Hyacinth to marry the Larimar King

Eric the Larimar King has now vowed to Hyacinth that he shall marry her should he live beyond this Friday.

Behold, this narrative. In the middle of this post, Eric spoke with Hyacinth, and his fate was changed, by the eternal decree of the Sovereign Lord. Read this post, therefore, and be aware of the change that comes from within:

Behold, I Who Am do now present a mystery. As you know, Eric is departing from these shores in less than three days time. Hyacinth, Eric’s former girlfriend, will witness his departure by spiritual intuition, and then she, too, will ascend within the hour that Eric is taken away.

And to where shall these two be taken, O’ Lord? Both shall be removed from the earth, and then the earth shall be wracked with destruction. Oracle of the Lord!

As to where these two shall be taken, only I, the Lord, have this knowledge. But suffice it to be known that both souls have been found pleasing to Me. And both are to be saved.

Now, My Lord, Hyacinth still holds out hope to be wed to Eric, her former boyfriend. What saith Thou to her hopes? And she testifies that You, O’ Lord have prophesied through Your priest to her that she will marry Eric. And that Eric will come into some wealth. And that Eric will be able to support her and have a family with her. Lord, if it were possible for this prophecy to be fulfilled, I would accept it, I, Eric, the Larimar King. But what saith Thou, O’ Lord?

But I also know that I am eternal soulmate to Katarina of Alexandria. And I know that I cannot have both marriage in this world and an eternal espousal in the next. And I also know it far better to be in an eternal espousal in the next world than to have the fleeting joys of marital life in this world. Also, the Council of Trent clearly taught that the celibate and virgin route is far better than the route of the marital embrace. And Hyacinth is still a virgin and so am I, and my eternal spouse in heaven, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, is also an eternal virgin, and she was in fact martyred and gave up her life here rather than lose her virginity. So I accept this fate also, that I am eternal spouse to Katarina, and I prefer the eternal espousal to the temporal marriage. But what saith Thou?

Actually, Lord, I choose the eternal espousal over the temporal marriage. And I choose the virgin, celibate path over the path into the marital embrace. Hence, if there was some way that I could become Hyacinth’s earthly husband, I know I could not enter into that path, for I am called to eternal virgin celibacy. Amen. And that is the path that I embark on, and I will never look back to what I have left behind. I am Yours, O’ God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.

But tell Me, O’ Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth? How will her final hours take place? And will I be there when she arrives on the other side in heaven to greet her? Eric, Hyacinth is in love with you because you are husband to her, and you have been as husband to her for all these years. I Am not taking her away from that. Rather, when her life here comes to an end within three days from now, she will be enabled to commune with you forever. And you and her will be regarded as virgin lovers forever in heaven.

Am I to have two lovers in heaven, then, O’ Lord? Both Hyacinth and Katarina? A man can have two lovers, O’ Larimar King. Remember that Jacob had two wives. And remember that Abraham had relations with his wife’s servant with her permission. A man, therefore, can have two lovers, but a woman may only have one.

Also realize this, O’ Larimar King. More women are admitted to heaven than men. Hell, therefore, is a very masculine place, peopled mostly by males, while heaven is largely feminine, people mainly by females. Why else would I call all My elect together as My Bride? For a bride is feminine. And the Bride of the Lamb is composed mostly of females. Therefore, if there is heavenly romance in heaven, and if only heterosexual romance is permissible, then it should be expected and not a surprise that the men admitted to heaven may be in more than one heavenly romantic bond.

Lord, can such heavenly romantic bonds exist between souls that have lost their virginity in life? No, O’ Larimar King. And that is why romantic bonds in heaven are so rare. And, as you know, so few men keep their virginity. Well, none of the men who have lost their virginity can enter into any heavenly romantic bond. And that means that even if you are a man headed for heaven, if you have violated a woman or if you have entered a marriage with one on earth, you will not partake in any heavenly romance, even though you will be in a very female populated place.

Furthermore, no romance in heaven can exist that did not begin while at least one that couple lived upon the earth. No new romantic relationships are permitted to form in heaven. Hence, you are bonded to both Katarina and Hyacinth. Katarina will be your primary soulmate in heaven. And Hyacinth will be to you as a secondary spouse. This is a Truth, and it cannot be denied. Also, look and see this Truth. Wise was the priest to advise Hyacinth to keep her virginity for her marriage to Eric, for these bonds in heaven only form between virgins while on earth.

