I Who Am have come to warn America of coming woe

Behold, I Am coming in the clouds, and every eye will see Me!

Behold, Eric is leaving these shores. And when he is gone, fiery hail and God’s fury will rain down upon this land. For the pillar who held back the Wrath of God will have been taken away. And no one will then stand between you and the mighty war hammer of the Lord God Almighty. And He will deal a death blow to your nation. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And so, now you ask, to where should we flee? For is not all of the United States once more in the Kingdom of Larimar? And so it is. So, where do you flee to? Let us consult with the Lord. Lord, where should your faithful flee to to avoid your destructive wrath when Eric is taken away at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020? Tell us, Lord, so that your people know what they must do so that they may now prepare for the upcoming onslaught, which will be far greater than a woman scorned.

Eric, I will announce certain secret safe havens where My people will be able to flee to to weather My wrathful storm. And it will not require great expenditures of wealth, nor ownership of a car to make it to these safe havens. And to whom shall you reveal the locations of these safe havens, O’ Master? You, Eric, do not need to know this knowledge, for you are the one being taken away. I have My other prophets and those in authority who listen to Me. I will reveal to them where they are to go when the time for them to flee has come.

Just realize that those who are to die shall die. Those who are to be slain with the sword will be slain with the sword. And those who are to go into captivity shall go into captivity (Revelation 13:10). Such is the faithful endurance that is called for on the part of the saints. But for those I have chosen to spare from this coming wrath I will provide secret shelters and secret provisions, so that they can be among those who I have elected to keep safe from the coming time of trial that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth (Revelation 3:10).

So I will provide the knowledge that My people are to know when they need to know it. And realize this. I will never forsake My people. But at the same time, I require My people never to forsake Me. For anyone who worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on forehead or hand, he will also drink the wine of God’s fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb. The smoke of the fire that torments them will rise forever and ever, and there will be no relief day or night for those who worship the beast or its image or who accept the mark of its name (Revelation 14:9-11).

Now, Eric, I will speak to you about your soulmate relationship to Katarina of Alexandria. That this relationship exists is true. That it is eternal is also true. And that you two shall never be parted, once joined in heaven, is also true. Now, you ask, why are such arrangements not detailed in the Holy Scriptures? I will now tell thee. What is written in My holy Word is to guide you to all Truth. It does not contain all Truth, but only the Word that leads you to it. And so, we see the relationship between Joseph and Mary, and it is known that they both remained virgins forever. How is this known, for scripture does not reveal this? Just as Scripture incompletely defines the eternal virgin state of the holy couple through whom Jesus came into the world and who served as his parents, so also do the scriptures not speak of the divine nature of heavenly espousals between two elected virgin soulmates. And I, the Lord, Am not bound to My Holy Scriptures. Remember the Words of John, My Apostle: There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written (John 21:25).

It is to write these unwritten books mentioned in John 21:25 that will be the eternal tasks of Eric and Katarina in the eternal Library where they will be forever stationed together. And in what language shall these holy books be written in, O’ Lord? I will speak My holy Word to Eric, and he will write it in both human tongue and angelic tongue. The works written in human tongue he will provide for My people on earth. And the works written in angelic tongue will serve the people in heaven.

Then, O’ Lord, is Eric to be some sort of resurrected saint, living both among humans on earth and also among humanity in heaven? That My people will continue to live on the earth beyond My First Resurrection is a fact. And for millions of years shall My people live and reproduce here in this world. But they will need guidance. Eric will be there among them to guide them. And all My elect who partake in the First Resurrection will be serving Me as My eternal royal priesthood on the earth, doing exactly as I command them to. They will be on earth and also in heaven. They will see My Beatific Vision, but also perceive My people on the earth and interact with them. They will be known as holy ones, those who cannot be touched. But what takes place in their spiritual interior will remain a mystery to My mortal inhabitants on the earth, those to whom it is granted to live, reproduce, and die, and return to the dust from which they were formed. And when My mortal subjects die in this time of My glory on the earth, that time called the Millennium, but which is in reality a span of millions of years, they will then appear before Me, and I will decide then and there whether they have merited to receive eternal life, or whether they have failed in life and are damned. Those who are to receive eternal life will go to their respective spiritual domains, where they, upon paying all debts in their purgatory, will ascend to their reward in heaven. But no one who dies after the First Resurrection will receive their body back until the vast age of Millennium has passed, and I sit in Judgement of all Mankind at what is called the Last Day and the Last Judgement.

