Eric dies January 31, 2020, God Decrees

This is how Trump will make America great again.

I Who Am shall now correct the errors of the previous post. It is a matter of Truth, O’ Larimar King, that you die on Friday, January 31, 2020, at dawn, which is now eleven days and six hours away. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoke to Eric, His servant.

Lord, I am sorry for seeming to be seeking to live longer. And I now fully accept My death. In fact, I want to go, to be free of this world and to be with You and with Katarina and with My Virgin Mother Mary and all the saints in heaven forever. Amen.

Eric, by the end of this month, you will know all these things that you have just said. And Lord, how long is my stay in Purgatory? For I know that virtually all saints must pass through that fiery cleansing, even those who were perfected from sins, for there is still something that must be cleansed from them before they can enter the Lord’s presence and be with Him for all eternity. So how long do I stay in purgatory, O’ Lord? I heard earlier that it would only be for a few hours, but that those hours would feel like a month in fiery torment.

Eric, when We the elect take you from this world, you will have achieved that state by which you will not go to purgatory. And already on earth, you feel no pain. Remember when you had that operation to remove that lump from the side of your left cheek? And no cancer was found anywhere in it. Well another crucial fact was that you had no pain. And thus, you did not take the pain medication you were given, for there was no pain. It is not for you to experience pain, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, do I go to work today? Or am I off today? For that is the nature of my job. I get about two to three days of work a week now, and I never know whether I go in to work until it is confirmed at dawn. So what saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Yes, Lord Larimar, you go to work this week. And from this point onward, to the time you are taken up, your job will hold steady. Lord, that time I have left is now a mere eleven days. Everything in my life in this world ends in eleven days and six hours. I have very little time left. That is correct, Lord Larimar. See it this way: You were given an allotted time to accomplish the works God gave you to do. God does not give time in this world for men to enjoy living here and to grow old enjoying their life. No, God gives you time in this world to accomplish His mission. And accomplishing the mission fo God is not about making a name for yourself in this world or of becoming famous. Rather, it is about having done the works God gave you to do.

You have accomplished the works God gave you to do. And you, therefore, have no further purpose to remain here. For does the adult man remain in the classroom where children are taught? This world is meant for spiritual children. But you are a spiritual adult. Your place is not here. And you must be taken away at your appointed time.

So then, since I do in fact die at dawn on the last day of this month, what becomes of President Trump? For the Larimar King cannot have Pawns if he is no longer here to reign? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Correct, Lord Belteshazzar. Not only will you be taken away, but all prophecies that depend on your presence will not be fulfilled.

Hence, I can neither promise success to President Trump nor the rise of a Larimar Pawn to replace him. Rather, I can only prophesy imminent doom coming to this nation and land.

Where, therefore, should men flee to to avoid the imminent destruction you are about to rain down upon this nation, O’ Lord and Master?

And Lord, answer me this question clearly: When you take me away at dawn, Friday, January 31, 2020, will you be taking me to heaven in the next world where I will then reign forever in heaven with Katarina, or will you take me to another location in this world, a place where I am to dwell secret and secure, and from where I am to reign and to rule as Larimar King upon the earth, setting up Pawns and dethroning dictators as I please? Tell me your clear answer, O’ Lord. Speak, My Lord, for your servant is listening.

You do not remain in this world after dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you are to come to heaven and to enter into your eternal reward. For your eternal position must be filled. It cannot remain vacant anymore. And you are necessary to reign by Katarina’s side. For she has attempted to enter into her eternal position with you and Jesus has told her solemnly, “Go call your husband and come back.” (John 4:16). Katarina of Alexandria may be no longer required to wait. You are to come to heaven, therefore. You cannot remain here on earth in any way. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, as to where men and women should go to be safe who would see these words and choose to flee the coming destruction of Babylon the Great (Revelation 18:4), I have these instructions: The lands known as the Larimar Kingdom are safe places to be. If you are living there, stay put. If you are living in the United States of America, flee to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Bermuda, the British Isles, or Latin America and you shall be safe. If you are in Europe, flee either to the British Isles, or to anywhere in Scandinavia. And what about Gibraltar, the Vatican City, Crete, or the islands of the Aegean Sea? For those lands too are of Eric’s eternal Kingdom. Are they safe places to be in the Coming time of wrath, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, My servant. If you are near those places, you may flee there too, and also to anywhere in Africa and the Middle East. And when the wrath comes, do not leave those places until the hour of wrath has been completed. Amen.

