But never again as your girlfriend. For such things as love do not survive such things as a violation of faith. You may indeed be a holder of no grudges, but you will find that your heart no longer has room for her to ever return into it. You have moved on. Excellent. A man should in reality have only one lover, never two. And your lover, Eric, is Saint Katarina of Alexandria. She is your eternal soulmate. And as for love in this world, you here are as an inert gas that binds to no one.

So tell me my fate, O’ Lord. Do I expire in the next few hours of the night? Note that I do not feel to be about to die in any way. Eric, We in heaven now give a new name to your vessel. The ship that bears your soul was called by you the Kaliscarsis, and it referred to an aircraft carrier, upon which angels of God were stationed to obey your commands to enact changes throughout the whole world. And it was also known that the Kaliscarsis was the recipient of a mortal wound, but the mortal wound was healed (Revelation 13:3). We, of heaven, are the ones who led to the healing of your wound, O’ Larimar King. And you are no longer that head of the Beast that you once were. Lord, I see the linkage of myself to the prophecies of the Beast in Revelation. It was my hope not to fall to the fate of Antichrist, ever since my conversion in July of 1992, when I confessed to being Antichrist and repented from that evil and way and turned to follow You, O’ Lord Jesus, as a Christian. And within ten years of that conversion, I had become a Catholic in full communion with the pope in Rome.

Lord, it is written that the Beast was also given a mouth to utter proud boasts and blasphemies (Revelation 13:5) and it is true that My Greater Emerald Reign did last nearly 42 months, until my conversion. And I know that the Beast is covered with blasphemous names (Revelation 17:3).

Eric, though you were once a wicked man, your wickedness has been cleansed from you. You masturbated frequently in your past. And such were the basic summary of most of your mortal sins. This habit has been utterly cleansed from you. Now We shall speak of your new name and the name of the vessel that carries you. Your vessel, Eric, is called Zeppelin-of-War. And your name, O’ Larimar King shall henceforth be StarGazer. And what are to be my remaining hours in this world, O’ Lord and God? Or do you send me on any mission or any cause in this world before I am taken away to your throne in heaven, O’ Lord?

So Lord Larimar, you believe that your fate can be changed by the shedding of that terminal romance in your life? I am ready to go to heaven, O’ Lord and God. You are going tonight, Lord Larimar. And you have a divine appointment in My armed positions that I will to fill tonight. And you shall fill it quite nicely. Oracle of the Lord! And Lord, I assume that were I to ask about this position, you would say that it is mostly beyond any possibility of me understanding it?

It is a position that needs to be filled. And also, you are elected from all the earth to fill it. And never again will this opening open up. That is why you must come tonight. Were you to choose to have a longer life, much pain and effort would you undergo to live that further forty years, but no more profits would you gain. For My divine will determines and presets the maximum that any soul can gain in his or her life on earth. And were you to choose to live here in this world, this position would have been closed to you, and to another soul would a similar position open up to serve the same purpose. For whoever chooses their life in this world fails to attain eternal life in the next. Amen. Now, choose the picture that shall head this post O’ Larimar King. For you are tiring. And I wish you to select the picture now then to wait for your fatigue to set in.

I chose to put up a picture of the interior of the Airlander 10, which is a strategic, lighter than air airship vehicle, that uses a combination of both wings and buoyancy from helium gas to provide lift. And that hybrid technique is what is best for a military vehicle to give it its necessary speed and agility for use in war. Hence, the Zeppelin-of-War is not merely an airship of purely aerostatic lift, as were those zeppelins used as bombers in World War I, but of the combination of both aerostatic and aerodynamic lift, giving it the best features of both forms of lift. And such is the only way to make a formidable Zeppelin today to be used as an aerial warship in modern battle. Also, realize that the Zeppelin-of-War shall also be an aircraft carrier, as were some of the Zeppelins used in wars of long ago. And, like those zeppelins, the airplanes that hang from the bottom of this zeppelin shall also be small, lightweight scout vehicles, for though the zeppelin may be very large, very light and small must be all the cargo and weight that it carries, in direct proportion to the size of its airbags containing the lighter than air gas, of either helium or hydrogen. Now go and take your rest, O’ Larimar King. When you awaken in the night, we shall continue this post.

