Ancient Civilization on Venus may have destroyed their planet similar to how earthmen are doing so today.

Hyacinth has triumphed. She shall marry Eric and bear him children. Amen.

New scientific studies show that Venus was once habitable like the earth, with oceans and plate tectonics, which serve to trap carbon into the crust. And its atmosphere was once mostly made of Nitrogen, as the earth’s is today. In a window of a few billion years, enough for life to evolve, there may have evolved a civilization on the planet Venus. And they may have looked up into the sky and seen the earth and considered it like one of the stars. And they may have named it after one of their gods.

Anyways, the people on Venus should have been still alive today if it weren’t for some event that took place 700 million years ago on the surface of the planet. What was this event? Was it a nuclear war? Was it deforestation on a massive scale? Did the people of their time elect a leader like President Donald John Trump, who ignored the planetary scientists and who pursued policies that led to the irreversible destruction of the planet and a runaway greenhouse effect? Well, someone did something. And now the surface of the planet is glowing red hot, hot enough to melt lead. All the water of the planet has been broken apart into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen, with the hydrogen component having been lost to space a long time ago, and the oxygen component combined to the carbon, released from the crust, to form a thick, choking, and crushing atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

Any traces of such a past civilization that existed 700 million years ago would have by now long ago melted and burned away long ago and been incinerated and completely erased from the surface of the planet. And what robotic technology could be devised to explore such a hellish planet as it exists today? Perhaps it could be feasible for Man to reclaim Venus for living organisms and terraform it. But if Mankind is unable to successfully keep their own planet from being destroyed, what hope do they have in bringing another planet back to life?

Human life is a very successful species. But human do not seem to have any checks on their success. Instead, it seems that there is nothing to control them and to prevent them from overusing their natural resources and thereby wiping themselves out of existence, by essentially destroying all their natural resources. This is where Man’s intelligence should come to play. Intelligent men should take control of society and run the world. Then life and the living organism of the earth could be properly sustained, and Man could then progress correctly, and come to spread to other planets of the solar system, terraforming them as necessary.

But if unintelligent men come to rule, human life and the longevity of the planet is put at risk. Therefore, it is in the interest of the planet and its longevity that unintelligent men be removed from power by any means possible. An unintelligent man is unfit to rule a country, let alone the world. And how was it possible that unintelligent men took over the world? It was by the mistake called democracy. By giving an equal say to all voters, as if all men were created equal in intelligence, Man made the mistake of assuming that the will of the people would serve the longterm interests of the planet.

On the contrary, the opposite has happened. Unintelligent men have set up unintelligent leaders by voting them in. For the majority of Mankind are unintelligent. Hence, it is easy for them to come to power in democracies. Hence, the only way to right this ship is to rid the world of democracy. The people are unworthy of ruling themselves. For they do not have the necessary intelligence to rule themselves well and to correctly decide how to allocate resources in a sustainable, long lasting way.

Then, by what basis should governance be based? Who is the One figure in history Who is the most respected and trusted man who ever lived, and who continues to live in heaven? Easy. Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. Hence, the only successful government possible is one based on His rule. This form of government is called a Christocracy, a government ruled by Jesus Christ. Hence, setting up a Christocracy to rule the whole world is the only way we on earth can save this earth from its destruction. Hence, it is my goal to set up this form of government over the whole world. And now I will tell you how it shall be done.

First, let us look at the one institution on the earth that was set up by Christ Jesus. And that institution is the Catholic Church. And the ruler of that institution is the Vicar of Christ, who is the pope. And to this pope, Jesus has endowed the charism of infallibility on certain narrow areas of faith and morals as covered by the deposit of faith. Hence, the key to a Christocracy form of government is tied to the papacy. And all governments in the world must therefore be made subject to the papacy on all issues of faith and morals. Hence, to achieve a global Christocracy to save the earth from its destruction, we, or principally I, a man of exceptional intelligence, must devise and enact a way to subject all world governments to the Roman Catholic papacy on all issues of faith and morals. And this I will set out to accomplish. For a man of my intelligence, and with the aid and graces from God, will accomplish this agenda. But first, let us define a Christocracy. How is such a government to be structured?

First of all, all elections and democratic institutions will have to be done away with. No more may intelligent men be forced to campaign and seek to convince unintelligent men to vote for them and to support their agendas. Instead, all appointments to governments and positions of authority must be decided from above, and not from below. The ballot box, hence, must go extinct. Rules and laws may not be decided by consensus nor by the vote, but by the one in authority. And the one in authority must be decided by God, whose graces flow from the authority of the Catholic Church.

