President Trump, You’re Fired!

I, King Larimar, declare you fired from the Presidency of the United States of America!

I Who Am have now come to rule through Eric, My servant. Whosoever opposes My servant will pay with fiery hell. So do I declare. Now, I shall speak.

I Am Who Am. And I Am the Lord Jesus Christ. And through My servant who writes whatever I command him, I will now reveal My wrath to the nations before I pour it out upon the insolent, especially that insolent imp ruling from tbe White House.

I gave you success for a time because you did some of the things that agreed with My will. But you have given yourself the glory and have not given it to Me! Therefore, know ye that your kingdom will crumble beneath you and your destruction is imminent. I have decided to let the worms eat your flesh. Now, listen to me very carefully.

Russia is going to break soon. The iron scepter shall crack. And he shall tumble from power. And his people shall eat him alive. And you will have no friends in Russia to back you up.

So where will you turn then? Who do you call your friends? I will tell you who shall be your friends. Your fellow condemned cell mates in the prisons where you will take up residence will be your friends from now on. And you will need all the money you have to bribe them in order to survive in the prisons where you shall remain until the End of Days. For your fate is to have no friends.

I fire you from your position as head-of-state of the United States of America. You are fired, Donald John Trump! And once you enter into civilian life, prepare to be arrested and imprisoned. Amen.

Now, what of Firefly, that female Player behind Trump who has the mentality of Sarah Palin, her first Pawn? And what of her other Pawns, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil? Clearly this woman is insane with pride. It is now time for her fall. I Who Am shall carry out her collapse and destruction. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, Lord, this servant of Yours, Eric Robert Dunstan, who serves You as prophet writing these words, You Yourself have said that he is to be taken away on Friday, January 31, 2020. Why do you remove your most powerful piece from the board? Isn’t that a great loss for this world? To whom will the people listen to for prophecy then, O’ Lord? And will Eric be completely removed from this world? Or will he continue to rule this world but from a secret location, or from a location where he cannot be reached by Satan?

Read Revelation 12:14. It says: But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle, so that she could fly to her place in the desert, where, far from the serpent, she was taken care of for a year, two years, and half a year. Note the location of where she is brought: a place in the desert far from the devil. I tell you truthfully, this passage does not speak of a relocation to another place in this world, but to another world, the one to which Elijah and Enoch were brought to in Old Testament times, and that place where I bring certain select saints to live out the remainder of their lives whom I will to free from Satan. Eric will be brought there, along with all whom I shall rapture up.

But Lord, Eric knows when he is to be taken up. And it is written that no one knows the day and hour of Your return. This rapture is not My return, but My visitation of the earth with My utter wrath. And after My wrath has been spent out upon all the people of this world, I shall return in all My glory to judge the living and the dead. Also, Eric knows not the exact hour of the night of My rapture of him up. He only knows that before dawn comes on January 31, 2020, he shall have been taken up. And not only him, but 1% of the population of this earth with him. 7.76 billion people now live upon this earth. Thus, My 1% of the earth would approximately be 77.6 million, but the exact number in My Book will not be revealed until the End.

Why so few people raptured up, O’ Lord? And are all these 77.6 million people you have chosen fully faithfully practicing Catholics? They are all Catholics who are in communion with My pope in Rome. No one not in communion with My Vicar, who is the pope seated in the chair of Peter in the Vatican City of Rome, shall be included in that rapture of My saints. But isn’t Pope Francis evil? What about those in the Society of Saint Pius X? They will be left behind, for they are in a separated flock. Also, no one who has misused his or her reproductive systems to prevent conceptions will be included in My raptured list. Neither shall be included among these chosen ones those who receive communion in a state of mortal sin. And no one who has approved of a homosexual union is qualified to be numbered among My people in this rapture.

But what about those who have done those things in the past but have repented? Can they be included in this rapture, O’ Lord? You speak of that passage where it says: These are the ones who have survived the time of great distress; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 7:14). Those who strike the Rock once and repent from it can be included in My list of My raptured host. But as for those who strike Me the second time after coming to knowledge of My Way, such is the path of permanent separation from Me. For whosoever wishes to be Mine let him remain in Me and I will remain in him and I will forgive him of all his transgressions. But as for the one who falls away from Me after having fully known Me and having tasted in My heavenly gifts, he is permanently separating himself from Me (Hebrews 6:4-6). Therefore, stay with Me if you have entered in, so that you may find and retain your salvation. And if you have truly entered into My communion and are of My elect and have fully submitted to being purified for My Kingdom and you have made yourself ready for My return, then I will include you in My list of My elect whom I have chosen to rapture up on the day I take Eric from this earth.