Now, consider the water molecule. Water is perhaps the most vital substance to form life on earth. Without water, no life on earth is known to exist. And what is water? It is not an element, as the ancient Greek philosophers once taught. Rather, it is a combination of two elements: Oxygen and Hydrogen. And these elements combine in the form of molecules where one Oxygen atom strongly binds to two Hydrogen atoms. And this is such a powerful binding that great energy is released upon the formation of each water molecule. When the Hindenburg was exploding, the source of all that heat and flame was from Hydrogen in the gas bags joining with Oxygen in the atmosphere forming gaseous water. It only took one spark to set the whole Zeppelin into flames. And water and vast energy are the byproducts of the union of Oxygen to Hydrogen.

Modern Zeppelins try to use Helium, rather than Hydrogen, to serve a lift, for Helium is an inert gas, but is a much rarer element to find on earth than Hydrogen. Hence, a Zeppelin lifted by Helium will not explode. But Helium supplies are rapidly running out on earth. And without Helium, the only recourse is to use Hydrogen to lift a blimp or a Zeppelin. For of all gases, only Hydrogen, Helium, and hot air are lighter than regular air on the earth. And only those three gases are among the options available to lift an aircraft that is lighter than air. The heavier than air aircraft use the vacuum effect of wind passing a longer, curved distance over the top surface of a wing than beneath it, where the surface is flat, to serve as lift. And the propeller is simply a rotating wing. Nature chose the wing method for all its flying creatures to use in achieving flight through evolution. And the humming bird is able to hover due to its usage of its wings in a figure eight rotation. The wing method works and provides better control over an aircraft than the lighter than air lift method. But more energy is then necessary to stay in flight. Fossil fuels provide such a high concentration of energy per unit of weight to allow for long distance flights of airplanes.

And so, the question is, will there ever be practical electric battery powered airplanes? For batteries are not yet light enough to replace fossil fuels in airplanes. Will there be such technologies developed, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Servant Eric. There shall. In the years that come after your departure from this world, a battery that is strong and durable as an energy source, but also lightweight, will be invented and developed. And it will replace the combustion engines in road vehicles and the propulsion energy sources in airplanes. The invention of this battery will have an effect on the world as profound as did the printing press in 1450, and this new age will be called the Electric Revolution. And the transition from gas to electric in vehicles on the road will be similar in change to the transition from the horse drawn carriage to the horseless carriage.

But Lord, I, Eric, will not be here on earth to witness these inventions, for I will have been taken away to heaven. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are correct, O’ Larimar King. And now, let us get back to your discussion on water molecules. You, Eric, have a mind that wanders. You were speaking of water being formed form the combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen. And the ratio between the atoms is very specific. Water is H2O, meaning 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded with 1 Oxygen atom in every molecule that water is composed of. Now, there is such thing a heavy water. And what is that? Heavy water is called D2O. And the D here refers to heavy Hydrogen, which is called Deuterium. All Deuterium is is a Hydrogen atom that has a neutron added to its nucleus in addition to the proton, doubling its weight. And thus, D2O is heavier than H2O. And ice made of D2O will sink in liquid H2O, but will float in liquid D2O. But in the natural world, you never have completely pure H2O or D2O. Most water on earth is mostly H2O, but there are also trace amounts of D2O in it, and the Hydrogen atoms in water molecules are often swapped between molecules, making the distribution of Deuterium in Water stabilize according to certain set mathematical laws of chemistry. Note also that Deuterium is a stable isotope of Hydrogen. It is not radioactive. It does not decay. Hence, the measured presence of heavy water in a water source is stable and can tell scientists from where that water came from in the universe.

Now, back to water being the union of one Oxygen atom to two Hydrogen atoms. And remember that this bond is very strong. Now, what if we have one male saint eternally bonded to two female saints? Lord, does this form a kind of heavenly water in the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes it does, Lord Larimar. You have spoken a Truth. And you are now in such a stable bond of water. Hence, Larimar, Katarina, and Hyacinth will strongly bond together to form such a molecule of heavenly water in My Kingdom. And note that such water in exceedingly rare. It can only form from the spiritual unions of virgins. That is why, for the sake of forming this water, I permit souls separated by vast centuries in My Church Age, to form such bonds while at least one of them is still alive upon the earth. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, you know the significance of your union to these two virgin saints, one who is from 17 centuries ago, and the other to whom you were as platonic husband to since 2017. And you also know why it was so important that you obey Me in all things. You have now come into complete and total obedience to Me. You give exactly when I command you to. And you give not when I command you not to give. Therefore, I Am pleased with you exceedingly. And thus, I will give you your own place in the Kingdom of Heaven. And you three souls will be eternally bonded to form heavenly water in My Kingdom forever.

