Why does Larimar deceive people? I Who Am shall answer thee.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Soulmate to the Larimar King

Someone has asked a most important question: Why does Larimar deceive people? For he revealed many times that he was to die at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020, and here we are in the afternoon of that day, and Eric is still among us. Why then the deception? Or is it rather the case that Eric speaks things that are false because the Truth is not in him? Truth. What is Truth? Many of the things you believe and are sure about today are proven false and that you were greatly mistaken about tomorrow.

Think back to the ancient times. Aristotle was a highly respected philosopher, and he still is today. And yet, in his time he taught a false teaching. He taught that all matter was composed of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Today, all modern scientists are aware of the periodic table of the elements, and none of those four are there. Air is not an element. Rather, air is a gaseous state of various chemicals that form an atmosphere of a planet. Most of the atmosphere of the earth is composed of molecules of Nitrogen, which is an element. But also in earth’s atmosphere are molecules of Oxygen, another element, and Carbon Dioxide and gaseous Water, which are compound molecules made of different kinds of elements. And there are also many other gaseous elements and compounds in dilute quantities that make up the air on the earth. As for water, that is the compound molecule, H2O, a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, two separate elements. That water is not an element becomes realized when we examine the processes of photosynthesis and respiration, those two life essential processes on earth by which water is taken apart and combined with carbon dioxide to form sugars to store energy, with the byproduct of gaseous oxygen, and that reverse process, by which sugar is burned in oxygen back into forming water and carbon dioxide to produce energy. The molecules of water are taken apart and reassembled in these two life essential chemical processes that take place in living cells upon the earth. Hence, water is clearly not an element, but a compound molecule composed of two different elements. In addition, in water, just like in air, many other chemicals and compound molecules are found dissolved within it, as it is found in nature. Ocean water, for example, has very high concentrations of salts dissolved in it, which is why it cannot be used for drinking. Now as for earth, this is a categorical reference to a vast assortment of elements and compound molecules. Where as air and water can be both viewed a solutions, in which N2 and H2O are the molecular solvents respectively, into which many other chemical solutes are uniformly dissolved, earth is not a solution, but a mixture of materials. Earth consists of all kinds of different rocks, grains of sands, metals, metallic ores, organic compounds, and decaying and living organisms. It in no way can be viewed as an element as Aristotle believed. And thus, there could never be any such substance known as pure “earth”. As for fire, this is an exothermic chain reaction of combining oxygen with organic materials and releasing carbon dioxide, gaseous water, various impurities and fiery heat energy. And realize that other substances than carbon based substances can also burn and produce a fire. Thus, realize that fire is not an element. Rather, fire is an ongoing exothermic reaction involving the release of heat and fiery flame. And usually on earth it involves oxygen combining with another element or compound. To consider fire as an element is to seriously not understand the the nature of the substance of the cosmos in the light of modern science.

Now, Aristotle was hugely mistaken on his beliefs and teachings on the elements of the cosmos. But is he disrespected today for his failures to get it right? No, he is still highly renowned for his marvelous logical mind and his deep philosophical thoughts. And what about the alchemists of the Middle Ages ever seeking a way to transform base metals into gold? Now we know that this cannot be done chemically, because we know that gold is itself an element and not a compound molecule nor a mixture or alloy. Hence, you cannot form gold by combining chemicals or by mixing metals. Bronze and Brass, on the other hand, are alloys. The are made by mixing tin or zinc with copper respectively. Tin, zinc, and copper are themselves elements, but bronze and brass are metallic solutions of copper with tin or zinc as solutes dissolved into the copper solvent, respectively. That is what a metallic alloy is. A metallic alloy is a solution of a metallic element with various other metallic solutes dissolved into it in various proportions. Steel is metallic iron with nonmetallic carbon mixed into it. Ancient workers of metals figured out through experimentation the many things that they could do with the metals dug from the earth, but only with the advent of modern science were the reasons why some of these things worked and why others of these things failed brought into the light of modern understanding. Gold, therefore, can never be made by a chemical process. But it can be created by a nuclear process. A nuclear process is one in which the nucleus of the atoms of the elements of a substance are changed. By adding or removing the protons within the nucleus of elements, any element can theoretically be transformed into any other element. For all elements are defined by the number of protons in its nucleus. All Hydrogen atoms, for example, have exactly one proton in them. And all Helium atoms have exactly two protons in them. And every increment to the number of protons in the atom defines an entirely different element. Gold, for example, has 79 protons in each of its atoms. Mercury, the liquid metal, has 80 protons in each of its atoms. And Platinum, more valuable than gold, has 78 protons in each of its atoms. Lead has 82 protons in its atoms. It is possible, and has been accomplished in the laboratory, the transformation of lead into gold by the removal of 3 protons from the nucleus of the atoms of the element lead to form gold, but the process of doing so is too expensive to be of commercial value. But should the Star Trek technology of the Replicator ever come to fruition, then gold will become as commonplace as gravel, and the usage of gold as pavement would become a reality (Revelation 21:21)

