Eric shall marry Hyacinth

Behold, the Bluebell forests! Hyacinth is to marry Eric. Hallelujah!

Behold, I speak a mystery. I Who Am shall cure both Hyacinth and Eric and join them in the bonds of holy matrimony. For their marriage is holy and shall last the test of time. Who is this Hyacinth, you ask, She is the Blue Enchantress, the one who has captured the Larimar King as her possession. This Blue Enchantress is Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We in heaven call Cassandra. Now We shall speak.

That Eric is to marry her is a fact. That Eric is to have children by her is also a fact. But Lord, logistically, many miraculous events must take place to make all these things work. And many are the pathways by which your prophecies can fulfill. Will you, O’ Lord, give Eric a clue as to the means you have elected to fulfill Your holy Word? Yes, Lord Larimar. I shall now explain it in full detail.

It is true that these two vessels whom I wish to unite are as badly wounded ships listing in the waters. And yet, I will have both of them totally cured. And so, how shall I accomplish this feat? What shall I do? Will you rapture them both from their current locations and unite them in heaven and place them in a palace upon the earth where they shall reign for the rest of their lives together as a married King and Queen, O’ Sovereign Lord? Precisely, Lord Larimar! See, you know how I shall do these things. You do not need to be told. Your powers of imagination are sufficiently creative to imagine the solution to complex problems, and how they may be rectified under the power of God to work miracles. And you are no stranger to working miracles, O’ Larimar King. When your cat Mia had a damaged eye that the doctors had planned to remove, you prayed to My Mother Mary for a cure for your cat. And the doctors were astounded by the cure they saw in the cat and no removal of her eye was done.

Eric, the Virgin Mary touched you on your head with her foot in early December, 1996, just before the FaithFinder Breakdown later that same month. And by that touch, since you did not reject it, but submitted to its humiliation by humbling and repenting before her, you have been fully cleansed from the head down. Furthermore, you are a temple of the Virgin Mary by that touch of her foot on your head. You therefore glow with the splendor of the moon (Revelation 12:1). Therefore, whoever you touch is touched by the Virgin Mary. And whoever accepts that touch and does not recoil, I will save. Oracle of the Lord! But whosoever rejects the touch from Eric, I will condemn, for that person has rejected Mary touching them through Eric. I Who Am declare this solemnly.

Also, the touch of Eric has great healing properties. It expels demons. It mends fences. And it heals old wounds. But let no man lay a hand on Eric. For Eric is My Prophet, and he may not be touched. And whosoever touches My Larimar King is like a man touching the Ark of the Covenant. Whosoever lays a hand on My Virgin Mother is killed instantly. And whoever speaks ill of My Virgin Mother can never be forgiven.

Now, let us speak of the Words Eric spoke against My Mother during the seven days in which he was deceived by Satan that I, the Lord Jesus, and Mary, My Mother, were imposters, and that the reality was that Eric was to marry a girl who was to give birth to the true Jesus. Such was the scenario that Satan convinced to Eric was so during his FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996. The worst thing Eric said against My Mother was that Adolf Hitler was correct in saying that Mary was raped by a Roman Soldier, but at the same time, he always acknowledged that the damnation of Adolf Hitler remained, for his evil deeds could not be excused, even within the mind of Eric who was deceived by Satan in a great many things.

The deception of those days was ended when the girl Eric was to marry who was to bear this Messianic Son, the true Jesus, told Eric that she did not believe in God. By that testimony, Eric realized that she could not be the mother of Jesus. For though Eric held that the Biblical Jesus and Mary were imposters, his faith in God was unshakable, for he had died for God in the previous year in what was the Martyrdom Breakdown. Furthermore, there had to be a Jesus and a Mary. And since this girl and her son could not qualify, the only alternative become those who were written in the Bible. And thus ended the deceptions of Satan in the FaithFinder Breakdown.

Now, let us speak about Sam Kinison. This is a man who openly mocked God. And yet, his life was taken from him a swiftly as a leaf is plucked from a tree. How he died, Eric is aware that he passed away in peace, after conversing with the Lord at his accident. But what was his fate on the other side? Let us ask the Lord. Lord, what fate did you deliver to Sam Kinison. For in a previous revelation, it was said that he went to purgatory, where he remains to this day, burning. But what is your statement, O’ Lord? What saith Thou on this? Sam Kinison I did not kill. He lives in the next world and will enter heaven when his debts are paid for from his long life of mocking Me and My religion. For though he did mock Me in life, he was not malicious against either Me or My Mother. And I forgave him at his last hour.