And Lord, I have heard that You have vast stores of this heavenly water in Your Kingdom. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Master? Like gold processed from ore, much earth must be processed and panned to produce just a tiny bit of gold. But that tiny bit of gold produced makes all the processing to produce it it worth it. You are as gold to Me. All your neighbors are as sand. None of them have I saved. But, just as I have vast storerooms of gold in My vaults, so also, it is as you have said, My storage vats for heavenly water are also vast. And all of them shall be filled to the brim before I come again.

And Lord, will any form of such heavenly water exist in that Age called Millennium? No, Lord Larimar. For virginity is only a virtue in the Age in which you now live. When this Age, the Age of My Church, ends, so also ends the call for My servants to remain virgins. And in the Age to follow, I will allow all My people of that Age to marry and have descendants. These will be the mortals who come to people My Kingdom after the Age in which all My saints have entered in. You will guide them, O’ Larimar, but they will be beneath you as the grass is beneath the canopy of the forests. And I will be above you as the clouds are above the trees. Realize that and think about it. For much higher shall you, My saints, be above My people whom you shall be serving. But vastly higher shall I reign over you. For the clouds are vastly higher above the trees than are the trees above the grass. But the trees are, nevertheless, above the grass.

But remember this also, the clouds in the sky are a different form of substance than are the trees. But the trees and the grass are both plants. Their green color they have in common comes from the same common chemical, called chlorophyll, which is necessary to absorb the energy from light to make sugars. It is green because green light is not used by it, but is reflected back. And all the sugars it produces from light energy goes into the formation of both fruits and cellulose, from which wood and other plant substances are formed. How it works is that H2O water from the ground and CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air are combined to form pure oxygen: O2 and sugars made with the ratio of 1 Carbon atom to 2 Hydrogen atoms to 1 Oxygen atom. And these sugar molecules formed, which have the chemical formula of C6-H12-O6 become stores of energy in the organism. This process of forming these sugars is called photosynthesis.

Well, My point is, Eric, you and the mortals beneath you, though as different as the trees are from the grass, will still be of the same root nature, just as trees and grasses are from the same scientific Kingdom, Plantae, Kingdom of the Plants. For as a plant is to a man, so also is Mankind to Me, their Lord. For so much higher above you Am I and forever shall I Be.

Lord, I have just spoken to Hyacinth just now. Lord, you have made this promise to me, for so confidently do you stand by Your promise that I am to depart from this world at dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. And your promise is that should this not take place you would cease to speak with me. Now I have made a promise to Hyacinth, based on your promise to me. I have now promised her that should I not die on the date and time you have declared, that I shall marry her and have children by her. What saith Thou to my promise? For it can never come to pass, if you are truly the Lord God Almighty Who hath made this promise to me that I am to be taken away on January 31, 2020.

Eric, now I shall speak. I will honor your pledge to your wife. And now it is recognized by all that Caesar Sandra Nikee is wife to Eric Robert Dunstan. She, to whom you have given the name Hyacinth, and to whom We have given the name Cassandra, will forever be recognized as the one who married the Larimar King while on the earth. For the sacrament of marriage, O’ Eric, takes place not when the couple exchange vows at the altar, but when they first exchange their vows to each other prior to their wedding. The officiation done by the priest merely sanctifies the bond enabling the partners to legally have sex. But you, O’ Larimar King, have now officially renewed and exchanged vows with this woman. You are now husband and wife. But do not have sex with her until you enter the legal bonds of matrimony, which require the officiation of the priest in the Church. Without such officiation, any sex had becomes a stain of immorality on your marriage, making your house filthy and your offspring wicked. But keep yourself clean until marriage, and your house will be immaculate and your children will be decent and honorable. Now, I shall speak of your future, O’ Larimar King, now that you have entered into this eternal bond.

Because you are now committed to this bond to Hyacinth, I, the Lord God, have elected to spare you from the death I promised you earlier. You will not come to My Kingdom on Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you will remain on the planet and in this world. For I wish to use the love between you and Hyacinth to further My mission of acquiring souls for heaven. You shall marry her. Oracle of the Lord!