Alchemy and all the alchemists that studied and researched into this effort to change lead into gold never fathomed nor knew the knowledge that I have just told you. And this knowledge, which is just basic chemistry today, completely makes obsolete the vast tomes of literature and books written by the alchemists in their studies and experiments and efforts to change base metals to gold throughout the Middle Ages. All of that effort is gone and never looked at again. They are the wanderings of ancient scientists on false paths.

Such also is the nature of the falsehoods found in the lore of emeralogy. Eric, too, is a searcher of many lines of knowledge. And he follows many spiritual lines of thought. That some thoughts prove false does not mean that Eric intentionally deceived you. Rather, Eric was mistaken. And he had listened to something that led him astray. But here is a clue as to how to discern the Truth from falsehood in the lore of emeralogy. Those things that persist and endure and come back to being believed are likely true. And those things that are once believed but then abandoned and not returned to are likely false.

Consider, therefore, emeralogy to be a form of scientific voyages into the spiritual unknown through the direct conversations with the One identified as the Divine Being. It is like a thought experiment and a quest for knowledge. But many are the twists and turns where knowledge, once believed, is discarded, and new knowledge, that fits better to the Truth, is acquired. And always Eric is guided and directed by the Divine Being, who speaks to him and answers his questions. And yet, not every line of conversation with the Divine Being follows a true line of thought. For God accompanies his servants in their roads to the Truth even through the woods of many false beliefs and thoughts. Hence, Eric is not deceiving anyone. Rather, Eric is on this quest with you to find the Truth and to proclaim it.

Now, let us define Truth and falsehood in Erician beliefs. Lord, please speak as to what was false among the past beliefs of Eric, and what is true that is now known due to its persistence in being believed and by its being advocated by You, O’ Lord, as the Truth. These are the things that are True, O’ Larimar King.

(1) That you are eternally virgin and celibate is the Truth. This will never change. Though you may think from time to time that you shall marry this girl or that girl, I will never have you marry, for you are of My virgin elite group. And I will never discard such valuable assets to be wasted, as Esau traded his birthright for a single meal. Hence, Lord Larimar, you are never to marry and you are never to have sex. This is a fundamental Truth that will never change. It is the core of emeralogy.

(2) That you are spiritually espoused to Saint Katarina of Alexandria is a newer Truth, but one that you have noticed never goes away. It is persistent because it is True and from Me. I have established this eternal union between these two soulmates. And similarly, I have established the eternal spiritual union between Lazurite and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria. For these two pairs of soulmates are eternal parallels. And I will this to be for the sake that the Man I created not be alone (Genesis 2:18). For these two spiritually mated pairs of souls shall serve Me forever as My royal scribes in My eternal libraries. And there they shall write out forever all the unwritten books eluded to in John 21:25.

(3) That the Kingdom of Larimar consists of all of the Continental United States and Canada is also from Me. All of Alaska, Canada, and the Contiguous United States of America belongs to Eric’s eternal Kingdom of Larimar, over which he jointly reigns with Saint Katarina of Alexandria. But of Greenland, Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago, Puerto Rico, the Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands, these lands do not belong to Eric’s Kingdom, and any attempt to add them is ultimately rejected. For My eternal decrees of ownerships of lands cannot be modified, added to, nor subtracted from. Amen.

