Larimar and Lazurite will testify for Me before all who are Mine

Larimar and Lazurite shall Witness for Me, Who Am, before all who are Mine

I Who Am shall now speak. I Who Am Am not pleased with United States President Donald John Trump. He does not honor the law and due process. Instead, be openly breaks the law and does whatever he pleases. He is not a man of the law. Instead, he is a man of lawlessness. His place is the prison cell, which is his destiny in America.

Now, Am I going to allow Trump to get his way tomorrow in the Senate trial of his impeachment? No. I Am going to destroy Trump in the Senate trial tomorrow. I Am going to fry him and uproot him and cast him out. I hereby order you out, President Trump. Leave office. That is an executive order. Disobey Me and I will demand you to appear before Me at My tribunal, where you will be sentenced to an eternal prison. You do not get to get away with your crimes, criminal Trump.

I have made a decision on Eric’s fate. What have you decided, O’ Lord of Hosts? I am taking away Firefly from ruling this nation. In her place, I am establishing Larimar. And Larimar shall reign over America for the next forty years. Oracle of the Lord. And shall Eric marry a girl, O’ Lord of Hosts, in this forty year reign? Eric will marry the girl I Who Am have chosen for him. And he shall meet her when the time I elect for him to meet her has come. And this girl shall conceive a son, who shall inherit the throne of Larimar when Eric is taken from this world when his forty year reign is concluded. And this son of Eric shall be called King Larimar II. Oracle of the Lord!

And King Larimar II shall have many children and many descendants. And many shall be the generations to come. Lord, does this mean that the End is therefore not soon? Larimar, the End cannot be reached by waiting for it in time. For the End is beyond time. Therefore, let no one deceive you. Whoever says that he knows when the End shall be lies. Then, O’ Lord, does that mean there shall be many popes to come after Pope Francis? The one you say shall follow Pope Francis shall therefore not be the last pope, O’ Lord and Master? The prophecy of Malachy is a fraud. It was made by a false seer. And he listened to evil spirits to make it.

Therefore, hear Me O’ Catholics throughout the whole world! The End is always soon, but always not yet. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shall be the next pope. But he shall also be followed by successors who shall also be chosen by Me. And no one shall sit on that chair that is not chosen by Me. I do not say when the last pope shall come. Nor do I reveal the designated number of popes I have decided who shall sit on that chair.

Will an African of dark complexion ever sit upon the Chair of Peter, O’ Most Excellent Lord and God? For if there are many popes yet to come, one would think the chances of such being the case is high. But shall it be, O’ Lord and God? It is true, O’ Larimar King, that it is in Africa where My Catholic Church is currently growing the fastest. And yet, what is My eternal decree on this matter? Do I intend for there to be a so called “Black pope”? No one is qualified to be My Vicar of Christ on the basis of the color of his skin or the racial background from which he is derived. And I do not look upon My Vicars of Christ in accordance to the superficial classifications of “Black” or “White”, for such classifications are meaningless to Me. I have chosen whom I have chosen. And let no one decide who should be pope on that basis, but only upon the basis of who the Holy Spirit reveals is the divine choice. Therefore, I will never reveal ahead of time whether a pope to come will be called by My people to belong to the so called “Black race” or the so called “White race”, for I do not recognize such distinctions. I do not look upon My people in accordance to such superficial classifications.

Lord, what saith Thou about the disparities of wealth between those of darker skin among African Americans and those of lighter skin among people who are descended from mostly European stock in America? You speak of the apparent division known as the color barrier between the peoples of America. Yes, there is an economic dividing line between these two distinctive population groups in America. And yes, the disparity is indeed exacerbated by the greed of those who control the wealth in society. And yet, I Am in control. Do My will and you shall triumph. Fail to do My will and you shall suffer defeat. I do not promise the poor man that he will become rich by following My commandments and precepts. But I do promise to those who follow Me that they will find themselves provided for in their time of need. No one who does My will do I abandon.