Lord, I have awakened. And Sandra has come back. Very good, Lord Larimar. Remain her friend and give her the help that you can, but realize this reality. You are now in a romantic relationship with only one: Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Do not ever expand that relationship to be joined to two women ever again, nor are you to go to any other woman for the rest of your life. And I think you know why. This is the true danger of polygamy. The man who has sex with more than one partner is a man who spreads all the diseases of just one of his women to all the rest of his women. Such is indeed not wise. And think also this: With just one woman, it is possible to know whether she is cheating on you. But if you have a harem, how do you know? Even the eunuchs may be having intercourse with them behind your back. A man, therefore, can only keep close watch over one woman. And a man can only have that intimate relationship with a woman if he takes only one wife. Even King David lamented of the passing of Jonathan, as a friend dearer to him than the love of women (2 Samuel 1:26). Had David kept to the correct Way and taken only one wife, he would have found true love in his wife as well. Amen.

Also, in Eric’s assignment to read the whole Catholic Bible, going through the books in the Bible in the order prescribed by God, reading just a chapter or so a day, Eric has finished his second book. Eric has completed the reading now of both Job and the Song of Songs. And now, Eric is assigned to read the two books of Samuel and the two books of Kings (which in some Bibles are all grouped together as four books of Kings). In Eric’s ancient 1953 copyrighted Catholic Bible, the one God has instructed Eric to read from, these four books are called 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 3 Kings, and 4 Kings. Granted such a longterm assignment, I wonder whether Eric really will remain here in this world or not for a considerable time to come? And also Eric is going full speed ahead in reading Spanish literature in order to master it, and also in his studying of both Latin and Koine Greek, doing a little each day. Good, My servant. Now I shall tell you the Truth as to what your fate shall be in this world.

I am not taking you out of this world, O’ Larimar King. Here you shall remain doing My works and accomplishing My will here in this world until your appointed time comes. And I accept your vow of celibacy now, even though you are not formally a Religious. But neither was there any formality required in ancient times for a man to become called a monk. Hence, in the sense that you are truly now My eternally celibate servant, I hereby recognize that Eric is truly a monk in My Church. And the Order to be established by Eric shall be called the Order of Larimar. Amen. Let it, therefore, be common knowledge this: Eric will never have sex and Eric will never enter into any earthly marriage. Amen.

I have chosen Eric from among Mankind on the earth to be My servant. Eric shall serve Me henceforth from now on. Neither marrying nor taking any earthly lover, Eric will be My very potent weapon of choice in battle. And I will utilize Eric in the war being waged on earth for the winning of souls. Lord, Eric is still eligible to become a priest, providing that You thoroughly cure him of all his conditions, O’ Lord and Master. And Eric, I hereby do elect to cure you of all your conditions. But as for My priesthood, such is not My elected vocation for you. Remain, rather, in your current position. And I will see to it that all necessary things happen for you in your life in accordance to My will. Amen.

Now, Eric, go eat some of the dark chocolate that you have. And then you shall come back here and I will prophesy through you the fates of nations and their kings. Amen.

Ok, Lord, I have eaten some dark chocolate. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. Prophesy now through me regarding the fates of nations and their kings. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. I will send you, My one man army, to face off with President Trump and his many armies on the battlefield. And you shall defeat him in battle, your sling and stone against that Philistine giant and his entire army. For it takes only one correctly aimed projectile to take down a man, no matter how powerful his armies are, or how heavily armed or protected he may be. I Who Am have spoken. And like David, King of Israel, shall I now anoint you as King over these lands: The United States of America and Canada. Here you shall lead My people in them back to the correct Way of worship and of correctly following Me. With an iron rod shall you rule over them. Like pottery shall you shatter them. You will make them Mine. And those who will not be so made, you shall destroy them by the rod of correction that I will give to you to rule.

