I Who Am Answer Questions

As Elisha succeeded Elijah, so also shall Lazurite succeed Larimar. And in these revelations on this website will Eric reveal Lazurite’s identity before his passing from this world. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am shall now answer all Eric’s questions. So, ask anything on your mind, O’ Larimar King.

(1) Will I experience pain while passing through the veil to the next world, O’ Lord Jesus Christ?

No, Eric. For it is not for you to experience pain. Your cross in this life, in these latter years, has been not for enduring pain, but in enduring hidden disabilities. But you have kept them secret. I will have you reveal them when you are cured. And then I will speak through you about these disabilities that you endured during your entire Catholic era.

(2) And will these disabilities be cured significantly before My final hours, or will they be cured in my final hours, O’ Lord and Saviour?

In your final hours, Katarina of Alexandria will be able to appear to you and to converse freely with you. It is when your eyes focus on her in that vision that all four afflictions that I have announced that I shall cure in you shall be fully cured.

(3) So then I shall write here again in my final hours here after Katarina of Alexandria has appeared to me, but before I pass beyond the veil?

Yes, Eric.

(4) Shall I write many times after I am cured?

No, only once.

(5) And what of my paper records? Those books in which I have recorded down my Chronicles beginning in the year 2000, from the date shortly after I first began attending the Catholic Church every Sunday? These books I stopped recording in when I began writing online, as was commanded of me. Do I write anything more in them? Some sort of closure to those books?

No, Eric. Leave those books open ended. All your recent writing must be online. For ancient records of your Emerald Reigns, men can go and study those ancient manuscripts. But for all those who wish only to read your latest Word, then all such records must remain public and online. None of the latest Words I speak through you must be written in secret anymore. All your latest Words must consist of only documents published online and accessible to all.

(6) What will happen to the place I work at when I am taken away?

The company you work for is sitting on a ticking time bomb of lawsuits when it comes to light that they have not paid for many of the licenses for the software they have incorporated into their websites. And while you have sought for upper management to pay for them, you have been met with total resistance and the orders to only concern yourself with the developmental part of the operation. Instead, they have ordered you to let them, upper management, deal with all licensing arrangements. Well, they never did. In fact, the opposite happened. They expanded into even more unlicensed software that they chose to use and incorporate into their many websites.

Well the total owed in licensing fees is in the tens of thousands. And the assets of the company to be sold to pay for this violation will have to include the company domain name, which is worth a million dollars. For the company has no other real assets than the brains behind their technologies, which is you.

Hence, with you taken out, all these licensing violations will come to light. And the company will be forced out of business as it cannot survive both the loss of its genius and also all the lawsuits to come against it, which would definitely prevail in court. That the violations total in the tens of thousands is a figure derived from adding together all the unpaid license fees. But with the penalties inflicted by the courts for their clear knowledge and unwillingness to pay the license fees, the amount owed will be many times greater and will force the company into both bankruptcy and out of business.

Nor is their current business model sustainable. Nor is it long sighted. But you were not included into the managerial decision making processes of the company. Instead, you were never even an employee. All your dealings with this company have been as an outsourced agency of the technology department to your own sole proprietorship company. You have been working for them for years as general contractor without a written contract. And the pay was never high, due to the perpetual failure to achieve a successful business model by the decision makers of the company.

Hence, this company you work for will collapse and be completely ruined at your departure. But it will not be by anything done by you by which they collapse. Instead, I will destroy this company due to their unwillingness to listen to you. For all who I put into your presence who refuse to listen to you I will destroy. Oracle of the Lord.

(7) My brother Mark, who has been in a very low paying job since his very high paying job vanished a year or so ago, has entered into credit card default and is on the brink of total collapse and the prospect of entirely losing everything. Do you offer him a glimmer of hope, in the light that he is in fact a Christian now, though going to a Protestant Church? Or is he fated to fail, and everything collapse in his life, O’ Lord and Savior?

Eric, I will not abandon your brother Mark so long as he does not abandon Me. Just realize that the road to Me goes through both times of being richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, and to both being better off and worse off. For a man who wishes to belong to Me and to My Kingdom must treat his relationship with Me as a marriage contract that he can never walk away from.

Your brother Mark has remained Christian, but is not yet Catholic. But in order to make Mark Catholic, I must separate him from his wife. For she is not really his wife. Now, you, Eric, have suggested the possibility to Mark that it might be possible for Mark and his wife to obtain validity for their marriage, due to the possible invalidity of his wife’s first marriage to an unbaptized Jew. But what do I say on these suggestions and lines of thought, you ask? I will now tell thee.

Mark cannot know his possible pathways into My Catholic Church until he first approaches a priest and discusses with him, privately, what he has to do to enter My Catholic Church. And if he is to enter the Catholic Church married, then his wife must obtain an annulment from her previous marriage, which is doable.

So, hence, Mark has a variety of paths that can lead him into communion with My pope in Rome. But what do I say about these things, you ask? Will Mark enter into My Catholic Church? Will I draw him in? And if so, will Mark entered as a married man or as a single man? I do not list a possibility as a divorced man, because Mark cannot divorce from an invalid marriage. Leaving an invalid marriage is not called a divorce in My Church, but rather, an act of leaving a perpetual state of either fornication or adultery. Hence, should Mark’s wife leave Mark and abandon him, and Mark then seek entrance into My Catholic Church, he will find his pathway open to him unhindered. No annulments will he need then to enter therein. And should he later meet an eligible Catholic girl willing to marry him, no obstacle to marry her in My Catholic Church will exist for him. Amen.