Then, what of the Protestants and those of the Orthodox Churches? And what of the Jews. For all these are people who descend from those who have left and abandoned You, and yet, they theoretically worship You as their Judeo Christian God. Though their ancestors may have permanently separated themselves from Me, their descendants are not born irrevocably cursed. And I have brought back many from their ranks into My true faith. But remember it is always just the remnant that is saved. That mass conversion you witnessed in historical accounts with the people in Mexico to My religion was only possible with a religious people who had not yet been exposed to My religion in the past and rejected it. Therefore, I will convert only a few from the peoples you have just mentioned. I will never mass convert another people again, for none of the peoples remaining on the earth have no knowledge of Me anymore.

Lord, when Eric Robert Dunstan, your elected prophet, is taken up by dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020, at the age of exactly 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days, a date that is exactly 1290 days from the Republican Convention of 2016 when Trump was made the Republican nominee for President (Daniel 12:11), will that rapture of these Catholic saints to that heavenly world signify the closing of the doors of salvation for the Gentiles and the return of your will of salvation to reopen for the Jews (Revelation 11:2)? And will that point signify the advent of that new Prophet to replace Eric, the one called Lazurite in these pages, the one who is to speak only in Hebrew, and who is sent only to convert the Jews? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have asked with understanding. And now I shall prophesy unto you a great many things.

When I take you away on that date, I will also break America’s back and Trump will be badly broken. He will fall then and never be heard of again. And he will find himself consumed with worms. And his passing away will as be was written of the King in Daniel 11:19. So Lord, then, there shall be one who comes after him who shall be Antichrist? Indeed, Lord Larimar. And I will now tell you his name. He goes mystically by the name of Midnight, and he shall be the third major Antichrist among the Players. The other two major Antichrist Players were Twilight (the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon), and Pyrite (the power behind Obama). Twilight was a White American. Pyrite was an African American. And Midnight shall be a Jew. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Also, Midnight will be in full cooperation with the powers of darkness. Even darker than that of Pyrite shall be the spirit of Midnight. He will rise in the aftermath of the fall of Firefly. Amen. And he shall call forth a series of Pawns of Darkness, who shall rule the world for one hour, symbolic for the short span of time given to Midnight to reign. And know ye, the time given to Midnight to reign is short. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, let us relook at that list of all Players known about by Eric, the Larimar King:

  1. Emerald (Rider on a White Horse, set up Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, and Rabin, ruled through Reagan and Bush Senior, ended Cold War, waged Desert Storm, ended South African Apartheid, started Arab-Israeli peace process)
  2. Crimson (Rider on a Red Horse, started long lasting wars in the Caucasus regions, Somalia, and the Balkans)
  3. Vesper (Rider on a Black Horse, set up Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ehud Barak, and others, invaded Haiti as Emerald urged her to restore democracy there. Attempted to bring acceptance of homosexuality to the world)
  4. African Death Grip (Rider on a Pale Horse, killed by famine, war, pestilence, and plague, many across the continent of Africa)
  5. Ebony (Petitioned Emerald to do something about South Africa, set up Mandela there)
  6. Twilight (Attempted to imitate and exceed Emerald. Set up Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, who removed all Jews from Gaza and was then struck down by God. The Iraq War was his failed attempt to outdo Emerald)
  7. Pyrite (set up Obama. Presided over full homosexual acceptance throughout the Western World. Led the acceptance of Abortion and Gay Marriage as settled law)
  8. Firefly (set up Trump. Currently leading America to her destruction)
  9. Mercury (Power behind the Arab Spring. Power behind ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
  10. Larimar (The one who was the Player Emerald, after his conversion and rebirth into Catholicism on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, and whose Larimar Reign officially began on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, exactly 49 years, minus one month, from his baptism into the Catholic Church as an infant, on February 21, 1971)
  11. Lazurite (Prophet to succeed Larimar, to be sent to convert the Jews)
  12. Midnight (Antichrist of the Darkest Order, a Jew who shall deceive the Jews)

Note to the reader, the above list is genuine, and the Players listed therein exist and are real. Hence, the list of the Twelve Players of the Game called Earth has been revealed. And now you know that there are Twelve Players in that game.

