Eric is revealed as eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria

Ancient soulmate of the Larimar King: Saint Katarina of Alexandria

Behold, all true believers, and I shall reveal many things to you today. I Am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I am the revealed eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, also called Saint Katherine of Alexandria. I am a virgin forever. I have never tasted the flesh of women. And I never shall. For I am a consecrated soul and a Bride to the Lamb, to whom I am eternal Vassal and Knight. Now, let us speak of things that are, things that were, and things that forever shall be.

I was once a great sinner. For though I never lost my virginity and never engaged in unwed sex, I was, nevertheless, a very impure man. And I led a very impure life, though I kept all this impurity to myself. I was once a man who looked at pornography and who engaged in immoral acts that I did to myself, though never including anyone else. But this I have now put behind myself. This I have now turned away from. And to this I intend never to return to.

Just so you know, all you men who ask the question, is it immoral to masturbate? And the answer is yes. And it must by brought to an end in your life if you will to be made clean. But though you may decide to end masturbation in your life, do not think that by that decision you will have instant success at it. Masturbation is very hard to end. And success is not measured by how many days it has been since you last failed, but rather, that when you have failed that you have repented it and returned to the Lord, including the deed in your next confession.

It is also very important to correctly discern your spiritual state. Are you in mortal sin or were your sins venial? And if you are not sure, that is the sign that you need to go to confession. Never receive communion if you think you may be in mortal sin. For it is better to err and not receive though you were not in mortal sin, than it is to receive when you are in mortal sin. For the penalty of that sacrilege will keep you in purgatory until the end of time. It cannot be paid for by a lifetime of penance.

Let us give you an example. Eric was yesterday, Saturday evening, on his bed reading. And he fell and committed the act of impure sin. But at first he thought he was not really in mortal sin. But after some time of reflection, the Holy Spirit convicted Eric and showed him he was in mortal sin. And therefore, Eric decided to go to confession. Confessions were available that Saturday night after the final Mass of the evening. But God told Eric to go to that Church immediately, before the final Mass had even begun. And so Eric went.

In back of the pews, Eric sat waiting out the time for the Mass to begin. And during the Mass, God revealed to him that he was forgiven, but that he still needed to receive that sacrament of confession for the forgiveness to be transacted. And then, during the Mass, Eric realized the guilt of the deed he had done, and he knew he could not go up and receive communion at that Mass. And so he did not. And then when the Mass had ended, Eric got in line for confession and confessed all the sins to the priest that he had realized he must confess.

Then, today, Sunday, at the 9 AM Mass at a different church, Eric received communion in a state of grace, and fulfilled his Sunday obligation. Note that technically, Eric fulfilled this Sunday obligation by attending the previous night’s Mass where he did not receive, but Eric is not one to miss an opportunity for grace. Now, let it be known and understood, the devil seeks to take away your graces from your last confession as soon as he can. For he knows that if he can get you to sin mortally, he will deny you access to the blessed sacrament, the eucharist, which brings healing and life to souls. Therefore, it is most important that you guard yourself especially during your moments of triumph. Remember that it was at the time of his triumph that King David fell into mortal sin with Bathsheba, who was the wife of another man (2 Samuel 11:1-12:25). Realize this fact that Eric knows by his own direct experience and wisdom. If you just take one step in the direction of sin, it will carry you away until the evil deed has been done. And so, let us now look at King David in the Old Testament.

King David was strolling about the roof of his palace, and he saw a woman bathing. At this point, the only way to avoid the sin David was about to do would have been to avert his eyes and look no more at that woman. For once you take one step in the direction of sin, it carries you away until the complete evil of the sin is completed. And so, what happened. David continued to look upon the woman. And he desired her. And this desire consumed him. And he asked who she was. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, who was the armor bearer of his servant Joab, who was captain of his army. David had no right to take her. And he knew it. The Law of God made that plain in two of the Ten Commandments, which said, You shall not covet the wife of your neighbor, and that you shall not commit adultery. David could and did take whatever woman he pleased into his harem to be his concubine or wife from among all the unmarried women and maidens in the Kingdom. But he had no right to take another man’s wife. That was where God drew the line in that age. In this age, today, a man is restricted to just one wife, and marriage is now a sacrament in the Church. But in the age of David, the rules were much more lax.