But let not the one who has less become jealous and angry against the one who has more. Let no one give way to hatred out of perceived injustices against him. Rather, submit to your lot, and look not as to whether your neighbor has more. For to covet the possessions or salary of your neighbor is the sin that leads to your further loss. I take away the graces and blessings from those who feel someone else unjustly has more than they. And it is this self reinforcing destructive loop by which it happens that many who are poor get poorer and many who are rich get richer.

Nevertheless, to those who have wealth, I say this. Do not let that wealth possess you. If you have two of something, give to the one who has none. And if someone comes to you asking for money, never turn that person away. For it is I, the Lord, Who have sent that person to beg before you to test you. For you have been begging Me for mercy, and I wished to see whether you are as merciful to your neighbor as you wish Me to be merciful to you. And if you are not of the mercy you expect from Me, why should you expect Me to show you any mercy? Is not My help of greater value than any help you can provide to your neighbor? If you are unwilling to help your neighbor who begs of you from your meager resources, why should I, the Lord God, be willing to help you from My divine and supreme resources? Therefore, treat those who come to beg before you as you would have Me treat you when you come to beg before Me.

Now, let us discuss Obama, the President who preceded President Trump. Many who are of that people of dark African descent have identified with this President, thinking that by his election their own people were served. But such is not the case. President Obama served Satan, not God, in his rulership over America. And do not dismiss this as a racist rant from a “White prophet”. President Obama was diametrically opposed to everything My Catholic Church stood for. It cannot be glossed over that Obama pushed for the unrestrained availability for children to be able to have sex and to abort the babies conceived within their wombs. Did I not say, if anyone should cause a child of Mine to stumble, woe to him! It would be better for that man to have a millstone around his neck and be cast into the sea! Woe to Obama. And woe to all who have stood by him and who have supported him despite seeing his works and his crimes. And now that Trump is seen committing crimes, and being condemned rightly for them, I am also judging those who condemn him but who stood with Obama. For whoever is a hypocrite I shall destroy. By your own judgement, I will apply the same standard against you as well. When I destroy Trump, I will not forget the Obama supporters. They will be destroyed with him. For no one escapes justice except those who judge not. Those who refrain from casting judgement, I will refrain from judging. Amen.

Now, let us discuss inequality among the peoples. Did I make everyone equal? No. But everyone is created with equal dignity before Me. But no one has equal gifts, talents, or treasures, and there never shall be such equality anywhere. Everyone is given a different set of talents and a different kind of mission or calling in life. I do not treat all people with the same blessings or graces. But everyone shall be judged by Me. And I show no partiality to any group, race, people, or culture. That your neighbor has more or less than you is not your business. Your business is to do what I expect of you using the gifts, talents, and treasures I have given you. And you are required to love your neighbor as you love yourself and as I have loved you. Do this, and you shall live.

Now, concerning money, do not worry about it. Do not get anxious about it. Can you extend your life by even one day through worrying and anxiety? No. Therefore, seek Me in your life and seek to do My will in all things. And seek the Kingdom of the Way I have shown in My gospels first, and all the other things you need in life shall be provided for. For I tell you truthfully, you can accomplish only one thing. And that is the first thing you seek. Therefore, if you seek wealth as your first goal, you will accomplish it at the loss of your soul. But if you seek Me as your first goal, you will gain your soul, and I will provide for everything else. For what does the good husband do? He provides for his wife. And if you follow Me, you are as My Bride and I Am as your Bridegroom. And the good Husband provides for His Bride. Now I shall speak of Larimar and Lazurite, For their time to reign has come.

Larimar and Lazurite are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11:1-13. And will the events described in that passage literally come to pass for these two saints, you ask? No. For nothing in prophecy is meant literally. All of it is mystical. All of it is wrapped in mystery. And none of it can be understood unless you have an interpreter to interpret for you the meaning of the passages. That Larimar and Lazurite shall serve Me as My Two Witnesses is correct. That they shall be followed immediately by the Second Coming of Christ is not so. For the Second Coming of Christ is a mystical event. It cannot be reached by waiting out time. Only be passing through to the timelessness of eternity can any soul enter their mystical ending. No soul lives to the very end. The earth itself shall be destroyed before I Am seen Coming in the clouds. And when you see Me Coming in the clouds, time will be over. All will be over then. And nothing will be left of the earth or anything that was built in it. And everyone will stand before Me, the great and the lowly, to be judged before all Mankind as an audience.