And where do we see such authority bestowed in history? We see this when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans in the year 800 A.D. Hence, there is the establishment of a precedent by which the power of a world leader was recognized by he being crowned by a sitting pope, who was himself chosen to rule by the Holy Spirit through the established means within the Catholic hierarchy. Henceforth, it shall be a requirement that all world leaders anointed to serve as rulers in this world be themselves crowned by the sitting pope of the Roman Catholic Church, freely and not under any duress. This requirement shall be forced into every constitution of every constitutional government on the planet.

With this law firmly enacted into all world governments, it will be decided that all government appointments beneath these rulers crowned by the pope be decided by that ruler and by the authorities he sets up to delegate his rule. Now, what about checks and balances, you ask? How does one check the power of an abusive ruler or even a potentially heretical pope? Currently, there is no means by which any Catholic or group of Catholics can challenge the authority of a sitting pope. Rather, the sitting pope has the power to excommunicate all who oppose him, and thus spiritually kill all who challenge his authority.

Case in point, let us examine the East-West Schism. This occurred in the year 1054. As to the validity or the invalidity of the excommunications involved, the net result of this schism was that the Eastern Church was no longer in communion with the pope in Rome. And that led to a spiritual death throughout the eastern side of the Church, all the Church that was no longer Catholic. Such schisms are deadly and must not be allowed. Hence, it will be required in all governments that all rulers have obedience and loyalty that ascends the chain of command to go ultimately to the pope. There cannot, therefore, be a bishop who questions who he should follow: The Patriarch of Constantinople or the pope in Rome. All must obey ultimately the pope. And if the Patriarch is excommunicated, he must no longer be obeyed. Amen.

Hence, authority in the form of government called the Christocracy is that it is Catholic, pope-centered, pope-anointed, decided from above, and respected and obeyed by all who serve beneath. And now that we have decided how this government is to be run, let us go to the source and ask God whether He approves and what He instructs as to this line of reasoning. Let us get God’s answer and God’s input into this question. So now, O’ Sovereign Lord, I, Eric Robert Dunstan, your prophet, do now ask you to answer me and to instruct me. Is this line of reasoning correct or incorrect? And if it is not correct, how do you propose it to be corrected? Speak, My Lord and King Jesus Christ, for your servant is listening. And give me my orders by which I am to carry out Thine will, O’ Master.

Eric, My servant, in order to see in the Holy Scriptures an example of the government closest to My ideal, you must look in the Book of Judges. But Lord, it is written in that book these words: In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what he thought best (Judges 21:25). Exactly, My servant Larimar. For I never intended for any man to rule society other than Me, the Omnipotent, Omniscient Being. Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that I require rulers to govern My people. I Am in control. As for the planet Venus, I willed for it to be destroyed. And as for your planet earth, what is to take place there is completely subject to My will. What ruler rules is under My direct power. No ruler can defy Me. If I wish to incinerate any ruler, he is incinerated. Therefore, My servant, understand that I Am already fully in power and in control. I do not need your petty efforts to save this planet. If I needed you in charge of the whole world, I could set you up as world dictator in one day. Therefore, I need no one to worry about how the earth is to be governed. Instead, seek to be about doing My will, and your time here will be profitably spent. And look and see how My people were governed in the Book of Judges. For that is My ideal form of Israel and My ideal form of governance. And whenever the people were in need of guidance, I simply set up a prophet to lead them to do right. You, O’ Larimar King, are My prophet in this day and age. You I have set up to guide the people to do what is right. They don’t listen to you now, but is is OK. They will listen when you are gone, which is the way it is with all My prophets. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, am I given no mission? Am I not sent to save the planet from its destruction? Am I to stand by and watch it be destroyed? Yes, O’ Larimar King. Watch it, and do only that which I put under your power to do. I do not make you King. I make you spectator. And you are watching the movie, The Destruction of the Earth. And all of it will be destroyed, with the exception of those souls I deem worthy within it to save. I have saved you. And now, through you, I have saved your girlfriend, Caesar Sandra Nikee, the one who you gave the name Hyacinth to, and the one to whom We in heaven call Cassandra. She also is saved. You will marry her, O’ Larimar King, and have several children by her. We will see to it that this is done. And since you have given Me your Promise under oath that you shall do this, marry her and have these children by her, I do not need your permission to decree that it shall be done. This marriage shall occur soon, and I will establish you in a house with your future wife, and you shall have an electric car.