But David clearly demonstrated that he had the full knowledge that it was wrong when he took Uriah’s wife. And he demonstrated this fact that he had committed an act of adultery with full knowledge that what he had done was not permitted by the Law by his attempts to cover it up. And so, after he had relations with Bathsheba, she became pregnant. And he attempted to hide the fact that the baby in Bathsheba’s womb was his. He did this by having Uriah the Hittite brought back from the warfront so that he may go and sleep with his wife, and thereby think that the baby conceived by his wife was his. But Uriah refused to go home and sleep with his wife, for he was dedicated to fighting the war. And so this plan of David’s failed.

And so, because his plan failed, and because David knew he was in violation of God’s law and did not want to be found out, he decided to solve the inconvenience by committing murder. The guilt of murdering Uriah the Hittite was no different than the murder of an unborn child, for both have the same intention: To solve the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy by committing a murder. That the unborn baby is a tiny little being in comparison to the fully grown Uriah the Hittite does not in any way lessen nor alleviate the sin of the murder in the act of covering up the crime or hiding the act or getting rid of the inconvenience.

And notice David’s cleverness in committing the murder. David thought he could fool both men and God. And so, he ordered Joab to put Uriah in the frontlines and do an attack on the city and then pull back, leaving Uriah exposed to be slain by the enemy. And in this way, David thought it would be seen that the enemy, not David, had slain Uriah the Hittite. This is similar to the usage of artificial birth control means so that unwanted pregnancies are aborted in your womb without you having any awareness of them, and therefore, no guilt for the acts of murder being performed in you to keep your life convenient and advantageous. But foolish are you to think that you can fool God!

And so, with Uriah dead and Bathsheba a pregnant widow, David waits out the designated time of mourning and then makes her his wife. No mention is made as to whether Bathsheba consented to this marriage to David. For remember that before marriages became a sacrament in the Catholic Church, the law did not require consent for the marriage to be recognized, and such marriages had few rules, other than those prescribed in the ten commandments. But now that marriage is a sacrament, a marriage now has no validity unless both parties give their full consent without any threats or deceptions that could affect the judgement of either party.

And yet, even in this time, before the establishment of the laws of the Catholic Church, David was found guilty by God of murder and adultery in His eyes, and He thus sent His prophet Nathan to convict David and to make him see his guilt and then to pronounce God’s judgement on him. David saw his guilt and said, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samuel 12:13). And Nathan said then that the Lord forgave him and that he shall not die. But despite the Lord’s forgiveness, it was a divine decision of retribution that the sword should never depart from David’s house (2 Samuel 12:10), and that certain punishments were in store for David. In accord to David’s judgement that the man who committed his sin should pay fourfold (2 Samuel 12:6), David was forced to pay for his sins by witnessing the deaths of four of his own sons. And utter shame was brought to David by the sight of his neighbor laying with his wives in broad daylight (2 Samuel 12:11). And this neighbor was David’s own son.

Hence, now you should see that stepping just one step in the direction of sin leads to the total failure and commission of that sin. And therefore, the wise man seeks to avoid the sin at its first showing. Learn, therefore, to reject sin knocking at the door. Do not give way to the tempter, for you may not have the strength to resist the sin once the path is set and you have started down that road.

Also, it was said by some that it is better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than upon a rock, but I say, I, the Lord, that if by casting your seed upon a rock you see your sins and repent, then it is better to do that than to commit the fornication that is involved in the sins of sex with a whore. For I tell you this Truth. It is never better to commit a greater sin than it is to commit a lesser sin. The sin of masturbation is the sin of impurity. But the sin of doing that with another person is the sin of impurity added to the sins of impurity with another. Therefore, it is better to masturbate than it is to fornicate. Both are deadly sins. But the former can lead to a recovery from your sins and repentance, whereas the latter leads to deeper and deeper woe. For what consequence do you deal with after masturbation? You deal with your shame before God, but all such shame passes with time and repentance. But if you fornicate, you deal with much more serious and longer term repercussions. For now you have brought another human being into your sins. And you are responsible for that person’s sins because of you. And any attempt to prevent a pregnancy is a mortal sin. And any attempt to kill a pregnancy is murder, which is quite deadly before God. For the man who kills another man is subject to be killed himself. And the unborn fetus is nevertheless a member of Mankind, and therefore, is a kind of man. You kill it and you have killed a man. There is no way to argue yourself out of this. A murderer is a murderer. A murderer can repent, but like David, the sword will never depart from his house. Therefore, much better is it to masturbate and then see your sins and repent than it is to fornicate and become a murderer. A masturbator is unclean, but he has not committed murder by that act.