But, Lord, what of the British Isles, which were, in the last dispensation, divided up between Queen Hyacinth, who ruled Ireland, Queen Elsie, who ruled Scotland, and King Philip, who ruled England and Wales? Is this an eternal definition? Or is it a definition still in a state of flux? The rulers of those lands are yet to be permanently defined. Do not, therefore, take such definitions too seriously, for they are subject to change. Only the Kingdoms of Larimar and Lazurite have been eternally resolved.

(4) That the Kingdom of Lazurite consists of the lands of the Levant from the Wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates, including all the lands once ruled by the Kingdom of Israel under Solomon, is the Truth. In addition, the island of Cyprus, too, is of the Kingdom of Israel. And thus, the natural languages of this Kingdom include both Greek and Hebrew, the languages of the Holy Bible. As to the modern language of Arabic, and the successor to Hebrew in ancient Judaism, Aramaic, these also serve as languages historically belonging to this Kingdom. Hence, the Kingdom of Lazurite is thus defined as these lands under the Lazurite King, whose name among Jewry is Nathanael. And this Nathanael is eternally virgin and celibate like Eric. And he, too, is eternally espoused to an ancient, highly educated saint from Alexandria, who in his case is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria. This Saint Dorothea of Alexandria was a child in Alexandria when Saint Katarina of Alexandria was martyred. She followed her example, and was martyred for the same reason: refusal to marry the reigning Roman emperor, preferring her consecrated virginity to the Christ.

Now, Lord, what are we to make of that forty years given to Eric to reign as Larimar King, as the excuse as to why he was not to die as scheduled for dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020? Does he really reign for all those years to come? Or is that also a false line of thought? Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening? Does Eric reign now? And if so, for how long, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

(5) Forty-two years are given for Larimar and Lazurite to reign over their respective Kingdoms. Then I shall take them from the land, and they will be seen no more. And soon after they are taken away, I shall bring about a fearful ruin upon all the land. And after an interlude of destructive wrath, by which God destroys all His enemies, I, the Lord Jesus, shall come mounted on a White Horse, will all the armies of heaven. And everything that exists in time will end. And everything that is eternal shall become manifest. Amen.

And Lord, what of Firefly, and of her Pawns, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Jair Bolsonaro? What becomes of them? For Firefly is still going strong, stubborn and headstrong, marching to her doom. What is the fate of that Player and all her Pawns, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Are they to be suddenly destroyed, as alluded to in the previous post, O’ Lord?

(6) That Firefly is to be destroyed is a fact. She can no longer claim to be doing good for Israel. Instead, she has become her enemy. For whosoever seeks to set up a capital for Israel’s enemies in any part of Jerusalem has been condemned to death. Therefore, study Ariel Sharon and see how he died, how he was suddenly struck down by God into a permanent coma, from which he died, never having awakened, eight years later. Trump is to die by similar means. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Do not be fooled! Every ruler who has taken land from Israel has died the death as sentenced by God. Yitzhak Rabin was the first one. Ariel Sharon was the second one. And now, Donald Trump will be the third. And what about Benjamin Netanyahu, O’ Lord? I Who Am have chosen another ruler to shepherd My people Israel. Netanyahu can no longer rule. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, do people actually read these prophetic posts? For the statistics show very few ever come to this website to view what is herein written. It is not for you to concern yourself as to the numbers of those who read what I write through you, O’ Larimar King. I will continue to write through you until I take you away. And you will write out everything I command you to write. Let Me deal with those who I will have visit and view My works. The prophet is never responsible for advertising his prophecies. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

And tell me, O’ Lord, is there a correlation between the official languages of the Larimar Kingdom and all the foreign languages that you intend Eric to eventually learn? I know Spanish is official in the Larimar Kingdom and that you intend for Eric to become fluent in reading Spanish. But what about the other languages, those on the official list of the Larimar Kingdom, and those which you intend Eric to master? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

(7) Eric shall learn to read fluently the following languages, in addition to his native English: Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin. And that will fulfill My will for Eric in the remainder of years that Eric has left upon the planet. In heaven, you shall know the angelic scripts and all human tongues. For there is no limit to the knowledge that can be acquired by eternal humans who wish to learn. And you shall write whatever I command you in both angelic and human tongues. And your position in the eternal libraries is to serve as My royal scribe, who is to write the edicts, laws, teachings, and rulings of Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, for all to read for all eternity. Amen.