Now, let us speak about Martin Luther the one who led the Protestant Reformation. And let us also speak about Martin Luther King Junior, the Black civil rights champion who secured the rights for Blacks in America. And let us keep those two figures distinct from one another. I speak of them both here because when I was a young man, I did not know about these two famous people and was not aware of this distinction. So, Lord, where are they in the next world? And I received a past revelation that said Martin Luther went to purgatory due to his many rosaries and great devotion to Mary, by which you granted him a death bed conversion. As for Martin Luther King Junior, I have my doubts about him, as he was a habitual adulterer against his wife, and on the night before his assassination, he was in bed with two White prostitutes. So, tell me, O’ Lord, how have you judged these two men, whose only thing they seem to have in common is their similar name?

Excellent question, O’ Larimar King. I will speak of the reprobate first, and then proceed to the one I had mercy on. I did not save Martin Luther King Junior. And the reason was that, though he knew of Christianity and of My commandment, Thou shall not commit adultery, this man heavily cheated on his wife and he was very impure and guilty of many sins and crimes before Me. That he did great speeches that had a profound impact on millions of African Americans cannot pay for the crimes he committed behind closed doors. So, no. I did not save this man. And he did not have the opportunity to repent when he was shot dead. Furthermore, heaping praises on this man does not edify the soul, but rather, serves to condemn the soul, due to the great immorality that this man kept hidden in his closet from his public image.

As for Martin Luther, the man who led the Protestant revolt against My Catholic Church. He will be known as the father of the Satanic Holy Bible. For it was by his works that the Protestants today swear by a Bible with 66 books, rather than the Catholic Bible of 72 books or 73 books from which it was derived. The discrepancy of 72 or 73 is not about content, but rather of a question of whether the book of Lamentations is considered a part of the book of Jeremiah or as a separate book in the Holy Bible. Furthermore, the 66 book Bible is littered with Satanic mistranslations, leading all its readers into folly, so that they remain blind to the Truth and do not enter into Catholicism.

Because Martin Luther did such a great evil, and because this evil is an ongoing thing in a continuous chain of events, and that it continues to reverberate down through the ages, for his Protestant churches continue to mislead souls and convert those seeking salvation to enter into counterfeit Christianity, I cannot admit Martin Luther to heaven. He must remain excluded from heaven due to the endless nature of the sins he started and their repercussions until the end of all sins and transgressions.

Nevertheless, Martin Luther greatly honored My Holy Mother and devoutly prayed the rosary to her. And it is for this reason, and this reason alone, that Martin Luther is not now in hell, but is serving his time burning and paying to the torturers in purgatory for all the sins he has committed. And I tell you this Truth: He will not get out of that prison until he has paid the last penny. Amen.

Does that mean, O’ Lord, that when the End finally happens, the people in Purgatory will remain there until all their debts to you have been paid? Yes, Lord Larimar. You have spoken a Truth. Purgatory does not end when the evil ruler of this world ends, but only when all the debts of those burning within it have been paid and all payments for the satisfaction to My Justice has been fully paid for by those who sinned among My elect. That is the reason why there shall be a prolonged period of darkness and silence at the End of Time between the destruction of the power of the evil one and the manifestation of My Parousia to all on the earth. It is in this period of darkness, when all sins have ended on the earth, that all remaining payments to My Divine Justice in Purgatory shall be met. And with the last soul to exit that torture chamber, it shall cease to exist, and all Mankind shall then be immediately resurrected to be judged. Amen.

Lord, it seems like the Black man has very few heroes that he can point to and say, that there is an admirable Black man, a man of high morals and great principles. For the three major Black heroes: Nelson Mandela, Barack Hussein Obama, and Martin Luther King Junior, were all horrible criminals in Your sight. All of them went to hell for their abominable crimes or adulteries. Why is it that this very proud people, who call themselves the African Americans, have so few good heroes and distinguished figures that they can look up to and admire who are not themselves horrible criminals with deep dirty pasts?

You have noticed that, O’ Larimar King? The reason I have not blessed the Black African races as I have blessed other races is due to their sexual promiscuities and their proud rebellious natures. That is why I subjected them to slavery. And that slavery has not ended. Most of them remain slaves to this day. And that they call themselves free, but commit crimes to survive, is a direct contradiction.

But I Am also a merciful God. And I will overlook the past of the Black man if he submits to My rulers I have set over him today. If he submits and complies with his taskmaster and follows Me, I will bring him out of the ghetto and establish him in Middle Class America. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. But he must learn discipline. He must learn to obey. And he must read Uncle Tom’s Cabin for himself, and see that Uncle Tom was admirable, someone that a true Black hero emulates. Do this, African Americans, and I shall not take from you your staff of bread. Instead, you shall have your house and earn your money and buy your bread.

But as for the slackers, those who sleep with women who are not their wife, those who deal in drugs and prostitutes, these will be all condemned. And none of you can appeal your judgement to a higher court. Nor can any of you argue that I Am racist. For I Am the Maker of all races and all colors and all kinds. Whoever, therefore submits to My rulers, I will bless. But as for those who rebel, those who riot, and those who are ever looking for someone to sue, these I utterly reject from My presence.