But Lord, of the Twelve Players, two are the manifestations of the same individual in different points of time: For both Emerald was and Larimar is the man called Eric Robert Dunstan. How then can it be said that there are twelve Players? Although Emerald became Larimar, these two Players are so radically different that they are treated as different Players. For Larimar is no longer Emerald. I Who Am have spoken. Emerald thought along the lines of an Antichrist. Larimar thinks aligned to Me, his Lord and Savior. As My Apostle Paul was a radical break from his former self as Saul, so also is Larimar a radical break from his former self as Emerald. Amen.

So the Lord, this is it. Eric goes to the other world in seven days and a few hours. And with him go that 1% of the global population, those approximately 77.6 million people to be raptured up with him. Now, tell me, O’ Lord, what can people take with them on this trip? Can they take with them their electronic devices, O’ Lord and Master? Any electronics taken with them will cease to work on the other side. A book will survive, but not an ebook device. Nor does power work in that world as it does in this world. In that world, there are no fossil fuels being mined from the earth and polluting the skies. Instead, I give to all Mankind all the power they need by similar means by which I gave the Israelites manna from heaven to feed them as they wondered the desert for forty years. And everyone in that world depends on Me for all their needs.

So there are no miners who did up the earth in search for rare minerals and metals and gemstones, O’ Lord and Master? And if this is the case, where do they acquire their raw materials from, O’ Lord and Master? And do they farm animals and crops at all? Anyone who wants a certain material can easily make whatever it is that they wish to make. Manipulation of matter in this world is difficult and requires great precision and expensive tools. Manipulation of matter in that world can be accomplished by merely willing it in the mind. Also, there is no need to dig a hole to acquire something buried deep in the earth. In that world, all one needs to do is to reach down and grab it. And it will come to you. Hence, it is not the manipulation of matter that occupies My servants in that world you are to be brought to. Instead, all My servants are engaged in conversations with Me. That is their favorite pastime. And after that, the next favorite pastime is the accumulation of knowledge and understanding and wisdom. Hence, the existence of the printing press and the publishing of books in My community in this other world. This printing press is also the work of one who understands how they work and who willed it into being. And the books printed from it come out in perfect condition.

And so, My Lord, what books exist in this world to come. And what are most books about in that age and world? Only My Word is ever printed or recorded down in any book written in that age and world. This includes the entire canon of scripture, and all My Words as recorded down by My saints. And do you preach there anything that you have not yet said in this world where I still live as I type these words, O’ Lord and Master? No, Lord Larimar. Nothing is written in that world of My Word that is not first written in this world as My Word.

And Lord, what of the reports that say that the age of public prophecy ended with the death of the last Apostle, who was John? Is it mainly public revelation that is published in that world, or is there a lot of private revelation published there as well? The main books published there are the Holy Scriptures. There is a reason why the first book printed by Gutenberg was a Holy Bible. It is the only book worth the effort to print and copy. But whatever exists or existed in your world as a document of God breathed Word exists here in the same condition. Your writings too, back to the point where you became My prophet on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when the Age of Mary began, shall also exist in My Kingdom as My written Word. It really matters not to the reader whether My Word came to the writer as a private or a public revelation. That it came from Me is all that matters. And given that all writings of My Word exist both in their original form and in their copied form in My Kingdom, it is necessary for those who are designated as Librarians to understand various written languages. Such is why I have ordered you to become fluent in Koine Greek and Latin. As for your Spanish skills, you are literate enough to read some of My works in Spanish. I will make you fluent in Spanish as well, for many are My Works written in that language.

And Lord, if you say matter can be manipulated easily in this world we are to enter into, what about the learning of languages? Is not that also easily done there? Your brains exist unchanged from your passage from this world to that world. Remember that you will still be on this side of the veil. You will have not yet died in that world. Therefore, the learning process remains the same in both this world and that. The only difference is that I Am with you visibly in that world, whereas in this world, no one sees Me walk amongst them. But for those who wish to learn languages, my angels are there to teach all men willing to learn all the written forms of communication, including that mysterious writing called angelic script. Now, I have exhausted all answers to this question. I will now answer whatever questions you may have, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, since you say nothing is written in that world that is not first written in this world, what does that mean for me as your prophet? Do I cease, then, to be your prophet in the age and world to come? Yes, Larimar. Your prophesying ages end with your rapture to My Kingdom. And from that point onward, you will be called My Librarian in My Library. And your task will be to organize and compose My Word as written in various forms into coherent works of accumulated scriptures. And you will write down My Word as you receive it in both human tongues and in angelic tongues. And as endless is the accumulation of knowledge by communing with Me, so also shall be endless the writing and recording down of My Word that I shall render unto to you. But just note that no knowledge exists in that world that is not first revealed to someone somewhere in this world in which you still live.