And this First Resurrection will consist of all My elect who received the Sacraments between the moment of My passing on the cross to the moment in which I Am seen coming in the clouds. That group of My elect, and only those of that group, shall reign upon the earth as Resurrected holy ones during the millions of years in which My Kingdom is to be established for that Age called Millennium. My mortal people on the earth will see them, but they will not see Me. For I Am to remain hidden from them until they come before Me to be judged.

And to the mortal men of the earth in that Age, I will grant to live for centuries, up to a thousand years, as do the trees (Isaiah 65:22). For a man who is holy shall be granted to reign with me for a thousand years (Revelation 20:4). And when his life is complete, he shall come to heaven to be with Me and see Me as I Am forever and ever. For a thousand years are as a day to Me, and a day is as a thousand years in My sight (Psalms 90:4). And it shall no longer be the curse of Adam that Man is to die before the passing of his day (Genesis 2:17).

Now, let us speak about Hyacinth, the girl to whom Eric has given many good things. It would have been Our will that Eric marry Hyacinth were he to remain in this world and live a man’s life. But he is to live as an eternal man, as was John, My Apostle. And thus, he is granted an eternal spouse, and not a temporal spouse. For a man cannot have both.

Lord, will the mortals of the Age of Millennium be granted the possibility of having an eternal spouse, that is, to be married as Eric is to Saint Katarina of Alexandria as her eternal soulmate? None of them will be granted the graces by which that would be possible. And all of them shall elect to marry in this world. None of them will be celibate like My priesthood, for celibacy is a thing that exists only in the Church Age. And only those who live in the Church Age are called to that life sacrifice. The people who lived before the Church were granted to marry and were rarely called to celibate life. So also shall it be the case for those who live on the earth after I Am seen coming in the clouds. For those who became Mine and entered My Church between the time the door was opened and the time that the door is closed will be of the holiest station and granted the greatest and holiest rewards. Those who entered by My descent into hades, were granted the rewards of having served me in anticipation of My arrival into the world. And those who shall enter in after the conclusion of the sealing of membership in My Holy Church will be those who people My Kingdom but who never reign. Instead, their place is that of the flock. And they will partake in My Kingdom as members of My body but not as its heads. For the head is born before the body.

Now, Lord, the time is now short. Eric has about 5 days and 17 hours left to live. And he is to have 77 posts published in his work, Emeralogy.com, before he passes away. This post will be the 72nd. Hence, 5 more after this are to be published before Eric is taken away. Tell me of Eric’s passing. Will it be by death or by rapture, O’ Lord? Eric will die. There will be no rapture at his death. But within the same day, in Nigeria, Caesar Sandra Nikee, to whom Eric has given the name Hyacinth, and to whom We in heaven have given the name, Cassandra, will in fact be taken away as well. Both of these souls will arrive in heaven on the same day. First Eric, followed shortly later by Cassandra. Now, what shall be their fate in heaven, you ask? I will immediately station Eric with Katarina of Alexandria to be with her for all eternity in their place as rulers of the Library of Heaven. And Cassandra will be placed with My Holy Mother to reign with her as someone who was taught by the Larimar King. For the Holy Virgin highly covets all such women.

And what becomes of Eric’s biological mother and the rest of his family on the earth, O’ Lord and Master? As you know, Eric’s biological mother is My permanent enemy and has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and been eternally damned while still alive in this world. Such people are among the most accursed and most condemned of all souls who die. Hence, her fate is eternal damnation. And that can never change.