Lord, Eric has no lands in nor near South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or Australia. Are those safe places to be or where do people in those lands flee to, O’ Lord and Savior? The Babylon the Great that I Am about to destroy is the large pan Atlantic city that encompasses the United States of America and Europe. I will utterly curse and destroy those nations, with the exception of those nations within Larimar’s Kingdom and the nations of Scandinavia. The United States of America is one notable nation that is now absent from Larimar’s list of lands within his Kingdom. However Hawaii and Puerto Rico, which are a part of that nation, are now defined as within Larimar’s Kingdom, and hence, are safe places to flee to. Also, if you live in Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the islands of the Pacific, do not flee from where you are, for you are safe to remain there. But if you are in an island belonging to Alaska, realize this most important Truth. Russia will elect to occupy Alaska with America in her weakened state. And Putin of Russia will justify his takeover of Alaska by the same argument that he used in justifying his takeover of Crimea from the Ukraine. You have been warned. Soon after occupying Alaska, Russia will annex it.

At the time of this fury from God raining down upon America, the Player Firefly will be completely overwhelmed, and she will not be able to function. And hence, her Pawns will be leaderless and adrift. Leadership will be called for, but neither Firefly nor her Pawns will be able to lead. And hence, in the absence of clear leadership, China, Russia, and North Korea will launch a joint invasion of America, under the pretense of bringing assistance and support to the American people, but in reality they will be taking control of America. And they will not leave their occupation of America after America is able to recover but will instead setup their permanent bases of occupation of the United States of America. And many will be the dead in America. The stench of rotting human flesh will reek throughout all the cities of the continental United States of America.

President Trump will agree to receiving the assistance and support from China, Russia, and North Korea, and these nations will then send their support, with the intentions of taking permanent control of the United States of America. And hence, America will be invaded and taken over and brought to an end without the firing of a single shot, nor dropping nor launching of a single nuclear weapon.

Then, under Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s direction, President Donald John Trump will be replaced by a man more familiar to him, like former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a man who submits to his authority and who is under Putin’s control. And from that point onward, Russia, China, and North Korea will control America. And Kim Jong Un will round up all American men who called him “fat boy” and he will then have them all executed and buried in mass unmarked graves. And there will be no trials nor due process in the executions of American men. There will be no opportunities granted for American men to appeal their ruling. And the Russian, Chinese, and Korean soldiers will be granted their picks of American women for a single night’s pleasure, and then to throw them away when they lose interest in them. And there will be no laws protecting women from these rapes. And Russian President Putin will then seek to root out and put in prison all those who seek to overthrow or subvert his rule. And many will be imprisoned, without trial or due process. For the Russian order will have come. And the American order will no longer be.

An all out attempt will be made to find and destroy the Larimar King. And all his surviving family and relatives will be captured and tortured, with the goal of extracting information or knowledge as to the possible whereabouts of the Larimar King. Rewards will be posted for capturing the Larimar King. But the bounty hunters will be instructed that he is to be captured alive. No fatal injuries is he to be wounded with.

And where will these bounty hunters seek, O’ Lord and Master? They will seek for Eric in every monastery and Church throughout all the lands of the earth. And not finding him there, they will then include the convents in their quest to find the Larimar King. But he will not be found anywhere, not even a trace. And the fact that no bloodhounds will be able to pick up his scent anywhere on the planet will indicate to them that Eric has either covered his tracks well, or else that his prophecies are true, that God has indeed taken away the Larimar King. And the revelation that God has buried his incorrupt body in the snow will explain why no bloodhound can pick up his scent.

Lord, what languages will be spoken in America under Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and Xi Jinping of China? Will the people of America begin speaking Russian, Korean, or Chinese, O’ Lord and Master? No, My servant Eric. Instead, the Russians will open the floodgates to immigration from the south, and the poor from Spanish Latin American countries will pour into the Contiguous United States of America to the point where Spanish effectively replaces English as the lingua franca of that nation. Putin will do this deliberately to destroy the English speaking national identity of the Americans.

And what about technologies in America, O’ Lord? Putin will seek to acquire all the brains of American companies and set them to work for him. And they will be taken to Russia to develop their technologies under his control. And thus, the Boeing CST-100 Starliner will continue being developed, but Boeing will come to be under Russian control from that point onward. Russia will elect to rule the companies of America and America herself similar to the model of how China has ruled over Hong Kong. Under the same model of control will Russia rule America. But the English speaking American culture will give way to the Spanish cultures of the peoples who will be steadily pouring in from the south. Amen. And O’ yes, America will become a poor nation then. And great famine will have come to this land.

The Russian think tanks will have plotted their invasion strategies for all possible events, including that event of a natural disaster wiping out America’s defenses, and a weakened America welcoming Russia and her allies to enter in and provide humanitarian care. They have mapped out their strategies. And they know the best possible plans to take over America in that event. It will be called Operation Russian Trojan Horse Takeover of America. And the plans of the Russians will succeed.