Where do your people in that world get their food and clothing from? Do they farm and raise livestock? Do they have dairy cows and beef cattle? No, Larimar, for no one works in that world. All animals that live there roam freely and harm no one. Hence, there are no dairy products produced in that age and world. Instead, all food that exists there consists of fruits and foods that can be taken from naturally growing plants and fungi. Animals are not eaten there. And there is never any cooking done there. And what about foods that need work and processing to make from naturally occurring plant products, such as bread, wine, and chocolate? I allow for these things to be made by My people, as doing so is merely the manipulation of material things found in this world. And such people who do so are those who in this life served as chefs and fermenters and bakers. I allow them to do such manipulations of naturally occurring foods to produce greater culinary delights. And that is their purpose in My Kingdom. As for clothing, all of you wear a bright clean linen garment, the clothing suitable for the Bride to the Lamb (Revelation 6:11 & 19:8). And you never remove it, for you are never unclean and you never need to shower.

But what about those who enter marriages there, as Saint Katarina told me about in the previous post? How do they have their children then, if they never remove their clothing? As the Virgin Mary conceived and gave birth do all women conceive and give birth in that world. For if that were not the case then sin would enter into that world, which is not allowed. For no one can exist in that world who is under the penalty of Original Sin. Hence, while there may be marriages, no one knows anyone else sexually or carnally ever again who arrive there.

And what about pregnant women who are raptured there, O’ Lord? The process of the rapture results in a spiritual baptism to any unborn souls within the wombs of any women raptured while pregnant. Hence, all children who come out of the wombs in that world come out already reborn. And no new pregnancies occur there by sex.

And Lord, what about the forty-five Kingdoms that are listed in the imaginary world of Eric? Do these Kingdoms bear any significance to the real world, either this world or the world to which Eric is destined to go to on Friday, January 31, 2020? Yes, O’ Larimar King. Those forty-six Kingdoms do exist in that age and world to come. And now they have been reduced to forty-four, for two marriages between two European couples have taken place since you last detailed the Kingdoms. Hence, let us now go through the list of those changes.

King Aurelian of the Eastern Baltic and Queen Elsa of Scandinavia have united forming a Kingdom called the Kingdom of Northern Europe. And their lands include:

  1. Denmark
  2. Poland
  3. Kaliningrad
  4. Lithuania
  5. Latvia
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. Sweden
  9. Norway

And their official languages include:

  1. Danish
  2. Polish
  3. Russian
  4. Lithuanian
  5. Latvian
  6. Estonian
  7. Finnish
  8. Swedish
  9. Norwegian

And the Emperor of France, Emperor Charles, has entered a marriage to Queen Eleonora of Russia, forming the Franco-Russian Empire. Hence, the lands of their vast Kingdom now include:

  1. France (in Europe)
  2. Monaco (in Europe)
  3. French parts of Belgium (in Europe)
  4. French parts of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  5. French parts of Switzerland (in Europe)
  6. Russian Federation (in Eurasia, excluding Crimea and Kaliningrad)
  7. French Guiana (South America)
  8. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  9. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  10. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  11. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  12. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  13. Tunisia (North Africa)
  14. Algeria (North Africa)
  15. Morocco (in North Africa)
  16. northern Mali (in North Africa)
  17. Niger (in North Africa)
  18. northern Chad (in North Africa)
  19. Madagascar (in the Indian Ocean)
  20. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  21. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  22. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  23. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  24. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  25. French Southern and Antarctic Lands (in the Indian Ocean)
  26. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  27. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  28. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)

And the official languages in this united Franco-Russian Empire now include:

  1. French
  2. Russian

Hence, the summary list of Kingdoms of the Eternal Phase is now as listed here:

