I Who Am now speak. Eric is to go to heaven on January 31, 2020.

Who My Prophet Lazurite is shall be revealed in this post. Oracle of the Lord!

Behold, I Who Am have come to speak on a great many things. Now that it is known that Eric is married to Hyacinth by vow and intention, should he remain in this world to do so, let it now be made known that Eric will not remain here in this world. Oracle of the Lord! I Am taking Eric away by tomorrow night. Between midnight and dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020, Eric shall be taken away from his home in Whittier, California, United States of America.

At the onset of Eric’s removal from his home, whose hour is not revealed, neither to Eric nor to the readers of this post on the earth, all computers and computing devices in Eric’s house shall be bricked and rendered unworkable. And all the data on his hard drives will be rendered unrecoverable. Only the actual books in his extensive home library will remain intact and readable. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, who shall do Eric’s taxes when Eric is taken away? It will not matter, for all banks and all financial institutions will experience a money drain. And there will be no liquidity to keep the economy moving. Hence, there will be catastrophic economic collapse at the moments following Eric’s departure. Wise, therefore, are those who pay all their debts with the money they have in their accounts. For the debts will not be erased. Only the savings and the money stored in bank accounts will be completely wiped out. Use them or lose them. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, let us focus on United States President Donald John Trump’s infamous attempt to resolve the Israeli-Arab Peace Process by having Israel give up her lands to her enemies. Trump even plans to build a tunnel connecting Gaza to the West Bank, which would enable weapons of terror to freely flow deep into Israeli territory. I Who Am will not stand by and allow this imp to fulfill his little pet plans. No, I will utterly destroy him and lay waste to his nation.

Remember how I destroyed Ariel Sharon for evacuating My Jewish people out of their God given homes in Gaza, which he handed over to the enemies of My people? What have the enemies of My people done with Ariel Sharon’s gift to them? Have they done anything that is of peace? No, they have fully utilized the soil of Gaza to launch rockets into Israel and to coordinate terrorist activities on what was once Israeli territory and land.

Do not give land to the Muslim Arab terrorists. Rather, take back the lands you have given them. And then annex all the lands in your possession, including East Jerusalem, for in no part of Jerusalem do I allow My enemies to set up their capital. That Trump has resolved to do this is to merit the fate similar to what I did to Ariel Sharon. I Who Am Am an awesome God. And let no powerful ruler or friend to Israel betray Me or My people. For I shall utterly wipe you out and erase your nation from the map.

Therefore, the United States of America, because of the treachery of its ruler, Donald John Trump, to My people Israel and to the Sovereignty of My Holy City, I shall utterly lay to waste and destroy that land. People will be lying dead in the streets. The smell of rotting human flesh shall fill the nostrils of every nose that can smell. Three quarters of America will be totally wiped out and be electrically dead cities. All waterlines shall be busted. All gas lines will be blown to bits. And all electrical transformers shall be knocked out. I Who Am Am an awesome God. Let no one do battle with Me!

Now, let us speak of Russia, where dwells in the President’s chair, the role model of President Trump. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I order you, and you will be wise to obey Me, to give up your desire to make your nation a world power. Settle for being a modest European state, and I will not destroy your nation. You have many of My Jewish people living in your midst. Let it remain that way. Do not persecute them or drive them out of Russia, or My blessings to your nation will not remain.

Now you ask, may you keep Crimea? That is a most excellent question. Eric, the Larimar King, decreed that you honor the commitments made by your predecessor, President Boris Yeltsin, but what do I say about the matter? I the Lord, what are My decisions, you ask? You have calculated that you could reclaim those lands by a combination of military invasion and a staged electoral referendum. But I do not look kindly upon your ambitions. Therefore, open dialogue with Ukraine and come to a peaceful resolution with them as to the fates of Crimea, eastern Ukraine, Sevastopol, and Ukraine’s need for gas supplies. Negotiate with Ukraine to find a solution to this problem. Sacrifice your ambitions and seek real peace, and if you achieve it with Ukraine, I will bless your nation again. Oracle of the Lord!

Nor do I require you, Vladimir Putin, to open your doors to the west or to western ways. For the ways of the western world have been brought to ruin. They have embraced the ways of the homosexuals. And that way leads to death. As for Eric’s past accusation against you that you are gay or a pedophile, treat such accusations as similar to the vast amounts of reporting going on in this world. Some of it is true, others are false. But which is which cannot easily be discerned. Eric no longer knows the validity of the sources by which he made those accusations.