So, My Lord, I take it that you are going to allow and have occur the many extinctions that are about to take place throughout the world. Will you tell me about these things? Which extinctions shall occur first? And how will society deal with these extinctions as they happen? Yes, O’ Larimar King. I will gladly satisfy your prophetic curiosity. All the great behemoths that resist Mankind and his domestication or his breeding of them in captivity shall be the first most notable extinctions to take place. Hence, if the elephants cannot be successfully bred in captivity, all of them will go extinct. Rhinoceroses, on the other hand, can be successfully bred in captivity. Hence, there shall continue to exist Rhinos for the foreseeable future. But not all species or subspecies is this true for. Hence, those species or subspecies that fail to be so successfully bred will go extinct. There was talk of cloning a mammoth by using the eggs and reproductive abilities of an Asian elephant and the genetic material acquired from frozen mammoth carcasses remaining from the Ice Ages. But this is wishful thinking. For unless Mankind masters the ability to reproduce a normal Asian elephant, what hope can he have for cloning a mammoth using an Asian elephant as a surrogate mother? And given the number of years it takes to breed just one generation of elephants, one scientist alone could not succeed in doing this, but only a series of scientists who continue the work done through the previous generations of scientists down through the ages. Also, the most ideal elephants to preserve are actually the smaller, pygmy ones, for they take up less resources, and hence, will be easier to support in a world crowded with humans. Hence, I would suggest to those who wish to preserve a species of elephant into the future, that they take specimens of these smaller varieties and attempt to make a habitat for them where they can be protected longterm.

Just realize that many things will be going extinct, and that it is inevitable. And if I wanted you in power to stop these things, I would have you in power. But that I do not give you such power is not because I am unable to do so, but rather, because I do not will to have you save this planet from the people destroying it. Rather, I only will for you to do what you can with what I give you. What I put under your power, that is what I will you to work with and to do good things with.

And what of that creature called Leviathan in your Holy Scriptures (Job 40:25)? What becomes of him, O’ Lord? You allude, O’ Larimar King, to the sole surviving dinosaur species that lives in certain swamps of the the Congo River Basin. Yes, he will be discovered by the White Man. The natives know about him, but have not much knowledge for it is dangerous and they have rarely seen it. It is an egg laying mini sauropod the size of a bison or a buffalo. And it will be discovered in the next few years. And when it becomes known, scientific knowledge about dinosaurs will undergo a revolution. And will it be bred successfully in captivity, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Larimar King. And the eggs and dinosaur meat of this bred species will become a popular menu item in future restaurants. Furthermore, all zoos will want one of them in their attractions, but only aquarium based zoos will be able to successfully replicate their habitat to house them for display. And like the poisonous dart frogs of South America, those bred in captivity will lose some of the properties that their cousins in the wild have, such as the poisonous skin in regards to those frogs. For Man does not know everything about how creatures live and how chemicals work. Hence, dinosaur raising will be an evolutionary achievement. But like the crocodiles, these dinosaurs will not go extinct, due to their ability to submerge into the swamp waters where humans cannot inhabit. But they will nevertheless need protections put in place to preserve their habitats and to prevent poaching.

Hence, Leviathan will continue to exist, but not those Behemoths that resist domestication or being bred in captivity. Now, I shall speak of the car revolution occurring throughout the whole world. Yes, electric cars do and will have a positive effect on the global environment. And yes, less fossil fuels will be needed to power electric cars than gas guzzling kinds. The transition is moving toward machines that use less moving parts. Hence, the computer hard drive disks are being replaced with the solid state drives, which have no moving parts. And the moving parts of an electric car are far fewer than those of a regular combustion engine powered car. It is an evolution to a higher technology and a simpler design. And the televisions have moved from cathode ray tubes (CRT) to liquid crystal displays (LCD). And among liquid crystal displays is the move to the superior LED based LCD TV with its brighter picture and savings in energy and superior performance. Also, a move toward higher resolution and greater power and memory is the evolutionary trends for both computing devices and televisions. And so we see the move to 4K, followed by 5K and so on.

Technology, O’ Larimar King, like the evolution of species, is in a constant state of flux. Just as there is no ideal specimen of a species, there is no ideal car or computer, except for that which is fit for that generation. A luxury car of the 1920’s would be a serious underperformer compared to the budget cars of today. The formidable Zeppelins of World War I were rendered obsolete by evolving technologies that gained the ability to shoot them down. Similarly, the impenetrable castle fortresses of the Middle Ages were rendered obsolete by the evolving technologies of the catapult to hurl large rocks to crash through their defenses. And the military might of the charging mounted armored knights was rendered obsolete by the strategic formation of men holding pikes pointed at the oncoming charging horsemen. And metal suits of armor were rendered obsolete by firearms. And the threat of nuclear war rendered the ability to make the decision to go to war dangerous to be given to a fool put in charge of a mighty nation. A nuclear war, O’ Larimar King, would end the stories of millions of people on the planet.

