I Who Am have made Eric Judge of all Humanity

I have established Eric as Larimar King over all the Earth. And I grant him a forty year reign. He will judge and rule the nations. Like pottery shall he shatter them. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now declare Eric will sit with Jesus and all His elect in Judging all of humanity who resurrect on the last day. Eric is to be given a throne and be seated with Jesus the King. And who will be seated next to this illustrious soul, you ask? I will now tell thee. With Eric will be seated Lazurite, prophet to the Jews. Hence, Larimar and Lazurite will be seated on thrones with Jesus judging all of humanity. But will not that be the case for all of the elect, O’ Lord? Do not all the elect sit with Jesus judging all of humanity on the last day? Only those elect who entered into My Kingdom well before the onset of their final hours do I grant the right to sit with Me on My throne judging all of humanity. But as for Eric and Lazurite, these are given their own thrones. Not all are granted such a gift.

And what about their eternal espoused, Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea respectively? Do not they also sit on thrones? For were they not just as worthy in their lives as the two men to whom they are now joined for all eternity? What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Speak, for your servant is listening. For I can take the Truth. So give it to me. Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea will sit with the Queens on their thrones. For the Queens and the Kings do not sit together. Rather, there are the thrones of the Kings and there are the thrones of the Queens. Queen Mary, Mother of God, is the highest of all the Queens. With her shall be seated all who are to judge with Me all of humanity among the Queens. And certain Queens will be granted their own thrones. Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea will be among those granted their own thrones.

Why this distinction made according to gender in the hereafter, O’ Lord? It is because a King can more easily put himself into the shoes of another man in order to judge his works. And a Queen can more easily put herself into the shoes of another woman in order to judge her works. But men and women think differently, for they are distinctly separate creations. That is why at the Last Judgement, I have a temporary separation between the Judges who are male from the Judges who are female.

So, if Eric is a Judge of all humanity, does he get to decide anyone’s eternal fate, O’ Lord and Master? God is the ultimate decider of all eternal fates of all of humanity. The purpose of the Judges is for God to express His pleasure or displeasure of each individual through the spiritual perspective of all His elect. They serve to express what God wishes to communicate to the ones being judged. But in no way is power granted to these Judges to alter the divinely determined judgements that I, the Lord God, will have made for all humanity upon entering into the Last Day.

Now, speak, Eric, for you have something to say. Lord, I know Your words are right and true. And I have found you to be trustworthy. And by this means, I know that what you say will happen shall happen. And I know that my time, therefore, has come to its end. In just ten days, I will be taken from this world. And I know I would be wrong to ask for more time. But just to reclarify, it is the case, is it not, that I am to come to You into the next world in exactly ten days time? Am I correct or incorrect, O’ Lord? For there are always rumors going around saying I have more time, and some saying I have less time. What saith Thou? Do you confirm what I have said?

Eric, it is good to reclarify all such things from time to time to make sure nothing is changed. For the end of your life is the single most important element of your time. No, you will not be coming to Me on January 31, 2020. For I have made other plans for you.

Have I sinned that you are not taking me away on January 31, 2020? No, Eric, for new developments in your soul allow Me to keep you in this world without fear of losing you to Satan. For I now know you to be truly bonded to My servant Katarina. And I know that you shall not leave her to go to another woman. And so, what is forty years in this world to us in Heaven? It is but an hour of time to us. And so, Lord Belteshazzar, I hereby give you an extension of your life.

I grant to the Larimar King to reign for forty years as King upon this earth. And he will reign over all the world and rule and judge the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. You may make your first edict, O’ Larimar King.

Let Trump be removed from his position as ruler over the United States of America, and let someone worthy of rulership be seated in that position. And let a holy pope come to rule over the Roman Catholic Church to bring all the flock back into correctly following Your Way. And let the institution of gay marriage be realized as the Satanic deception that it is and be rejected and cast down throughout all the world. Let all those Judges and Justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage be removed from the bench, for they are not worthy to remain seated there. Amen.

I will carry out all your Decrees, O’ Lord Larimar. And hence, let it be known that the Larimar Reign has now begun, effective as of today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Amen. And note that today is exactly 49 years, minus one month, to the day from the date of Eric’s baptism as an infant into My Church on February 21, 1971. Oracle of the Lord! Let all glorify and magnify God in the Highest!