Now, hear My judgement on Eric. Yes, I have judged this man, and I will now reveal to you My judgement of him. And then I will reveal to you My judgement of the girl who loves him, whom he calls Hyacinth, and whom We in heaven call Cassandra.

Eric is found not guilty of his sins by his decision to always come to My sacrament of penance to be forgiven. And not once has he gone to receive communion while in a state of mortal sin. Now, Eric has progressed in his quest for cleanliness. Some may have said he failed, because all of his Catholic life he struggled against impurity and never quite conquered it. And yet, this is My judgement. No man who has the capability of ejaculating will ever completely conquer the temptation to do so. And the man who conquers all such temptation and who has become perfectly continent is either in an endless battle of resisting the urge, or else he is no longer capable of this act. Therefore, I do not condemn men for failing to keep to My laws and statutes and decrees on sexuality as long as they repent when they fall and return to Me and do not give up in their attempt to comply with My law. For My law is made to save life. If Eric were to continue masturbate with abandon, which was how he lived prior to his Catholic years, he would have been lost forever. Masturbation and unclean ejaculations bring about a filthiness in the soul and if that filthiness is allowed to continue, the soul will die. My laws, statutes, and decrees on sexuality, as defined in Catholic dogmas, are therefore designed to save spiritual life and to prevent destruction of spiritual life. But remember that the law was made for you, not you for the law. Therefore, do not glorify yourself over your neighbor because you comply with the law more than he. My law is not made for that. My law is made to save both you and your neighbor from the sins of breaking My law. And pride is just as much a moral failure as sins of sexuality.

Hence, Eric is declared forgiven, on account of his faithfulness in keeping to My statutes and decrees. When he fails, he comes to Me and repents. He confesses his mortal failures to My priest before he returns to receive communion again. And he never gives up in his quest to comply with all My laws, My statutes, and My decrees. For he was not made for My law; rather, My law was made for him and for all Mankind so that they might be saved. For My Law is not a set of arbitrarily defined rules that have no basis. All of them are essential for attaining spiritual life. And the one who fails in even just one of them and does not repent will die.

Therefore, I have saved Eric. And Eric will live. And Eric will go to heaven when he dies. What about purgatory, O’ Lord? Does not Eric pass through that chasm of fire before he enters into his heavenly reward? Any purgatory Eric would have spent there has been paid for by his many acts of mercy. For I tell you truthfully, giving alms covers a multitude of sins (Tobit 12:8-10). Therefore, I tell you truthfully, whatever Eric would have suffered in purgatory for his great sins, he has paid for by a life of penance, good works, and charity. In fact, Eric used to do good deeds out of acts in reparations for past sins to Me. No longer do I require this of him, for his past sins are paid for. He, therefore, is declared clean. And I do not count his past sins against him. And what about the lingering consequences to his past sins, you ask? All Mankind must deal with such issues, but realize that having to deal with this does not mean I Am against thee. Rather, it is you doing your part in bearing with Me the cross. For the cross cannot be escaped until a man exits this life to enter into his eternity.

Therefore, I judge Eric to be innocent. And he shall thus be saved at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020 when I take him away from this world to go to his heavenly reward. Now, let us discuss his former girlfriend, Hyacinth, whom We in heaven call Cassandra. Yes, it is true that Cassandra has not given up on having an earthly life and marriage with Eric. And it is true that Eric does not reject her. But at the same time, no sins have ever passed between them in the flesh. Now, how shall I judge Hyacinth, whom We in heaven call Cassandra, you ask? I tell you truthfully, Cassandra is the only woman known to date who has not rejected the teachings of Eric. And therefore, We have no condemnation to say against her.

But what of her rejection of the prophecy that she dies a few hours after Eric dies on the same day? Eric has told her these words: Let’s wait and see who is right. It is not a sin to not trust the private revelations one hears from another. Therefore, Caesar Sandra Nikee shall come to her end, and when that end comes she shall see Me. And I will be most pleased with her. For she alone among humankind has embraced the Words I have spoken through Eric. Now, she does not believe all of it. And that is good, for not all of it is from Me. But that she remains with My servant Eric to the End, faithfully following Catholicism, which she was led to by Eric, My servant, completes her journey. And any purgatory she must spend time in will transpire within hours of her departure from this world.