Trump, therefore, mighty in his own mind, is doomed. He boasts and he brags, but he I have rejected. For whosoever, as ruler of Israel’s closest ally, makes plans of partitioning My holy lands that I have handed over to My people the Jews, and who plans of taking their lands away from them and handing them over to the enemies of My people, know ye this: Such a man is a dead man walking. There is no acceptable way of making peace between Israel and her neighbors by taking her lands away from her and giving them to her enemies. And whosoever decides to make a capital for any future state of the enemies of My people in my beloved city, Jerusalem, that man has crossed the line. He could get by bringing ruin to his own country and by bringing destruction to the whole world, but when he decided to bring ruin to My nation and to My people of Israel, that is the last straw. This man, therefore, merits My destructive wrath in My Judgement as God. And grisly shall be his appointed exit from the planet. And I will elect not to hear his repentance as he becomes aware of his passing from this world. Remember, Trump, there are penalties for exalting yourself and for magnifying yourself as the greatest. Now you shall pay and be known as the greatest flop, the greatest clown, and the greatest failure before Me, your most severe Judge. And great shall be the torture I inflict upon you in burning hell where you shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

And Lord, can you give us a timetable as to when we can expect you to destroy and unseat President Donald John Trump from his position as President of the United States of America? Before the Republican Convention takes place, I will unseat President Trump and render him incapacitated, similar to how I did so to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, and for similar reasons. I Who Am declare My intentions through My servant Eric. And at the Republican Convention, I will choose a worthy man to run in the November elections. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. For a new ruler now rules these lands. And he is Eric, the Larimar King.

Now, let us cross the sea and speak of nations of old. What becomes of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, you ask? Do I unseat him too, as I shall soon unseat his unworthy follower who rules the USA? No, for I elect to play Chess with him. I wish to checkmate him. And so, I will leave that king on the board until I have checkmated him. And then I will topple him from power. Amen. And how shall you checkmate him, O’ Lord? Through Eric, ruler of North America, shall Putin be checkmated. Putin will be heavily set back by the loss of his Queen piece on the Chess board. And what was his Queen piece, you ask? It was his vassal king in America, President Donald John Trump. For that piece is a dead man walking. He is soon to be removed from the board. And with his removal, Putin will be immediately put into a far more weakened state. I Who Am shall carry this out. I Who Am shall make it happen. Amen.

And what of the United Kingdom and of the European Union. For they are now two distinct political units. They are not overlapping groups of nations. Let these nations, O’ Larimar King, figure out their pathways forward for themselves. For I, the Lord, have assigned Players to them to lead them. So, let them lead them. You, Larimar King, concentrate on your Kingdom of North America. And I shall be pleased.

And Lord, shall Puerto Rico eventually join the United States of America as a new state? And what about Greenland? Will America ever take possession of her? You ask two very important questions, questions that directly pertain to the lands over which I have designated you as ruler of. No, Greenland will never part from being a possession of Europe. For the European Union, now with the United Kingdom gone, shall become a federation. And once that is done, so much harder will it be for any constituent state to leave her. And Greenland will elect to remain in her and to become such a member state within the Federation of Europe, or the Federal Union of Europa. This process of federalization of Europe will be greatly sped up now with the absence of the United Kingdom, which was dragging down the process. And English will remain one of the three working languages of the European Union, being the main language of two remaining member states: Ireland and Malta, and a language spoken fluently by many across Europe as a second language. Thus, the three working languages of the EU shall remain these: English, French, and German. And those three will continue to remain the three working languages in the formation of the Federal Union of Europa.

As for Puerto Rico, your man in the White House shall save this territory and allow her to enter into the Union. And so she shall. And because it will be under a Republican that she enters in, she will vote Republican, and tilt the Senate and the House toward the Republican right. And thus shall this state become a fifty-first state in your nation of the United States of America.

