Jesus and Eric converse

Eric and Lazurite are My Two Blue Wizards. Both Immortal. Both will remain on the earth for several decades to come. For both are sealed to their perfection. Amen.

Behold, Eric. Now I Who Am shall converse with you on a great many things. So, let us begin. And note that this conversation is not defined as small talk. Instead, it is a philosophical and theological discussion. Amen. Speak, Eric, and I shall answer thee.

Lord, is it a matter of prophecy that I am to be given a new name? And will this new name be given prior to My ascension into heaven?

Eric, your new name shall now be given. But before I reveal your new name, let us go through all your other names. Your full legal name, Eric Robert Dunstan, means literally, Honorable and Eternal Ruler (Eric) of Bright Fame (Robert) coming from a Brown Rock Quarry (Dunstan). As for your chosen Saint name for when you received your sacrament of confirmation on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002, that name was Ulric of Augsburg, and Ulric means Wolf, an excellent name for the Lone Wolf that you are. After you entered what you later called your Greater Emerald Reign, you gave to yourself the name of Emerald, for in your mind, you were the Emerald of the Earth and Under the Sea. We, the elect in heaven, gave you the name of Larimar to change your new color from Emerald Green to Larimar Blue, to signify that you are now a possession of Mary, the Immaculate Queen. And finally, We, the elect in heaven, gave you the name given by the Kings of Antiquity to My Prophet Daniel, for you are to us as Daniel was to them, and that name is Belteshazzar. And then we, the elect, gave you a certain Surname that identifies you among the Brides to the Lamb, and that name is Alexandria, which is the location of the famous Library where My Word was first translated by My 72 Prophet Scribes into Greek, forming the first sacred, complete Greek Old Testament known as the Septuagint. This Septuagint was completed and available prior to the days in which Saints Katarina and Dorothea lived in Alexandria and studied at that library. Hence, your entire name is defined as such:

Eric Ulric Emerald Robert Belteshazzar Larimar Dunstan Alexandria. Hence, you have eight names. And now you shall be given your ninth. We, the elect in heaven give you the new name, Maritimus, which means in Latin that you are of the sea, and to us in heaven, that you are of Mary, which means, Sea of Bitterness. In Hebrew, your name translates to ים, which means, Sea. This name, Maritimus shall be your primary name to us in heaven. Hence, your name is now:

Maritimus Eric Ulric Emerald Robert Belteshazzar Larimar Dunstan Alexandria, which shall mean this to us:

Servant to Mary (Maritimus), Honorable and Eternal Ruler (Eric), Wolf (Ulric) Emerald (Emerald) of Bright Fame (Robert), Servant to the King (Belteshazzar), Larimar (Larimar) coming from a Brown Rock Quarry (Dunstan), of the Great Library of Alexandria (Alexandria).

And so, Lord Maritimus, what shall we discuss today, for I have many things to tell you. For you have now passed many tests. And now I shall reveal to you your new lands that are to become part of your eternal Kingdom. Previously, your lands consisted of these nine provinces:

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  5. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  6. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  7. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  8. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  9. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

Now We, the elect in heaven, wish to give you your true location where you shall be taken to when We take you from this world. This land will be where We shall station you during the Reign of Lazurite upon the earth, whose name in Hebrew is: לזוריט. For neither you nor Lazurite can ever die.

So I am to be taken to another part of this earth instead of to heaven on Friday, January 31, 2020, O’ Lord and Savior? Precisely. There is no need to take you prematurely to heaven since it is now eternally resolved that you and Katarina are an eternal couple. For We in heaven know that you shall never go to another girl. For your celibacy and your virginity are perfect and complete. Therefore, you will remain in this world. So, where would you prefer to be taken to, Lord Maritimus? Where is the best place that We can place you and for you to continue to serve Us as prophet, ruler, and king? What if I remain where you have found me, right where I currently live? We cannot let you remain there. We must take you to a new location. And we shall do so in accordance to the decrees of God. And so, this is where We, the elect in heaven, shall take you, O’ Larimar King.

We are placing you in a secret location in the Hawaiian Islands. There, in that location, you shall serve Me and do My will. And what shall I do for work, O’ Lord and Master? I will provide you with work that you may do on your laptop remotely. Now, are you pleased with this arrangement, O’ Larimar King? Yes, Master, I accept it and am pleased. When do we make the move?

We will remove you from the contiguous United States of America and place you in Hawaii in your secret location there at the moment that I, the Lord, have elected from all eternity to do so. And right after that moment, the sky will be darkened and fire shall begin falling from the sky. You will have escaped the destruction that I will elect to have rain down upon My people of America. Amen.