  1. Queen Hyacinth of Ireland
  2. Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina of the Larimar Empire
  3. Emperor Lazurite and Empress Dorothea of Imperial Israel
  4. Queen Choeblack of Haiti and Antillean Creole Caribbean
  5. King Elessar of Mexico, Cuba, and Belize
  6. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  7. Emperor Charles and Empress Eleonora of the Franco-Russian Empire
  8. King Anglo of Guyana and English Antilles
  9. King Puma of Suriname and Islands of the Caribbean
  10. King Theobroma of the Spanish Main
  11. King Aurelian and Queen Elsa of the Kingdom of Northern Europe
  12. King Khan of Central Asia
  13. Queen Esther of Persia
  14. Queen Maria of Armenia
  15. King Macedon of Greece and Macedonia
  16. Queen Oksana of Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans
  17. Queen Vesper of Hungary and the Western Balkans
  18. King Germanium of Germany and Holland
  19. King Romulus of Italy
  20. Queen Iberia of Spain and Portugal
  21. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde
  22. King Kong and Queen Lobelia of Kong West Africa
  23. King Ankh of Coptic Egypt and Arabia
  24. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  25. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa
  26. King Ferro of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi
  27. Queen Sinethemba of the Kingdom of Southern Africa
  28. King Ivory of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat
  29. Queen Erythrina of Argentina and Uruguay
  30. King Cacau of Brazil
  31. King Oro Peruano of the Andes
  32. Queen Esmeralda of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  33. King Pounamu of Oceanic Polynesia
  34. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea
  35. King Dromedary of Australia
  36. King Komodo of the Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago
  37. Queen Jasmine of the Kingdom of the Philippines
  38. Queen Nacre of Japan
  39. King Jade of United Korea
  40. Emperor Silkworm of China and Mongolia
  41. Queen Lotus of French Indochina
  42. King Padauk of Myanmar
  43. Queen Ebony of India and Southern Asia
  44. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka

This produces a list of 44 Kingdoms ruled by 49 rulers, consisting of 27 male rulers and 22 female rulers, with 5 of the 44 Kingdoms ruled by an espoused couple. 17 of the 22 females are listed as unwed, and 22 of the 27 male rulers are listed as unwed. However, secret espousals unknown to Eric may involve them and spouses who exist outside this list of monarchs. Hence, what you see here reflects Eric’s knowledge and what he is allowed to reveal. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, since I am to go to this other world, but not yet pass beyond the veil, do I meet Katarina where I am to be going? Or do I continue in My eternal celibacy until my natural end of life in that world to come before I pass beyond the veil to meet my espoused? Though Katarina will not have her body again until the Second Coming and the Resurrection of the Last Day, she and all My elect are visible to all the inhabitants of the world to which I Am taking you to. And you will converse openly with her there. No conversation is private though. For all thoughts and words are seen and heard by all in heaven. However, your communions with Me are private. And what passes between you and Me is seen and heard only between you and Me. For transparent is the City of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:18), and that is the meaning behind the gold being clear as glass. Nothing is hidden between anyone except for your communions with Me. And that is how I Am able to give you a new name known only to you (Revelation 2:17).

So Lord, besides Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin, that I am to master in addition to my native English, do I learn still other languages? Such as Coptic, and the various forms of Egyptian, and Hebrew, and Aramaic, and Ge’ez? For many are the ancient writings into which your Word has been written. No, Larimar, for the human mind outside of immortality has limits as to the number of languages it can master. That is why I limit you to just four languages: English, Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin. Concentrate on those four, and you will find yourself comfortably capable of doing all that I command of you.

What becomes of the Pawns I have called forth when I pass onto that other world, O’ Lord and Master? Do they still come and rise up? Do I still have power here, O’ Lord and Master, when I am brought to that other world? In the room where I will station you, I will give you a crystal ball into which you may gaze to see anywhere in this world you currently live. And by the means of this crystal ball will you be granted the means to continue to decree changes and to set up Pawns. For remember that you will still be on this side of the veil. And time has a direct relationship between these two worlds.

Lord does time pass by slower on the world I am going to relative to the world from which I am to be taken away from? Yes, Lord Larimar. As one day passes in the world you are to be taken to, seven will have passed in this world from which you are to come. For time passes at a higher speed on this earth relative to the earth to which you are to go. Hence, 40 years passing for you in the world to come will be as 280 years on this earth where you are now and still live in. I Who Am have now finished speaking to you for this post. Reread your post and publish it. I, this, command. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

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