And Lord, you have given me to rule over Alaska and the contiguous United States of America. But what about Puerto Rico, especially when she becomes a state? And what of Hawaii? And what of the various United States territories, O’ Lord and Master? The Player I have assigned to rule over Puerto Rico is Isabela. She will retain rulership over that land. Remember, Eric, no one can increase or decrease the eternal lands I have assigned to each sovereign King and Queen. And as for Hawaii, that land belongs to Pounamu, King over many islands of the Pacific and of the Indian Oceans. I do not take away his lands from him to give to you. For the assignment of lands is eternal. Realize the Truth about the Players and your place among them. Though your Kingdom is the mightiest and the greatest in both lands and military might and strategic might, you are nevertheless just one of 59 rulers ruling 46 Kingdoms, 13 of which are ruled by an eternally espoused couple. Hence, you share your divine rule over your Kingdom of North America with Katarina of Alexandria. This is an eternal appointment. It cannot be changed nor rescinded. And the eternal set of languages recognized as official in your vast Kingdom of North America are these six:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Mandarin Chinese
  5. Tagalog or Filipino
  6. Vietnamese

And why is Arabic not included, O’ Lord? For it would be included were you to have seven languages in your list, if you are going by greatest numbers of speakers. I will now tell thee. Arabic is useful mainly as a language for the study of the Koran. But I do not wish for My people to study the Koran. Rather, I wish for My people to study My Holy Scriptures, those found in the Judeo-Christian world. And hence, I have rejected Arabic from this list of official languages in your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. Oracle of the Lord!

But as to the languages I will have you learn and master, you will master just these three, in addition to your native English that you know fluently: Spanish, Latin, and Koine Greek. And why do I limit your focus of learning to just these three, you ask? There are limitations to how many languages a human brain on the earth can handle with proficiency. And furthermore, Spanish is the principle language of Latin America, the most Catholic region in the world, and second to English in the lands in which you dwell. And it is My wish that you read Catholic literature of Latin America written in the original Spanish rather than from a translated work. As for Latin, you need that to understand the Vulgate correctly, which is the official Holy Bible of the Roman Catholic Church. And I have you learn Koine Greek to aid in your understanding of both the Septuagint, the original Greek translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew, and of the original New Testament, also written in Greek. Amen. But what about Hebrew, O’ Master? For Hebrew is the original language of much of the Old Testament. I will not divert your attention to learning that language, for you have limited time, and much to accomplish. My servant Lazurite is assigned to speak to My Jewry in the language of Hebrew. Let him be the prophet in that language to My Jewry. Amen.

This Lazurite, will you speak of him, O’ Lord and Master? Yes, My servant Eric. Lazurite, as was revealed you earlier, is called by the name, Nathanael, which means he is My gift to My Jewish people. He is similar to you in some respects. But he is a Jew and a Catholic combined. And he will be speaking to My people Israel soon. And do you grant him to prophesy when you take away the Larimar King, O’ Lord and Master? No, Lord Larimar, for both of you shall prophesy in My name together, from your respective Kingdoms in this world. You, O’ Larimar King, are based in North America. Lazurite is based in Israel. And his Kingdom includes those lands, all that were promised to his people and to his forefathers by Me in the Holy Scriptures. And as for his official languages, these are they:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Aramaic
  4. Arabic

The Greek language is included due to his possession of Cyprus. And Aramaic is included due to its importance in ancient Jewish translations of My Holy Scriptures from the original Hebrew. And Arabic is included as an official language in this Kingdom due to its brotherhood with Hebrew in the families of languages, and due to is popularity in the modern state of Israel and throughout all the lands I have given to her.

Now, I shall speak of South Africa, that land in which you liberated the Black race by ending Apartheid through your Emerald Pawn, Frederick de Klerk. What shall become of that nation, you ask? Will I really allow the White Afrikaner nation to carve out their own independent state, called Volkstaat, to exist in a kind on confederacy with the South African government? I, the Lord Jesus Christ, have heard the Afrikaner people cry out from the injustices done to them by the Black majority now in power. Hence, this is My decree. One fifth of the land of South Africa shall be carved out of that nation to form Volkstaat. Then, with the people separated, a healing may take place in that nation and among that people. Amen. And the official languages of Volkstaat are Afrikaans and English. Now I have concluded this post. Go eat your breakfast, Eric, and go to Church. In Church you will hear Me speak to you on a great many things. Amen.

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