Now, what about Fatima and your nation of Russia? Where is the promised conversion? Seek that conversion, Vladimir Putin, and you might save your nation from its destruction. For whatever nation is Christian, but not Catholic, will be ultimately destroyed in the End. I Who Am have spoken. Therefore, give free rein to Patriarch Kirill to completely sever ties with Constantinople and move his Church closer to Catholicism. For only those who enter into the communion of My pope in Rome will I save. And I will soon have seated on that chair in the Vatican a new Vicar of Christ. I Who Am shall tell you who.

The times of the Gentiles are ending. Salvation and its graces are to soon return to the Jews. Gentile peoples will still come into My Church to be saved, but the bulk of conversions shall become of My Jewish peoples. This will be the final dispensation that I enact upon the earth. And all who are of My people among the Jews will be called to look toward Rome. And Rome, particularly the Vatican City, which sits not upon any of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, will be realized as holier and higher in glory than Jerusalem, after which the Muslims seek in vain.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna, shall become My next pope. I have elected to have him replace Pope Francis. Now, I Am not unaware of his liberal attitude towards homosexual relationships and the so called “gay marriage”. But he cannot change My Church’s positions on dogmas which define that marriage will only be recognized in the Catholic Church between heterosexual couples who have met all the requirements for marriage, both those of the state in which the marriage is performed, and those requirements that pertain to the natural law and the laws of God. Therefore, I place this pro-gay shepherd in charge of My Church knowing he can change nothing upon which My Catholic Church is founded, nor any magisterial statements defining My Church’s infallible positions on faith and morals.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is chosen for this position as My Vicar over My Catholic Church for the sake of My Jewry who are to be converted to My Catholic faith in these last hours. For Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. He stands with Israel on her claims to the lands I have elected to give her in the Levant. Let no one try to take away the lands I have given to Israel in the Levant. For whoever does so shall end up like Ariel Sharon. And witness what I shall do to President Trump, and thereby have fear. For what I shall do to Trump I will do to all who defy My decrees by which I have given lands to My people the Jews.

Now, this whole Peace Process was started by the Emerald King with his setting up Yitzhak Rabin as Prime Minister of Israel back in the summer of 1992. But notice how I dealt with this Emerald King. After it became known that Yitzhak Rabin had won the election, but before he was set to gain the Shas Party into his coalition, Eric the Emerald King, I converted to Christianity. That night of his conversion, after he had confessed to Me that he was Antichrist, and that he had decided to follow Me as a Christian, I then had My angels order Eric to complete the setup of Yitzhak Rabin. And thus, the first decree of the Christian Emerald King was that the Shas Party enter into Rabin’s coalition. Therefore, the Israeli-Arab Peace Process was founded on Me, for I was the commander of Eric the Emerald King from that point onward.

Now, did Eric do wrong as Emerald King? That Eric gave semi-independence to the Muslim Arab enemies of My people in Gaza and the West Bank resulted in Eric being tested with the Martyrdom Breakdowns of June, 1995. Eric passed the tests, but I had his Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, die by assassination a few months later that same year. Note that the arrest of Eric on his birthday of June 24, 1995, as part of his Martyrdom Breakdown that I had him go through, this is the sole item you will ever find in Eric’s criminal record, for Eric was never arrested nor in trouble with the law ever again nor ever before. And it involved a battle with the police, without the usage of firearms or other weapons. And Eric refused to bow to any man other than Me. I was pleased with Eric’s sacrifice on that day, and from that point onward he lived as a man who had died for Me, and therefore, no longer had any fear of death.

Now, let us speak of Eric’s fate in the world We are taking him to on Friday, January 31, 2020, by the dawn of that day. When we take Eric away from this world, he will be of the age of 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days. And then his time will have ended. And since his time will have ended, so also will end all future prospects of marriage and of raising a family with his now fiancee, Caesar Sandra Nikee. So, My Lord, what becomes of their relationship in the eternity they will find themselves in?