And will you ever allow a nuclear war to occur on this planet, O’ Lord? For if you ever did, it may in fact be the last war waged by Man. No, Larimar. I will never allow Man to destroy themselves with nuclear weapons. And whoever tries dies. But what of Iran seeming to seek to acquire nuclear weapons? And what of Iran threatening to use its weapons for terror and for waging war against Israel, Your people? Go walk the dog, O’ Larimar King. When you return, I will have the answer to your question.

I am back, My Lord. So, what answer do you say, O’ Lord and Master? Iran will indeed develop very dark and deadly weapons with sinister plots and malevolent intentions, but none of them will make their way to fruition, for I Am destroying their government. A new ruler I Am establishing over Iran. And this ruler will indeed by different from the past. He will seek Me in Islam, and he will seek friendship with My people in Israel.

Now, what do I mean when I say someone seeks Me in Islam? I mean that I Who Am appear in their religion, though shrouded in the darkness of ignorance and Satanic deceptions. But that does not mean that a Muslim cannot reach out to Me and call on Me. And many are the Iranian Muslims who have sought Me in their religion. And some of them have been converting to Christianity in Iran. To the Muslim who sees Me, realize that I Am calling you to enter My fold. And should you muster the bravery to take the leap of faith and enter into My religion, it will be a step that decides your eternal fate. Are you worthy of Me? Or should I let you die in your sins? Come to Me and I will lead you to victory over all your enemies. And even should they put you to death, you shall not die. For whoever dies for My sake lives forever. Amen.

So, My Lord, will this new ruler in Iran let Muslims convert freely to Christianity? No, Lord Larimar. He will not be that revolutionary. But he will lead to a relaxation of the tensions between My people the Jews and the Muslim peoples of the Iran. And there will even come to be some peaceful coexistence between Jews in Israel and the Muslim Iranians living there.

But war can never be perpetually avoided where there is a difference in religion. And eventually wars will come again between My Jews and all other peoples. Even My Catholics will at times wage wars against My Jewry. But whenever My Christian or Catholic faithful do evil against My Jewry, great evil befalls that Christian people or nation. For whoever curses Israel is cursed by Me. But whoever blesses Israel is blessed by Me (Genesis 12:3 and Numbers 24:9). Don’t let America fall again to My disfavor by abandoning Israel in the United Nations as she did under President Obama! For by that act a part of America has already been condemned.

Lord, the Democrats were with Obama when America did that. And many Black people have stood by Obama in America, even when Obama betrayed Israel and stabbed her in the back. And I think Obama being the first Black President and having a form of charisma has lured many of the Blacks to follow him into the abominable paths leading them away from You. What is Your judgement of them, O’ Lord? And what do you say about that segment of society? Right now, O’ Larimar King, many are the Black people thirsting to rid the government of all the Republicans, especially those who stand with Trump, those who stand against abortion, and those who stand for the rights of religions against gay rights. And what do I say about all these different shades of Black? For very multi-colored is the landscape of America. I cannot issue a blanket ruling, therefore, that covers all those who are called “Black”. But I will say this: All who chose Obama over Me, and Obama’s ways over My Way, are condemned to hell. And whoever continues to stand by that sinner stands with Satan himself in My eyes. For Obama is indeed Satan, an incarnate of the evil one as a human being. Being half Black and half White, Obama is the combination of both the filth of black trash and white trash. But should the Black man who sees his errors repent, I can forgive him. And should he turn to My Way, I will lead him back on the road to righteousness. For a man is not condemned by belonging to a people, or a color, or a race, but only by following the ways that lead away from Me. But I do not excuse those who follow Satan because he dresses up in the skin of their race or color and tells them to follow him. Many were those who were rightly opposed to homosexuality but who changed their minds because the one advocating that filth was of the same skin color as their own. As for the Democrats, will they prevail in the upcoming elections? Will they vote Trump out of office?

Will Larimar come to rule again, you should ask? Or are King Larimar’s days as ruler over? And will an evil man come after Trump is taken away, one more evil and wicked than both Trump and Obama? For Lord, is it not written that Your Kingdom is not of this world? Hence, Eric only was ruler when he was Emerald, who was Antichrist. But when Emerald converted to Christianity, he lost his powers. And the more he converted, the more he was dethroned from his powers of this world. And hence, now that you, O’ Larimar King, are completely Catholic and My servant, you are now completely detached from the things of this world and no longer vested with any such powers anymore. How, then, can you set up Pawns and rule anything in this world? For My Kingdom is not of this world.