As for the official languages of the Larimar Kingdom, these have traditionally included English, Spanish, and French. But I have three additional languages that you shall add to that number to reflect the prevalence of these written languages in American history. These three languages are: Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Hence, the official languages of the Larimar Kingdom are these:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Chinese
  5. Tagalog
  6. Vietnamese

I Who Am have spoken. Now, Lord, shall Eric master or learn any of those languages, besides his native English, and his destiny to master Spanish? I Who Am shall tell you of all the languages you shall master. In addition to your native English which you know natively, the written languages of Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin shall be all the languages I shall assign you to master and study for your remaining years on the planet. Also, only Katarina of Alexandria, and no other girl, shall you entertain romantically for the remainder of your duration on the planet. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, I agree to conform to your guidelines with exactitude. Good. Now, as for the girl Hyacinth, do not mind her anymore. She is now officially removed from your concerns and totally of Our concerns from this point onward. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, shall all my afflictions now be cured, O’ Lord and Master? When you arise this coming morning, realize that you shall be remade. And your afflictions shall be things of the past. And will I report all of those cures on this website, as previously commanded by Thee? Yes. And I will write through you the exact words you are to say.

And Lord, who shall be my employer? Who shall I work for? And what shall be my job? Your job is My prophet. And as to your pay, I will pay you through whatever means I decide to show you mercy through. Realize that you will have no shortage of money from this day forward. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Now, go and walk your dog. When you get back, We shall continue this post through you and be finished shortly after midnight. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

And Lord, do I remain in America after the death of President Trump? Or do I flee from America? For I may be a hunted man then, for the prophets who prophesy doom that comes to pass become hunted by the people they prophesy against. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? You will remain where I station you. I Am giving you a house and an electric car. You shall live in your house and drive your electric car. And no harm shall come to you in the area where I assign you to live. Do not stray from where I assign you to. And whoever tries to hunt you shall not find you.

Lord, shall I continue to write in this website, emeralogy.com for many years to come? Yes, this website is the site which I shall use to channel your prophecies to reach all the world that I wish them to reach. And whoever wishes to, may sign up to receive your posts in their email, effectively giving redundancy to all the prophetic posts I utter through you. Amen.

Lord, I have a passport for the United States of America and a passport for Ireland, for I am a dual citizen due to my mother having come from Ireland and I having been born in America. Do I use these passports for any purpose in the near or far out future, O’ Lord and God? The place I Am stationing you shall be the British Isles. That is where you shall have your electric car. You shall enter and live there by using your Irish Passport. And you shall remain where I station you for the rest of your life. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, the United Kingdom has now officially left the European Union. Does this affect my being stationed in the British Isles, O’ Lord? No change shall be made to the existing status of Irish citizens living in the United Kingdom. Nor shall there be any breakup of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you are not to be under the dominion of the European Union. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Will I retain My Sole Proprietorship business in America when I move to the British Isles? And will I retain a United States address and my accounts in Chase Bank? I will have you open an account in Ireland. And you will receive your pay through the account you set up there. Furthermore, I will assign you to a position where you will not be found by any seekers who know you from America. No one from America will find where I have placed you. Nor will anyone find out what Catholic Church you shall attend. And the Catholic Church you shall attend, you shall attend daily. Amen.

Lord, will my name be changed to another name? Will I be given a new name and a new identity? Yes, the British Secret Service shall provide you with a new identity and new papers. Your former identity you shall no longer advertise. But here on emeralogy.com, you shall continue to go by the name by which you now go by. And won’t people track My IP Address and find me when I log onto this site, O’ Lord? No, there are ways to prevent your IP Addresses from being tracked. You shall apply them religiously. And you shall never be found out.

And what will stop the authorities from shutting this website down, O’ Lord? If they did, you would simply start up another. And the next one would be more ironclad and invincible. I will prevent the decision makers from deciding to shut this website down. More profitable is it to leave it running, for this provides the ones providing the hosting a source of valuable information. It is not advantageous to cut off the supply of that information.