Now, it is true that the birthplace of the human race is Africa. And Africa is the place of highest genetic variability. So, why are Black Africans so far behind all other races and peoples in the scales of progress? The job skills of the future, those in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computer sciences, are very rarely filled by someone who comes from an African Black heritage. And it is not a matter of color. For the people of India are just as black and brown in skin coloration, and yet, they are very much dedicated to entering and thriving in these fields of the future. Black Africans, on the other hand, seem to have no motivation to be anything beyond a comedian or a rap artist. Or they may pursue nontechnical careers or those whose skill sets do not require an intelligent mind. So, what may We make of this phenomenon, you ask? Black Africans are a terminal branch on the evolutionary tree of human life. They are a branch that is to terminate. Maybe some of their genes will live on as did the Neanderthals. But the bulk of their genetic diversity is to be lost as they go extinct as a people. For they simply lack the physiological developments that evolved in the peoples who left Africa some 50 to 70 or so thousand years ago. And they cannot adequately acquire these traits through interbreeding. Hence, their extinction is set to occur.

And Lord, who replaces the African Blacks in Africa? Who drives them out of there and comes to people Africa, O’ Lord and Master? People from Asia shall come to dispossess the Africans of their lands and take over those countries. Just as White Europeans have displaced the American Indians in North America, so also shall the Indians of India, the Chinese, and the Indochinese, come to Africa and move in, pushing the Black African natives out, by outcompeting with them for the limited resources. The destruction of the Black marriage and the Black family, and the new belief among Black people that marriage is a “White thing” is a distinct sign of their inevitable termination as a gene pool. That the most likely way a Black person conceived shall die is by an abortion is direct evidence of the complicity in their nature to sin and to disobey.

Now, when shall this extinction take place, O’ Lord? It is ongoing, as We speak, O’ Larimar King. Give it thirty years, and you will be hard pressed to find a mated Black couple. By thirty years down the road, most Black ghettos will have been changed to Brown or Red or Yellow or White. And the remaining Black peoples will be like those few holdouts of Neanderthals that persisted until about 35 thousand years ago, as the modern humans moved in and isolated them into pockets, before completely wiping them out.

Lord, it was said that the Wooly Rhinoceroses and Mammoths went extinct due to the steady hunting of them done by modern humans with formidable weapons. They only killed a few every so often to feed themselves. But that steady drain on their population was sufficient to wipe them out, for they were slow reproducers. Will the same fate befall the African and Asian Rhinoceroses and Elephants, which are now under a steady drain of their populations due to poaching and habitat destruction? Yes, Lord Larimar. These large mammals are also on the path to extinction. And given a few hundred years at this rate, they will all be extinct.

But what about a possibility of breeding a population of pygmy elephants in a protected reserve where poachers are not a threat? Could that save those elephants? They would have to be bred to be smaller and smaller so that they could fit in smaller areas and survive on smaller ranges. For Mankind has come into this world. And no large reserves anywhere are safe. A philanthropist who buys and sets aside a huge tract of land in his lifetime will not be around after he is dead to continue his mission. And it just takes one bad descendant who inherits the property to destroy everything in it. Therefore, setting aside lands will not last. Only by breeding elephants and rhinos into creatures that can exist on ranches and be bred by ranchers will it be possible for specimens of these animals to persist into the future.

And now I wish to speak to you about Lazurite, the prophet who is to rise up in Israel. His name is Nathanael among Jewry. And he will rule all of Israel, all the lands given to Israel by God throughout the Holy Scriptures. And he is spiritually espoused to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, similar to how you are spiritually espoused to Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Note that these spiritual espousals are of a heavenly, eternal nature. They do not interfere with the temporal marriages that you may enter into in this life as God wills it.

Lazurite is a speaker of Hebrew. And he will speak to My people, the Jews, in Hebrew. And he will appear to the people starting when salvation returns to the Jews. Now, one last thing I wish to say. Eric, ask your perennial question.

Lord, how many years to you give me to reign as Larimar King in this world? And what year do you take me up to heaven?

I will now answer thee, O’ Larimar King. In the year 2053 you will be taken away to your reward in heaven. And that is the year you will have served Me as a Catholic in full communion with My pope in Rome for 51 (51 = 17 x 3) years. We are in the year 2020 now. You have been Catholic for 17 years and 9 months and 9 days. You shall live for another 33 years and some months. And then I will call you in. And right after I take you from this world, I will show to the whole world My prophet Lazurite, who shall succeed you as prophet. No one will notice him until the Holy Spirit enters into him and he begins to speak. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

Now, go eat your dinner, Eric. This evening you shall go to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Amen.

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