As for Eric’s older brother, David, this man has sinned against Me worse than the sins of Sam Kinison, whom he admires. Sam Kinison repented in his final hours. He I saved. David will not be granted such an opportunity. Instead, David’s fate is to be destroyed while in this life. And in great torture, he is to leave this earth while uttering blasphemies in My name. He will then go to hell where he will do battle with serpents and demons and be utterly consumed by them, and yet remain intact and fit to be eternally tortured and tormented in those fires, which he will sentenced to suffer for all eternity.

After your mother sees your brother David die, she will die shortly after. For she cannot remain in this world to experience any joys or happiness here while two of her sons have thus died.

As for Mark, your younger brother, I will grant an extension of life to him, on account of his seeking Me in the Christian community to which he belongs. He is not yet returned to My Catholic Church. But should he return, he will find Me, and I will forgive him of his transgressions and his adulteries and fornications. But I will take away that women he calls his wife, but who is not his wife in the eyes of My Church. She will be taken away from him so that he can gaze upon Me and be converted. If Mark comes back to Me, he will be the only member of Eric’s family that I will save other than Eric himself.

Now, let us consider Eric’s father. This man is a lukewarm person. Therefore, I can do nothing with him and nothing for him. He cannot be brought back to Me. And his decision to abandon Me has been noted and recorded. And already the dementia has begun in his brain. And when that happens, it becomes no longer possible for those who are outside by their own choice to see their mistakes and enter back in. But I will leave him alive in this world for some years to come. And Mark will live there, in that house with his father, for years to come. Amen.

And what becomes of the United States of America? And also of Russia? And of Europe as well, O’ Lord and Master? With you gone, O’ Larimar King, there shall be war, destruction, desolation, and death to befall the whole world. Many shall be persecuted, and the Catholic Church will be forced underground throughout most of the world. And with the Catholic Church underground, in its place will be set up the horrible, desolating abomination. And all who gaze upon it who do not belong to Me will bow down and worship it, all those whose names were not written in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain, from the foundation of the earth (Revelation 13:8).

Hence, expect nation to turn against nation, and Kingdom to turn against Kingdom. And in any family of five, expect there to be war, two against three. And let it be understood this, I came into this world not to bring peace, but holy war (Matthew 10:34-36), wrath, conflict, and destruction. But those who do My will shall triumph. And those who learn to not live by the sword shall not die by it (Matthew 26:52).

Now, what last minute instructions shall I give My people through Eric, My servant? I will tell them this. Eric succeeds because he is not concerned with the needs of his flesh or the needs of his finances. Instead, he focuses entirely on serving Me, and trusts in Me to handle all the rest. You must do likewise if you are to merit to rise to be of his level in the Kingdom of Heaven. And there is still time. There are still slots to fill, thrones to be granted, among the places to be occupied by future souls deemed worthy to be numbered among My elect. And do not be discouraged. Eric’s former girlfriend, whom We in heaven call Cassandra, and whom We have saved, many times doubted that We in heaven loved her. But she had this in her favor. She never gave up on Us in heaven, and thereby We remained in her and We guided her to victory. She is now, hence, among My elect on earth. And she will be brought to My Kingdom on the same day that I take Eric away.

Now, as a closing thought I will say this. Eric did not come into this world already saved, but under the condemnation of Original Sin. And though he was baptized as an infant, he did not find salvation until well into his adult life. For all of his childhood, he lived outside My Catholic Church and knew it not. Instead, I drew him to Me as he progressed in his life. And he made the decisions in his life that led him to eventually see Me as I Am. That I saved Eric is one of the most profound mysteries of the Kingdom. How was he predestined to enter in? And when were the decisions of his predestination made? All of these mysteries will the elect contemplate for all eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven while they gaze upon Me, their Sovereign Lord. Now, Eric, publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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