Lord, if Eric is one of the Two Witnesses, why would he flee? Why would he hide? Is he not to eventually die by martyrdom? All in good time, Prince Larimar. I the Lord shall decide the time and place where you shall take your last stand. In the meantime, you shall remain hidden and unfindable. You shall write out what I command you to write first. Then, when all I have commanded you to write has been written, I will expose you to those seeking you, and you shall be killed immediately by My enemies. And as it is written you, so shall it happen.

Lord, concerning Saint Katarina of Alexandria’s status as my eternal soulmate and spiritual spouse, how common or uncommon is this spiritual state in your Kingdom or among your people in heaven, O’ Lord and God? It rarely happens, O’ Larimar King. Rarely do I give such eternal spiritual espousals to My subjects. Whoever has already taken a lover in this world physically is permanently disqualified from entering such a spiritual espousal in the eternity of the Kingdom. Hence, that this exists for both you and Nathanael, the Lazurite King, to those two female saints of seventeen centuries ago in Alexandria is exceedingly rare. But I Am a God of awesome surprises. No one can make a more surprising move than Me! Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, when do I depart from America and enter into my secret place in the United Kingdom across the sea? I have decided that it will be in June of next year. Amen. That is the month I will turn 51 years in age. 51 = 17 x 3. Good. You should know that your Pawn shall be reigning then, but it will be unsafe for you to remain here. For you will be too infamous then among the people of this nation. Too many prophecies will have been uttered by you against the people of this nation for you to remain safe here. Therefore, I take you from here in June of next year. Oracle of the Lord!

Will Prince Charles of Wales be King then, O’ Lord? He will be dead, O’ Larimar King. And the Queen will have descended from the throne. The reigning monarch of the United Kingdom shall be Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. And he shall be called King Philip. And this King Philip will take a liking to you, Lord Larimar. He shall be a frequent visitor to the place I will establish you in in the United Kingdom. For he will wish to have his fortune told to him. And you shall tell him whatever I tell you to.

Lord, shall I be made a lord or given a rank of nobility in the United Kingdom? Yes, King Philip will grant you the rank of Baron. And you shall have lands that I, the Lord, shall provide for you. Amen. It is by this means that King Philip will be able to visit you unobserved. And he will frequently seek your words when he has questions that come to him. Also, the Queen, his wife, who is now commonly called Princess Kate, shall also seek to put you to the test in the questions that she asks you to answer. But they will quickly realize that they are not talking to you, but to no less than a Deity talking through you. And I will allow this young royal couple to ask you whatever they wish to know.

And will I be preaching Catholicism to the royal couple, O’ Lord and God? No, Lord Larimar. Instead, it shall already be known to all who meet you that you are a Catholic. It is by your example that you shall preach most eloquently. You cannot force conversions into My Catholic Church. Whoever sees you and believes will enter My Catholic Church if I grant him to see Me in you. Those who fail to see Me in you and who are not Catholic will not convert by your witness to them. And I do not expect My people to speak about Catholicism to the unwilling listener. Hence, you are not going to seek conversions of anyone except by prayer and by your demonstration of your faithful practice of your religion. Remember that you attend daily Mass. This will continue wherever I send you to live. Amen.

And Lord, one last question. Ask, Lord Larimar. How was the United Kingdom chosen of all nations to be that land where I am to be stationed until my death and martyrdom at the end of the age? England is where your paternal lineage is traced back to, more specifically to Cornwall, England, from where John Dunstan, your great grandfather came from to immigrate to America where he met and married Victoria, of whom little do you know. Amen. And thus, such are the lands of your roots. And I Am thus sending you back to the place from which your lineage was derived. Amen. Now I shall utter My last Word for tonight.

Donald John Trump has gone rogue. He has no law and knows nothing about law. He cannot stand. The Republican Senators who stand with Trump, what is their fate, O’ Lord and God? Death. Only death, can come for those who stand with the one I, the Lord, have condemned. Whoever votes in favor of the criminal is marked as belonging to him and will be destroyed with him when he is delivered to his ultimate destruction. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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