You will see signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars. Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and nation will rise against nation. And there is an end, and it will come. In a previous post, someone said in My name that the time of My Coming is beyond time and cannot be reached by waiting it out in time. And such a person said that time has a way of continuing on indefinitely. That the End times are endless. But what do I say about these things, you ask?

Time has a way of ending suddenly, when you least suspect it. Keep that in mind, all of you, as you pass through this life. This teaching is not from Eric but from Katarina of Alexandria, who told it to Eric in days of the past. Lord, then you are in charge. I humbly submit myself to your will, O’ Lord. Do unto me in accordance to Your will and lead me to Your Kingdom, O’ Lord. What saith Thou to me now? Do I marry Hyacinth? Do we have children together? Do I do anything significant in this world? Or is it possible for me to have much more significance beyond that of a lighted candle in a candle lit room?

Well do you humble yourself, O’ Larimar. As a lighted candle in a candle lit room is the best I have heard from you in your descriptions of yourself and your role in My Catholic Church. Now these are My instructions for you. Do the work I give you to do. And do the good you know is right. But do not seek to change what is not in your power to change. Let Trump rule as he shall. And let whoever comes and goes in politics come and go. The wicked must come. And all the Presidents of the United States were wicked in one way or another. Your age is not more wicked than the one that preceded it. And time will indeed go on for eons to come. I Am not coming yet. And whoever makes it out that I Am coming in this generation are like those people in 70 A.D. who witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple and who then thought My Second Coming must definitely come in their generation, because of all the signs of the End Times that they were witnessing then. And indeed, more End Times signs were witnessed by the people in those days than are being witnessed here and now in these days.

Do not, therefore, be like the prophecy watchers, ever seeking signs to My imminent return. Such signs will always be occurring and have been occurring throughout history. And they will occur for many eons to come. For My End Times are, in a way, endless. There is indeed an end to come. But when it is, no one can ever know. And no sign can tell it.

So marry the girl I have given to you. And have the children you are to have by her. She will bear you very healthy, happy children. And you will write many books in the many years of your life yet to come. And now I shall conclude this post with these Words. The healthy mind does not dwell on seeking escape from this world. But rather, he seeks Me and he seeks to do My will. And he submits to My designs for his life. And the Book of Job clearly reveals this to be the case. Read that Biblical book. Eric has already read it. Read a chapter a day. And when you have completed it, you will know, as Eric does now, that this life must be submitted to. And that no one on earth has control or command. All Mankind are subjects to God. They can only do what God enables them to do. And they only have power over what God gives them or puts into their power.

Now, Eric. Reread this post. You are indeed a King. But, like Me, your Lord, your Kingdom is not of this world. Hence, do not concern yourself with things beyond your powers or abilities to change. And cease to try to be a Player. For you are no longer that. You are My prophet only. Amen.

Lord, I have just this one last question. Ask, My servant Larimar. Am I much less, far lesser than the opinion I have had of myself in the past, both when I was Emerald King, and more recently, when I fancied myself to be a new Player, called Larimar?

Larimar, I do not take you from your role in this world as its ruler. For you are its ruler, and you and the land are one. But remember what Merlin said in that movie, Excalibur, “There is always someone cleverer than yourself.” Therefore, do not repeat the mistake Arthur made regarding Lancelot. Instead, let him be and accept it that there are powers at times that are mightier than thee. Let Trump rule for now. You cannot defeat him, just as Arthur could not defeat Lancelot in Excalibur. Let him be and let him do as he will. Your time to rule will eventually come. And then you will control the rulers of the land.

Then, Lord, is it true that Larimar comes back to power, as the Emerald King once had it, before he gave up his powers to become a Christian? You have those powers now, Lord Larimar. But there are many other powers also in this world. You are not the only one. And realize that there are limits to your power. You are not like God. Arthur’s mistake in Excalibur was thinking that he had the right to be King everywhere, and that was the root of his downfall. Now, go, Larimar. Dwell on what you have learned. Do the work you are assigned to do tonight. And kiss the girl I will be giving you soon, the one you call Hyacinth. For she and you are to be married. And your wedding, though modest, will be a moment of great joy and triumph to all in heaven. Now, go, Larimar, for your fate awaits you. Amen.

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