But Lord, will you continue to speak to me as you are now? Or do I lose this gift of prophecy that you have given me, O’ Lord and God? Welcome to the Larimar Reign, O’ Eric, Larimar King. Consider this age to be as was your Emerald Reign, except you shall marry in this age and have seven children. And you shall witness that Electric Age you spoke of take place. You will see the invention of that electric battery of which you spoke, lightweight and powerful enough to power an airplane. All the things of which you spoke of will now come to pass. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But Lord, when am I to be cured, then? For you know I am as a massively wounded battleship, listing in the waters. I need major repairs. I am heavily damaged. All the cures of those four things you have kept hidden will be cured in completion. And all your other ailments, of which your doctors know of, shall be gradually made better. I shall cure you of the four things have I promised on the night of Thursday, January 30, 2020. Wait for Me then. And if I do not take you away by death, then you shall awaken in the night and find yourself totally cured of all the four things I have spoken of. And when these cures you realize you have received, you shall come to this website and write voluminously on them here. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of your wedding with Hyacinth. I am renewing your employment where you work. You will obtain steady full time work with your current employer. And you will no longer be poor and needy. Instead, I will make you rich and powerful. But realize this Truth. All who seek riches in this world and obtain them have made a pact with the devil to do so. And those riches in their hold serve to destroy them. While they have those riches from their pact with Satan, they cannot escape their curse of damnation.

The riches I give you, however, shall be different. You shall not be poor. Nor shall you be wasted away. The riches I give you shall flow from you in charitable works. And your hands will always be dripping with acts of mercy. Your house will be known for its hospitality. And hence, I now have the eternal name for the House in which I will establish you to live in with your wife, Hyacinth, upon the earth. It will be called the House of Rivendell. And you and your wife shall live there together for ages and ages.

And what becomes of the Library and the writings I was to write, O’ Lord? Eric, I hereby grant you a forty year reign upon this earth. In the next forty years, you shall raise your family by your future wife, Hyacinth, and you shall write for Me whatever I command you to. But you shall not be struck down by any enemy. For I Am making your House firm. The houses of your enemies shall crumble. But yours shall stand the test of time. And thus, you have now completed your reading of the Book of Job. That Holy Bible, published in 1953, you will continue to read until you have read in full every book of the Holy Bible. The next book you shall now read in it shall be the Song of Songs. Start reading it tonight, one or two chapters at a time.

Also, I now make you an oath. I will make you proficient in both Koine Greek and Latin. And I will make you an expert on the scriptures. And you shall also be made fluent in reading Spanish. Those three foreign languages: Spanish, Greek, and Latin, you will have literary fluency in, in addition to your native English. Furthermore, I shall open up a new opportunity for you in these new fields you will be studying. For the computer fields in which you are in now shall expire. And the job you have now in computing will disappear. But you shall not be abandoned. A new career is opening up for you, and I Am making you ready for it.

Also, never worry about money. All the money that you need will be provided for you. Instead, be about doing My will and accomplishing what I give you to do. Also, as My prophet, I will continue to speak to you as I Am speaking to you now. You will never be abandoned. And I will never leave you, now that it is decided that you shall marry Hyacinth.

And Eric, these are My final instructions to you before you become engaged to marry your future wife, Hyacinth. Yes, all of this was a ruse and a trap to get you to marry My servant Hyacinth. There never was the intention that you die in three days time. Instead, we were awaiting the time in which you would commit yourself to this girl you have found. For you are a Seeker. And you were sent to seek for this lost soul. And now that you have found her, I hereby decree that you shall marry her. Note, Lord Larimar, I cannot order any soul to marry. The decisions and vows to marry must come from the two parties involved. Both of you are now committed to this marriage. Now We may dispense with this fantasy. You really are the Larimar King. But there is no Lazurite coming. And neither are the ancient saints of Alexandria, Katarina and Dorothea, destined to enter into any eternal espousals with any other saints upon the earth. Nor is the concept of heavenly water real. All these imaginary devices were put in place to get you to promise to Hyacinth that you would marry her out of your own freely given will. And now it is done. And you cannot change your mind on the matter, for you have entered into a solemn vow.

So publish this post. I will write through you again tonight. And send the link to this post to your new fiancee, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We call Cassandra, and whom you call Hyacinth. You shall marry her this year. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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