Also, because you are to live in Hawaii, We shall have that land taken from Lord Pounamu and given back to you. Hence, your Larimar Kingdom is now with these ten lands:

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Hawaiian Islands (Central Pacific)
  5. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  6. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  7. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  8. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  9. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  10. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

And your list of official languages remains unchanged as these eight:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

Furthermore, you will be expected to gain fluency in Latin in the next few years. You will be living on the planet earth, so you will need to make time to study Latin each day, in addition to your Greek and Spanish. And remember that you are learning these languages for reading books written in them. You are not learning these to write your own books or to speak or converse in them. Amen.

Now, we shall give to you your assignment. You will prophesy here on this website all that We command you to say. And this website is to become famous, as all prophecies written therein come to pass.

But Lord, since I am to live and not die on Friday, January 31, 2020, won’t that be seen as a form of prophecy failure. No, Lord Belteshazzar. It is a triumph for you. For you do not need to die now that it is confirmed that you belong to Katarina of Alexandria and to no other girl. Now that We have this confirmation, We have made you invincible. You can neither be defeated nor outwitted. Instead, you are a special servant to the Lord Jesus Christ. And you are now a Master War Piece, He will place you where you may wage war from a place where you are concealed and protected. Now, listen to Me, Lord Larimar. You have triumphed. You have defeated Satan. You will be clothed into your immortality soon. I Who Am have decreed when this shall be.

And then, O’ Lord, what is now scheduled to happen on Friday, January 31, 2020, now that I shall live and not die? I Am taking you away on that date and at that hour, at dawn. But not to your death, but to your new location, where you will serve Me day and night. Do not worry about the logistics. I will take care of all the logistics. Your concerns are to be doing what My will is for you to do.

And what becomes of President Trump, O’ Lord and Master? President Trump will continue to battle it out with his enemies in the government. But I will tell you this secret. I have already selected My man who is to replace Trump in the Republican ticket for the 2020 elections. You mean Donald John Trump’s name will not be on the ballot, O’ Lord and Saviour? Precisely, Lord Larimar. Your Pawn will be on that ballot.

But Lord, do I have a Pawn? For I have looked, and I don’t seem to have a dog in the fight. Lord Larimar, the Pawn who shall be placed on the ballot for the Republican ticket for President you are not yet aware of. But I will bring him into your attention at the Republican Convention. For by that time, Firefly will be a spent Player. Her light will have gone out. And all her Pawns will be set adrift, losing altitude, and becoming beached on the atolls. Firefly was a star that burned out her fuel too quickly. Hence, she is a failed Player. And when her failure is complete, Trump and all her other Pawns will cease to have their momentum, and they shall fail.

Hence, it shall be your Pawn, not Trump, who shall win the 2020 elections for the Republican ticket for President of the United States of America. Now, Eric, ask more questions.

What becomes of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? For I have not heard about his fate lately. What becomes of him, O’ Lord and Master? I will allow him to live for the next few years. But eventually, he will be overthrown by his generals, who will then call for new elections, and place Putin under house arrest. Amen.

And will Russia have a happily ever after ending to their story? Or do they remain under repressive, ruthless leaders? Russia’s conversion has happened, and very few converted to Catholicism. And because of this, I will not bless Russia with success or freedom. They will continue to be known as the dark empire. Oracle of the Lord. And realize that Fatima is a past prophecy.

And what of Brexit, O’ Lord and Savior? The United Kingdom will successfully navigate itself to good negotiated deals. And they will also make their own deals with America and other world powers on trade and trade blocs. And it will be seen that the United Kingdom’s economy will surpass that of those in the European Union. And a special deal will be made by which British nationals can freely travel in the EU, and EU nationals can freely travel in the UK. Hence, the UK will be granted a special status among countries with trade ties to the EU. It will be a good time to be a UK citizen. Eric, by the way, is both an Irish citizen and a United States citizen.

And what becomes of the pope? Will Pope Francis die soon, or does he continue to serve for some time to come, O’ Lord and Master? When I take you to your new location on Friday, January 31, 2020, know that the clock will be set for the demise of Pope Francis and the appointment of someone new to take his place. So, let us relook at all four predictions you have made for the next pope:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