There they will know all Truth, and nothing will be hidden from them. No marriages take place in My Kingdom in Heaven. For there, all are like My angels, who exist in their eternal positions in the complete freedom and liberty of a celibate saint. For celibacy and virginity are truly the higher roads that all must follow to attain the higher glories in heaven. That Eric and his finacee, whom he calls Hyacinth, and whom We call Cassandra, are still virgins, they will also attain to these higher glories, given only to those who come to Me in such unstained conditions.

Hence, the notion that Eric is married in heaven is false. Also, let us consider the soulmate relationship between Eric and Saint Katarina of Alexandria. What is the Truth to these claims, you ask? Does Eric exist in the heavenly realm with any such eternal attachments? Can there exist soulmates in My Kingdom, even those established between virgins? Eric and Katarina are eternal soulmates. And they will have similar positions in My Kingdom, which regards the written Word, both in human tongues and angelic scripts. Eric and Katarina will, hence, serve Me in the heavenly libraries where they will be given the positions of royal scribes. Amen.

And what of Lazurite and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, O’ Lord and Savior? Do they also exist as eternal soulmates in heaven? Are they also to serve as royal scribes in the heavenly libraries of the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes, Lord Larimar, and now you seek for Me to identify this Lazurite among the Jewish people. Go and eat your lunch, Lord Larimar. When you return, I will show you his name. Oracle of the Lord!

I am back from lunch, O’ Sovereign Lord. Now, you shall tell me the real name of the figure, Lazurite, that prophet who is to come after me, but speak only to the people of Israel, and only in the Hebrew tongue? Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Read this passage carefully, Eric, My servant: (45) Philip found Nathanael and told him, “We have found the one about whom Moses wrote in the law, and also the prophets, Jesus, son of Joseph, from Nazareth.” (46) But Nathanael said to him, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Philip said to him, “Come and see.” (47) Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him and said to him, “Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him.” (48) Nathanael said to him, “How do you know me?” Jesus answered and said to him, “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.” (49) Nathanael answered him, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel.” (50) Jesus answered and said to him, “Do you believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than this.” (51) And he said to him, “Amen, amen, I say to you, you will see the sky opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” (John 1:45-51).

Nathanael is the name of the Jew who I shall call to serve Me as Lazurite, prophet to My Jewish people in Hebrew, the language of the Jews. He is My gift to My Jewish people. He is from Me. I Who Am do give this gift to Israel to lead them back to Me and into My Holy Church, upon whom I will seat a friend to Israel as its final Vicar of Christ. Amen. And by what papal name shall this Vicar of Christ, successor to Pope Francis, be known, O’ Lord and Majestic One? He shall be called John (Luke 1:63). Hence, there shall reign Pope John XXIV as My holy pope in this final age, and My servant Nathanael shall reign as My prophet king over Israel, just as Eric, the Larimar King, reigned as prophet king over all of Christendom during the ages in which he set up Pawns and commanded armies to move upon the earth. Oracle of the Lord.

And it is this Nathanael who shall reign over Israel, sharing his rule with an eternal soulmate, with whom he shall be eternally joined in the spiritual realm. She, like Katarina of Alexandria, will also be of Alexandria, and of the same famous library, also educated like her and learned in the works of antiquity. She, like Katarina, will also have read My holy books written in Greek and Egyptian. And her death, which followed Katarina’s by 15 years, both roughly 17 centuries ago, will parallel the conclusion of Nathanael’s life, which also shall follow the conclusion of Larimar’s life by short set of years. Hence, let us redefine the Kingdoms of these first two defined Kings of the Eternal Phase of the Earth:

(1) The Kingdom of Larimar, consisting of continent of North America as far south as the border with Mexico, and stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and including the many islands of Canada and Alaska in the Arctic and the North Pacific. These lands are ruled by Eric, the Larimar King, along with his soulmate, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, with whom he is united in an eternal spiritual espousal.

(2) The Kingdom of Israel, consisting of all the lands of the Levant from the Wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates. And also the island of Cyprus is defined as belonging to his Kingdom. These lands make up the Kingdom of Israel, ruled over by the Prophet King Lazurite, whose name among Jewry is Nathanael, along with his soulmate, Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, with whom he is to enter an eternal spiritual espousal with.

All other defined Kingdoms of the eternal Age are still in a state of flux. Let the Lord define them and make them solid as the age of the end is unscrolled, and all that is to occur in time is seen and made known. Amen. Now, Eric, My servant reread this entire post. And when you have completely reread it, you may ask your final questions. And then I will give My conclusion to these infallible Words. Amen.

