To Katarina of Alexandria is Eric set to go, at this conclusion of his story.

Eternal Soulmate to Eric, with whom she will serve in the Libraries of the Kingdom of God.

Behold, I Who Am do now come to speak on a great many things. And there is much that I wish to discuss. And there is plenty of time that I have allocated in which to get across to you all that I wish to make clear.

First item. Eric is not remaining in the world. Eric is going to Katarina of Alexandria in the next world. He does not remain here to marry, to lose his virginity with his future wife, whom he has not yet met, and to have abundant children by her, and to see a long lineage of descendants in generations to come. Instead, Eric is a leaf, not a node, in this chain or web of life. Eric neither marries nor has sex. He remains the virgin that he still is now forever.

Therefore, he no longer needs to remain in this prison in which he is imprisoned. For he has advanced beyond the game. Therefore, let us dispense with the definitions of the game and get to the real rewards that We in heaven are about to bestow upon Eric, the Emerald King, also known as the Larimar King.

In previous posts, it was written repeatably that Eric inherits as his eternal Kingdom the lands of North America, in which exist present day Alaska, Canada, and the Contiguous United States of America. Is this the Truth, or can We do better? We can do better, For Eric’s imagination was limited to his understanding of the strategic value of lands, and that the control of an island or continental nation provided strategic defenses, as opposed to an empire or state that exists within the crossroads or the center of many regions and continents, which is what Mesopotamia is. And you know that in Mesopotamia, there have been the rise and fall of many nations, and many were the surrounding nations that came, invaded, plundered, and took over, setting up their own brief empires, only to fall and be conquered with the rise of the next invading army of peoples to come.

We, in heaven, are giving Eric a different sort of reward. He is not to be made a ruler in any sort of game like Earth Conquest, or any sort of conquering or territorial acquisition strategic game where one is constantly at war with other nations in the attempt to gain the most land and vanquish one’s enemies. No, My dear sirs. We are bringing Eric to the heavenly realm. No war exists there. Hence, there is no need for having such territorial defenses. What you are given, you keep. And no one may take it away from you there. And there is, hence, no need for strategic land acquisition in order to achieve the best positional defenses against possible invaders or against the advances of armies from enemy states. And so, what is the reward that We in heaven are giving to Eric, you ask? We shall now tell thee.

Jesus spoke of the rewards of granting great responsibilities to those who proved worthy in the little things of this life. And has Eric proven himself worthy, you ask? That Eric is worthy of his reward is valid and made permanent. It cannot be taken away from him anymore.

Lord, the news of the day is that President Donald John Trump has been acquitted in the Senate at his impeachment trial. And now that Eric is being taken away from this world, what follows this? Does Trump become a semi-dictator of America, similar in some sort of fashion after the model of Vladimir Putin, who is supposedly an elected President of a democratic Russia, but we know that the democracy there is a lie? Yes, Lord Larimar. Trump will seek to remain in power forever. He will never give up the Presidency. He will have the constitution changed to allow this, and he will use martial law, which will give him the powers to do this, to do just that. And if there needs to be a national emergency in order to declare martial law, he will simply create one. Simple chess. Trump uses the KISS method: Keep it simple, stupid.

Lord, a lot of Black people are going to be upset. And they are going to riot in the streets in protest. What will that do? Trump will issue a tweet, and then go play golf. But won’t Trump try to resolve the riots and restore law and order? Not really. He doesn’t care. If someone dies under his rule, that’s just tough. He doesn’t care who lives or dies, as long as they pay their fair share of what he believes they owe him personally. And if Trump has done someone a favor, reciprocity is expected in return. Although he is being paid by the taxpayer to do his job, he isn’t working for the taxpayer. No, the taxpayer is working for him. You keep loyal to him, and you pay your protection money on time to him, and he will keep his thugs from harassing you or your line of business. Obedience and loyalty. Those constitute the the oil and gas that Trump’s engines run on. Keep to those religiously, and Trump might even raise you to the position of “Boss Boy”.