Only one of these do We, the elect, really like. And that is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II on February 21, 1998. And he was ordained a priest on December 27, 1970. Now see the linkage of these dates to the dates regarding Eric’s birth and baptism. Eric was born on June 24, 1970, and he was baptized on February 21, 1971. And why was he baptized so late, you ask? His mother was falling away from Catholicism and with some reluctance had him baptized. So now you should see some linkage between Eric and Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. And it make sense, doesn’t it, that the Pope who represented the Emerald King, Pope John Paul II, should be the one to have made Cardinal the one who is to be the pope to represent the Larimar King. For at Eric’s first appearance, he came as Emerald, a name he gave himself. But for Eric’s second appearance, he now comes as Larimar, which is a name he received from above.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is also completely pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. He fully agrees and supports the Biblical promises of lands given to the Jewish people. And he knows that those who bless the Jews will be blessed themselves, while those who turn against them will perish. Eric also is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. And it is because of this unwavering stance in Eric’s writings going all the way back to the times of Emerald, that the belief may arise that Eric is a covert Israeli Zionist agent. But let me put to rest all such thoughts. You cannot find out who Eric is working for by the simple reason that Eric is a total Lone Wolf actor in this game. And all his contacts with his superiors in the organization that now sends him forth are of a spiritual nature. He is a Lone Wolf possession of the Holy Virgin Immaculate Queen Mary. And Eric serves Me, his Lord and Savior. For when Eric was undergoing My test of him at the police station at Santa Cruz, California, during his Martyrdom Breakdown and the policeman representing Cain commanded him to kneel, Eric responded in a loud voice these immortal words: “I bow to no one but God!” And then, when he was tackled to the floor, he cried out to Me, and only to Me, saying over and over again, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” And I provided for him all that he needed to triumph on that day, which was his birthday, Saturday, June 24, 1995.

Therefore, realize that Eric works for Me, His Lord God Jesus Christ. And to no human actor in this world does he report. And now that he is confirmed as belonging to Katarina of Alexandria, a relationship that is now immortal, he himself is now indestructible. He is like a Queen piece on the Chessboard made of Titanium. He cannot be destroyed or broken down. And I will now deploy him to where he will be most effectively put to use in My war in this world.

And now someone asks, What use is it to be romantically tied to a saint of the past? For you cannot have sex with her. But to this, Eric would answer, that is true, but look at the woman that you marry, whoever she is, no matter how beautiful, fair, or fit she is, twenty to forty years from now, she will be old, aged, and haggard. But my saint in heaven never changes. And having sex is a temporal good. It lasts only for a fleeting moment. A temporal good is incomparable to an eternal good, which lasts forever. All sexual marriages are temporal goods. And all that is good in them are fleeting goods. Enjoy them while they last, and then they are gone. But Eric’s eternal relationship with Katarina of Alexandria is an eternal good. It never perishes. It never grows old. It never dies. Eric will be with her forever. What is temporal sex compared with eternal companionship? Eric’s possession of Katerina as his eternal soulmate outweighs the temporal sensual possessions found in all sexual relationships throughout this entire world.

And in additional note, no one can blackmail Eric by threatening to kill his beloved. For Eric’s beloved has already been martyred and is now in her eternal glory in heaven. But Lord, I thought that you and Katarina needed me in heaven? Why is it now that Eric is to continue to live in this world rather than to enter into heaven in eleven days and seventeen hours from now? Time is something that exists only in your world. Time does not exist here in heaven where I am and where your beloved Katarina is. Hence, whether you come to heaven now or a hundred years from now, it is as the same time to us in heaven. Your earlier date as to when you were to be taken was for your sake, not for Our sake. For you were weak and being pulled in many directions. And in that instability, it was seen that an early death was needed to keep you from being lost. But no longer is this the case. For you, as of the Mass you went to today, have now passed over form mortality to immortality. You are now an immortal creature. You cannot die anymore. And you cannot be slain by any power. Hence, we can keep you in this world and have you serve Us here to do Our will in your remaining life here.

And so, O’ Lord, how long do I have before I am to be taken to heaven now? I will now leave you here with Lazurite until the time comes for both of you to be removed from this world at the same time. Hence, you and Lazurite are to fulfill the prophecies of the two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11 in a very similar way to the literal interpretation. Just don’t use that passage to try to predict future events.

Now, how long do I give you and Lazurite to live here in this world, you ask? Do I give you both 42 months, as the literal prophecy of Revelation chapter 11 says? No. I have elected to grant you both several decades of time here. Your respective wives, Katarina and Dorothea, entered into their glory as young women. But you and Lazurite will remain on the earth until you are both old men. And I will give you both unnaturally long life. And the secret to your youth shall be the daily eucharist, received by you both always in a state of grace.

And I hereby give you both this new title: You, Maritimus Larimar, and Lazurite will be known as the Two Blue Wizards. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And mighty in Word and Deed shall you both be on the earth. And both of you shall be eternally married to a saint of the distant past: Saint Katarina of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria respectively. Now, go, Eric, and study what I have given you to study. You are to come to master several languages and to read the writings of Church fathers and the scriptures in the original languages of Latin and Koine Greek respectively. Amen.

And Lord, one last question. Ask, My servant. Will I still be cured of the four afflictions I have kept secret? Or do you cure me of everything. And do I receive a vision of Katarina, in which I am to receive these cures, O’ Lord and Master? I will cure you of all things, and bring you to a place where you will be unknown. And in the vision I Am about to give you of Katarina, you will be told of your remaining mission on the earth and what is expected of you. And you will also be told who Lazurite is. For he remains still a mystery to you. Now publish this post. For it is ready to be released to My people for them to read. Amen.

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