Lord, is there a future age, called the Millennium, which may last a thousand years or a thousand times a thousand years, how long I do not know, but in which all Your saints who received Your sacraments, from the time of Your passing on the cross to the time You are seen coming in the clouds, resurrect and serve You in a new, eternal priesthood over the mortal peoples who shall continue to live, reproduce, and die on the earth, living as long as trees, but remaining mortal, throughout that age, during whose whole length, Satan is chained in the abyss, to be released at the short time after the Millennium comes to an end, and what follows this is rebellion, destruction of those people who rebelled, the judgement of all Mankind on the Last Day, and the ushering in of Your Parousia, O’ Lord and Majestic One? (Revelation 20:1-15). Or is the understanding that I have presented to you here a heresy? And if so, how may we correctly understand these parables and passages in your Book, and the future and the end of the world, O’ Lord God Almighty?

I shall now explain all these things to you, O’ Larimar King. The Resurrection of the Just occurs just before the General Resurrection of all Mankind. No intervening Age exists in which My people surviving upon the earth can have a second chance to be saved. Whoever is not of My elect at the time My divine Son, Jesus Christ, is seen coming in the clouds, will forfeit all chances to be saved. He cannot repent or do any work on his soul from that point onward, for the thread that is called time will have come to its termination. And no deeds done after that termination are counted or recorded in the books to be opened for judgement.

I will then sit on My Great White Throne in judgement over all the nations. And all will be brought before Me to be judged. And Jesus, My divine Son, shall stand with those who are His, but not with those whom He knows not. Whosoever is not written in My Book of Life, which I have given to Jesus, Who is the sacrificial Lamb, by whose blood all who were to be saved received everlasting Life from, Jesus will refuse knowledge of and I will cast them into the unquenchable fires of hell. All will be judged. Every deed will be known, questioned, and the guilty party forced to answer for, in front of all of humanity looking on. Judas Iscariot will be put to shame, but so also shall the vast multitudes, all who rejected My Son’s offer to save their life while they were in the land of the living. Everyone found to have died with a mortal sin still upon their record unforgiven, will be cast into the unquenchable fires. For they had the chance to repent, but did not avail of it, and then it became too late. And all the dead shall be judged.

And what of those who died who never had the time to grow up and gain the ability to love and do penance, O’ Lord and Majestic One? And tell us of the Holy Innocents, those children that the Catholic Church dogmatically teaches were spared by the intercession of Mary from being eternally lost who were slain by King Herod as he attempted to kill the baby Jesus in Bethlehem? (Matthew 2:16-18).

I did not spare those children, O’ Larimar King. Nor was the Catholic Church correct in its discernment that I had. No one who is not baptized into My Catholic faith will enter into My heavenly glory. And now We come to that question, what about those forefathers who preceded My Son but who served Me and My religion? The Catholic Church has defined correctly that place called the Limbo of the Fathers. There went all those who died before My Son made expiation for the sins of Mankind on the cross who did My will and who served Me sufficiently for Me to call them My Own. Not all who were Israel of the past did I save, but only those who, by their love for Me, obeyed Me and My commandments, and did what was pleasing to Me. I did not save infants or babies in that age, nor any of those who died in the wombs. All who died before the establishment of the sacraments of My Church only had the opportunity of gaining eternal life if the lived long enough to find My religion and to obey Me. If they could not do that, then they died damned. And that includes all those who never heard of the Judeo-Christian God. For My religion has always been universal, and all men were expected to seek it out and find Me in it. Hence, we see the Queen of Sheba coming from the ends of the earth to find Me and My religion (1 Kings 10:1-13). She was a Gentile whom I saved in ancient times before the Coming of the Christ. She went to the Limbo of the Fathers and remained there until the shed blood of My Son freed all people who were Mine from the prison of death. And I blessed her descendants and people to always be a Christian people from the time of the Coming of Messiah unto the end of the world.

Her people, the Ethiopians, are mostly Orthodox, O’ Lord. Very few are Catholic. Will you undo the curse by which they are condemned to be of that false sect of Christianity so that they may see You and enter with You into the true faith of Your Catholic Church? Will you do this out of your love for the Queen of Sheba, who was the mother of their first King, Menelik I, son of King Solomon?