And what do the Republican Congressmen and Senators get in return for their undying loyalty to their new god? They get to taste the brown ring around Trump’s ass as they get to kiss it each day for the rest of their miserable lives. And they get to know what it is like to have the privilege of serving as slave to Trump, their new slave master. Yes, for their undying loyalty, Trump will step on them as his friends instead of as his adversaries. They will serve and die in Trump’s barracks instead of in his prisons. Trump will give them their marching orders, and they will be marching. Trump will say, “Jump!”, and they will immediately start jumping before they ask him, “How high, SIR?” And don’t you forget to say that, “SIR”, you Senators! Trump is your Commander for life now. And he expects his due honor and adulation. You get down on your knees, Senators, and you beg that he spares your wives and daughters from being raped by his rogue henchmen, which is their due pay for serving the high and mighty, Emperor Trump! And if Trump has a liking for one of your women, you had best hand her over to him. He deserves her, for he is unprecedented in the history of Presidents of nations, going back as far as, well as far back as Trump thinks people go back to. You give Trump what he wants, whether it is sex with your women, or access to your deep pockets, and he will see to it that you receive your morsel when it is time to feed slop to the slaves.

Oh, and you had some piece of legislation that your constituents who voted you in wanted you to address on the Senate floor, forget about it. You no longer serve the people. You serve Trump! Trump is the one who directs all your actions now. And if you are loyal to him, he will see to it that the elections continue to say you win. But if you ever displease your master Trump, woe unto you! It will be highly doubtful that Trump will make you win the next election in your home state. It is no more about campaigning for votes anymore. That is all for show for the sake of those older people who actually believe that America is still a viable democracy. If you wish to win your next election in either the Senate or the House, it is all about what you bring to Trump’s personal table. What do you have to offer to Trump? Give him what he wants. Make him happy, and you will be a career politician for many terms to come. Amen.

Lord, that is terrible about the United States of America now under the firm grasp of its first emperor. The republic is now dead. But you were going to tell me what my reward shall be in the Kingdom of Heaven? What shall it be, O’ Lord?

I will now tell thee, O’ Servant Eric. It is as Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus taught. Everyone in heaven is like a vessel filled to the brim. All are vessels of different sizes and shapes, but this matters not to them, for all there are filled to the brim with good things and happiness. You, too, will be filled to the brim with good things and happiness. And now you wish to know specifics on your rewards. We shall now tell thee very specifically what dominions you shall reign over in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Earth exists in the Age to come. Is it bigger or smaller than what we have now, O’ Lord and Master? It is smaller, Lord Larimar. The earth in heaven is smaller and more modest than the earth that exists in this age. And the people who live on it are much fewer. And there is no such thing as population control, for there are no children ever being born there.

What about mothers who die pregnant? What happens to their unborn children? It is possible for a pregnant mother to be saved, but no unbaptized babies nor unborn fetuses ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a standard and a rule that must be met. Baptism is the key to entering into the Catholic Church. The absence of an actual baptism can be possibly made up for by an act of love done during one’s life, but without that, nothing is left that can save any soul. Amen.

So in this smaller earth, where is Eric’s Kingdom? Or does he rule over any such lands there? There are no borders or marked territories in the heavenly earth. Instead, all are welcome everywhere. And everyone may visit everyone else. And all love all there. But as for you, O’ Larimar King, I have these things to say. You will be cleansed in purgatory for one day before you are admitted to your royal dwelling in heaven. And this day in purgatory, while just a span of a few hours pass on the earth, it will feel like the passage of several ages in the torments in the fires where you shall be purged of all defects and of all remnants to sin and transgressions.