Now, speak, Larimar, for you have been granted an audience. My reign as Larimar King will be similar to my reign as Emerald King, except that all My rulings and thoughts will be published here for all to see. Also, when I was Emerald, I was a young and naive man, and I did not then know the Way. Today, I am expert on the Way of the Lord, and I follow Jesus flawlessly. I am well worthy to sit on the throne of Larimar and to rule all God’s people outside of Israel. And I will rule you with justice and with mercy. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. And I shall also reveal through you the one who is to come to rule over the nation of Israel. He will be your brother prophet, Lazurite. And he will be a speaker in Hebrew.

And Lord, what about the cures I am to receive? Do I receive them with the vision I am to have of My eternally espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. When you see her in that vision, know that the time for you to be cured will have come. And also, I will say this. I hereby announce that Eric is to be cured of all things. No medical treatment will he require for the rest of his life in this world. Amen. Though I will allow you to receive immunizations and shots as needed in order to comply with safety requirements of the rulers under which you reign.

And what of my brothers, my parents, and my employment, O’ Lord and God? None of your family belong to Me. Your brother Mark comes the closest, though, due to his profession of Christianity. Hence, I make this ruling. I will allow you to convert your brother Mark. And if he converts, he shall live. Otherwise, he shall die. As for your mother and your brother David, these two must die now. They will die in your place and you shall then live for another forty years on the planet. Amen. For when I choose to spare one man’s life, another must die to take his place among the dead.

But why two people must die, O’ Lord? For I am just one person. I have judged and I have thus ruled that first your brother David shall die. And shortly afterwards, your mother shall pass away. And then your brother Mark will come to live with you and your father, and with you he shall learn the Ways of Catholicism and convert. As for your father, I will grant him many years to come, for he has not spoken against Me or against My name. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, do you have a closing statement to make to this post, O’ Lord and Saviour? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have remained faithful to Me to the End. And hence, I will grant you many years to reign as the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies. Yes, you are that one, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall reveal who Lazurite is. As you know, Lazurite is to be the spiritual ruler over Imperial Israel, which encompasses those lands of Israel given to her by her Lord God. He will preside in the ceremony when Catholic Ethiopia hands back to Israel the Ark of the Covenant. Amen. And then all the world shall see this Ark and rejoice. For it is an Ark made by God, It can never erode or be dissolved back into the dust from which it was made. When you see this sign, know ye that Lazurite will then be reigning. Amen.

And Lord, are we in the End Times now? Or are the End Times just beginning? We are at the beginning of the Reign of the Great Monarch. And this reign is to last for forty years. And then I will take both you and Lazurite away. And I will let My people find Me as they struggle in their final age of darkness before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord comes. And who can stand on that day? (Revelation 6:17).

And Lord, one last question. You mentioned that Ethiopia is destined to become Catholic. What about Russia? Does Russia become Catholic, O’ Lord and God? Make a decree, O’ Larimar King, and I shall decide. I hereby decree for Russia that a ruler worthy, in the likeness of President Boris Yeltsin, come to power over Russia to lead her back into the community of cooperation with all her neighbors and back to full respect of all her neighbors’ established borders. And let this ruler hand back to Ukraine and to Georgia the lands which she has wrongfully taken. Amen. Good, O’ Larimar King. A third Erician Pawn do I now decree to rule over Russia, after Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who were the two Emerald Pawns to rule over those lands. This first Larimar Pawn of Russia shall lead Russia back into cooperation and mutual respect among the community of nations. And she shall indeed mend her fences with all her neighbors under this Pawn ruler. As for the Black Sea fleet of Russia, do not worry about it, for in these days, men shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning forks.

You, Eric, have asked a worthy question in your final statements in this post. Hence, it will be made known and acknowledged that you are the prime fulfillment of all the prophecies of Fatima. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Do you wish to ask another question, O’ Larimar King? For there is still time. Yes, O’ Lord. I have been told that I receive the United States of America back into my possession as one of My eternal lands if I triumph and rid the world of gay marriage. Shall this now take place, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

Gay marriage is hereby decreed Satanic and ended. You have triumphed, O’ Larimar King. And hence, your lands now include all these twelve lands. Now listen, O’ Larimar King to the details of your empire:

The Larimar Empire, ruled over by Emperor Larimar and Empress Katarina (Saint Katarina of Alexandria):

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Alaska (in North America)
  5. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  6. Hawaiian Islands (Central Pacific)
  7. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  8. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  9. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  10. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  11. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  12. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

And your list of official languages remains as these eight:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

Such are your eternal lands, O’ Larimar King. And now your eternal Reign has begun. Welcome to the Larimar Reign. Welcome to the final Age. For this is the Age when all who are to find glory shall come to realize it. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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