Eric, they already have My servants in My Church to listen to. But I have saved from them those whom I have numbered among My elect. For the Catholic Church does exist in that nation. And there are souls within it whom I have saved. There is even a Catholic priest at your local parish who is from Ethiopia. He is Father Abebe Teklemariam. And is he saved, O’ Lord my God? He is My humble servant. But no one’s salvation do I reveal until their time comes. Amen. When his education is completed in America, he is scheduled to return to Ethiopia, where he will serve My Catholic people in My valid Church there. He is only at your local Parish to stay until then. And there people may go to receive the sacraments from him while he is here.

Lord, one last question. Ask, Eric, My servant. In previous posts, there were revealed a ranking system in heaven, where people were ranked in glory, with the virgins of higher rank, and those who were defiled of lower rank. But what do you say of the ranks in heaven? Do the people receive titles of nobility there? Are there different classes of people there? And is there a pyramidal structure of society in heaven, and if so, how is it defined? Who are on top and who are on the bottom and who are in the middle, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

The least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than John the Baptist, so My Son has said (Matthew 11:11). In order to understand this teaching, you must come to understand the glory that Christ Jesus has bestowed upon His Bride. Whoever is numbered among her is greater than all who came before her and all who never belonged to her. Whoever is baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, into My Catholic Church is among the greatest of all of humanity. And all who are outside this exclusive club unto death are lesser beings forever. That John the Baptist died for Me does not make him one of My Bride. For to be of My Bride requires the baptism that only came to be after the Resurrection of the Christ and His Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). Whoever is of that baptism and is saved is greatest among all of humanity. Amen.

Hence, in heaven, you know of those two classes of people: The elect who entered in prior to the institution of My sacraments in My Church, and the elect of My baptism, instituted after My Resurrection and spread with the Great Commission. All those of My Baptized Bride rank infinitely higher above all My elect who were saved by other means.

Now, among My Baptized Bride, I have further distinctions made. Those who never defiled themselves with women (Revelation 14:4-5) rank above those who did but nevertheless washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 7:14). And these who have so washed their robes white rank above those who are saved through fire (1 Corinthians 3:15). And thus, you have the three classes of My people in heaven who are called My Bride:

  1. Those who are Virgin Pure
  2. Those whose Robes were washed White
  3. Those who were Saved through Fire.

And it is a true pyramidal structure. The lower levels have more souls. The higher levels have fewer souls. For it is harder to be higher than it is to be lower.

Now, one last point I wish to make; I, the Lord God, shall make it. No one who is ranked above another in My Kingdom shall lord it over the one beneath him. There is no such sins of pride that occur there. And any who would be so inclined to do so are relegated to the lowest of ranks. Now, I shall address the final part of that question, namely, are there titles of nobility there? And are there such things as nobles awarded with lands?

No, there is no nobility in My eternal Kingdom. But everyone there knows the eternal judgement and reward of everyone else in My Kingdom. And part of those rewards consist of positions of rulership, governorships over lands, and positions in charge of kingdoms. And Eric and Nathanael are two such kings to be awarded great Kingdoms to rule for all eternity. Amen. And with them shall rule certain partners, called eternal soulmates, to whom these Kings are eternally espoused.

And are all the Kings so espoused, O’ Lord and Master? Or is this espousal a rare thing, even among those designated for Kingship? That you and Nathanael are so espoused is so rare that it is almost non-existent in My Kingdom. The vast majority of My elect are not espoused nor in any eternal soulmate relationship. That it has occurred with you, therefore, is very rare. Most of those who shall rule as Kings or Queens in the hereafter will rule from their positions from the single, celibate station of eternal life. I do not match soulmates except in rare conditions. And only I and the one who receives it shall know of it, unless I reveal these things to a prophet. Now We shall conclude this post with these Words:

Eric is going away from all of you very soon. And you shall seek him but not find him, for he will have been taken away. The earth does not have much time left before I send My Son to Come again. And when that happens, all things in time will come to an end, and everything that was done in the world will be found out. Blessed is the one who waits for and endures to the end. And do not take the scriptures as the Protestants do, for they read but do not understand. And they apply logic using verses to which I never intended to be taken as absolutely true. Also, only in Catholicism can you find true life. If you seek the True Religion or the True Church, it is in Catholicism and in the Catholic Church where you will find all your answers. I Who Am have spoken. One more post will Eric write before he is taken away. Amen.

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