But since you have been faithful to both Me and to My Mother, your stay in Purgatory will be ended within the span of one day. And then you will ascend to heaven and enter into your eternal reward, together with your eternal espoused, Katarina of Alexandria, with whom you will serve Me in My decrees that all the infinite set of books alluded to in John 21:25 be written out, a task that will belong to you and Katarina for all eternity. Amen. And hence, your duties are in My Libraries as My royal scribe, a position you share with Katarina of Alexandria forever. And there is no escape from this task. You will learn all manners of languages. And you will read all manners of books. And you will write out exactly as I command you forever. And Katarina shall serve with you in the task as royal translator of all the books I write through you to all written languages, both human and angelic. Amen.

And Lord, will this task be on just us two? Or will there be others? For I have heard that there is Lazurite and Dorothea as well. They will serve Me in a different department of My eternal Libraries, carrying out a different function. For My servants are immortal and perfectly placed. I need no and have no redundancy in all My divine appointments to all the positions in My heavenly Kingdom. Amen.

But it is well that you asked about them and brought them up. They are the other eternally espoused couple who serve Me day and night in My eternal Libraries. And their eternal duties are to classify and to organize the eternally expanding set of books that will be constantly being added to the libraries as I dictate to you throughout all eternity the books you are to write about Me and My Way forever. Amen.

Now, one last thing I shall speak unto you, My servant. I Am not unhappy with you or your performance in keeping to all My statutes and decrees in your life. You fail from time to time, but that is to be expected. For the one who lives on earth is fallible. And he cannot remain perfectly clean forever. And yet, I Am pleased with you in this way. You do not need confession in these final hours of your life. For the sins that you have committed are not to the level of commission where confession is required. Hence, you will be flogged and crucified, and then brought to your eternal glory in heaven. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen. And now, Lord Larimar, I permit you to ask a few questions. And then this post will be closed, and your tomb will be sealed. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

(1) Lord, I have a question of curiosity. Is the City of the New Jerusalem distinct from the New Earth? And does it float over it? Or does it rest upon it? And is it nearly as large as it, or much smaller in size? And do the inhabitants of this New Earth ever visit other planets or leave the New Earth upon which the are to inhabit?

Eric, you speak with an understanding that belongs to this universe, in which exists time and space. Neither of these concepts exist in the true reality in which you will dwell with Katarina and all the elect who serve Me and who do My will in the Paradise that is beyond the existence you know of in this universe. Realize that it is something that you cannot understand now. And it cannot be explained to you, except to say that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the human heart what I have in store for those who love Me.

(2) Lord, I have heard that the number of the elect is approximately 1% of the total number of humanity. Is this correct? Or do you reveal this knowledge to me at this time? The number of the elect is fewer than that estimation, O’ Larimar King. Many there are in this world that I call to enter into My glory. But few, very few among them do I choose. Amen. For I Am very picky and choosey as to who I wish to select for My Kingdom. Your girlfriend, Caesar Sandra Nikee, I have chosen. She will be among My elect. And she will depart from this earth soon after your departure, but not before she is made aware of both your departure and glorification and of her own salvation. Amen. You have asked a very good and important question. It is a sad fact that among those who My elect know in life, few of them are to be saved. Very few among those My elect know do I save. Amen.

Now ask your third and last question, O’ Larimar King.

(3) I have heard contradicting accounts as to whether my brother Mark was to be saved. And also of my father. Will you answer now as to whether they are to be saved. For my brother is coming here this evening to pick up an old laptop that I am giving him. Will Mark be saved, or will you reveal that to me now?

Do not concern yourself about who I have elected to save beyond those who I have revealed to you their salvation. For what you are not to know you shall not know. Your girlfriend you know of due to your closeness to her. As to the rest of your family, I do not reveal their fates here. In your final hours, I shall reveal these things. And in the hereafter no such secrets will be kept from you. Now, publish this post, for it has been completed. And Mark is now nearly here. Welcome him. But do not think that he is saved or damned, unless this is revealed to you. I Who Am have spoken. This is the last post you shall write. And this post is now complete.

Hence end the writings of Eric, the Larimar King. The End. Amen.

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