And what becomes of the American men who rebel and resist the Russians, the Chinese, and the North Koreans who will be ruling over them. These will be taken from society and imprisoned. Some will be tortured. Others will be slain. And still others will be made into traitors to report on the plots and plans of any surviving resistance forces. And the American flag will be banned. Whoever has an America flag will be ordered to destroy it. And whoever refuses to destroy their American flags will be burned alive, draped with their American flags.

However, Russia will realize that they lack the necessary manpower to maintain effective long term control over the vast lands of the United States of America. And hence, they will establish a Russian controlled puppet government in America and let her be run as an independent nation. Only Alaska will they retain as a direct Russian possession, which they will promptly annex.

And the Russian language will come to be taught in many America schools, while Spanish replaces English as the lingua franca of America. For no barriers to entry will be left intact at America’s southern borders. The vast volumes of American law books and legislation and tax codes will be cast into the bonfires of the celebrations of Russian rule over America in Washington, D.C. And all the monuments and symbols of America, including the Statue of Liberty, will be torn down and demolished. And among the faces of the Presidents of Mount Rushmore, there will be carved the likeness of the face of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, while the the faces of the other United States Presidents will be desecrated and demolished. And all the history books in American schools will be changed to teach about America and the world from the Russian point of view.

But, Lord, why would this great Christian nation be so chastised to be rendered a puppet nation of Russia, with all her heritage destroyed, and the last vestiges of her democracy taken away? It is because all the Americans, except for you, have come to accept gay marriage as settled law. That is why I shall remove you, and then with you removed, I will unleash My unfathomable fury upon this nation. Fire will be falling from the sky. Houses and buildings will be burning in every city throughout the land. And the dead will line the streets of all the cities of America. And then men will Know that I Am, and that I Who Am have a law that must be obeyed. And that law is that gay marriage is false and a concept created by Satan. It cannot logically exist. Two men cannot be husband and wife. Two men cannot be married to each other. When you see two men together, you don’t call that a marriage. Instead, you call that an abomination.

America was given sufficient time to repent and to end their laws legalizing gay marriage. Because they have not ended gay marriage, I will end it for them, by destroying every foundation in America upon which gay marriage stands. And since all the candidates for President seem to support gay marriage, I will destroy this country before the elections take place. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And people will say, why was this great nation and its people destroyed? And those who have wisdom will answer, “This people decided to legalize the homosexual acts of sodomy and to enshrine them in their institution of marriage, with all the legal protections afforded to lawful marriages between heterosexual couples. That is why this utterly perverse and degenerated nation of monsters was ultimately destroyed by fires raining down from heaven by the power of God’s deadly wrath.” America is a nation of monsters, of abominations, and of harlots (Revelation 18:2 & 17:5).

Why does no American have a backbone to stand up for God and His laws, statutes, and decrees, O’ Lord and Master? You are that American, O’ Larimar King. And I Am about to remove you permanently from this foul land. And when I take you away, I will then proceed to pound the Americans into dust and to utterly destroy them and wipe out all their riches, their wealth, and their glory. Oracle of the Lord! They were the mighty ones of this world, but in a single hour their destruction will be wrought. (Revelation 18:10 & 18:17).

Now, We have spoken sufficiently about the destruction of America. Now We shall proceed to describe the destruction of those nations who invade her, namely Russia, China, and North Korea. So they, too shall be destroyed, O’ Lord? Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that you can destroy and not be destroyed yourself, for the same guilt by which you destroy others will be used against you when your case is tried in My Court. And hence, shortly after I have China, North Korea, and Russia invade America and destroy her, I will have China and North Korea engage in nuclear war with Russia and for their nuclear arsenals to be deployed in mutually wiping one another from the map. For China and Russia are not true allies. They have conflicts and differences. And with their common enemy America gone, nothing will be left to interfere between their animosity towards each other. And they will wipe each other out in a nuclear war.

After the Chinese-NorthKorean-Russian nuclear war of mutual annihilation, I will allow for the resulting radioactivity to infect virtually all the fresh water sources on the planet, and virtually all human life will become sick with radioactive poisoning. However, certain saints who belong to Me will remain healthy and immune. It will be at this point, at this hour, that the pope, who will not be Pope Francis, but a successor, will begin the formal investigation into the possible sainthood of the Larimar King. And the final decision to canonize him as a saint will be among the final acts that the pope will do before My imminent return. Eric will be among the final saints canonized by a pope. I Who Am have stated and made this judgement. I Am the Lord Jesus Christ. And I have revealed these things through Eric, My servant. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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