So then, what do Larimar and Lazurite do, you ask? What is their role? How do they serve Me in these times? And what shall be the sum result of their service? They are here to knock down the wicked and to restore the light to all nations. Hence, this age shall be the Golden Age for Mankind. And all things of spiritual worth shall be restored and brought to fruition in the reigns of these two prophet kings.

And do they both reign for forty years over their respective Kingdoms, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? You will reign for forty years over your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. Lazurite shall reign longer, but have no son. And when your life comes to an end, your son shall take your place and reign for another generation. He shall reestablish all My laws, rules, statutes, and decrees. And all of Christendom shall be ruled in peace for the two reigns of the two King Larimar Dynasty. And when King Larimar II also goes to his end, all that I will have willed for Mankind to accomplish in Me shall be accomplished. And Satan will then be loosed upon the world. And I will allow him to deceive all the inhabitants of the earth until no one is left in My camp but those of true loyalty to Me. And when I have seen who are Mine, I will conclude that age with fire descending from heaven to consume My enemies. But time will not end then. Ages yet to come shall be yet to come to pass. Kings yet to arise shall come to arise. And empires yet to form shall come to be formed. For time has a way of never ending. And time will not end, though the world will seem to be ending at anytime throughout all the trials and tribulations that forever beset the whole world.

You cannot wait out to the End of the World. Instead, do My will in the time I give you and you shall find yourself satisfied by the life that I have you lead. Amen.

Now Lord, does King Larimar II have a real name? What name shall he be called, do you instruct? And what is the name of his mother, the to be wife of Eric, the Larimar King? Eric’s son shall be called, John. And the mother of John, the wife of Eric, shall be a girl called Isabela, who shall be from the Spanish culture.

Now you ask, what happened to the other girls? The one who Eric promised to marry I will take away. She is not worthy of him. And the one who is his soulmate in heaven shall be that for all eternity.

But Lord, a man cannot have both a wife in this world and a soulmate in heaven, can he?

Because you are obedient to Me, O’ Larimar King, you shall have both. But realize that you are strictly monogamous. You do not have two lovers on the same timeframe. Isabela shall be your temporal lover for forty years. Saint Katarina of Alexandria will be your spiritual soulmate for all eternity. They are not of the same spiritual domain or level in time.

And some might say, how do we know this is the Truth? By what sign shall you show that this is from God, the Almighty and Everlasting One? The Trump Presidency shall end this year. That is My sign.

And O’ Lord, do you reveal who shall be the Larimar Pawn to replace him, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Or who shall be the President to come after him, particularly, who shall take office on January 20, 2021? President Trump shall die in office. His successor will be chosen at the Republican Convention. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And now I shall make this clearly known. The name of Lazurite, as revealed in the previous post, is Nathanael. And he is My gift to My Jewish people. He will be sent to the Jews to speak to them in their language of Hebrew. But note that though this may seem to be a prophetic sign of the End, the reality is that there is no end to the End. Rather, the End is endless. And it will continue to unravel for generations to come. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Eric, I will say one final point, and then you will publish this post. Eric is My eternal servant. And he is eternally a virgin. How then is he to marry Isabela and have a son by her, you ask? Yes, Lord, how can this contradiction or paradox be? You shall marry her out of strict obedience to Me, O’ Larimar King. And because you are in obedience to Me, I do not take away your blessings and crown of virginity. For no one forfeits a reward by their obedience to Me. No one! Instead, you will remain My prophet forever. And your wife, Isabela, shall be one of My elect as you are, and of the same value to Me as you are to Me. Now publish this, O’ Larimar King. Amen.

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