And why must she die so soon after Eric passes away, you ask? It was part of her predestination to be this companion to the Larimar King, and then to depart from this world soon after he departs, on the same day, for her life mission will be then complete. And that life mission was to serve and remain with My servant, the Larimar King, to the very end. Amen. Therefore, she too is saved. And she will spend all eternity in the company of Eric, her eternal friend in heaven.

Now, why is she not the eternal soulmate to Eric? Why did Eric become eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, who lived over 17 centuries ago, O’ Lord and Savior? The assignments of soulmates is one of the mysteries of predestination. And I do not reveal here whether Cassandra has a similar predestined fate as Eric does. But the mysteries of predestination are beyond explanation and can only be understood fully by the one who receives the gifts and graces of it. And even then, such souls will gaze upon these mysteries for all eternity, contemplating their truths and coming to new knowledge of these things for all eternity. For I, the Lord, Am infinite. And no one can know Me fully, though he may gaze upon My Beatific Vision for all eternity, and forever and ever.

Now, let us at last focus on Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Her later name is understood as Saint Katherine. But Katarina was the name that she gave to Eric when it came to be revealed that they were soulmates. How is this to be understood? How does a consecrated virgin, a bride to Jesus, have another soul as her soulmate, you ask? We in heaven have matched certain saints to other saints who are blessed to be given in eternal virgin espousals that are to last forever in heaven. Saint Mary and Saint Joseph were the first such espousal. And now we shall reveal another. After the espousal of Eric to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, the coming successor to Eric, who in these pages is called, Lazurite, who shall serve My people the Jews exclusively, he is to be eternally espoused to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, a saint who paralleled the life of Saint Katarina, and who died by martyrdom some 15 years after the martyrdom of Saint Katarina, and for similar reasons: the refusal to marry the reigning emperor, preferring her marriage to Christ Jesus, and the virginity required by that marriage to remain in My state of grace.

Now, why did We choose Saint Katarina of Alexandria as soulmate for Eric, and not some more well known saint, someone asks? Be blessed that Saint Katarina is known at all, I say. For many, I tell you, are the hidden saints about which history has left no record of. And certainly, of Saint Dorothea who came after Katarina, there is even less known about. But let this knowledge suffice. These two saints truly existed, and both lived in Alexandria, and both were literate, educated, and associated with the famous library there. And the records of them are the only surviving records of the soulmates who are to be joined to My two prophets, Larimar and Lazurite. And it was by divine providence that some record of these two saints was to be left for Eric and Lazurite to know about, rather than to require that they both acquire all such knowledge by spiritual means.

And will all four of these saints serve You, O’ Majestic One, in Your eternal Library, where their communal tasks will be to write out all the unwritten books mentioned in John 21:25 for all eternity? Precisely, Lord Larimar. And now We shall conclude this post with this thought. The ability to write and the ability to translate are two gifts that I give liberally to many saints. But solely to Eric do I give the gift to write My Word as I speak it to him in the English language. This is a singular gift I have given him. And to no other prophet do I or will I give it. To Lazurite will be given a similar gift, but his gift will be for the Hebrew language. And after I have written through him in full, I will take him away, as I will have taken Larimar away. After they have gone, holy translators will be needed. And I will commission a series of new translators, who like the 72 ancient translators who first translated My Hebrew Torah into Greek, which was called the Septuagint, to translate these new works to new vernacular languages. And like those ancient 72, these new translators shall also be called inspired, and they shall translate My Word as I decree it to be translated. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, one last thing I shall say, in regards to Eric, My servant. Though Eric has sinned and is forgiven, sin is never permissible and sin is never OK to do. But if you are penitent and humbly approach My sacrament of penance, your repentance will save you and I will hear your confession and you shall be forgiven by the priest’s administration of the sacrament, which I set up for the express purpose by which My servants may know that they are forgiven. Therefore, do not fear the confessional, but embrace it. For deadly is unrepented mortal sin. And those who keep that on their conscience, and who do not bring it to My priest for it to be forgiven, neither shall I forgive that soul on the Day of Judgement when all are resurrected at the end of time to be judged. Now, go, Eric, and publish this post. Four more posts after this will you publish before I take you away. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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