(8) And what of my brother David, who has come back from his vacation in Thailand? What becomes of him, O’ Lord and Savior? Is he really to die soon, after the model of his hero, Sam Kinison? For he currently has no regard for God nor Church, nor anything that may lead him to his salvation.

Eric, you were ordered to speak no more of David. I have a certain judgement against him. And I will carry out My judgement at the appointed time. He will then face Me and receive his judgement. Whether he repents as Sam Kinison did at the last moments before I take him away, you will not know until you, too, have passed beyond the veil. As for the timing of his death, he is slated to die soon. But as to when, such things I do not reveal to the people of this world before it comes. Amen.

(9) Lord, the girl Hyacinth has completely stopped texting with me. Has she passed beyond the veil? Have you removed her from my life as you promised you would when the girl I was to receive was to enter in, O’ Lord and Master?

As the prophecies have been written, so has it occurred. Katarina of Alexandria fulfills the girlfriend prophecy. She is the one who has entered your life as your girlfriend. And thus, Hyacinth has exited your life completely. Whether this is by death or by some other reason, We will not reveal to you until your final hours when you are about to cross over beyond the veil and enter into your eternal life with Me and with your eternal espoused. Just realize that you will not be hearing again from Hyacinth for the remainder of your days upon this earth. Amen.

(10) Lord, you have revealed that Trump is to prevail against the Democrats, and that he is to nominate and have confirmed one more Supreme Court Justice before the November 3, 2020 elections, due to the imminent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Will Trump’s success be damaged by My being removed from the earth? For I was a kind of quasi ally to Trump.

No, Eric. Your removal does not affect the Trump administration in any way. For he is dependent on the Player Firefly, And Firefly does not need you to reign nor to decide things concerning her reign. Instead, greater freedom and power will come to her at your departure. As for the fate of the United States at your departure, regard it as was written through you in the previous post. The Spanish peoples of the south will overrun this country. And the lower forty-eight states will become a mainly Spanish speaking region. Amen.

As for Trump and his impact on this nation, he will run it into the ground. And the country will not survive his presidency. It is a prophecy of Native Americans that the nation called the United States of America would vanish as rapidly as it appeared. Through Trump will this magical magician’s vanishing trick be performed.

(11) Lord, I do not understand the End Times. Can any of us on earth know the sequence of end times events before they occur? And can any study of prophecy lead us to such knowledge?

No, Eric. And let no one fool you. No one on earth knows the future things that are to come to pass here. I have granted such knowledge to no prophet and to no soothsayer. What I reveal through you is not such knowledge, but only those revelations where their shadow in this world is already preceding them. But as for those events that are to come and how and when, all these things remain as mysteries until they finally occur. No one has inside information. What I reveal to you is filtered. I only speak to you of things whose shadow is already here. Amen.

(12) Lord, I have begun my study of Latin, along with My Koine Greek and Spanish. But I know my progress in this world will be severely limited due to time constraints. For I only have 14 days left to accomplish all that I am to accomplish in this world. For we are at dawn on Friday, January 17, 2020. And I depart from this world at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020. What, therefore, shall be the significance of My accomplishments in my studies of Latin, Greek, and Spanish in my remaining days on the planet, O’ Lord and God? And how does this affect my eternity?

Is it certain that my life does in fact end in 14 days time? Is it a certain fact, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God? I ask you to answer me this question. Do I definitely leave this world in 14 days time? And how does what I am doing now affect My eternity when I arrive at my eternal station, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God?

I will now answer your question, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. You indeed are departing as prophesied. And your studies do affect your eternity, for they affect your eternal momentum and your eternal directions. Consider your studies into Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin, as seeds that will germinate and produce a great yield of fruit in the hereafter. And consider this also. Whatever you do out of obedience to Me will produce a hundredfold in return in the hereafter. Now, we shall conclude this post with My closing statements.

Eric is coming to Me soon. And when I take him away, I will not leave this world without a prophet. In his place, I will anoint a new prophet, one who will speak to My people the Jews. And he will speak entirely in Hebrew. In these works, his name is Lazurite. But before Eric departs from this world, I will reveal to him who it is who shall come after him. And then Eric, in his final posts, shall reveal Lazurite’s real identity to all My people who read these Words. For Eric is to pass the baton of his office of My prophet onto the prophet who is to succeed him. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, one last thing I will say through Eric to all Mankind. When Lazurite is finally revealed, he will be like Eric, a completely imperishable saint. For he, like Eric, has been enduring the constraints of this life in his walk with Me for these many years. And he, like Eric, has been brought to a form of perfection. And he, like Eric, will be made ready to prophesy when his time to prophesy has come. And Lazurite will begin to prophesy at the moment Eric passes from this world to enter into his eternal reward, exactly like Elisha fully inherited the authority of Elijah at Elijah’s passing from this world and rapture up to heaven. (2 Kings 2:9-15). Oracle of the Lord. Now, go, Eric, and publish this post, for it has been completed. And no further additions are to be made to it. Amen.

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